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Vybz Kartel Is Guilty, Dancehall Star Convicted Of Murder

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, was moments ago found guilty of murdering his former associate Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The news sent shockwaves throughout the dancehall community as the entertainer is looking at spending the rest of his life behind bars. The 11-member jury took just 2 hours in their deliberation before returning a 10:1 verdict. Presiding judge Lennox Campbell initially sent them back to deliberate further in hopes that they will reach a unanimous verdict.

But the jury returned inside the court minutes later with said 10:1 deadlock. “We will not sit by and let this case of injustice score victory,” a rep for Vybz Kartel told Urbanislandz.com. “We will be appealing the verdict given the many questionable police corruption in the case.”

Vybz Kartel, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John were all found guilty, while co-accused Shane Williams was acquitted of the murder charge. Jamaican authorities stunned everyone when they swoop down on a hotel in Kingston on September 30, 2011 and arrested Vybz Kartel and several other men.

Weeks later the aced dancehall star was slapped with not one but two murder charges. He was acquitted for the murder of Barrington “Bossie” Burton in July last year.

Vybz Kartel leaving court

After over two years and several delays, the trial for the murder of Clive Williams got underway on November 18, 2013 in the Home Circuit court in Kingston.

The prosecution, headed by attorney Jeremy Taylor, took 46 days and 24 witnesses to build its case against the “Dancehall Hero” deejay. The Crown argued that Vybz Kartel, his protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell, friends Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams all participated in the beating death Clive “Lizard” Williams over two missing firearms belonging to the deejay.

The alleged murder took place on August 16, 2011 at a house on Swallowfield Road in Havendale believed to be owned by Vybz Kartel. Clive Williams body has yet to be found. To help make their case, the prosecution introduced several damning evidences including text messages, voice notes, Blackberry Messenger messages and video footage.

The Crown also had the help of an informant who says he accompanied Clive Williams to the house in Havendale on the day of his disappearance. The star witness, Llamar Chow, says he escaped from the house after seeing his friend lifeless body on the floor. He told the court that he saw one of the accused men with a building block in his hand.

The defense maintained that the entire case was fabricated by the police force with the help of the informant to secure a high profile conviction. Senior police officer Patrick Linton admitted in court that one of the Blackberry smartphones that police officers extracted data from was being used while it was in the custody of his department at the cyber crime unit.

The defense asked the judge to exclude the phone and its data from the evidence but presiding judge Lennox Campbell rejected the motion and accepted the incriminating data into evidence. Presiding judge Lennox Campbell took six days to give the 11-member jury his summation of the lengthy murder trial.

Justice Campbell told the jury to not find the dancehall artiste guilty based on the content of his lyrics. But focus solely on the evidence presented by the prosecution. Vybz Kartel and his co-accused are facing life imprisonment for the murder.


  1. ballmwanga@yahoo.com

    If real has proven guilty he should face law…..justice is what we need tomorrow please God you are the most high and you know what gonna happen

  2. Freel Worl’ Boss!

  3. yo yardi go clean your mouth bout clean up dancehall fool youth

  4. Well crime never pays. Babylon or no Babylon u kill sum1 u hv to face the music.

  5. Retrial for Jamaican Dancehall Artist Vybz Kartel
    Jamaican Dancehall Artiste Vybz Kartel did not get the fair trial he deserved. Evidence has been tampered with in his case by the law enforcement of Jamaica. He was found guilty before his trial started. Everyone deserves a fair trial whether they reside in the US or not. United States need to investigate the corruption in this case.

  6. This is the problem with Jamaica how can a jury believe anything the police put together they are dirty it’s a set up they wanted to put him behind bars the JAMAICAN Government Should step in and do Something About this

    • Bredda u loss mi at the ”government should step in cause a them imprison him cause him influence too high suh dem cah manage him. THE GOVERNMENT IS AFRAID OF VYBZ KARTEL

  7. He is guilty because he bleach his skin

  8. Unuh a talk bout justice well served and
    prevail di hate weh uno ave fi kartel wah mek uno nuh turn it around pan roger
    clarke weh claat di yute off the bike and kill him an not even court him nuh
    guh and the man weh drive the x6 weh shoot di young yute.But unuh nah crucify
    them fi that unuh a watch di man bleaching and lyrics thats y mi seh unnuh a
    bloodclaat hypocrite. Man like mi neva try judge nobody yet cause nuff so call
    christian a satan in flesh and guh round a fu– off people picni and them dutty
    politrickian weh inna parliament a thief up tax payers money. Unnuh tell mi if
    a lie mi a tell unuh eva si a politician a jamaica guh prison yet?….Cuh how
    long di 1 name spencer deh a road fi di light bulb ting an all now them nuh
    charge not even a holding area a station him nuh guh. Cuh pan all the two pnp
    mp weh dem ketch a duh scamming in 2 days the case bust off unuh tell mi if a
    justice that?..People mi love mi country but unnuh wake up an si kartel going
    to jail nuh mean seh the system change all of a sudden. Peter bunting them just
    use him as scapegoat fi cover up all dem failures. Is a ghetto yute them a send
    guh prison revise weh mi seh recently NUH POLITICIAN A JAMAICA NEVA GUH PRISON
    YET AN A NUFF CRIMINAL INNA PARLIMENT. As far as mi si it a trick them a trick
    unuh system cannot change inna 1week especially the wrecked and corrupt 1 out
    yah…A who them a try fool..kmt.

    • At least we know them, but when you have them man deh a act like them a do good, and a involve in murder what you expect? Everyone a them time soon come

  9. Unuh a talk bout justice well served and
    prevail di hate weh uno ave fi kartel wah mek uno nuh turn it around pan roger
    clarke weh claat di yute off the bike and kill him an not even court him nuh
    guh and the man weh drive the x6 weh shoot di young yute.But unuh nah crucify
    them fi that unuh a watch di man bleaching and lyrics thats y mi seh unnuh a
    bloodclaat hypocrite. Man like mi neva try judge nobody yet cause nuff so call
    christian a satan in flesh and guh round a fu– off people picni and them dutty
    politrickian weh inna parliament a thief up tax payers money. Unnuh tell mi if
    a lie mi a tell unuh eva si a politician a jamaica guh prison yet?….Cuh how
    long di 1 name spencer deh a road fi di light bulb ting an all now them nuh
    charge not even a holding area a station him nuh guh. Cuh pan all the two pnp
    mp weh dem ketch a duh scamming in 2 days the case bust off unuh tell mi if a
    justice that?..People mi love mi country but unnuh wake up an si kartel going
    to jail nuh mean seh the system change all of a sudden. Peter bunting them just
    use him as scapegoat fi cover up all dem failures. Is a ghetto yute them a send
    guh prison revise weh mi seh recently NUH POLITICIAN A JAMAICA NEVA GUH PRISON
    YET AN A NUFF CRIMINAL INNA PARLIMENT. As far as mi si it a trick them a trick
    unuh system cannot change inna 1week especially the wrecked and corrupt 1 out
    yah…A who them a try fool..kmt

  10. Such a talented artist what a shame he involve himself in this type of treachery!

  11. Anybody notice his ring??

    • The symbol, a sign use by the illuminati, his ring has nothing to do with them. He made that ring for the spotlight. Wearing or using the symbol don’t make you a member of their cult. There is other procedures.

