Vybz Kartel Sentenced To Life In Prison For Murder, Parole In 35 Years

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, was moments ago sentenced to 35 years to life in a Jamaican prison and hard labour.

The “Dancehall Hero” deejay, affectionately called Worl’Boss by his fans, shed tears as Home Circuit court judge Justice Lennox Campbell handed down the life sentence. Kartel’s protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell, and his close friends André St John, and Kahira Jones were also handed lengthy sentences. The handcuffed men were escorted out of court by heavily armed police officers where they will head straight to a high security prison.

“Addi (Vybz Kartel) remains strong and is maintaining his innocence so now we are looking forward to continue to fight for his freedom,” a rep for the dancehall star told Urban “We are not giving up because the system imprisoned an innocent man. We will fight this down to the core and expose the Jamaica injustice system for what it really is.”

Vybz Kartel image

On March 13, 2014, a 10:1 jury convicted the four men in the Home Circuit court in Downtown Kingston for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. The guilty verdict sent shock waves throughout the dancehall community worldwide with some fans bemoaned an unfair trial, marred by police corruption and evidence tampering. Vybz Kartel will be eligible for parole in 35 years.

Sentencing details.

Adidja Palmer aka Vybz Kartel – 35 years in Prison (Life sentence).
Shawn Campbell aka Shawn Storm – 25 years in prison
Andre St John – 30 years in prison
Kahira Jones – 25 years in prison

What’s next for Vybz Kartel… APPEAL.

Vybz Kartel attorneys has already begin to plot their road to appeal in the Jamaican high court. Appeal cases in the Jamaican court system could take up to five years given the massive backlog, a police source told Urban Islandz.


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    JAHHHH we SEH! Let adi go corrupt da mans dem in the wok house…. Now.

  3. Tampered evidence is not an evidence.

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  5. You are so annoying if you dont like the music dont listen to it!!’ How does it affect you? Mind your own business!!! Ima blast Kartel as loud as I can all day jailboss or not so eat that!

  6. IM glad kartel behind bars serve him right hate kartel for his music and for what he stood for i.e bleaching and his smutty dutty Lyrics Real talk real talk

  7. R.I.P Lizard. He did not deserve to die. However, text messages and audio are not pictures and video- they could have been tampered with. I’m not sure what exactly happened but keep Lizard name out ya’ll mouth. Either way let the man rest in peace if he is really dead. Just because you love Kartel don’t mean you should hate Lizard.

  8. I hear alot of ppl talk about Baphomet…..they speak of somethong they have no understanding of but merely on influence what theyve heard all their lives without doing research diligent…as also the “Devil” Satan is not who does evil but believe it or not The Almighty Most High yes everything in your life whether good or evil came from The Most High…Isaiah I create light and darkness I The Almighty do good and evil…Amos If evil or calamity be done in a city who hath done it not The Almighty? So many more scriptures show The Almighty doing evil d good…we have been lied to deceived jsut study the scriptures preferably Old…nothing new under the sun……It is Christianity who has the concept of devil trying to o ver throw God….that concept is not Hebrew…really do you believe as they say love of money is the root/origin of evil? Think about it…lies and lies ..evil as they have told us came from Satan so which is it?

  9. So did they ever get the body of the man that they accusing vybz kartel an crue did not killed

  10. Florence Dntholdbackshit Franc

    Every one is so concern about Vybz Kartel getting life in jail but no one is showing concern to this dead man nd the family he has left behind especially if he has young children. If you do the crime you gotta stand up and take the punishment that you have coming to you no matter how harsh the penalty.

  11. I’m not saying (largely) is innocent but this system us justify to all, how come a policeman can kill a pregnant woman and he’s not given life behind bars? how come a politician can hit and kill a man with is car and be set free? Its not fair the sentencing could be less.

  12. Fu– the jamaican system and police force the whole system should be lined up against the wall and shot they kill innocent people all the time and know they fame kartel the systa are the real devil’s

  13. No one is innocent in this, about free world boss. Free him for what? No one is sympathetic with the victim and we a black people. Kartel fi gu sidown and do his time, and black beauty talks the most sense, bout boss, nu man dat bleach dem face a boss, dem a eedyat

  14. Well said black beauty. Bless

  15. He was cuckolded

  16. Michael Barrows

    That is the best prison sentence ever given, to the culprits, in jamaica. The barrister should also be sentenced too. This is a strong message to all these little farts who mess around in our island, and think they can get away.

    • Ross Margarette

      Your island kartel was not the problem on you island it’s your crooked police force that a problem on your island and the weak minded is a problem on your island

  17. White power at last we got the coon in prison for good

  18. Y’all are some HATERS for real

  19. Only god knows what really happened so stfu and stop speculating. Y’all sound mad stupid like u were there and seen it with ur own eyes…

  20. Kartel get less than what he deserves. He should be hanged. That SOB is not good for my country.

  21. we have konshens bye kartel u could not match konshens either if u were released enjoy the fruits of murder dear dancehall king……

  22. World Boss receive our love form Africa Kenya in particular,we love you n we jah is above it all.

  23. World Boss receive our love form Africa Kenya in particular,we love you n we jah is above it all.

  24. Just kill him why waste the tax payer money on him for the next 35yrs.

    • Yup! Don’t worry…they will kill him with fvck! He’s such a pretty pretty bwoy. Soon he will be an ugly bottybwoy.

      • He must be prettier than u, that’s why u mad.. Or ur girl wanna fuqq him #poordat

      • Ahhhh! You must be an idjit then if you mistake my gladness for madness…and a bigger idjit if you think any one of my gals wanna fvck a barely literate, bleached-out, serving 35-to-life convicted felon.

        Chuckoff, and chuckyou chuck!

      • Did u ask them or are u speaking for them ???? They are just as lame as u are if they even exist so obviously they wouldn’t dare to like a man of Kartels caliber

      • A man just sees and knows. Yeah…we just see and know tings.
        The gals I know are thoroughbreds that can go that mile and furlong. Vybz is the type that would pull up lame coming around the clubhouse turn. In other words, my gals would utterly destroy and embarrass him.

