Vybz Kartel Appeal Hearing Set For This Year

Vybz Kartel is gearing up for another tough legal battle in the Jamaican court of appeal.

The aced dancehall deejay was convicted of murder in 2014 and sentenced to life in a maximum security prison. Shortly after his shocking conviction, his legal team, headed by Tom Tavares-Finson, immediately filed an appeal, citing evidence tampering, witness intimidation among a host of other things.

Vybz Kartel Missing His Kids and Family Behind Bars

Tavares-Finson has confirmed that an appeal hearing could come as early as later this year.

“The transcripts have been reviewed and are just about ready. So it is possible that the bid for an appeal is likely,” he said.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, and his three co-convicts have all maintained their innocence in the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. The deejay’s protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Andre St John, and Kahira Jones are also serving life sentences with the possibility of parole ranging from 25 to 35 years. All four men were sentenced to hard labor.

Vybz Kartel continues to maintain a strong presence on dancehall airwaves locally and overseas despite being behind bars since 2011. He also won two Youth View Award this year for Favourite Artiste Male Local and Favourite Dancehall Artiste.


  1. Big up Amor Fati if what you a say free world boss the trial was a whole leap a f–kary and Karter had no chance he was found guilty before they even arrested him when the apple goes threw and he goes back in court and the process is done properly as it should have been in the first place without all of this corrupt law then Adi will go free.
    Free Worl’Boss


  3. Until there is concrete evidence, free worl boss!


      • Obviously u were not following the case! Cause if u were u would have known that the message u speaking of was written & sent while the phone was already in police custody! That’s one of the reasons his attorney and others been saying this case is corrupted by the whole judicial system! Do to cops using his phone while in custody, to jurors serving on the jury who should not have been their do to ties to law enforcement! And jurors on trial nos for trying to manipulate the outcome of the trial! They had no solid proof that’s one reason he is appealing the conviction! Sean toll vybz the ” the boy run way!” They couldn’t find him!

  4. there’s the question you guys have to ask, did the prosecution prove their case beyond reasonable doubt. the second question is were there inconsistences in the case, the third were members of the jury hand picked to come back with a guilty verdict……. answer to question number one is NO the prosecution didn’t prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, answer to question number two YES the case impregnated with inconsistencies,, answer to question number three YES the jury were hand picked….. A murder trial took 65 days and within 2 hours the jury came back with a guilty verdict.

  5. Dem want heng the johncrow. Bout worl boss

    • Lets not do away with him just yet :) but yes dem will always call for the thief from the cross dont expect better from them!

      • We people dem mind so corrupted and sick. Look who dem tek fi hero nowadays?

      • Here is some of the great man’s poetry:Picture This

        Tekk Bu*dy Gal

        Breast Specialist

        Real Bad Man

        Sweet To The Belly

        Badda Dan Dem

        Badman Party


        Good Inna Clothes

        Kartel & Kardinal

        Sen On

        Di Way We Roll

        Badman Nah

        New Millennium


        Why You Doing It

        Start Well

        Pu*sy Jaw


        Who Knows

        Why Again

        Buss It Off

      • look at you, what a fan. good job!

  6. When he loses the appeal that’s when the music will stop as reality will set in. He is only recording now as he thinks there is still hope. after appeal, he will become silent. Mr Palmer if you are reading this, one request before we no longer hear from you. Would you be so kind and release a song letting the yutes dem know to stay away from crime and state that you record it in Jail.. none of this “Oh this was recorded before incarceration” . Thanks and good BYE!

    • Shouldn’t be allowed to record nutten. He has no talent anyway

      • i was going to respond to your comment about me in all seriousness but seeing this comment to someone else just justifies u are a hater!!!!!! dislike him as a person all you want… the man CLEARLYYYYYYYYYYY has talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Have you listened to the slimy, disgusting nature of his lyrics and his whole attitude to life? It really shows how low Jamaica has gone when this is the kind of creature who is looked up to as a hero: Some bleached-out psychopath

      • OK.. a lot of dancehall artists have darker lyrics.. literally 80% have at least one gun song or killing song….. not just him… but asides from those songs (which I myself enjoy even though I don’t quite agree with) it’s called entertainment. I’ll sing along to Mavado’s real killa and still not support killing (I even ask myself why I do that but hey whatever)… But Kartel has MANY MANY positive, uplifting songs – for example school.. where he advises kids not to bleach and stuff… don’t take his personal choices literally and copy them… like seriously. he has uplifted me many many times. if u want a talented clean artist go listen 2 chronixx. bye

      • It might be an age ting mi dear but the music I listen to is the likes of Burning Spear, Culture etc. I don’t really see the form of pop music coming out of JA as reggae. It mostly don’t even have a reggae beat.

      • To your point bamboo, You’ve stated that you listen to culture and burning spear but those are old music the new stuff from the younger rastas are all garbage not much better than kartel. when i listen to culture/joseph hill i had to go google much of the references he made in his songs like Jack Monsong(3 finger jack), 3 seven clash, etc. now comparing that to yutes like sizzla who a sing bout gunshot fi b@ttyman that makes kartel and sizzla in the same boat. Sizzla want kill gays because he dont like them , kartel dash way man over not returning his gun no difference in my book. Chronixx is another one misinformed.

      • Here it from the mouth of one of the brilliant artistes himself. I saw him on stage during his Till Shiloh tour and he was inspirational. Like Bob Marley.