  12. Why are you so vexed his been found guilty get over it you stupid prat

  13. All vybz kartel fans are clearly very delusional espcially the gaza fans who don’t even live in the middle east and call themselves gaza

  14. Where is vybz kartel 33 degrees freemasonry homies when he was found guilty for murder vybz kartel the prat that he is, is a victim of his own success he should’nt dance with the devil by making fun about does the devil have a bank account you wish your masons have one who could of bail you out and to all you brainwashed delusional fans who worship kartel your just a bunch of wankers mainly the ones who talks about Gaza and none ain’t a clue about real Gaza thats in the middle east

  15. Vybz Kartel – Dancehall Hero

  16. Me a fi tell yuh al pray pray dat no man fi cut short dey throat fi de injustice. Me a say, let justice prevail…

  17. Soon free.

  18. Bi**h, learn how to form a sentence before u write million paragraphs on sh**u know nothing about.and then learn what paragraph is. Stfu.

  19. suh some P’suppy delete my comment. Well memba seh is knowledge over illusion, consciousness over idol worship, and Spirit over Soul.

    I remember when Pan Head sing “we haffi live wid we gun inna we hand, we nah guh dead like no p’suppy” then him get him head buss. Wake up and stop promote things that are contrary to Life. .

  20. the best of a man can change in my opinion he dont deserve a life time in prison at least 15years if he is truly guilty of his actions also if he is sentence a life time imprisonment those who kill others from now on should be treated the same we all are human beings we tend to slip and slide at times they just hating on d boss i hope the magistrate never do any wrong

    • my youth. Yu know seh that is why mi hate religion. It tell people seh them can do all kinds of evil and then pray to santa for forgiveness. Then some weak heart people will also feel the same sympathy for him. How has religion made Black people better than to live subservient to others?

      • Religion as Karl Marx says is “opium of the people” like every drug u u think it brings relief but does worst than intended good..

  21. Yo first of all me is a reggae and dancehall fan overall. i dont favour anybody whether kartel or damian marley a jus music me say. If u do the crime pay the penalty thats jus it. I will say this tho. the jamaican system is known for its lackadaisical traits and cover ups. they see vybz kartel as a threat..young black ghetto youth with power. I wont lie..his image is a bit sketchy yes..but think about it..open your minds for one minute and think as educated people.. If you were a business man selling bags..wat would you do? Make the bags appealling according to what the public is gravitating towards… The same with musicians..rappers..djs..rnb singers..pop stars u name it.. Dont blame kartel for violence in jamaica because killings n robbery a gwaan long time from befone me and you born..chronixx did a song saying he gona burn the vatigan..why isnt he been brought up for his ungodly lyrics?? The people demand a certain profile from kartel and thats is what he gives through his music to put food on his table..thats just it..

    The court case was very very sketchy. Im not saying this because im a fan im sayin this because clearly their case was weak but simply because its outcome was already heavily influenced thats the outcome we are seeing now. Evidence tampered with is jus a no no. Hw can u extract information from a blackberry? Dont the president of united states use a blackberry? Why because of its impecible encryption? Wat kinda a machine dem talking about? Tell me? Because it was said that terrorists used Blacberry phones to avoid their informaton being looked at.. The security minister clearly blamed kartel for the crime in jamaica and that i was disapointed in..People react to the treatment they get from the government..People a tief light, a kartel fault that too? Priest a rape likkle bwoy a kartel fault to? rubbish.. the police and the system had planned to get him from day one..they planned it all..I just cant see how they found him guilty based on that kinda circumstantial evidence .. i jus cant. I would like to see an appeal done in a court that cannot be manipulated.. This one clearly was.

  22. Lock him up. No one is above the law. We have to stop support the bad-man culture that is regressing Jamaica. Everywhere I look I see Black people in the same stagnation. If we don’t blame the white man we blame authority then justify it with self righteousness and a belief in a fantasy called religion. How will we rise as a people if we cannot self regulate. Life requires the acquisition of knowledge. If that is not your pursuit, yu goin to dead out!

  23. Bang tidy

  24. LIFE.. everyone on twitter were saying 15 years. But Life Tho… These Are The Consequences’

  25. Young Jason u talking rubbish . It’s texts , voice messages and what ever video that whats screwed up Kartel . It’s also in the JA gleaner . Don’t talk to me .

  26. Obeah business nah work.

  27. Adeja u fu– u sell an u dawgs ‘ at the didn’t had to life inprison thow at lease ,20ybehind bars

  28. Boy Jamaica get a bonbaclat justice .department like American ‘ life in prison ‘ fu that’ kartel ‘ a mi daan’ but u move like a pu— ‘

  29. Jamaicans are hopeless not when it comes to killing each other vybz is going to get sodomize in prison and we the klan the ayrans and white power movement are rejoicing in Kartel being found guilty at least Bob marley had a good message because of his white blood in him

    • How obvious is it that the individual who wrote that was a black man trying his hand at manipulation.

  30. How long is “life” in prison in Jamaica? In my country it’s 18-25 years.

  31. White power where did your 33 degree freemasonry get you in life blacks are too dumb to be freemasons we white created the guns for you too kill each other and the good news it’s works

  32. OMGGGG…..Very sad…

  33. free world boss

  34. awwwww men:( that sucks

  35. Too much batty man deh a mobay suh mi nah come dung deh and you sound like one…

  36. Montreal to Jamaica

    I think u just vex because u audition for the teaha’s pet and got rejected loll

    • Dunce, wise up

    • I guess that was u hun…keep dancing in your Hood hope to see u…o don’t forget to order your bleach cream…buy the way that bleach u watch your clothes with that u put on your skin I will ship u some… I don’t get vex I’m to waste my time on asshole like u……hush#u are mad that your cake face man in jail…sense u know alot about cake face bleach an all that…u need to advertise for those products u may get there…..