    • Cause he paid way more taxes

  25. Damn Vybz….

  26. Jah kno you how the system suh bias kern Spencer openly rob jamaica and him acquitted but the ghetto youth nuh have no hope

    • What are you talking about?! He’s a rich bwoy who thought he was above the law. Now he’s just another prisoner. He’s a bloody fool who should have known better than to throw away his life for a couple of guns.

      • And what was lizard doing with those guns?? Having a tea party?? Foh

      • It doesn’t matter what Lizard was doing with those guns. When you’re a star, your primary focus should be on making money, and not making dead men disappear.
        Nod your head if you understand!

      • So it doesn’t matter because he’s a star foh wit ur hypocritical shiiittttt if u chastising one for messin wit guns u should be chastising the other… Cuz the same can be said for lizard

      • Ok!! You don’t understand. That’s cool. I applaud you for your honesty.
        Look! If men wish to mess with guns, I really don’t have a problem with that. It’s when they kill other people with it that I begin to feel a way about it. Vybz is a millionaire, right? Why should someone with his wealth be involved in a murder?! If he wants to murder people, then he should do it like everyone else in his profession and do it over the mic.

      • What u said originally : kartel threw his life away over 2 guns…. My initial point : so did lizard ???? I don’t give a —-kkkkkkk about all that extra sh– like ur personal problems and feelings about the case! A spade is a spade I call it how I see it wrong is wrong whether rich or poor …

  27. I love Vybz Kartel I feel it for him so no you know about company is not good yes I’m praying for him I have none brother and I’m praying for him no bad company not good

    • Why won’t you pray for Clive “Lizard” Williams? The bottybwoy Vybz didn’t even leave a body for his family to bury. Fvck Vybz!

      • Ross Margarette

        If kartel was a gangsta like they are saying then so is lizard why would I pray for someone like lizard he probably killed people to so f*ck lizard

      • Please notice that ‘probably killed people’ is not the same as being convicted of killing someone. Unless you have proof you can bring into a court of law, you’re just blowing it out your bottyhole.

      • Yeah and for all u know kartel PROBOBLY killed a man just because he was convicted don’t mean he guilty and just cuz there’s no proof don’t always mean a crime wasn’t committed either … U should know this smart azzzzzz #contradiction

      • Lawd gad! If a rich man receives a 35 year-to-life sentence for nothing, and his cohorts are dealt hefty sentences as well…it’s not because they couldn’t afford to hire the best lawyers.
        Riddle me this, chuck…how many innocent men in Jamaican prisons?

  28. Ross Margarette

    It’s funny how only vybz kartel got 35years and the men who did the so called chopping got less but most you haters are to stupid to notice

    • Funny how a ghetto youth could gain the world but lose his soul. But you’re too stoopid to notice that, right?

  29. It’s so ironic ” up to di time” favorite line of kartel…Well I hope he’s ” up 2 doing the time” lmao..seriously

  30. Vybz started talking about real issues and quite frankly, people actually listened. The Crown cannot have that. Read Vybz book and you’ll know why they had to silence him. Vybz Kartel a now a Political Prisoner.

  31. Kartel appeal can take 5 more yrs or more this sh– going to talks a toll on him .
    Kartel mess up his life it’s unecessary he had it all.

    • Gloria Thompson

      May Almighty God give him the strength to survive.

      • Gloria I don’t feel sorry for Kartel I have 5 brothers who are full blooded JA we grew up extremely poor . I am very angry at Kartel if he really went and buy guns . There are people in JA suffering for him to do that he deserve what he got . God gave him a talent for music he throw it away .

      • True dat!

      • So are u angry at lizard too ?? Love by the gun die by the gun no …. A suh it go

      • Lizard seems like trouble him self but Kartel had no right doing what he did . Text message and audio sink Kartel . I have a friend who I went to school with they murder him in JA . They never find is body . My friend family did not seek justice for him .

      • What the..what you a say?! God gave him talent which brought him riches. He chose to spit in God’s face by murdering one of God’s children…and you want God to do what for Vybz??!

  32. People should not be making an assessment or judgment calls on vybz. The evidence provided was all circumstantial. Their are no facts or even a body. This man can be innocent or guilty no one knows. Only god and vybz knows. Don’t pass judgment everyone should remain objective. With respect to the hearing their has not been any evidence that is factual. All evidence provided was circumstantail. Therefore an appeal is allowed to proceed. In order to an appeal to be received is governed by rules such as the judge made a legal error during the trail.

    As simple as an appeal being allowed validates that their is a legal error that has taken place during trail.

    Nothing has been validated or provided that can allow a factual finding of guilt.

    The truth has not yet been brought to light.

    Emotions and subjectivity have everyone making their own conclusions.

    Let god do his work and unfold the truth. The truth will always surface. God is slow but sure.

  33. gaza garne a babylon plaza

  34. Hope the police them that going around taking poor people life from them go to prison too!! Jamaica nasty police force full of evil! The world is watching!!

  35. PARDON…35 YEARS!!!?????…tell mi WHAT THE F#CK WAS THAT!!…EH “ARISTOCRATS”…mi love my country but dat deso was seasame street ting..straight popi show licky licky f@cked up levels of blatant intent..yall took it bout diz..forget who it was…yaa tell me seh man aka ghetto yutes a get 35 years fi txt msg an no physical..not even one peice or DNA..and other than just a lickle herb charge dat got dropped no prior criminal record??. 35 YEARS??.yea as I said Joke ting dat what a NOTICE…WHAT EVA MESSAGE YOUR TRYING TO SEND JUST MEMBA GHETTO YUTES WILL NEVER FEAR..that is not even the Closest way to coolin things down bout and nuff yutes been VEX..fa years now..set back di ting right a mek KARTEL walk in a few years dam..