      • While i agree with most of your comment here. I must say him have talent.although i don’t agree with 90% of this lyrics and his lifestyle, he does have talent but he is using it to drive Jamaica society deeper into Satanism. Bleaching out skin, having women as slaves, his understudy singing about demons and graveyard. I cannot believe this is the country that Marcus Garvey originated from.

      • I tell you the truth I don’t see what people see in him. And is not him alone. Almost all of these performing today don’t take my fancy. There is a VAST catalogue of reggae music that is still being bought and played abroad and the people hear love it with a passion. When Jimmy Cliff came here there was roadblock in my city, same with Culture and even Chaka Demus and Pliers. Think about it seriously now: How many of these performing today would be allowed to enter the studios of King Tubbys, Coxsone Dodd or Lee Perry? Those guys demanded talent

      • Breaks my heart. That is why my comments are so strong

    • I hope he bus a juicy nut all over your simpleminded ,dumb proposal.

      • I guess you are one of the minority that supports crime until you become a victim.

      • You guessed wrong; i am one of the majority inna world who supports fair trials, unbiased judges, justice -prefferably by first world standards.

      • Call the trial “unfair” or whatever terminology you want but a man on phone/Video talking about killing people and dem mother and “dash people way” and dismantling body parts and possession of Guns, etc is already guilty. His lyrics tells you his lifestyle so in essence his words has condemn him. You never heard the term “from the abundance of the heart the mouth speak”? I’m not saying the legal system in JA is perfect but tell me who you wanted to be on the Jury 11 fans from Gaza?

      • I certainly did not want members of police to be on the jury, which was the case (proven case, before u try to argue facts)
        see, this is the problem – you believe because someone sings about their environment, what they see, creative expression – makes a person guilty in real life of eeryting they say. I don’t remember Freddie Krueger goin jail for killin ppl inna movie.
        you and rest of the ignorant crowd has to stop thinking with ur feelings are understand how law works: they were supposed to prove he was guilty of WHAT THEY CHARGED HIM WITH; not the lyrics, not the ‘gaza’ , not the lifestyle
        If they wanted him to do life over lyrics, they shoulda charged him w that!
        They did NOT prove the case they charged him with; all evidence was tampered with ( unacceptable!!), jurors were members/affilialtes of police , none of the phones in question you are referencing were registered to Kartel or any co defendant , DNA did not match; and the only witness against em admitted he was forced by police to sign the statement.
        Same prosecution and cops who were hunting him for years are being investigated by Amnesty Intl for ‘death squads’ in case you didn’t know and depending on the outcome, the island will be hit by embargos.
        So when u learn HOW law works we chat again. You cannot arrest n convict someone cuz u don’t like em; id be in court with idiots every day if that was the case

      • Since you know so much about how the law works maybe you should have been his Lawyer. I’m sure you are just as qualified as Mr Tom Finson :) Thanks for recapping the case by the way. Lets see what happens in appeal. The truth will eventually come out.

      • he could’ve had God as his lawyer and Lizard could’ve walked in a court room the day of verdict sucking on a lolipop, they would still say he’s guilty and send him away.

      • You might be closer to this than i am.. but im sure finson knew the background of each juror so why him proceed with a case that had all cops/JDF people pon it? if in the end he knew a guilty verdict was likely why didn’t he ask his client to take the stand in an effort to persuade them of his innocence? why put all him hopes on an appeal which if kartel gets off gonna shame the Jamaica legal system and is unlikely to happen? maybe you can answer these for me then i will cease responding to your comment. thanks im always willing to learn.

      • As I answered in previous post, nothing could have been done , he was on trial fighting a 10 headed monster; no objections from defense were considered (quite contrary, they were mocked, read the transcripts), tampered evidence was accepted as evidence (against defense objection and common sense and law itself!);nevermind questioning the jury; they spent week discussing DNA which didnt even belong to any of the accused or a ‘victim’…no matter what defense tried, they kept hitting the wall. it was more than apparent they hung him and convicted him before trial- and again, he was not there to prove his innocence, they were there to prove his guilt. Of course hes not gonna beg a mercy from s**hole system like that- put himself in position to be clowned by midget judge who is takin advantage of his little moment of power before he disappears back in a public sphere as nobody…..there was nothing to explain other than ‘not guilty’, his plea in itself.
        They knew what they did was wrong and based on lies, If they were so convinced he was guilty and they had a case on him, why did they offer him plea deal DAY AFTER sentencing? they know he will beat appeal, they wanted to secure some form of victory….He didn’t bend, as he shouldn’t and neither did any of co defendants.
        So lookin fwd to crushin the case this year, and lockin all the JDF thugs away; they will be answering to higher court, you know that same ‘crown’ they bow to like lil slaves…

      • I suppose he is as clean as angel Gabriel and never touch a gun?

      • Touchin a gun is a crime now? Great,arrest Adams

      • Killers have always been heroes in Jamaica: From Rhygin come dung. Mek dem tan de yu hear

      • He is not a killer. Adams is.

  7. every obeah start wuk yah now, nuffa dem fraid yah now. this nah go easy but best of luck teacha

  8. Showa free the boss .

  9. no concrete proof.

  10. yassssssssssss free worl boss.

  11. I don’t think he will beat this wrap at all even though the case was a hot mess but I am quite certain Shawn Storm can beat this.

  12. This man don’t deserve to be free he is a murderer. They have voice notes and videos of them covering up the murder and talking about killing the youth. KEEP VYBZ KARTEL LOCKED UP.

  13. Free the world boss. The trial was not fair police tamper with evidence and intimidate witness where is the justice in that.