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Chronixx Calls Vybz Kartel A Cannibal

Chronixx is perhaps the first reggae artist out to openly criticized Vybz Kartel influenced and impact on dancehall music.

Kartel, who is currently incarcerated, is arguably the most popular artist in Jamaica over the last decade. But Chronixx, who is another rising star in reggae music, is not a fan of the former Portmore Empire leader’s often controversial lyrics.

The outspoken conscious singer appeared on Noisey’s recent episode aired on Tuesday night, where he opened up about violence in Jamaican music, singling out Vybz Kartel as the main contributor and labeling him as a “cannibal.”

“Vybz Kartel himself has done a lot of good things in life, I must say,” Chronixx said. “Gangsterism, cannibalism… because Vybz Kartel overtime became a cannibal. When you listen to his music it is very cannibalistic. It became so pleasant to the human that there is a thing within us that crazes chopping up people and beheading people and cut out a man inside.”

Vybz Kartel was convicted of murder in 2014 for the death of his associate Clive “Lizard” Williams. A voicenote from the deejay’s Blackberry phone served as key evidence where he allegedly discussed chopping up Lizard in small pieces and disposed of his remains at sea.

Williams’ body has still not being found and cops seems to have given up hopes of finding it.

Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, his protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Andre St John, and Kahira Jones were all sentenced to life with hard labor in a maximum security prison.

The dancehall star is appealing the conviction.


  1. rappers do it all the time.. wtf? they all have murderous songs.. plus his sentence makes no sense. “It became so pleasant to the human that there is a thing within us that crazes chopping up people and beheading people and cut out a man inside.” what does this even mean lmaoooo it became so pleasant? I admit I like his murder songs, I like his positive songs, I like all his songs period.. sometimes I ask myself why I am singing to such vulgar songs but it’s just entertainment,, not like I;m gonna go kill people myself lol…. to speak about his murder songs are a low blow when he has equally as positive songs .. and he’s not the only one… chronixx should just lead by example and not talk about Vybz again.

  2. Degenerates, reprobates sad to see jamaican youths today. If lewd, vulgar music is #1 then what tells you about the society, then they defend this mind-corruptive music and wonder why the crime is escalating out of hand, anything outside of righteousness is damnation.

    • KaribbeanKing4lyfe

      kinda like how african-americans in america glorify rap music with the bítches, hoes and ni***z in their lyrical songs while the crime rate is high in their hood areas.

  3. Off all the things that Chronixx said in the interview, this is what we are stuck on? The use of the word cannibalistic? A word that he used metaphorically? Lol… we are so silly sometimes.
    I have ZERO problems with what that man had to say.

  4. In scarface al pacino plays a drug lord who glorifies drugs n guns but after the movie ends he his only seen has a great actor, however when vybz katel sings a song that glorifies guns or violence society calls him a gang leader, a canibal, a devil worshiper and they see him as the source of all evil. The truth is we are a race that fears resposibilty and so we always find someone to blame for our problems.

  5. Chronixx last hit was??

  6. Just a next Badmind reggae/dancehall artiste. The Fact that Kartel lock up and still the Dominant force in dancehall a bun them. Too much Badmine is the Reason reggae/ dancehall not reaching its potential

  7. just another hater just that he came in a so called rasta form,, go chill chronixx you called Obama a waste man I more think you is the waste man

    • Serious, why would Chronixx need to ‘hate’ on Vybz Kartel. Critically think before you respond–if you respond.

  8. Kartel defended Chronixx when he went against Obama and saved his a**, shame on you , news carryin dread!!!!

  9. none loved this kid more than mi but on the real , he show his true colors, Blackwell puppet. Cnt come back from this one, and TFK u mean cannibal , who did Kartel eat ????