    • Ryan, this man murdered at least two people. Why do you feel it is your duty to defend this murderer? You call him a GHETTO YUTE…yeah a Black man trying so hard to scrub his Blackness away with bleaching cream. Well, now that he’s securely locked away from his precious white antidote, hopefully he will come to realize the wickedness of his ways. Look at his picture acting like he’s praying to some God in the sky. A white man ting dat. SKEEN?

      Jah know!

      • How the fuqq are u able to speak so surely like are u his shadow .. Were u there to see him murder these people ??? Talkin bout “skeen” lmao u must really be the white bwoi cuz a white man ting datttt styll…..

      • Ross Margarette


      • You got that all twisted tha fvck up,chuck. “a white man ting datttt styll…..” is when you wanna be white so bad that you would put caustic chemicals on your skin to burn the blackness off of it.

      • Ross Margarette

        Why does it matter that he bleached his skin ?

      • I don’t have enough time to explain everything to you, but the quick short answer is any African who wishes to look like their former colonial masters is not a real African.

      • Ross Margarette

        So what you are saying is that white people who pay to get tanned want to black?? Dude had alot of tattoos and he wanted to show them off big deal

      • That’s the chit he tells you country bumpkins, and you believe it. Wheezy fvcking Baby has a lot of tats…do you see him bleaching his Black skin?
        Whites who suntan don’t do it to be Black, they do it so they don’t look like a bloody vampire. It’s nowhere near the same thing.

      • Hehe..bless up…not defending Kartel..wi nuh promote bleaching ova yaso either..we defending Justice Truths and Equal Rights..I Respek any GHETTO YUTES weh come fr worth nuttin to 6 mil US…so hold on deh..2 murda?..wait look like di investigator dem shoulda did talk to you lol..As far as I see it..ppl can all come up with different ways how Kartel was slipping and we dont know him.. so the ppl around him could have neva been thinking in his interest…this is all.. some of us just would have liked to see some physical evidence then supported and confirmed by the phone records that’s how Real courts operate…any ting different…Popi show ting..I’m confident he will walk on an Appeal..Jamaica Court system has to maintain it’s integrity and not come off as bias..

      • With all due respect, Ryan…when Vybz was being charged with Lizard’s murder he was already locked up on murder and gun charges in connection with the death of Jamaican businessman, Barrington Burton. So, no sir! The Jamaican constabulary don’t have to talk to me about nothing.

        As for that evidence you would have liked to see more of…Vybz committed some fundamental errors which allowed the law to convict him based on some very strong circumstantial evidence. Getting caught bribing witnesses, jury tampering, destruction of evidence related to the crime, and the most damning, leaving electronic footprints for the law to pick up on. The truly innocent do not engage in such behavior.

        Kartel, for all intents and purposes was a full-time criminal gang leader, and a part-time reggae star. And it is for that reason we find ourselves talking about a young man bursting with all kinds of talent who will now spend the better part of his life locked away in a cage.

      • Hopefully not..Ok lets clarify di ting..with respect to you as well.. you stated above two murders?… I just knew Barrington Burton was not one of the two you talking about because Kartel was acquitted in that case?.. so which other murder are we talking about that makes it two? Is either the courts right or wrong..See dat.. If he was acquitted why should it count against him..that is a tiny example of the prejudice being brought against kartel magnified through the courts..
        Full time gangster?? got ppl that would laugh to read that..Kartel was in fact a musician who made sound business ENTREPRENEUR decisions Vibez Rum, Condoms, and unfortunately the cake soap he had numerous British sponsorships..which profited him millions US..he was filming a reality show kinda like flavor flav with girls competing for fighting and all dat this was right before he was arrested..his book is in the Princeton University Library..he was one corner away from becoming and all out Mega Star. Finally you made no mention of the rumblings and fumblings of the courts? MURDER can NEVER be judged by only Circumstantial evidence.. why because it’s need to prove it..again that is how real courts operate..

  36. It funny how people are hating on kartel you people should also show hate the jamaican government and police force they have murdered thousands of people but I see no hate towards them all you talk about is how kartel is a badmind but what about the system you people stand up for lizard now stand up for the rest of jamaica cause people live in fear because the system is corrupted lets see how many of you really care about justice because it doesn’t end with kartel

  37. @addi bleacha bit– shut the fu– up

  38. Karma is a bi*ch! Anyway whose Kartel, is he a soccer player?

    • Karma is a bi*ch well if you believe that then karma was a bi*ch for lizard

      • How so? Lizard dead now. Vybz is going to wish he was dead soon. That little skinny bwoy won’t last five years in prison holding open his botty for de big man dem.

      • Yuh watch man toooooo hard lolllll I bet u want his skinny aZZ hole the way u describing it so well dwl

      • You’re a moron! I could describe the moon to you in great detail. Does it mean I went to the moon?

      • Bla bla bla stfu biiitch ain’t nobody got time for ur feelings im a stop responding to u now I’ve entertained ur wimpy aZZ long enuff byeeee!!

      • There’s no surer sign you’re losing an argument than by telling someone to stfu in cyberspace. That’s what intellectually challenged people like yourself do. When you no longer have an argument t bring, you name call and run tha fvck away.

        BTW…I’m so relieved that you know you’ve been nothing more than entertainment for me.

        Thanks for playing. Pay the gal at the desk on your way out!

      • Whatever helps u sleep better at night ! Maybe I’m done responding because I don’t “care” to argue or win anything lmfao just take it as a sign as ur boring and annoying as hell ok ?? Like obviously it doesn’t mean u went to the moon maybe I just think ur a fagget simple someones thirsty for attention

      • LOL! So now I’m the gay one?! mmmmkay!

        Poor chuckoff, wishes to label me a homosexual using less evidence than what was used to convict his idol, Vybz.

        It’s a good thing I have a strong sense of my own masculinity, or else I might be insulted by your schoolyard tactics. Don’t worry, chuckoff…I ain’t giving up your mother’s pum pum for no man, son.

      • Ross Margarette

        What is your point

      • The tip of the spear.

