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Vybz Kartel Turn Informant, Snitched On Wanted Men In Portmore

Was Vybz Kartel trying to become a police informant during his grueling murder trial?

According to a report in the Observer on Sunday, police sources say Vybz Kartel approached the police high command with information about several wanted men and illegal firearms in return for immunity.

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According to the police source, Kartel information lead to a massive police investigation that ultimately recovered 17 illegal firearms and the arrest of several wanted men.

“He wanted to meet with the commissioner who assigned a member of the high command to meet him,” the source said. “During the meeting he offered information on wanted men in Portmore and also coughed up a number of illegal firearms. He was trying to broker a deal to get the charges dropped.”

The source, who is a senior cop in the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF, says Vybz Kartel made the offer to become an informant when he realized his back was against the wall in the murder trial for the death of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Urban Islandz sources inside the police force also confirmed that Kartel did met with the police high command.

If these allegations of being a snitch/informer are true, does this mean Vybz Kartel life is in danger in prison?

Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, as well as, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Andre St John and Kahira Jones were all convicted on March 13, 2014 for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. All four men were handed down life sentences on April 3, 2014.

Vybz Kartel was sentenced to life in a maximum security prison and will be eligible for parole in 35 years. Shawn Storm, Andre St. John, and Kahira Jones will be eligible for parole in 25 years, 30 years and 25 years respectively.

The Crown made their case that the four men plotted and murder Clive “Lizard” Williams on August 16, 2011 at Kartel’s house in Havendale.

His body was never recovered.


  1. Nice name btw 🙂

  2. NY CHRI$$$ ????????????????????????????????????

    Kartel nah snitch

  3. Good arguments, both pro and con. I say that real recognize real. No body gonna hurt that boy. People in tha know, know already. see ya.

  4. african jamaican

    i must say this….are you people fkn’ serious? I love his music. he is a great talent. but he is lost. how can someone with so much working potential make the choices for himself and his followers that he did?left to their own devices, they would’ve killed again. All you kartel supporters, would you trust him with your son or brother? Jamaica is over flowing with powerful african minds known and unknown. but the genius is endlessly destroyed by the negative CHOICES they make for themselves. Where are the bob marly’s? what happen jamaica? its funny how every artist a bad man and will die for the white mans dollar, but refuse to die for the african advancement. think jamaica. think.

  5. nuff gaza fans seh.dem lose afah kartel but di one dem who a seh kartel innocent bout evyting a dem a feel it di most dem deny.evy ting dem hear,big artist.big murderer big informer and more to come accept that him guilty or police will reveal more until public opinion is turned against him i like.the method its called defame u get fame but u can also lose it back gaza fans dont realy did know addi .

  6. ??? Why so angry? Everything she has said is correct and she is referring to his family being put at risk (women and children). You think his family are criminals too?

    • Natasha as rejected by kartel…poor thing

      • You’re not making sense dweeb try again …. I’ve never known until now that there are so many illiterate people in jamaica sad ain’t it? You have proven to be one among others.

    • I’ll appreciate it if you don’t ask foolish questions…my statement still stands…

  7. Wouldnt he b more willing to tell where & wat happen to lizard for a lighter sentece then tht foolishness!!? Ppl believe non of wat u hear & half of wat u see!

  8. If this story is true then the Police are fully aware that once someone
    is publicly named as an “Informer” then that persons life is in DANGER.
    In Jamaica the rules of the underworld is that if they cannot murder
    the informer then they will murder members of his/her family! This is a
    very, very SERIOUS situation. If this is true then the lives of Vybz
    Kartel’s family is now in danger. If any harm should befall them then
    the Police and the State have FAILED in their ‘duty of care’. Both the
    Police + the State have been GROSSLY NEGLIGENT and both would be liable
    should any harm come to Vybz Kartel or his family as a result of this
    “informant” information being made public! It would appear that a life
    sentence was not good enough for the Police as they have ensured that by
    making this info public them Mr Kartel will be spending that life
    sentence in solitary confinement. If the information is untrue the

  9. bad mind is active

    d teacher nah no informer ah just the system ah try pressure the teacher to sink him but tell them gaza gonna be here forever we soon win the appeal big up yourself teacher just stay strong gaza

  10. I know a lot of ppl who’ve been facing 10+ yrs and u never hear a whisper of them snitching, cuz them ain’t a snitch, can’t help but feel there no smoke without fire..,.but if it ain’t true, jeez someone tryin to get the man killed???? And if it ain’t true…makes u wonder if he even guilty of the murder he’s doin life for!!!!