  37. #WastedTalent that’s all I can say..smh

  38. Just another dumb nigg@ thinking killing is cool and with a few dollars can erase his mistakes. No @sshole burn and feel what a mistake of this magnitude will cost you.

  39. Perhaps that person forgot what the judge told the jury “Do not come to a guilty verdict based on content of Vybz Kartel’ s lyrics but based on evidence presented”

  40. Who is going to save Dancehall now? The Dancehall hero is going behind bars…plzzz Kartel Dancehall has been around before u even got known…you were my favorite Artiste at one time when your songs came on the seen I Was hooked on them in my teenage days but never understood what happened to you..were you somehow misguided or influenced by others around you? Dancehall will progress without you though after all its not one person but it’s a fraternity, how u got yourself into this mess nobody knows….got your buss from aligning with Bounty Killer should have made the best out of it…very fortunate individual many wished they had the opportunity like you…Did you or did you not do the crime well it’s not up to me to decide #WastedTalent

    • Society and the system is what happened to Vybz Kartel, we are a products of our environments. He was influenced by the circumstances of the ghetto. The system will drive many more individuals to think the way kartel did because they don’t show the ppl any love, care, or positivity so the ppl will not know or show it either, (this is why kartel did what he wanted and said what he wanted with no remorse and refused responsibility from the effects of his actions, because the govt refuses responsibility to the ghetto, its a double standard. its okay for them to deny the ghetto ppl but him must tek up everybody’s problems on his head? honestly, he expressed what he was shown; they dont deal with ppl with love in the ghetto). I always said that society creates monsters and then runs from them. They deal with people in such fckd up ways and then when people start to show fckd up behavior everybody forget what lead to it and gwan like di yutes them just crazy. ppl who don’t care or try to understand where these issues are stemming from are the BIGGEST problems in this struggle because they ENABLE fckry to continue and so the oppressed will continue to respond how they feel necessary.


    • Snoop dogg is a battybwoy weh bow to the system.

      • A man that come to the country an even making a different to his own Ppl…. that your words not stopping u but to me his music change alot of Ppl…if the world keep blaming the system for there acting this world an the Ppl that lives in it will never change our youths today…that’s my words back…

      • The society already mess up some of these people mind. It’s not that they don’t care but they don’t know better. We don’t want to blame Jamaica, it’s the way how the individuals was raised. These people will blame the Government for everything. Are they trying to do there part as citizens, NO! If a gunman or pervert in your community, they know he is doing wrongs no one would care until he hurt a member of their families. These things start in the ghetto, because no one wants to be an informer. Some of these people don’t even care about Vybz kartel, they just love excitement and want to be loud. All these people coming out saying that they’re supporting kartel. He has done nothing for Jamaica. He bring more violence to our youths and disrespect ladies and people think that ok. I am thanking all who participate and support his guilty verdict… and there will more joining him soon

  42. Free Kartel I will live on your legacy a di teacha Peta.


  44. i’m havin a hard time taking it in

  45. carelessboutpeople

    Growing up we were told that white people hated black people… But history a Cinderella story, because nobody hate black  people more than the same black people. Who is racist now? Ignorant fools!!!

  46. That’s Jamicia for you, would never go there again. The country’s a mess!

  47. Daryl Trazilieno

    He might get a ten year sentence

  48. Look like the whole gaza traumatize – some real idiots – R.I.P Lizard – The worst killer is a friend killer

  49. Cant be man kartel aint guilty

  50. Firelynxc a gunshot fi yuh gaza me seh katel forever

  51. “i never came to save the world i have come to spread a lil light, dont blame everything on me ‘ a MAN is just a MAN'”

    • big up yuhself!! mi think a did me one lissin dah chune deh, nobody dont give kartels good music the light of day because they have already been programmed to hate di yute, but nobody cyah program we. everything ppl hate kartel for, if them look inna themself them find di same thing in deh.

  52. Yuh a talk like seh a me get di guilty verdict…dwrcl

  53. Gaza me seh katel a d teacha and all who a talk sh– bout the boss take a trip to mobay and come a flanka right at bigs bar and talk in front a me

  54. how can he get put in jail when there no body and the 5 0 messed wid his fone if that was in england the case would of got dash out !!!! its a joke ting !!!!!!

  55. I share your views 100%… the verdict left a bad taste in our mouths. I not saying that he is innocent, just saying that they, the prosecution’s case isn’t transparent.

  56. Yardie suck yuh mother a bullet fi yuh

  57. We still rate the world boss as di nxt 2pac although he’s gone all the way from LA large up the world boss still

    • Come now really. …. The next 2pac!?….never was and Would never have been. 2pac had waaaaay more positive effect on people than kartel. You can count the number or positive tunes kartel sang on one hand.

  58. No chance of doing road now.

  59. heaven only knows.


  60. if you do the crime, then u cld do the time… disappointed just like I am disappointed in buju. I agree the hearing was biased, they should have confiscated the evidence off the phone since a police was using the phone though.. jus saying

  61. Madiablo Vincent

    fu– up di world bombo—- me feel like crying let all jamaica go on strike fi di dancehall hero



  64. No body found …..let them go

  65. Its not a surprise …vybz kartel has always being a violent guy and the people made his ego grow by proclaming him as the worldboss.

  66. Real talk if he does have something to do with this case, that does not change my love for him as an artist… His music is fun and nice!! I will forever be bumping his old & new chunes.

  67. It shall be overturned. They would want to. They let him out Vybz Kartel gonna change the world. There is no way they should have even came with a verdict based on the evidence. The fact they make un sworn statements says not much based on the case because when you are a celebrity you tend to have lots to hide about your personal life the wrong thing can get the wrong attention in the media’s eyes. The fact that the star witness make his statement 8 days after the alleged murder says a lot when you think of the letter he supposedly sent to the superintendent staying lizard alive. You have lots to actually consider. It sounds much like Mr. Chow have a lot more to do with this than spoken. Sounds like Mr Chow scheme a bit more. I find it hard for someone to be as unintelligent to leave such a trail of evidence. They say the only good witness is a dead witness I don’t think Mr Chow would be alive if he didn’t have a part in this. I don’t understand why lizard have phone and he not alert police himself I not understand a lot none sound right.