  10. Lloyd Fortis Williams

    The title of this article is very misleading. Hope ya’ll listen before commenting

  11. Y don’t u watch and see what he said for yourself and in what context he was making this statement..he said in the documentary that Kartel has done a lot of good in his life but we as people only want to pay attention to the negativity which is true and this is what makes $ honestly the majority of kartel songs have no substance, bare violence and slackness. He is very talented as an artist and dj but the youth need more than this to lead the next generation. We need revolutionary artist who are not afraid to go against the norm. Kartel is an entertainer with a lot of influence. Use this influence to invoke the much needed change that Jamaica need. He is still recording song from jail. Do u know how much he can still empower the youth. Chronixx was not bashing him. He was speaking facts. Many dance hall song are very cannibalistic but it is because we as a society have become this way. Instead of fighting the corrupt system we are chopping up each other for the least little thing..we have to do better or we will become extinct. We need to unify before we are removed from existence. We are a stronger force together we stand strong divided WE WILL FALL!!

    • I thought cannibalism involved eating people. Maybe he meant something else.

      • Not when it is used in a metaphoric capacity.

      • I still don’t get the cannibal reference. Do you mind elaborating?

      • My elaboration is not going to help you…

      • How would you know? And who said I needed your help? You’d rather waste several hours of your life(that you can’t get back!) going back and forth with someone than share your infinite wisdom , really? Stop responding to people that didn’t initiate contact with you in the first place. That’ll save us from your mental frig.

      • Child, I did not start the dialogue with the other idiot and to avoid another episode, I have elected to leave you to your own devices.

      • Leaving me to my own devices would’ve meant not responding to me in the first place–I was talking to someone else. You blasted rastas think you’re so superior than black people with your vague responses. You’re supposed to be the epitome of positivity yet you dwell in the negative. I won’t be wasting my life force going back and forth with you–I’m exiting this conversation.

      • Gotta love Selena. I think that was all scripted. Who does that?

      • Dude was talking to me like I’m a koonu moonu.? And now I’ll have to contact Chronixx to find out what he meant.

  12. yowww, chronnixx you SUCKA for this, career suicide lmaoo

    • KaribbeanKing4lyfe

      di bwoy chronixx need fi guh sit im backside dung star an need fi kibber im mouth shut.

      • real talk, he aint comin back from this one dwl…..

      • Jonathan ELtham

        Coming back from what? There is nothing to come back from. Him calling a convicted murderer a cannibal won’t hurt his career. How could it? Even the hardcore fans know deep down that there is truth to what he said. I certainly don;t think Kartel is the cause of Jamaica’s problems but a large portion (Probably the majority) of his music is NOT positive.

        If his career survived him calling Obama as a waste man – why the hell should it not survive him calling a convicted criminal a cannibal?

        You have a right to be a Kartel fan – He is talented, but right is right and wrong is wrong. The man is a damn terrible role model for the youngsters.

      • KaribbeanKing4lyfe

        0bama is a waste man because he allowed g@y rights all across america making the f@gs come out their dungeon closet and get married to each other.

      • so why didn’t chronixx make that comment when asked bout Addi in 2014? why didn’t he mention it then? and any other time he was asked to comment? could it be same reason he never smoked weed publicly till now?
        callin any president or politician wasteman and being anti system is EXPECTED from Rasta ……. kickin a man while hes down , a ghetto yute at that, isn’t. its pretty simple to comprehend. he is nobody to say his name, it was used for his advantage, that’s what makes it wicked.

    • Career suicide, Kartel and Chronixx are not in the same league yute. Chronixx have visited and performed in places that Kartel can only dream of. Furthermore, autotune a studio gimmick; when Chronixx a tour di man a move with him band. Dream on yute; Chronixx a deal with righteous music…

      • wtf u dumb h*e, so leaving di island makes someone a better artist? dwl dwll……wtf autotune ? you sound like bu__hurt fanboy my dude, if your boy so right why is he apologizing now? nobody said his music sucks, that don’t mean his character is . His producers n mens who bus him don’t have pot to piss in, while he’s wearing Yeezys around them. What you call that?

      • Please provide me with the English version of what you just wrote.