  11. The whole a dis thing yah a garbage, why Babylon wicket suh? Dem wanted Kartel convicted, yes it happened. So aWeh dem cyaan stay off di bwoy name then? Kartel life a jail dey pan a risk, nuff a the thug bwoy them a jail a go rub him out. Babylon still not tiad Fi see Kartel drop dung to rassclaat dem nah ave love pan di man fambli at all. Jah have your way inner this matter.

  12. Urban Island sources? Why don’t you reveal your sources inside the police force and show proof? I get it you, the owner of this website is on the police payroll to tell Lies and start a propaganda war against Kartel……You can’t win…No longer visiting this site…BOGUS JOURNALIST!!

  13. There are too many kidz here how the hell can people say kartel is gay they don’t know him thats stupid only kidz talk stupid sh-t like that

  14. What are you talking about?! If that were true, the commish would’ve put two bullets inna back of Kartel’s head himself.
    Get real!

  15. Wow! What a load of BS propaganda. It seems like the police, or other nefarious characters what this man dead. Generally, the police do not throw an informer under the bus like they did Kartel. His life is now at risk. Men are going to come for him, and I fear the next thing I read about Kartel will be about his own murder.

  16. Anything to destroy his name ignore the speculation wait on appeal he will be out

    • Naaaw! If they wanted to destroy his name they would have labelled him a chi-chi man, talked about Kartel in a skirt, with long flowing hair, wearing lipstick. They want to destroy the man, not his name. It seems like they want him under the ground instead of above it.

  17. Like I said in the beginning this is only the start of the rumors there will be a lot more to come they will try to kill his character as much as possible even some haters will see what’s going on

  18. Jahmafrica Record

    some of you people stupid a fu– yu listing this sh– . charge drop and yu already got sentance

  19. Vybz Kartel Lawyer Calls Police Liars gaza a no Informa yyy

  20. Was this article written by the police? Is this a police publication or something? People being influnced to blame the police for everthing. There is no proof that the police gave any information to the media. I know that a lot of people who bash the police in forums like these are the ones who are living abroad, who do not care what happen to people left on our Island. If such is not the case, I wonder what you would have to say if we dismantle our security forces and let criminal elements have their way on our island. Why don’t we encourage Jamaicans to push down this ‘informer fi dead’ wall and help rid our country of the menacing crime situation that is crippling our nation. Blaming politicians and the police is not a solution to our country’s problems.

  21. That’s nothing but propaganda aimed at discrediting Vybz Kartel. You have already locked the man up, possibly for the rest of his life and to add insult to injury – spread lies that he’s an informant. The system is now realizing that locking him up along won’t stop the popular and influence on the Jamaican pop culture. Orr

  22. world boss fu– di commissioner wife thats y him so lie

  23. U soon hear say kartel admitted that him get him bottom dig up. Pure foolishness

    • But he is , at the very least , bisexual. Open your eyes, man! This is why out of the closet or dealing with their closet gay men laugh at what is popularly represented as “Jamaican manhood”. The out od control misogyny, the seemingly magical ability to continue sleeping with a bag of females, even though their is nothing female loving in the code, conduct, diction or deed of these men. With Kartel, he tried to act as if he introduced freakiness to Jamaica. He also thought that blatant homophobia in combination with sexing a bag of females would sway people’s minds. Ever notice Kartel moving with a female that isn’t of a groupie disposition (a female groupie ordinarily cares little for the sexual orientation of her male “prey”, it’s the “come up” shi a luk pon), of mature mind or has educational sense or intelligence. Ever wonder why kartel and that other gay gangster Tesha Miller inna cahoots. Mad Suss, yuh eva luk pon feem daintiness? the drop curl and curl up foot pose pon di bed is what sealed the deal with me. Kartel is gay and his self hatred is the catalyst for his self sabotage.

    • Nope! That’s already been confirmed. WSHH has the tape.

  24. I feel sooooo bad for his kids. Smh. So innocent, I can only imagine how other kids even grown ass people making it for them. They have no shame to say all these things. They all big man now hes behind bars! Only cuz he cant talk and defend himself. A genius locked away cuz he had the ability to influence a nation and the world with his music. Shame on all of you destroying him with no other ways but articles and rumours. Sh– I can imagine how christ felt when he tried to have people believe in a higher power had to get nailed to a cross to prove it. Jamaican system one horrible and evil structure. The whole worlds watching.