      • Ross Margarette

        You keep talking about his a*s WHATS UP WITH THAT ?

      • Did he, or did he not write songs about against bottymen? If karma ain’t no little lady from Bankhead, then he gonna feel it. fo real.

      • Ross Margarette

        Sounds like you been there

      • nope! I just got this ting called youtube that tells me all about the going ons in Jamaican prisons.
        Put this in a youtube search engine and marvel at the truth.
        “Rapes His Inmates, Kills Prison Guards & More”
        Sorry about that…Jamaica is not in South Africa.
        Try this one instead.
        “Sex & HIV in Jamaican Prisons – HIV Treatment, Prevention & Care in Jamaican Prisons”

    • Trick don’t front u know exactly who he is and so does ur girlfriend ;) bye

  39. im naaaa see back road till him ole……..Right Ribbit

  40. Dennis Brown sing a tune say I don’t want to be a General a roots we a deal with SKEEN

  41. Dance hall Dead already anyhow a sing bout Gun…………kiss out su– out IDIOT DEM

  42. All these haters hating on kartel and dem life a spoil .guh look a work and try fi better uno self and low di man .uno jealous him still ago eat three meals a day.some a uno a dead from hunger all batty man alkaline with him bbc batty wash go su– you mother akaline -_-
    ……..kartel just be good me boss you must come a road all those them time there i will be 47 when you come me still love you gaza me say fi life one love brother :)


  44. Sorry 4 Daddy ADI well he hav nuff wok now farm labourer hard labour de judge say..RIVIT

  45. Foolish dem foolish mek money and de Debil lead dem stray anyhow hard labour de judge say so who wa BULL can BULL I don’t concern wa gwan a Jail house suc out…..gaza slim broomstick dea dea


  47. If your doing well at wot your doing why go and throw it all away because you think your untouchable and your silly little fans called GAzza a eye for a eye mumma used to say……….if you kill that stays with you for the rest of your days…..the Devil leads a lot of people astray and Adi was a agent for the devil

  48. Bobylon nah laugh wid daddy devil mi think kartel would get like 25 years , 35 years kinda OD. Bt a kartel call tis on him self him too dunce and want to prove too much . Who kill people at their home and take picture ect only dunce head teacher . God nah sleep dnt put yr turst into money and devil


    MI did born as a discipline child

    Never know when a got so wild

    In a di scheme weh di youths dem live

    Society no do nothing positive

    Ghetto youth naw get no justice

    The system no provide no work fi wi

    So di youths look a different alternative

    Wi a somebody pickiny an wi want money

    • SMH. From day number 1 of the trial. I have been asking this question. Why Shawn Storm and Kartel no have Needfa (their regular taxi driver) come tell the world if Lizard was brought to Kartel House that evening. Also, it was said that when WEE came to the house with Shawn Storm, a woman was there with Kartel at the doorway. Why cant this woman come and say something to save the world boss.

      My point. WEE story and Kartel Story. We just need the other story… the we can believe WEE or KARTEL Story. CASE would a finish by day 20.

  50. I been following this since day 1 i could of told you he would be found guilty because of the corrupt system in JAMAICA. Im Polish i visited the beautiful island and its wonderful people who are always in fear because of there corrupt goverment. Free World Boss A Di Teacha Petah You have my prayers Vybez Kartel for you and your family.

    • Statement from the Police High Command in Jamaica re the Kartel Trial- additional information that could not be made public until after the case

  51. Now we all will see if dancehall is in prison or not. I thought he was a “souljah” man bwaal like girl

    • Me nuh sorry fi him….. only sorry fi dancehall truly lost one of its best lyricists.

    • You think only girls cry you think upside down the man has a family now you said he killed lizard if you believe that then you know he was texting his sister and he was scared and probably cried too so are calling lizard a girl too because he was a gangsta to and who knows how many people he killed

    • As killa said kartel just made an over zealous statement cause he is an over zealous guy…he did a song since 1992 nobody nuh hear bout him till when killa bring him onstage 2001 and introduce him and say a come tek the place…Dancehall running its course since before Kartel got recognized….Dancehall is a fraternity as Busy Signal said it aint no one man thing…sure he is the hottest artiste right now and gotta give him the credit due and shame on these artiste a road who always on his name not making much inprovement he runs the place though locked behind bars…so damn sad how the F**** did this guy get into this mess…to late now and he sings about granny telling him llow friends since he was a kid..smh…should have concentrated on the music man instead of evil..your own fault..misguided and not humble #Wasted Talent

    • U would a do the same thing to batty boy

  52. It could of been worse, now is mother can visit him.

  53. Vybz Kartel is a bad egg! I hope the security forces clean them out like mosquitoes. Vybz Kartel and his entourage are very destructive for Jamaica. Listen up security forces! Shoot to kill! They are the ones destroying my country. Kill dem and bun dem! We have no use for criminals and murderers in Jamaica. They are hurting our tourist industry.

  54. Vybz Kartel should be taken to the back of the court house and be executed. that stupid piece of crap!

  55. Bawl like gal in courtroom you shoulda llow the evil and concentrate on the music….u had talent to the extreme but wasted it…..very promising individual who let it all go to waste..smh #wastedtalent

    • Ur right men should have no emotions !!! We should be zombies …. Crying is for girls……… Grow up . Actin like u wouldn’t cry shiiit is real anyone would..

      • naaaw! Real men take it like a man, and don’t cry when faced with a life sentence. If he’s hard enough to murder a man, then he should be hard enough not to bawl like a gal in court.

  56. I am a fan Gaza ,without kartel a lot of rap rite now. F##k dancehall the system an all who love wat happen to the world boss uno has things a come all a we way your coulda worst Dan Mrs Palmer …..wish bad Fe no man mine u end up like lizard ….Gaza Fe life..

  57. Taniel Sevenz Young

    u cant convict a man n u dnt have a body. it goes to show that Jamaica justice system is lame

    • so if you witness a man kill your relative and him throw him in a car back and go dispose of him at sea , body can’t be found ,would they have a case against that killer ? just asking…….