  68. I believe he and his crew got what they deserved. No one has the right to take anyones life but the lord above. You do the crime you do the time. To many people walking free for murders they have commited that is what’s not right. This verdict was justice served.

    • I agree my husband was killed, mistaken indentity and after 6 years have not found the bastard that killed him. My daughter cries for daddy everyday.

    • If there was a “lord above” so much alms house wouldn’t be in this world today… why yuh “lord above” neva stop di man from chop off him baby mother’s head a few weeks ago?

  69. Bravery mi chargie, Gaza fi life…

  70. The evidence was overwhelming. Here is a 38 year old man who is very rich and with potential to make more money, but he chose to be wicked. He was charged with another murder of a businessman and because of lack of evidence the case was dismissed. While he is in jail awaiting this trial, his former road manager was shot and killed and the police suspects that he ordered the hit because while he was in jail he had several cell phones, removablel drives and other electronic equipment which they believed he used to contact people on the outside to commit this crime. If you notice, he has 4 tear drops at the corner of his left eye ….this is a symbol that people in gangs used to indicate that they have committed murder and each represent one killing.
    Any reasonable person would conclude that Clive Williams is dead. On the night of the murder, he sent several text messages to his girlfriend pleading with her to call the police to save him, because he was in a car on his way to meet Kartel and that he was scared and that Kartel was going to kill him. He was telling her please hurry because “wi soon reach”. No one has heard from him: he has not called his family, his girlfriend or the authorities to tell them that he heard about the trail of his friend, but he was a alive somwherre. People don’t just disappear off the face of the earth.
    There was a witness present when the murder occurred and this guy told the court that when he saw Williams’ lifeless body on the floor he escaped because he feared he would also be killed. He said that Kartel wanted him to leave the island because he didn’t want police to have the opportunity to question him.
    The government’s presentation of the case was not without flaws. They botched some of the evidence eg. they found blood at the scene and took DNA from Williams uncle by his ‘father’ side instead of his mothers which did not match. People know that a lot of “jackets” are in Jamaica so they should be smarter tha that. The Police produced video tapes and other electronic messages which the defense said was tampered with. One thing was mind boggling was that while Kartel’s cell phone was in police custody, some one was using it, when this should have been under lock and key with only the office handling the case having access to it.
    Then we get to the defendants themselves making unsowrn statements expressing their innocence to the court and acting as if they were choir boys. When a defendant gets on the stand and not take the oath that he will tell the truth and nothing but the truth, it means that he does not want to be questioned about what happened. Kartel said that on the night in question the neither witness nor deceased visited his home that night. Yet, he was contradicted by Campbell when it was his turn to present his innocence to the Jury, that he dropped of Williams on the way to Kartel home, but the Prosecution’s witness was with him at the house.
    Why would police single out these men to lie about their involvement and tamper with evidence to convict them? There are many who feel that even if they committed the murder they should walk free, but what if it was your own family member? Would you like someone to kill your mother or brother and walk around a free person, free to kill others. One of the reasons why we have so much killings in the country is because the police have not been able to find the perpretrators, but hopefully with more technology and GPS a lot more of these criminals will be caught and brought to justice.

    • what about when they said they found like bare bodies in his backyard wtf was up with that ???? this case is strange….

      • this case is super strange man. soo many unresolved issues its not even funny, this is truly a benchmark case. That’s why I feel like this case is more than Kartel and Lizard, thats just the cover up, there are ulterior motives to bring down Kartel and whoever else is caught in the crossfire, the more the merrier. Look at how they handled the whole case? I don’t know how some people don’t find it strange. & nuff people frequently ask, “what if it was your family member who got killed?” my question is, what if it was your family member that got framed? lets not act like the JA system won’t go there, we all know that they are dirty and will do whatever it takes to mess up someones life that they’re after. this is why i feel like there’s more to this case than Lizard, they never gave a fck about ghetto people, so why is it so important now? a youth like Lizard them woulda never piss pon him if him was on fire, but true them after kartel from morning, all of a sudden them want justice fi ghetto yute. Set up and conspiracy. Police kill nuffa wi so mi know that a bullshyt

  71. we are forgetting that it was not just him convicted, why are the others not shown in the article like kartel is the only star lol

  72. I refuse to believe he is not intelligent although I don’t know him personally I have a strong intuition that he is actually too smart to be involved and lose access to his empire and family…. I strongly believe he is innocent. time will tell.

  73. Im sorry. But it seems like EVERYONE is ignoring the term, “beyond reasonable doubt.” It is outrageous and disgusting how these men were held for so long, never mind being found guilty. I can not believe that they can actually serve life in prison based on evidence based on cell phone texts/video which has possibly (most likely) been tampered with. Saying they are guilty is most definitely NOT beyond reasonable doubt at all. There is not one piece of evidence that PROVES FOR A FACT that these men killed clive williams. These are entertainers. Although they have a bad guy image they can in reality be very intelligent and good people. The image is part of their job. But u can not assume they are guilty murderers because of image. That is completely ignorant and absurd and unjust. I can even name songs where these men are speaking the truth and are actually against crime and killing. Listen to tek life by shawn storm… this is no doubt a set up. It is a shame how the government in jamaica is so corrupt and get away with these things. I pity the judge and the idiots behind this scheme. In the end, however, in the bigger picture true justice WILL prevail.

    • Justice for who though? I myself is not in any agreement with the handling of this case by the prosecution but, I do ask myself this question, if they were innocent, why didn’t they take the stand and let the prosecution cross examined them?… look at the bigger picture, yes we could prove that the case was rigged but we can’t really prove that they have nothing to do with what they’ve been accused of.

  74. Guh suck yr muma county boy gully god his smarter than daddy devil . Real killa nuh leave nuh evidence

  75. Lock up daddy devil becuz him leave too much evidence dunce head teacher hope him nuh drop d cake soap

    • You got what you wanted, you’re no longer funny, what more you want, gwan a yuh bed and rest peaceful and live yuh life now nuh, like how di evils of the world have been vanquished.