  25. This makes no fu—-g sense and the police should also think of vybz kartels family when they make claims like this. The man is in prison and they’re basically calling him a big pu—-ole informa, when u do that who protects his family? And even if kartel did decide to cooperate, why is he still doing big time? Surely something would have been signed saying he would b granted a reduced sentence at least in exchange for precious information. I truly believe they r trying to bury this man alive and cause the masses to form an opinion before his appeal so he won’t have a chance of winning his freedom.

    • Kartel claims innocence and thats what he is holding on to. A man like that is not an informer for what? He already said longggg before they gonna wanna silence him and they trying their hardest. Them like a big evil cult. I hope and pray someone steps in. His lawyer better step in and make this stop. His family should sue the tabloids like the celebrities do for false rumours. Fu– the police

  26. Irresponsible reporting, even if this was true. Do u want the blood of this man’s family, friends and even his dog on your hands? My God forgive u reporters. JA code, if u spy u fi die, that’s the ghetto motto and knowing this belief u would dear to repeat this story. They should shut this website down

  27. big up vybz kartel di man trial expose the whole police force and government…unuh listen kartel ”time so hard” him expose the whole government inna dah song deh

    • LOL! What a lousy reason to lose your life over. As if he could stop widespread corruption by exposing it. What a fool!
      Some big dogs are going to rip his flesh from his bones, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

      • Why bother with those dumb a– bit–es!?!
        They’re so stupid that they think he’s innocent even tho he’s guilty… Well they can be his replacement in prison….

  28. the police and society and the system deny all claims of conspiracy against kartel, but then things like this surface which proves otherwise. Mi know seh anybody can be careless, but I also know seh kartel anuh fool. kartel is not a saint, but neither is this whole fckd up system so now mi affi seh free worl boss, the stench of injustice in this case is getting stronger, mi not even know if mi fi trust anything from the court proceedings now. mi wah see real evidence, real hard facts, because a nuff innocent man deh a prison & jailhouse. gwan hol it gaza

  29. unuh stay deh mek di media mislead unuh…mi nuh trust none a dem an neva will a jamaica government own it, dem have unuh like puppet pan string everything dem shub dung unuh ears hole unuh believe…

  30. don’t know what to make of this not sure if its true or not because if he did make a deal with the police he couldn’t have fought the case so hard!!

  31. mi nuh trust di police and government ”anyone who controls di media controls the mind”..mi a think outside the box…

    • LOL! You’re not serious, are you??! You…you…you’re a pod person, like those people in the Matrix who supply energy to the Machine City. If you were really thinking out of the box, you wouldn’t watch TV and movies, read newspapers, surf the internet, or even listen to tunes. The mainstream media is bigger than God!

      Think? Think out of the box?!! You’re living in a dream world.

      • punk mi mean nuh believe everything di media tell u because they release stories on the government behalf…u a try cow mi dung like u intelligent more than mi but it nah work suh move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Lets admit it…If you’re an entertainer you should entertain and stay out of all this foolishness in the first damn place.

    • Truth….I was born and raised in London but my parents are west indian and my dad went back to live in 92. Been nuff times etc etc and black culture in London is heavily influenced/fascinated/identify with Jamaican culture.

      One thing that has always been said here and has always seemed apparent is that it is a dangerous life being a criminal in Jamaica. Even when visiting I realise the average Jamaican goes to court for some mundane infractions of the law. My dad had to go to court cos he crossed a line or some sh– when turning onto a road – couldn’t believe he actually went (i was like f*– them) but thats how it works there. Seriously if you have any affiliations with criminals or are engaged in any type of criminal activity over there you supposed to know what time it is.

      Same over here – blacks get harsher treatment so if you are about that life you supposed to know whats up.

  33. Here we go again with the desperate police commissioner trying to destroy the music icon and get him killed in prison and get his wife and kids killed…This is the biggest bogus story i’ve ever read from an anonymous writer in the Jamaica Observer, careless, irresponsible journalism. Now I totally believe he is innocent. The police killed Lizard and framed him..What’s next? Let me guess, Vybz Kartel is a part of Al Qaeda??

    • Lol

    • Stop being ridiculous and sarcastic …stop embarrassing yourself you’re no different from a criminal ..then again maybe you are no wonder you’re taking sides with kartel….STFU!

  34. This makes no fu—ng sense and the police should also think of vybz kartels family when they make claims like this. The man is in prison and they’re basically calling him a big p hole informa, when u do that who protects his family? And even if kartel did decide to cooperate, why is he still doing big time? Surely something would have been signed saying he would b granted a reduced sentence at least in exchange for precious information. I truly believe they r trying to bury this man alive and cause the masses to form an opinion before his appeal so he won’t have a chance of winning his freedom.