      • But that’s irrelevant because there was no witness just mr chow and it took him 7 days to testify…. It’s not the same situation

  58. As we all know, this case had many problems with it! It should have been thrown out of the courts? In many other countries YES it would have, but it was not! What’s done, is done! The only way that Kartel or anyone can prove his innocents if for someone to find Clive “Lizard” Williams and bring him out in to the public for all to see.

  59. 3 sets of ppl in jamaica right now #idiots saying free world boss- # him deserve fi get 4 life sentence and christians dont give a fk which one are you

  60. What type of evidence was being filed instead of an ‘text message’ that was being sent. Where is this man body? What type of evidence can be shown that Vybz Kartel and all the rest really killed this man? And if they all commit the crime why is there than vybz kartel was sentence the most in prison? Its pretty obvious that this was not a fair case.

    • Can you honestly believe he didnt have anything to do with lizards death? Lizards gf and sister were paid by the police to sit in court crying n lie about everything. I personally wish he was on the road but I think he did it so he took a life or helped take one so we need to stop him taking another till he meets Jah to explain himself to the real world Boss


    • HE got the most sentence because he masterminded the plan and the judge pointed out that it was a case of “common design’ and even a wink and a nod would implicate . Also WHY with such a serious case did Kartel NOT defend himself when he had his day in court. He did not deny the voice notes were his, he did not give an alibi and say where he was at the time. He was relying on confusion and reasonable doubt which he helped to create with for example texting Gaza Slim to go to police and say she was robbed by Clive Lizard williams after it was reported he was dead. He probably paid the police to mess up the evidence. Here is some additonal information coming from the Police High Command in Jamaica that was not able to be made public before now to prevent prejudicing the case

  61. What a plot to hang an innocent soul

    • His definitely not innocent, his paying for something only him and God knows

      • Ross Margarette

        That’s stupid you think god helps everyone where is god in Africa where was god in the slavery days where is god in jamaica the whole police force are murders how many souls have they taking and where was god the devil runs jamaica

  62. that’s what you get for bleaching your skin.

  63. Look how kartel dash way him life fi two little piece ah steel.

  64. Vybz got the lengthiest sentence. Wow! When it comes to crime, there’s no special treatment for anyone. That’s the message sent.

  65. the wages of sin is death.

    All these haters hating on kartel and dem life a spoil .guh look a work and try fi better uno self and low di man .uno jealous him still ago eat three meals a day.some a uno a dead from hunger


    • Well you need to help kartel serve some time cause yo sound like ah big ride or die fan.

      • the wages of sin is death.

        And what if I’m a ride or die fan?and what if I say you should end up like lizard? Lol I’m the happiest man alive.

      • Dwrcl ok try it……your wages of sin is your death but my gift from God is eternal life…….

    • kartel is 73 years old you need to find a new god for yourself and stop defending yesterdays news he gone and noone jealous of shet all that money and fame look where it gt him cant even see his s class lol

      • Even if his fame and money is gone his talent still exists and he has accomplished SO much thus far… He is a musical genius and that will NEVER change …. So there is still a lot to be jealous of if u think about it he was once at the very top did u get there yet?? Oh and he’s ur girlfriends favorite dj (present tense) ;)

    • A you a go dead fe hungry cuz you world boss nah deh bout fe give you free food

    • Look in the mirror lol

  66. Black people must stop defending WRONG. Wrong is wrong and right is right. Liking someone does not absolve them of their wrongdoing.

  67. replacement killer

    His defence team which is considered to be the best didn’t represent the case as it should, I feel kartel could have done better if he was representing himself.
    Anyway mi fren Daddy Vic use to sey prison neva mek fi dawg…. It mek fi me and you……

    • This is why you’re not a lawyer

    • Prison is actually made for people breaking the law so if your’e intending on doing that you will eventually end up there like Kartel. Now, speaking about his defense, there is hardly much they could do….yes they did their job by trying to make the Jury disbelieve the evidence, but it was so overwhelming that they couldn’t overcome it. If someone told you that John stole an apple, you can choose to believe or disbelieve whether the person is credible or not, but when you see John actually stole the apple then you know for sure that it is a fact. Kartel video taped this act perhaps to use it in a music video later for bragging rights, but it came back to bite him in the butt.

  68. Fu*- Kartel Him Get Weh Him Deserve
    “teacher Sign Me And Mi Gone Now”-Shawn Storm Really Gone Now……FREE BUJU!

  69. replacement killer

    F— it kill di judge and hunt di jury team, kill dem all and dun. . .

  70. Wow Jamaica just wow …. Burry a man in prison for speaking about he ghetto and poverty … No justice at all… (And for the commenters Bun bad man) never wish your brother in prison and worse they give him the worse sentence smh … Knowing he was not even involved …. THE APPEAL WILL WISH JAMAICA NEVER CROSED HIM

  71. Keep Ur head up dawg…who Jah Jah bless mi seh no man curse

  72. For those that want to fight for his “innocene”

  73. Kmttt Noooo Dats Too Much dey aint even got proppa evidance

  74. Earlier a man said, “there was no vid of him killing anybody!!” HELLO?!!! The phone recordings and conversations were admissible in court! Recording of his and his accomplices and voice matching was enough to convict him! To me, if anybody is STILL saying this murderer should be set free, are condoning this act of murder! This is why Jamaica is f*cked up! For this man that does not even believe in god and calls himself the ‘World Boss’ and trying to put himself as a leader of the world!!! Basically him saying he is god!!! He should get another 35 years for that, another 15b years for stupidity and throw another 15 years to round it up to 100 years! I was always a fan of his music but now, i have deleted everything i own from him! I don’t support murder in any case!

    • *Roll eyes* you sound stupid.. go have several seats. the trial it over you getting worked up for too much.