      • Him too fool ghetto boy get the richest and dash it weh over 2 guns look how much money him have be4 the dunce head boy send man fi do the thing dem no him a video and take picture all types of f—-ry him should a jus kill everything and done . A gud thing black ryno lef becuz maybe him would be in jail like big p—y Shawn storm mi knw a falla him a falla.kartel burst his own bubbles jail boss dnt diss d war lord boy, bounty killer make everybody knw him and look how the ungreat full boy style up mi general kartel frist diss killa and gwan hang out with Bennie man weh nuh do nothing fi yutes dem and Corey Todd ect how mi nuh see nuh a dem Ina court a support kartel becuz kartel a money lover sell his soul god nah sleep u dig . Make we see how long dancehall going to be in jail for .

    • Yuh a di biggest hypocrite mi come across in a long while. Either that or yuh too dunce fi understand yuh own preachings. Why you keep on saying that he should be locked up because he left too much evidence? Is it ok to murder another human being providing there’s no evidence to link you to that murder? Are you a murderer who kill people and leave no evidence? What is it that you really want to say? You can speak your mind and nothing will come of it. Afterall, you are anonymous right?

  76. they cant b sayin he killed im cause like hw dem seh kartel guilty nw wa if dem c lizard appear ja ppl 2 bias

  77. Problem with some people is that they keep saying “where is the evidence” , its simple “him a mince meat now dem nah find him” how would Kartel and his crew know that if they didnt do it, why even come to that conclusio that fast after the guy was missing.

    The people who thinks the cops sould have typed in those messages need to understand that there’s is a TIME line that comes with every single text and messages, if the messages didnt come from kartel and crew dont you think his lawyers would point this out instead of pointing out messages ONLY after the fact.

    It’s pretty much clear the Gaza crew are responsible, if it was YOUR own family member some would look at it differently, the guy has talent but this is not an excuse for a criminal to get a free pass and walk the street and use the fact that he beat the case to make more $$$….my opinion = JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED

    • According to Finson, that “mince meat” text was sent while the blackberry was seized and in police custody, he even had the time stamp that supports his argument that the phone was used after kartels arrest. & “Gaza” people are outraged because the trial was biased and unfair, Campbell completely disregarded the time stamp, so that would lead one to suspect a conspiracy or bias, even a child could see that something just isn’t right there. Not to mention the many other strange things on behalf of the prosecution and police. I’m a Kartel fan, but quite frankly, if the evidence was solid or the police work was sufficient, i would not oppose kartel serving a sentence, but this was so sloppy on the police’s end that it wreaks of conspiracy and the trial was not 100% fair. Make no mistake however that if Kartel is truely guilty, then he has to do the time; but if he is really guilty and they are sure of it, why isn’t the evidence more convincing? there is still too much doubt even after the weak evidence was accepted. There are too many unanswered questions and too many things to settle. This case was for them to make an example of him, and with Dancehall’s most headstrong person out of the picture, a crippling blow has been dealt to the genre, and the poor people.

    • Your name says it all …#TooBias

    • It’s been proven that the “mince meat” message was concocted whilst the phone was in police custody. Biased opinions are idiotic opinions.

  78. All the idiots that are saying that you cant get convicted without a body are all just as retarded as kartel to have participated in this after he has so much money. If he is a real boss then he wouldnt havr to get his hands dirty. Hire someone to do the work for him. And there are plenty of cases where people have been convicted with out a body found, not only in jamaica. Everywhere in the world

    • You just proved the defense’s point. Why would he get involved in a murder like this one?

  79. Most of onnu young ppl is a set of fu—ng eediat! I wish all ah onnoo weh a talk sh– lose someone close to you from violence and the murderer walk free and see how dat feel. You fu—ng set of cu—.

    • All muders should get their just rewards not excluding none but, honestly, do you believe the police went about this case in the right manner?

  80. Ghetto Youth!!!!

  81. White power white power white power justice at last thats what happen when nigs get too big for boots talking about reaching 33 degree of masonry the highs of evil freemasonry did’nt help the black monkey this time lock the Ape up for life and throw away the key white white power

    • yes he is locked up but y do u have to b a fu—ng idiot a–hole of a racist WHAT THE HELL U calling him a”black monkey or ape” thats y black ppl walking on ur colour. u hav no respect for black ppl u good for nothing jacka–!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am appealing to the sensible people on this thread. Please don’t respond to KKK’s ignorance.

  82. Lock up daddy devil hope him nuh drop d cake soap . Burn dutty gaza justice was serve today thank god . Dnt put yr turst into devil dunce head Terrence kartel money a mad mi and mi bad mine lol king furry aka king fu– batty all gaza guh suck UNO muma UNO stinky dj deh a hell and a good god nah sleep. NYC remember mi did tell u ur bow cat dj nah come a road fi now . War lord own dancehall bounty his the greatest

  83. Babylon jus mash up the yute career now :(

  84. First i read Tommy lee guilty i was happy .. but this not right


  86. A politician an police plan it just because him influence bigger than fi them. Mi si people pan di all jamaicastar,gleaner and observer pages a rejoice an a talk bout hang di bleacher mi wah know how that benefit them. History shows how many black men have been targeted for being influential because they refuse to bow down to the system examples mandela,martin luther king,marcus garvey and even tupac. Some a them people a jamaica a hypocrites and very judgemental.

    • Same ting dem did to Marcus Garvey just because mi start expose dem your tough is a serious weapon

    • I wouldn’t blame their perceptions as just jugemental. I prefer to use the words DUNCE and ENVIOUS. Ignorance is a bliss…and the governments(all over the world) like it that way. It’s easier to rule over the sheep. Divide by putting people in different classes in society so they can rule over us. Oldest trick in the book.
      Sometimes it makes me wonder what kind of SPELL is mankind under!!

    • Those are national tabloids so they have to publish what they “think” is best for the nation’s interest. Is only the common man like yourself and I would think that kartel would walk away from this sham of a trial a free man. The government of jamaica, as with any other country, have a say in what is written in news papers and streamed on tell-lie-visions. From the trial started I’ve been trying to post comments on the gleaner and observer pages but, to no avail and its not like I was posting rude or slack comments. The good thing in all this is that kartel is not illiterate and I have a strong feeling that he will get acquitted on a re-trial.

      • Mi swear to god bredda mi neva know seh a suh people hate kartel till now read the comments them on observer,gleaner pages. Them a rejoice seh di man gone a jail. Most of the comments a talk bout skin bleach and lyrics. Them nuh know how the case guh from start. How can u wish for somebody’s demise and talk bout god and jesus ???