      • Stop trolling you dumb h_e, you dont understand the concept of communication

      • tyrone shakespeare

        Like that one.

  13. Chronixx sing yuh song & leave my DJ Vybz Kartel alone he is a artist & he have freedom of speech & his songs is a reflection of society. So wen there is peace he probably sing about peace, Big Up Worl Boss Anyway Him Dey Gaza Str888!

  14. He is not the 1st and wont be the last. Queen Ifrica and Luciano spoke out against his slackness years before!

  15. Speak the truth Chronixx and speak it forever my lord…

    • what ‘truth’? who did Kartel eat??

      • Brethren, yuh nuh understand metaphors? Shame on you; especially for a Kartel slave…

      • you call that a metaphor? no, homie that’s SLANDER. comin from badmind news carryin dread ; who u callin slave defending a kid who sucks off n depends on Chris Blackwell? foh

      • Kartel slave, you’ve never heard anyone use the term cannibalize/cannibal in a metaphoric sense? You are the one who is introducing slander to the conversation. Don’t fault me for your vocabulary limitations/shortcomings…

      • I hear literate people use it ,yes, not a pipe smoking crackhead playing two edge swords giggling and trying to be smart, making statements the day appeal start to move. you are slave here, homie, watch how this plays out for your fake rasta boy; he answers to white anglo Saxons , and u support it – u lost the right to call anyone a slave

      • WOW, white Anglo Saxon–all Anglo Saxons are white… You are really good at this slander thing and it seem as if Chronixx really hurt your feelings.

        I am not surprised that you would not regard Chronixx as being intelligent; after all, in your world, being intelligent is a domain of Vybz Kartel, the man who is going to rotten in prison…

        We all know that you are not making any sense, I won’t even address your slanderous statements.

      • ah , ya neva hear anyone emphasize? based on how you think, I didn’t expect u to know what anglo saxon means, had to explain.
        sweet how u swayed around Blackwell ting too ,
        Kartel has more intelligence you and ur useless slaves will ever have; if you think offending a self sufficient man by sayin hes NOT suckn up to govt like ur boy chronixx, and that makes him a ‘gangster’ then go ahead ‘rasta’ -fact u cant even see how badmind he is for sayin it , is corny af, bet you think affirmative action is something to brag bout too, init

      • Based on how I think? Yute, you don’t have the requisite capacity to discern my thoughts/thinking. Wrong, that is not an emphasis, that is redundancy. Brethren, how do you quantify intelligence? If intelligence put Kartel weh him deh, I want to be a hyper-dummy.

        What you said pertaining to Chronixx and Chris Blackwell are utter rubbish; hence, I did not dignify them by responding to them.

      • ah, believe what you want then,according to your logic Mandella is ignorant too then; you do not answer anything,just try personal attacks, shows who schooled you dummy

      • Brethren, logic has its limits and you are currently being defeated by yours. How dare you compare Madiba’s (Nelson Mandela) imprisonment with that of Kartel’s?

        Mandela’s actions functioned as a catalyst for the freedom of the black South African. Whilst Kartel’s action functioned as catalyst for the precipitous decline in Jamaica’s social/moral fiber.

      • How dare I? you dummy, both are falsly convicted, it doesnt take a genius to see the common denominator!
        you can use million and one ‘word of the day’ dictionary-for-retards quotes you want, I see you excited bout queen English as much as that beast Paula Lewellyn;but facts are , you didn’t answer anyting I asked, and dismissed Blackwell ting as if its not true, cuz u don’t like it. so ur a bi**h or product of a single mother bi**h who cant stay inna lane if their life depend on it…. kick rocks now yeh? first world is not fr u

      • Brethren, you are making a fool of yourself and that is very unfortunate. You definitely have discernment issues. you not being satisfied with my responses is not tantamount to me not responding.

        For you to say that A. Palmer was wrongfully sentenced, tells me that you know nothing about Jamaica’s adjudication process.