  35. Regardless of what you think about Kartel, this is not fair to him and his family. Information like this should not be disclosed to the public. It is wrong. The reporters who reported this are very irresponsible. They put his life and his family’s life in danger.
    His lawyer is swearing up and down now that Kartel never met with the police, and was not approached by police, so everything was a lie. Who to believe??
    I think that someone is trying to ensure that Kartel doesn’t get out of prison, and or trying to get him killed.

    • They have been trying to get him killed. Both him and Movado. Ever since the police who got shot and died in the cross fire incident between gaza and gully fans. THey tried after movado’s life at bounty killa’s bday bash. Vado had to run away from jamaica for a bit but they got Kartel where they wanted him. I guess it is not enough so now they r trying to get him killed by criminals now…it is really sad!!

      • They who nearly had movado killed? Was it the police or gunmen who meck afta him? While I await your answer, a a ghetto yute, memba seh a nuh movado and di police did a war. Nuh badda come mix up di gully inna oonu gaza fu—y because a nuff ghetto yute nuh rate oonu and oonu fu—y. People know oonu secret.

    • Taking sides with a crimal are you!?! Anywho do yourself a favour STFU stupid bit–…. Bla bla blaaaaaaa

  36. the wages of sin is death.

    When since Jamaica believe police?. Dem kill innocent people everyday and seh a di people first shoot Jamaica use to have dought .so why now we must believe them.police guh su– uno mother. Uno never get fi kill Kartel suh uno a try set up him friend dem against him.weak attempt bi—s.

  37. Eric Gumenu Zagatie

    u know I was looking on the news report an I have seen right through it. helping the police with information now would not be helping him(kartel ) in any way shape because he as been sentence already it would make better sense if they said he become police informant when he was the court to give him a low sentence not when he is already given the sentence there is nothing the police system can do to cut his sentence short so I don’t see why would he become a police informant an when since police informant start broadcast over the media ?

    • Dats true my friend…..is dum he dum d only sence he got is to sing rubbish

      • And poor u, can’t even sing rubbish to make a dime nor save ur life. Yet still ur all up in this dumb man’s life talking sh– about him when he doesn’t even know if u exist. I think ur pathetic.
        U MY FRIEND NEED TO GO GET A LIFE…sore looser!!

      • Free the boss, are you for real? You defending a murderer? Seriously? So you saying because he made songs and sing for a living he has good to play? Hell no, because even while he was singing he was dealing dope, guess you didn’t know that. Hmmm!! I don’t wish him death but yes in prison is where he should be along with others who kill people without thinking of their families and consequences. So take a sentence out of this and see it that way, either you make yourself an IDIOT or IDOL

      • That’s how stupid those illiterate people are taking sides with a criminal …how would they react if any of those victims were their relatives!?!those trash behave like wild animals …. JUSTICE has been served….. For those who don’t agree should replace him in prison …

      • an poor u just listening to u tells me ur head is like a shell emty vessels make the most noise………..idiot…baayyyy

  38. Look how d other boys gone down with kartel if was the other way around do u think kartel woulda do the same?….no way c deh now he tun informer….

  39. Yall cant see that worl boss stand strong , even locked up a man influencing the world , all de police tryna a do is break him spirit an lead people in di wrong direction

  40. Well well……from gang leader to informer dis man got to watch he back in jail wen deh reach in is dead he dead in deh , dead meat like the decease. ….

  41. Ok … i have said many things about this man deserving to go to jail but him being an so stupid as to inform in such a foolish manner???Not buying it – now it really does seem like someone is trying to get him killed because stories like this could do just that. SMFH…

  42. so they punked him made him tell then said psyyyycheeee u stayin n jail and we snitchin on U now looooooooool soooooooooo schupid

  43. nah seems too farfetched… like if someone makes a deal to snitch that means total confidentiality and that he would be released thereafter, if this deal was rejected that would mean kartel already knew there was a risk of that happening and didn’t care- which is dumb and I put it past him, i think it’s more b.s. they are coming up with all of these random numbers and throwin random info in the mix like when they claimed 50 bodies were found in his yard… and then that was never mentioned again… now a 17 criminal bust– how do we know? who r these criminals and how exactly can they be tied to kartel- how do we know he snitched for sure??? nah man kartel know di gangsta code him nah violate.. he is already doing the time why bring up this offer with trust it would stay a secret to the same men who framed him???? that would mean he 1) has to trust them or 2) be ready to be killed for snitching which neither makes legit sense. sorry

    • Snitching does not mean confidentiality. He snitched without a deal him mouth set pon springs.