    • yea man kartel seh badmind a di wussest disease dung deh, some ppl hypocrite yuh fck

  87. The way the police went about the case is very fishy to me and they just wanted him to be put away even if he was guilty or not. In my opinion i dont think he is guilty but it is easy to put someone away if certain people are working on the same page. I just hope either way he continues to inspire and try to help the jamaican youths

  88. cyah believe them a try dash weh di yute pon fu—ry case, if the evidence was more solid then me deevn woulda feel no way, but wid alla di inconsistencies and blatant biases and foul imcompetence how can it reach yahso? the evidence was so shaky that it was hard to believe, just didn’t sit or sound right.. it still seems like there are alot of unanswered questions and disregarded aspects, so many things weren’t taken into account, or highlighted, or emphasized like the negatives. This is what they’ve been doing to kartel for years tho, they emphasize his negatives and untruths and blind ppl from the real Adidja Palmer, and cause a dislike/hatred fi a youth weh ppl deevn really know (if you ask ppl some good bout kartel them couldnt tell yuh nuttin, but if yuh ask them 1 bad thing, dem can give u a list and thats because of how he was portrayed). I just feel like the evidence was not ready (too weak) and this case is more than kartel and lizard. the dislike for kartel over the years has been based on hear say. they’ve always wanted to crucify him. ghetto yutes nuh fi rise so far, that is the only message i get from this corrupt case.

  89. :,(

  90. people I liked the guy myself but come on u cant beat someone to death and get away with it. I honestly believe he thought he was bigger then Jamaica sorry jmo

    • i respect your opinion

    • did they say he did it himself with his hands or that he hired people to do it for him?????? someone please answer me,,, and they said he burned the body after like some breaking bad type sh– but at that point the friend saw the body and ran away he didnt call police? did they burn it before police came? and then they wanna say he was in a taxi with them i’m sooo confused i need to read the exact detail’case….smh and i was plannin on drinkin street vybz rum tonight and celebrating on the block with my chalwa jammin to hustle di money shooooot

  91. Yes I agree some BS with the case . What mess up Kartel is phone messages and video . They had some strong evidence against him .

  92. Kirkland Jason Edwards

    I told them from day one, that he was going to serve his rest of him life beside bars, people a real life time now, it’s not like when ninja get away back then.

  93. Guilty or not guilty, this case prove JA is full of sh–, thats why Mavado left.

    I wonder who will take the throne..


    cyaan get pum pum a prison.

  95. Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Yo I still can’t believe this
    Whole day me a wait to come
    N see they free them now look at this
    Can’t believe my eye wonder what killer is sayin
    Let me go up on twitter n see
    Some dancehall Dj maybe happy no ras
    Just sayin

  96. The main reason them fight kartel suh a cause him influence bigga dan di dutty politician dem a jamaica and most people weh a talk bout him fi guh jail neva did pree di case from day 1. Until dem show di body dem an some valid evidence mi seh him innocent,people fi stop judge kartel off lyrics an stop be hypocrites. When roger clarke lick dung di yute off di bike mi nuh hear dem bring so much scandal pon him not even court him nuh guh and di man weh drive the x6 weh shoot di yute how dem nuh send him guh prison. Atleast kartel a talk fi di ghetto yutes which artist a duh dat right now ”none”. Some a unnuh know di man innocent unnuh just a carry personal feelings and unnuh gwaan like badman song nah sing long before kartel born. Kartel a di voice of di ghetto dats y di ppl dem love him suh cause a him alone a attack di dutty government and police.

    • If he didnt want to be judged by his lyrics he shouldnt have sang them. Buju banton’s lyrics is what sold him out

      • Suh u a condone seh a man fi guh prison fi lyrics inna song. Kartel going to jail nah guh stop murder from happening in jamaica. Mi wah si a who dem ago use as scapegoat since him gone a prison.

      • ALKALINE….

    • Mi like yuh reasoning but mi nah guh seh him innocent becah I wasn’t there. All I know is that the rest of the world are laughing at our justice system’s incompetence.

    • Truth big up yuh damn self same suh it go but me want one a d pu9–hole dem fi dis katel weh me deh a gaza me seh and to all who a talk fu–ie bout katel su– onnu madda

  97. Mek we just pray for one another and leave this to the almighty…….

  98. Can someone explain how they are able to convict without a body?

    • Yes, I can…..it is a myth that someone cannot be convicted without a body. Just last year a police officer who had raped a girl and was awaiting trial, went to her home, kidnapped her and took her out to sea and use a large stone and sink her body which was never found. She begged for her life and promised she would not testifiy against him but he killed her anyway and he is in prison for the rest of his life.

      Now, there is a thing called circumstantial evidence and it is used in place of hard evidence …….eg. John is dead and they found Tom with ropes and tapes and blood on his shirt and he has things belonging to John in his possession or he has his bank card and draws out money out of John’s account…..that’s a lot of evidence unless he has a damn good explanation to satisfy logics.
      In this particular case, we heard the defendants saying on tape that the body will never be found because “wi chop it up fine fine….”. Do you think Williams family should have been able to hold a funeral for their love one and grieve properly and put this sad case to rest? Given justice as provided by law?

      • That text was sent 3hr after the police toke the phone……..the case is a joke you can convect with out a body but if you prove indeed that person is dead bloody cloth something no dna the house have no blood in it but thats where he was beating to death wrong location on cell towers its a joke but in high profile case like this when they pick corporate working class ppl that probably hate him only caz of his music emotions play a big part in this verdict its just my opinion

      • True. I figured that circumstantial evidence would be enough if infact the body is destroyed with no way of locating the remains. I haven’t heard all the details but if he is a murdered, he gets absolutely no sympathy from me.

  99. Jamaican Criminal System is a joke. Kartel was the voice of the ghetto & they didnt like it. HOW can evidence that has been tampered with be used in a court of law? Its a set up, but this will do more harm for Jamaica than good.

    • you are a very confusing person…..

    • i know and for life is a bit too harsh of a sentence when np body was found not finding the body and phones being used while in police custody .. with all the strange occurrences of the case why such a strong sentence? (if one at all)

  100. I have no rispect for vybes cartel,he promoteow self esteem,setting off the face bleaching frenzy in jamaicaalso the femenization of jamaican men fire burn vybes catel i hope hiz.slul rotten in hell.