      • uh huh yeh sure
        go read how ur fake rasta now try to backtrack his statement.
        go read how he quote Addi in attempt to wiggle out of dead end street , blamin sh**on ‘puppet media’ as if words didn’t come out of his mouth,
        go read how ur ‘lord’ tryna convince people water aint wet, and try blame it on same folk he been receiving cheques from, and who have history of goin against Kartel, and he knew it.
        go watch ur lil rasta cry rivers, teach him a new word or two while u at it.

      • Brethren, Kartel is a cannibal. A just so mi see di ting; I don’t care if Chronixx a back track. Kartel is a cannibal and a vampire I’ah… done it yah so brethren…

      • and chronixx is ‘lord’ LOL.
        aww, look how he let u down. :(

      • M faith is not in mankind; hence nuh man caan let me down…

      • oh, thought he was ‘ur lord’ …

      • …..a cannibal quoting* lord??

      • Your words and not mine brethren…

      • My words? Fk u on, u called him lord in ur first post,

      • Okay brethren, I stand corrected; but do you comprehend the context is which I used the ‘my lord’ phease?

      • of course I do, I heard slaves speak before

      • Oh, look at that!

      • KaribbeanKing4lyfe

        wow the two of you were going at each others throat, lol.

      • There is something wrong with that blind devotee.

      • KaribbeanKing4lyfe


      • More like it’s all scripted.


      • Lol. Couldn’t agree with you more.

  16. you know, i was reading this with an open mind and accepting chronixx’s opinion until i reached the part that talked about gangsterism and “there is a thing within us that crazes chopping up people and beheading people and cut out a man inside” right there a bare fckn foolishness and biased perspective.

    if kartel was the fvckn problem, why have those same problems been in JA since before kartels stardom or even existence???!!! why is it that after nearly 5yrs of kartel being locked up that the crime rate has consistently been sky fvckng high??!?!! if this is not an issue of badmind, why is it that violent films/movies/videos/shows are glorified, praised, embraced, hailed, rewarded, respected, loved, and not condemned for showing actual graphic images of the same things that kartel deejays about???!

    if these ppl really had an issue with the subject matter/content, they would address the entire spectrum instead of just one man like he is the cause for all of that. i never heard chronixx or the rest of the haters condemn gangster movies or shows that are more explicit than kartels music, but everybody quick fi fight kartel about the same issues. that is not true concern, that is badmind to an individual. unnu a di real cannibals.

    kartel is comparable to a Stephen King, or Edgar Allan Poe, or a Van Gogh, or Beethoven because all of their art form expressions have dark content. the world accepts 4 of those ppl, but fights one of them just because he is Vybz Kartel and no other reason. more power worldboss, them nuh waah build great ppl, dem only waah kill great ppl…. kmt

    • So because some evil existed before Kartel and others like him then it should not be a problem when they continues the trend ? What logic is this really ! If my blood brother is evil I will call him evil and shun him. Some people are born hypocrites .

      • you’re absolutely right about born hypocrites. If your brother is evil, do not embrace someone else for the same qualities he has, but comdemn him just because he’s your brother, that’s what im saying. why favor one person for something and condemn another for the same thing? what message does that send?


      • okay so whats the solution to the problem at this point? and what specifically do you see as the problem?

  17. G A Z A B L E S S

    Chronixx needs to build more hype or it’s like this rasta works for the system. Spreading rumors to see Vybz stay locked up and try to stain his image. Vybz put in work do along time.

  18. Lol real talk chronixx .

  19. Chronixx seems to have a problem with success. He had something bad to say about Obama and now he has something bad to say about Kartel. Leave the boss out your mouth badmind youth.

    • chronixx spoke out the truth thats fact. and here we can see all on thing he said we dont want to see the good things all of u just pick out the bad but he said vybz kartel done a lot good things in life too . chronixx need no hype rasta dont make music for money and fame rasta want send a positive message reggae music is peoples music.

  20. I see jealous ones still envy.