Vybz Kartel Missing His Kids and Family Behind Bars

Vybz Kartel has been incarcerated for the last five years but has still manages to stay relevant in dancehall, thanks to his worth ethics.

Prison life has not been easy for the former Portmore Empire boss. Sources are saying that he is deeply missing his kids and family.

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“The hardest part about it is his kids, Addi misses them and regularly reminisce about not being able to see them grow up,” sources told us.

Two of Vybz Kartel sons are already prepping for a career in dancehall as a means to carry on his legacy. His wife Tanisha “Shorty” Johnson also started a record label that is responsible for most of the deejay’s recent releases.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, is serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole in 35 years. His protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell and two of his close friends Kahira Jones and Andre St. John were also sentenced to life after being convicted for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams in 2014.


  1. Oh really now. so you miss your kids? Lizard mother misses her son too. Your children is still alive her son is dead.

    • how do you know lizard is dead? where is the murder weapon, where is lizard dead body. For all we know lizard could be living overseas… that’s why Jamaica is so corrupt .. the whole system sucks… jury instructions states that you suppose to make your judgment based on the evidence in front you.. and they did not infract the jury for cartel’s case were hand picked,, that messed up though.. lizard was wanted by the police so the police could have killed lizard,kartel could have killed lizard, lizard could be living in cuba or Trinidad or Bahamas….. the procecution didn’t prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt so kartel and his friend them was suppose to walk free…. Jamaica judicial system is the laughing stock of the world not just the Caribbean…smh. that’s why the appeal is taking so much time they know that he will walk free so they draging the process.

      • The length of the delay of appeal has nothing to do with Kartel specifically its normal for an appeal case to take up to 6-8 years in JA. Trust me he is not getting out of Jail so him might as well get used to his new life. never tek mama warning.

      • He’s going in to get out

      • As much as I agree with some of your points I don’t agree with all because an appeal process does not usually take so long, but because this is a high profile case everything will be in slow motion. As far as evidence is concerned you will not find anything that has not been tampered with but that is the negligent aspect when it comes to cops that want to indict someone so bad that they will go to any lengths to do it. The image he portrays and friends he keeps does not help his case along with the some of the songs he has done has all been taken into consideration. But maybe we all just have to use o.j. Simpson’s ideology here, ” if the glove dose not fit, you must aquit”. For vybz “If you have not found the body, why you a charge mi?”

  2. A function being in prison is to break the will of the prisoners; hence I am not surprised that a man who was so involved in the lives of his children would miss them.

  3. Why is this so hard to give another trial date ? Why won’t this happen ? The Jamaica court is letting this case collect so much dust