  101. No way! World boss i care for your music.

  102. I feel sad fa him.i introduced his music to alot of people here n Detroit,sum gangstas sum not but all luv it.here,no dead body no case.he must appeal

  103. This is what he got dancing with the DEVIL an that what he did sin his soul an it done….he taken Ppl. live for nothing an Yes he said it in his songs y should he set free when he taken Ppl lives now prize to pay the pip his soul….

    • Montreal to Jamaica

      Shut Yuh rAsss mouth voodoo women, Yuh have a bloocloth crystal ball or wah?

      • U lived by the sord u will died by the sord

      • Montreal to Jamaica

        So yuh madda tell Mi cocky last nite, she gon live and die by it

      • U are so rude I guess u feeling more for your man…y don’t u go join him…….I think u came out a mom also an for u to say that no respect….

      • Don’t get it twisted I’m any voodoo women but speak your mouth because your cussing don’t move me…the things u do in this world u will have a prize to pay…an it’s what I read an everyone read…I’m not going to praise no human man that done do is dirty work an even if he didn’t do it he know he shouldn’t have done it in the first place….I didn’t see that it said I can’t speak because far as I know I shell not cuss back at u because my words are call freedom of speech…..the man pay his dews an I’m not going to sugar coat sh–….for a grown a– man he know what dirt he was getting his hand into… so if u want to get mad because is prize is over u stay they…that your problem Montreal to Jamaica……..

      • Don’t get it twisted I’m any voodoo women but speak your mouth because your cussing don’t move me…the things u do in this world u will have a prize to pay…an it’s what I read an everyone read…I’m not going to praise no human man that done do is dirty work an even if he didn’t do it he know he shouldn’t have done it in the first place….I didn’t see that it said I can’t speak because far as I know I shell not cuss back at u because my words are call freedom of speech…..the man pay his dews an I’m not going to sugar coat sh–….for a grown a– man he know what dirt he was getting his hand into… so if u want to get mad because is prize is over u stay they…that your problem Montreal to Jamaica……..

      • Everyone free to have their own opinion.

      • Montreal to Jamaica

        Well here is my opinion on u, go get some milk and cookie and nuh wake fi a years loolll freeeeeee Mr.Palmer!!!!!

    • Kirkland Jason Edwards

      Exactly! Homer

    • how u know 100% that he took people lives for sure we don’t know but what we do know is that the case had flaws and life sentence is harsh still … i’m sure u have committed some sins too maybe not extreme but sin is a sin …. he also had conscious songs and which dancehall artist doesnt sing about killing at least once whether it is literal or not we shouldn’t judge based on songs because that is a persona rappers do it all the time….. FREE UP

      • Realkilla Yes I understand what u are getting at but when we all know deep down that even tho it was wrong OK he got songs out an everything that he had done in Jamaica… but I’m American an I travel alot to Jamaica an go to the dancehall…I listen to his songs there…I was following up from the time he got arrested this dude have alot of wicked dark things that he make his own Ppl that he love that he said he love have done wrong…. for a grow man he should of go different root but your own Ppl kill there Ppl now u till me just for money just for u to get on top of your game…we all sinners we all do fu– up bull sh-t but to go far to even kill mascara mad Ppl. is not right…Yes u guys remember him for his songs an whatever else but y’all don’t know how dark an say he love his Ppl but make his own Ppl go down with him…if u call that love I guess this world are fu– up as it is….

      • Montreal to Jamaica

        Stop hate Cuz the cake soap didn’t work for u. U probably married to a white man talking bout ppl this ppl DAT. Free up bloooodcloootttt kartel di man done serve time already

      • Hahah have to laugh at u because I really don’t give one hell if u married to whatever… hun I born that way lightskin but I still love when they are naturally black ….u must have u some cake soap or bleaching cream because for u to say that to me u must have use it on yourself ..I’m all natural an I love my black man how it comes proud of it….maybe u need to go ship. Him some where he is at sense u taken the news serious….

      • Girlfriend leave that idiot alone, everything done. That’s one of Kartel dunce fan. Him a waste…. black bird.

      • Montreal to Jamaica

        Battyman mi nuh love man suh tek Yuh eye off a mi hahaha u a must SheBaDA father lolll

      • Montreal to Jamaica

        You just come on this website to celebrate an dancehall icon going to jail (innocent guilty? Still not sure) in which whom could have easily became an iconic figure on the level status of Bob Marley who’s death was a conspiracy cause his message was too strong and was exposing pure corruption from these politicians and government thru his music, his music was powerful so the government kill him off cause they couldn’t control him…I’m not sayin kartel always use to send the right message but his music had power over alot of people, I’m just saying same rasshole setup ting Bob Marley buju kartel busy ninja man music is life and the Babylon system wanna get rid. And u as a black woman celebrating a next one of your black race going to jail smh Yuh evil need fi guh clean Yuh soul. The bible seh forgiveness suh guh free Yuh heart, no disrespect dis time loolll

      • You a real IDIOT the man guilty, you hear the verdict?

      • The verdict could be wrong still………… doesn’t mean it’s written in stone how many times did they get it wrong in history?

      • Well I understand your opinion, but my facts is that he is guilty.

      • This is an article about Vybz Kartel, not a match making site.

      • Well I know for a fact that he kill people

      • ohhhh yuh muss be him shadow……nice 2 meet ya.

    • So everyone who sing songs about taking lives do it

      • I Didn’t say everyone one at THE some point u have to make changes in your live because he do have many following him an the IMPACT are strong but saying what I say or anyone THAT CHOOSES NOT TO understand or want to understand… I surly knows that we live by the system an he may think he Could do this to his own Ppl that he got alot of money he can get away with it…look at kanye west that dude using alot of sh– in his songs an that dude got money an with money u. got alot of stings but do u ear him got his crew fu– up that he got to pay for it…hell no!!!HE KNOWS HOW THE SYSTEM SET B WISE AN NOT GETTING YOURSELF IN THAT…..I DON’T CARE IF ANYONE THINK I WRONG BUT B WISE BECAUSE A MATTER OF TIME THEY WILL PIN U FOR SOMETHING U DO OR DIDN’T DO….WE ALL KNOW WE IN A WORLD OF HATER JEALOUSY ENEMIES…. AN IT’S LIFE I THINK WHAT HE DID ONCE OR MORE THEN ONCE HE THINK IT WILL NOT COME AN IF HE DIDN’T DO IT AN MAKE HIS PPL THAT WILL DIE FOR HIM DO IT… IT STILL A PRIZE TO PAY…HE GROW AN LEARN AN BELIEVE ME THAT SAME MAN THAT CAME FROM FAR AN HELL AN BACK THAT THE ONE GOD WILL USE WISLY…. AN LET SEE IF ALL U GAZE WILL STILL LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC OR NOT LISTEN BECAUSE HE WILL B A DIFFERENT MAN….