      • something wrong with that man are something kmft

      • Think u shud read Earlyb’s comment again as he is only getting worked up because of idiots behaviour about kartel being innocent

    • Sick people about nothing else better to do and I’m sure they could use they time bettering themselves. Apart from the evidence you pointed out….The main witness who was bricking it (scared shyte) saw lizard motionless body in kartels home while he and kartel left to go hospital for a dog bite…that put kartel in the frame and makes him an accomplice to the crime. The murderer was committed in his house…that makes him an accomplice….The text messages about lizard is now mince meat…forget police tampering with phone, there was more evidence to reach a guilty verdict and I hope he don’t dwell on getting out if he is granted an appeal because I don’t think he will win so he had better accept his sentence and anything would be a bonus…i never like to see innocent people locked up and I’m aware many innocent people are locked up and that is sad but in kartels case his incarceration is justified….And Btw fans please stop saying no body found so he’s not guilty. don’t need a body to have a trial or to be found guilty …Once the evidence is there

      • Yes that’s what the witness claims… U don’t know because u were not there. PERiOD so stop jumping to conclusions yuh chat toooooooooo much gwaan mine yuh pickney

      • Portia is correct. In his unsworn testimony Kartel said that both men did not come to his house that day, yet Campbell said that the eye witness was there, but he had dropped williams off on the way. Did you hear the girlfriend in court say she received these text from the deceased that Kartel was going to kill him and to call the police? I am sure Williams is a murderer too, but there is a law that the citizens made that you cannot take another’s life and Kartel broke that rule and even if he didn’t actually do the killing himself, he is guilty of it because if it wasn’t for him that man would still be alive.

    • So u can’t separate an artists personal lives from their music?? And what if he killed someone on the downlow and never got caught would u still be listening to his music??? Yes so don’t deny ur love for it dwl u can’t avoid it either …. Kartel in a di 80s kartel in a di 90s etc etc KARTEL RUNS DI PLACE!! Yuh need fi cool dung man…. Life is short go listen to ur favorite artist vybz kartel cuz his music will always be in ur blood now … Don’t deny the vibessssssssss

  75. Not a big fan of these guys but I know most of them feel they too big for the law and can do anything and getaway with it because of their celebrity status especially here in the States…So i feel if him did the Crime he should do his time and if him didn’t well me sorry for him…

  76. People say they feel for his kids but they dont talk about the man he brutally killed and slaughtered! And disposed of the body! He should a got 70 years!

    • That is so true…


      • You are a brain wash idiot.
        The Romans created Jesus from the jews Judaism religion spread it throughout europe the back ward spanish and English took it to africans along with slavery and brainwashed our ancestors who brainwashed us and we have been stuck on that wagon ever since go read few history book and upgrade your knowledge of this world.

      • YOU ARE CORRECT MY FRIEND JESUS IS AN INVENTION BY ROMANS….THERE IS A DVD BY JOSEPH ATWILL “CAESAR’s MESSIAH THE ROMAN CONSPIRACY TO INVENT JESUS” No wonder the so called prophecies Don t make sense not even prophecies at all…Just plagiarism from the old testament…its a lie we have been lied to…the gospels written in greek?? Why? A sudden shift from hebrew to greek….the scriptures even show no one can die on behalf of another (Ezekiel 18) even moses tried to die for Israel but the Most High forbade it(Exodus) each must pay for their own sin no one can die for anyone…so this concept of a messiah is greco roman and not hebraic…furthermore it is Christianity who has the concept wrong that messiah or mashiyach means savior one to do for sins while Hebrews view messiah as one to deliver them from the oppressive nations around them a military political leader…..we have been lied to but the Most High is revealing truth to those who seek it sincerely with all thier heart..those who are humble and want to do as The Most High says and dont want to be caught up in this confusion called Religion


      • The Old Testament was wrritten in Hebrew and Aramaic. The New Testament was written in Greek because at the time Greek was like an international language (like English is today) and most people used it because it was accurate in expression and beautiful in sound. Prior to Jesus’ coming, Jerasulem was occupied by the Romans who had also conquered the Greeks. The Romans adopted a lot of the customs of the Greeks. You can’t change History to suit yourself. The Romans and Greeks kept excellent records. Caesar who was before Jesus’ time, did he exist? He wasn’t mentioned in the Old Testament either. But the same Historical Records that recognized Caesar, also recorgnized Jesus.
        Now let me say this. God had choosen the Jewish people as his people to receive his favors and blessings. However, he did make a covenant with Abraham that from him would come all the nations of the world.
        Now I get your point that there is a Supreme God, and many people confuse Jesus as God. Now in the beginning when God decided to make man Gen. 1:26….”Then God said.’Let Us make man in Our image according to Our likeness.”….Who were the “Our” and “Us” that he was speaking to..?
        If there is no Jesus (Yeshua) where do we stand? When Moses predicted Jesus’ coming and the prophet Isaiah on numerous times predicted both His and John the Baptist’s birth written in Hebrew was this a misinformation.?
        And aren’t the Jews expecting a Messiah to come to earth to deliver them, just not Jesus? Didn’t Jesus told the Jews that God had given him power on earth to forgive sin causing them to kill him.
        Prior to Jesus’ coming, it was saving the “circumcised” only, but Jesus came to save both Jews and Gentiles.
        If there is no Jesus, do you expect another or how do you see this panning out. Because Jews aren’t even saying that Jesus didn’t exist, only that he is not the promised Messiah.
        So when did something written in one language true and the other in a different language not true.

        All those Apostles who were martyred and their deaths recorded…..all lies….