      • Police a yaad always talk who inform ask every ghetto yute a yaaad if yu inform dem ago se yu fren inform on u

  44. So from a gang leader to an informer. Media never seems to amaze me. Y do people believe EVERYTHING they read? Because they are sponges. So police just publicize such precious information? And there was no exchange made for less years, hes already been convicted! They have a video like that but never showed it in court? But they show so stupid one of people talking with no dam heads! Media is to inform and also entertain. Lies lies and more lies. This is all being said to prejudice his appeal. I really wish someone could go interview him! And I hope kartels family sues for all the stress they causing by they’re fairytales.

    • You spell Kartel wrong, you need an ‘ before the s indicating His Family and another point their not they’re, Fairy tales is two word. To Finish off if you use they use caused not causing thank you.

      • And at what point in the article did it say I must use correct spelling when commenting? This is an open discussion to voice my opinion about the matter raised which is vybz Kartel. This is not an English lesson it’s the internet. Stop being an arsehole and watching what I’m doing. Focus on the main reason for the article which is vybz Kartel.

      • Is that your opening statement?

    • Haters believe everything they read because they are haters

    • Oh and by the way that some real sh-t you just said my man

  45. Lets see what all the Jail Boss fans them have to say about this informa now. Klansman dem ago kill dat in a prison.

    If you weren’t guilty of a crime then why did you try to cut deal with police. Informa bwoy Kartel

    • U r truly a bad minded person. Just remember when u log off u still have to live ur pathetic life. Do u know that claims like this can indirectly effect the lives of his loved ones? If he is not innocent in ur eyes, surely u dont think his children, mother, or sisters r right? Don’t u think if they were somehow harmed it would b the polices fault for making such detrimental claims? I’m not saying kartel isn’t guilty but this seems ludicrous to me and I would only believe it if they have it recorded because kartel is still doin 35

      • Lol this is the best argument I’ve seen on this page don’t pay that waste boy no mind him time soon come too.

      • Be a law abiding citizen and your time will never come.

      • You just born wah day Wat you know about the law Kentucky Kid was law abiding and look what happen all now the case can’t come up for hearing I been around for a minute all the fabricating has 2 words on it Portia and Votes of the young generation remember I told you.

      • If they knew it would come to that why didn’t the move from where they are now? And there be no way they didn’t know about the murder. Killing people for fun isn’t a part of righteousness nor is it an entertainment. Kartel and his buddies knew what they were about, and somehow the family of kartel know that their lives will be in danger as well. Guess he will make another deal and strengthen his in-format **snitch * fake ghetto self to have the police force keep surveillance on his family. Moral of this story”stick to what you know, don’t try uplift yourself through others success”.

      • Just by reading I could have tell u not from the ghetto so you only know what the government wants you to know you got your own opinion but all I have to say to you is Portia and Votes of the younger generation your smart make sense out of that .

      • Sighs!omg seriously y’all fu—rs really taking sides with kartel!?! Shame on y’all everybody a talk bout kartel ..what about the lives that he took!?! Uh!?! Kartel should have thought about his family before ….people please educate yourselves ….it’s not impossible for him to be a snitch duhh enu really think di bit– waa spend 35 years in a jail when him can mek deal!?!come on now guys he’s trying to save his a–…but then again him only a mek d situation worse than it already is… Everybody have dem time this is his….I guess he thought lizard live was in his hands ..So becareful wat enu do in life everybody days are numbered …

      • all this crap about sympathy everyone has family he should get rid of ideas that could send him to prison let down fans let down jamaica let down the dancehall music,vybz kartel a bad example for anyone to follow good luck. to u if u still rate him.

    • Ur mentally retarded, along with the writer of this article…. if kartel was a snitch, would he get 35 to life? The answer is no just in case ur slow ass didnt realize

      • Same thing I said , in order to get , you have to give . And if he ” gave up information ” they would have given him a deal. Hes still doing 35 years to life . So do u honestly think he snitch ? The man is not a fool . @yardi need fi guh siddung an study something else

      • According to the article, scholar, he snitched after being sentenced to life.

      • Omg you should have gotten a grammy for being this dumb.


    • It’s funny u jump to conclusions saying what shot callers in jail will do. They see the paperwork only people in prison know and if he didn’t they know. You’re quick to hate when u have no true information. Thew police who said this might not even exist he was anonomous.