      • No cause is not kids music and he also have music that don’t talks about sex are killing wat about the gun shows and the blue movies

      • Gaza that my point we all grown an we knows it’s not right but my point his example when our kids don’t listen to those music they still go behind an still listen if a man like that knows he have that kind of power an he knows things will hit him…change I know he see it coming because he had crew….he do sing about guns an police. I will not allow y daughter to listen to it even when she visit her Aunt out there but when she come back she like ma my aunt let me want a party….so come on this dude not foolish system or no system we are not a fool because he is in the music business an he knows how it set up…u dance with the white man for to long he will bring u down….an he dance with the devil that he things that he will never b stop…….it’s all come on sense…..he had the power but not for long……

      • if yuh nuh wah yuh pickney listen kartel a yor business dat… same ting dem seh fi Rihanna… bad influence… chuh if a di case di whole a dem a bad influence… dem nuh fi listen to music den lol…. him hav some nice conscious songs…. a wah do some gyal……

      • English!!!!!!…..

      • yes! and thats the great thing about kartel, he has music all across the board because he is very versatile, i would allow my child to listen to his child friendly music. its just like movies and shows, not all shows are kid friendly. same with actors, some actors makes films that are kid friendly and their other works aren’t so much. but thats the great thing about parents, they are there to regulate the content their child consumes and to guide and grow the child properly. just because an artist makes some violent/slack music doesn’t necessarily make him an overall bad person to listen too. listen to mothers love by kartel, my child could listen to that, listen to testify, school, thank you jah, where is the love, ghetto youth, life we living, let it be, shape of my heart, jah jah neva fail i yet, bad reputation, guns dem load (kartels verse), clarks, where weh you have, slew dem like david, all of a sudden, bible deh near me, mama, just to name a few.

  104. Montreal to Jamaica

    F—kkinnn corruption run Jamaica

  105. Unbelievable. So apparently you don’t even need evidence or a body to convict someone? SMH

  106. Sad day he killed ppl u idiot he got wut he deserve especially being famous and still tink u dat bad to kill Somone n hav msgs n voice MSG etc list goes on good ware of fame n millions of dollers let b lesson to the nex rich dancehall bad mon

  107. Lock up the prison boss and dash away the key. Him fi go prison for killing Lizard and mek wi clean up dancehall


      • I think they went about this case the wrong way and the judicial system in Jamaica has made more enemies than friends from the people.

      • So true, the evidence are not concrete

      • WTF! Man on VIDEO, Voice and Text messages coming from his cell phone giving orders to CHOP and MINCE UP Lizard body and disposed of it so NO BODY could find it and you say evidence isn’t clear? UH!! I am one of Kartel’s biggest fan FROM before he bust-out on the music scene and NO body is more disappointed than I am right now.

        BUT Kartel stray from the music and get caught up into gangsta warfare mentality and believing he was too big to face justice.

        He must pay the price like ALL the other murderers. PLUS this is NOT the first time Kartel and his boys kill people and walk free. At least two other close associate of Kartel is still missing one of which he was found not guilty of. If you ask me, Kartel and his boys were actually serial killers in Jamaica. They FINALLY slip up and get caught!!!

        He’s facing life now!!

    • Yea, but if he is guilty so is three quarters of dancehall because if not all preach the same lyrics.

      • His case was a very bias one, the Jamaican authorities a try prove a point but they didn’t go about it the right way. We do not have the technology to prove that the videos on the phones were real and not fabricated. Everyone in Jamaica knows that the police force is corrupt and so is our judicial system.

      • They could not let them go because them know, a law suite would follow, jackass say the world nuh level

      • Your a stupid bit– he didn’t charge for music he charge for killing a man so don’t get dancehall mixup in this plz

      • Well Kartel always claimed to b a killer in almost all his Gun tunes. I guess he finally tried his luck real life n realised that murder is not childs play after this verdict. So he will hv to reap the fruits of his blodklatic ways.

    • Montreal to Jamaica

      How bout Yuh guh clean Yuh mouth weh Yuh battyman informa friend dem buss juice in deh lastnite,

    • Montreal to Jamaica

      Dem fi lock up Yuh madda fi give birth to a battyboi like u loll

    • go suck yuh mada yadie!!

      • Dem should hang him, lol

      • Montreal to Jamaica

        Yo u mista fassyhole don’t hate the world boss bcuz Yuh battyman fadda rapee Yuh as a child

      • Him go from world boss to jail booty. Why you have fa live so blood clod ruddy!! You make uno bed ya have to lay in a it.

      • Listen jamaican idiots if you agree with a man kill a man and live free think about you family everybody deserve justice if he kill the man then jail is his reward if he didn’t he deserves to be free the message is in the music and some songs have proof so seek knowledge before vengeance

      • Speak english you twat

    • Montreal to Jamaica

      Go bath Yuh dutty stinkin self first and brush Yuh teeth b4 Yuh think bout clean up dancehall

    • Lizard kill people son to

      • Go to the police and report, lol.

      • You hate kartel but you can’t take wathim ave.

      • No one hate him it’s just some Ppl agree an disagrees on alot of things being in here it’s like in the Hood..we love his songs an disagrees on some of it…no wonder y this world the way it is…who cares go back to reality pay some bills an feed your kids… so what…

      • Well nobody cn take a jail cell frm him. So he must keep it

    • pu–yholeyuhnahknownothingreadandlearnasswhipe

  108. This is what they want you to think so if it happens you accept it an move on. But this will never happen.

  109. bullllllsh-t everybody guh buy VOICE OF THE JAMAICAN GHETTO

  110. for life tho? wtf

  111. Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Can’t be true must be a joke this hour we now knowing this
    Sad sad sad day for Ja n Trini all the Caribbean
    But as I say if him do it he got to face d fire
    But is this really true
    Kartel gone like that just so easy life is about a Bytch
    Just sayin

  112. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. i don’t believe it.