      • Jesus is an invention get over it…we have been lied to…i suggest u watch Caesars messiah the roman conspiracy to invent jesus DVD…..u have to be open to truth and be unbiased .willing to put to test and try validate what youveben told your whole life is true….the so called prophecies are misapplied..most arent even prophecies…Isaiah speaks of no virgin birth the context shows two Kings coming against Ahaz and The Most Highsending Isaiah and his son to Ahaz to tell him take comfort what the kings are planning wont be successful…..any blind fool can see the dishormony or differences among the gospels..they are a lie making bold assertions that prophet said this this was fulfilled……interesting that tells u to actually go back and see if the prophet really said that or if it was. Prophecy..a good example is Hosea where it says out of egypt I called my son supposedly the descent into egypt by mary and Joseph..looking at hosea it was referring to Israel…when israel was a child out of egypt I called my son…..all lies taken out of context…we have been fooled..Jesus no J was until 16century so if there was a savior he would not be named Jesus names dont.change… truth do thy diligent research prove all testament is a false system of worship to replace the Creators true . way…2nd chronicles 7:14 is the message

      • Gloria Thompson

        You should care about writing proper English.

      • Yessi I hear you!!!!

    • Are u sure

  77. R.I.P. Vybz Kartel music. dancehall lives on. cyan get pumpum a prison.

    The trial was a sham but he was guilty from start. him never even say a no fi him voice on the voice notes. Right now a Alkaline a take over the thing.

    • yardie your a pu$$y hole go $uck your mother

      • kkingblingKingbling Williams

        Alkaline a nobody youth a song them Deh kmt!!!
        jamaican people just love fight against each other toomuch.yow free vybz kartel and shawn storm dont left out de boss!

    • Big Up Alkaline <3

    • Yardie Kartel deserve what he got . He hang around the wrong people. Kartel hang around too much man ridiculous .

      • shut up he is amazing

      • My youth you fi stop be hard ears and stop be biased, a wise man can learn from a foolish answer than a fool from a wise answer. YOU know how much ppl did a warn Kartel bout the ppl dem him have round him…..he went down the wrong road…nobody aint glorifying the situation he is in many are just disappointed and truly upset that this extremely talented artiste who was so promising and the hottest act just threw it all away like that. You reap what you sew my youth kartel was just a misguided and not humble educated as he was he should have known better..amazing yes but his time in the spotlight has ended by his own hands.Many of his fans are upset with him they just didnt expect this predicament but it is as it is..lyricist the greatest,hottest, creative hitmaker international artiste no one can take that from him..its just sad how he made a waste of his talent

      • Kiss my ass

      • Then lizard got what he deserved by hanging out with the wrong people

    • Him get enuff pumpum already enuff to last him the 35 years lol gyal a di least a him problem

  78. the saga continues,kartel will be released once this government goes

  79. Farewell to the self proclaimed Worl boss Kartel Adidja Palmer. Hope im nah drop im cake soap when im there inna jail house.

  80. See u when u 73

  81. This is unfair no justice! If he had killed someone with wealth and influence it would be 50 years before parole. I guess because lizard comes from a poor family his death isn’t worth much.

    • Oh Jonaz shut up he got sentence.. the case is over now its life you wont get what you always want..

    • I think 35 years was a good sentence….The man will be in his 70 when up for parole and that’s not guarantee. Cannot see what more years would achieved. And I’m no kartel fan no dancehall artist fan not my thing

    • Bleach face boi

      I think 35 yrs is more than enough even though I don’t like what kartel and he’s friend’s did I wouldn’t wish him to spend 50 yrs in jail, unless he was convicted for more than 1 murder or killed a child or something then yes give him 50 yrs. If he was in England he would have got life with a minimum tarrif of 11 to 20 yrs for that type of murder. In England you only get 35 yrs for shooting someone dead or killing a police officer and you WILL serve the full 35 yrs. There’s lot’s Jamaican national’s serving 35 yr tariffs in England cause they are stupid and think they can get way with it till Scotland yard catches you with them. Funny thing is most Jamaican national’s can’t do jail they self harm, attempt suicide, kick the door all night etc and it’s sad to witness and I’ve been to prison a few time’s but turned my life round 7 yrs ago and went in the straight and narrow.

  82. Bs yo bigmon ting sad day

    • Are you from the middle east you stupid ape your not even a Arab and you call yourself Gaza

      • Go suk Yuh mumma batty bwoy and stop pree mi Yuh love man

      • Can someone translate what this ape saying I can’t understand what you babbing about your not from the middle east your not a Arab so stop calling yourself Gaza because your not from there there no such place called Gaza strip in Jamaica

      • F—kkkk you , you racist biiiiiiitch u don’t need a dictionary to understand him u need to be a real yardie which u ain’t …. Go find an Arab thread bruh and stay the fukkkk off this one wit ya bulllllll shyt wutchu know about Jamaica ??? You WISH u were Jamaican lol #poordat

      • N you r who I can call myself whatever run weh bout ape Yuh mumma is a ape

      • I still don’t understand what ape is saying you need to learn English you shirt lifter

      • Where Gaza strip you stupid coon

      • Eat a diiiiiickkkkkkkkkkkk why u still on here asking wutless questions??

      • Umm of your from portmore Jamaica there is such a community given the name by the people for the people to indicate the trials and tribulations they are going thru such as the Arabs,etc…

      • There’s always that one Arab in these threads pressed as shiiiiit because of “GAZA” lmaoooo no one currrrrrr … The Jamaican GAZA has more swagggggg den ures lmfao u just mad cuz these so called “apes” are taking away all ur woman

      • Is gaza a religion because it seem to me like all the ppl who say it r always the same arogant defensive and fool fool jus like kartel

      • Omgggggg get the fuqq over it… Ye they are called GAZA as well sooooo whattttttttttt????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Fagget

      • Speak English you cunt

      • Just shut the hell up, you’re an obvious troll/attention seeker. If you understood the music, you would know what gaza refers to.

      • Do you know where Gaza strip is you cunt

      • I know where sh– come out of too, but in your case it’s from your mouth.

  83. Worldboss Christopher Marshall

    how kartel get more years that everybody else unu him killed di man

    • Because in the crime Kartel was the root, the tree and the stem

      • Yes, let this be a lesson people.. this hype life can get you caught up.

      • Yes this goes to show that no single individual is above the law regardless of his or her status in life, even president’s and politicians are not immune to prison and the arm of the law.

