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Vybz Kartel Will Be 73 When Release From Prison, What Will He Look Like?

Embattled dancehall star Vybz Kartel will be 73 years old when he becomes eligible for parole.

Kartel, who was born January 7, 1976, is now 38 years old and will have to serve 35 years before being eligible to apply for parole.

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Someone with photoshop and a lot of free time on their hands send Urban Islandz this mashup of how Vybz Kartel look now and how he might look in 2049 at age 73.

Vybz Kartel has been getting some bad press this week following some shocking revelation from an anonymous police officer who claimed that the self-proclaim Worl’Boss became a police informant in return for immunity from his murder charge.

The cops says Kartel gave the police high command information about several wanted men in Portmore and also helped recovered 17 illegal firearms.

Read the full story here.

Photos of Vybz Kartel kids.

Vybz Kartel three sons


  1. Every body that come here to defend Vybz should be by his side in court. Don’t let his music cloud your judgment, I like his music also. He’s a fkn as$. Why the f didn’t he stay away from Jamaica?!! He have enough money to live Good. Every as$ want to prove he is a bad man. Well bad man live in jail. Remember it could’ve been one of your family members who he killed. One less killer on the street.

  2. The world will end before Vybz get free again. No lie.

  3. Puhleese!!! Put up a more realistic picture of how he will look in one year. He’s not gonna last more than 12 months with that bounty on his cake soap head.

    • It’s funny how people act like they know what time is and never done time its not like you see in the movies

      • Yeah, brah! I live in a vacuum! I never have to see the inside of a J’can prison to know what goes on in them.
        Listen to these “experts” talk the talk.

        Youtube this;
        Sex & HIV in Jamaican Prisons – HIV Treatment, Prevention & Care in Jamaican Prisons

        Uploaded on May 9, 2011

        Sex…rape and consensual, occur in Jamaican Prisons. It’s the worst kept secret. Ex-prisoners talk about this frightening ordeal: Sex among male prisoners and yet prison officials refuse to allow condoms to be distributed in the island’s prisons. Condoms are considered contraband and if prisoners are found with any, they are confiscated.

        This video explores this very taboo an emotional issue. Ex-prisoners and former employees of the prisons talk openly about what occur behind the prisons walls often under cover of darkness. The non-distribution of condoms and the link to HIV Transmission, the rights of prisoners are also explored.

      • That only happens to the weak bro and besides kartel has enough money to pay for protection

      • thats any prison …..and just like in any prison, some will exgagerate to get the box away from homos

  4. You haters have no class this man has a family he has given fans good music and he has also giving you someone to hate you f–kers could care less if he did or not as long as he gone thats all you care about but remember god will not sleep on the crooked system and on you f–king haters you c–k s–kers will be judged for you ill will and your hate you f–kers are evil and your hate for this man blinds you

    • A typical Jamaican s there are just a set of badmind f—er no wonder why they not going no where are can’t go no where at first I was thinking that I would come buy a house in Ja but this change my mind don’t want to be convicted because a man I use to hang out with disappear are left the island.

    • Hold on, brah! What the fvck do we care about his family? Each and every man should take care of his own. Do the right thing to ensure his kids have a future that includes a mother and a father. If he would have shown the least amount of concern for his own family, then he would have never got caught up in all that fvckry! Seriously, you think a couple of “shoes” would keep me away from my kids, if I had kids? Not for one minute, one day, or even one year.
      No ill will here, just logic, brah!

    • kartel aint given me good music ..yuh! maad! hes ok but not great ..his voice is annoying ramplng shop is his best song apart from that load of rubbish .but it down to Preference, now him out di way We can appreciate decent music i octane , etc

  5. Atleast aged 73 when he comes out of prison he will be more mature and responsible.

  6. cuss pan he

  7. Family just said these rumors are putting them in danger…so urban islands posts a pic of his kids. Genius

  8. Thank god his children do not look like him. Adijah Palmer is one ugly looking man!

    • What are you batty why would a man care about what another man looks like

      • me nuh care! just making friendly observation!

      • That fvcker Kartel is ugly as fvck!
        Real truth! You think Kartel could star next to Denzel Washington, Shemar Moore, Terrence Howard, or Lawrence Fishburne in any fvcking movie?!