      • Are you saying that presidents and politicians are “not immune ” . Are you dumb ? This case only proves that the system is against dance hall music especially influential artists like Vybz.The justice system wanted to make the world boss an example. Only in Jamaica that can happen ..pol

      • So a man is dead and all you’re concerned about is the TRASH music which has no positive message…..SMDH…

      • You see how some individuals think, they have a very low reasoning capacity.

      • There are many positive messages u dunce head cuntttt ever heard the song school for starters?? He recorded that in jail and it’s like the biggest song he just keeps getting better and better … His physical body might be in jail but u can’t cage talent …. Don’t be maaaaaaaad get glad – go listen to the following:
        Where is the love (black child)
        Thank you jah
        Life we living
        Mi bible deh near me
        Children are our future
        Ghetto life
        Ghetto youth
        Hustle di money
        Jah jah watch over we
        Jah love we
        Mothers love

        Oh and while ur at it listen to some gal tune once in a while, it will teach u a thing or two about turning ur woman on ;) looool

      • AmberShay Joseph

        Love all those songs. People, dancehall music is just as positive as any other. This genre isn’t the only one that is corrupted technically they all have corruption tendencies.

      • A mans talent can never be beneficial to him while locked up in jail, it will only be beneficial to those who are free and doing road like you.

      • And life is what u make it !!! Great song

      • He record that song in jail, not when he was on the street, who is he fooling, only his nuttle head fans dem

      • who give ah fu– if he is dead or not

      • Taylor Cantgetalong

        Like your point

      • Gweh!!, you silly person. You see when our parents send us to school its for us to learn how to read and write and for us not to become dumb and silly like you.

      • Come on guys, his name says it all! He must be high on codeine, purple drink…

      • Hahahaha…..

      • Where is lizard? Lets cut the crap, someone killed him and now someone has to pay. I love kartel little songs, but he set himself up.

      • i am not asking if you are dumb , i know you are , if he was innocent , why try to pervert the course of justice, Lisa Hype false statement , torch own house and didn’t even report it , produce false letter for main witness , hack into detective Facebook to make him look bad, buy jury, and up to today didn’t deny voice notes, you all think he is so intelligent , intelligence is thinking way ahead which Kartel wasn’t doing,

      • Hey wise ass. Can you please learn how to use full stops (period) in your sentences and please refrain from calling people dumb. You DUMMY!!

      • i know i am wise , thank you . i might not be wise enough to know when to use a “period” but smart enough to know not to record evidence against myself , and wise enough to be my own leader . ain’t nobody’s sheep. If my mother do the crime , she suppose to do the time . wrong has one universal meaning “WRONG”. BIIIIATCH. ………… and if you have time use up those extra periods where they are needed thank you

      • btw , wasn’t it disrespectful truemeds asking blackbeauty if he/she is dumb ? SUMPH. it hurts to stoop so low but u draw mi out.

      • The lack of full stops in straw876’s reply to truemeds did not by any means stop you from fully understanding what straw876 was saying. This is just a mere news forum and the use of the english language and its grammar is not meant to perfect.

      • I completely agree with you. This shows the corruption that happens in our home lands. The one who commented no one is above the law is just crazy, there are NO politicians behind bars.

      • Not in jamaica blackbeauty if you are from uptown,rich and have the right politician friends you are above the law but if you are from the ghetto make your wealth you are still ghetto its just like rich blacks in America are still nigg@s, what happened to the bmw x6 suspect.can we create a media frenzy of his case also or will he be privately tried.

      • Correction your statement should reflect: the law written governs all, however the humans that govern the law can dictate the manipulation and setting of the law.

      • Oneil Shuga Stick Martin

        politicians are immune…check u facts

      • How many politicians in this world do you know who are immune to prison and the arm of the law????

      • Oneil Shuga Stick Martin

        most of them blacks…a nuh jamaica u deh..u watch news? u see how much scandal and mix up dem after all the court cases settled, they just get a slap on the prison time

      • Since u say that u don’t know the history of Jamaica justice system it’s sh-tty…they can’t find a body and Dancehall and reggae is the root of Jamaica tampered with evidence nothing isn’t fair here and Obama can’t help Vybz was banned from the u.s don’t send that here send it to England or t&t or Europe.

      • Yes a point was made at the expense of an artist. What a price to pay. We really needed his demise to teach this lesson? Pathetic. #SetUpTing

      • I like the way you chose the name Lizard to be your username but yet you support Kartel di man who was convicted of the killing of the real Lizard. Its either you are confused or you are just pure hypocrite.

      • Hype life ok. Just don’t murder people. That is what’s wrong.

      • Are you making this conclusion based on circumstantial evidence provided during trail? Or are you making your comments and conclusion on your subjective feelings and what media has told you seems accurate by painting a picture to have you believe a reasonable doubt? Where is the body? Is lizard even died? Do you have all the missing pieces of the story? If so please share.

      • My conclusion is based on 10 individual jurors all coming up with the same guilty verdict. Ask yourself these 2 questions and maybe you might find the answer within yourself :-
        (1). Why is Lizard not coming back from wherever he might be so that he proves to everyone that he is not dead and Kartel is innocent.
        (2). Why did the 11th juror try to bribe the other jurors so that they give a no guilty verdict in favour of Kartel.

      • 1. God knows
        2. Maybe cuz he felt like it ?? Lol
        3. Go away

      • You make no sense, so why don’t you find yourself a cliff and chuckoff.

      • Bleach face boi

        Yep he was the instigator that’s why he got the longest sentence which he deserves.

    • Listen Christopher u a idiot it pissed me off to see people come on here talking BS . Kartel was involved. He needs people on his side this is some serious sh– he is facing .

    • jah is above it all.

    • Caz every one went and kinda apologise and beg fi mercy. Vybz kartel still a plead innocent. So de judge say dis ya man tek man Fi fool.or hom a fool.

  84. Worldboss Christopher Marshall

    how kartel get more years that everybody else unu him killed di man