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Was Shawn Storm On Vybz Kartel Death List Over Missing Guns ?

Vybz Kartel is under a lot of scrutiny following a publication in the Sunday Observer where an unidentified senior police officer told journalists that the aced dancehall star became a police informant.

Kartel was forced to respond to the story after thugs aligned to him send death threats to two journalists and the Director of Public Prosecution.

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Kartel asked these misguided individuals to cease and desist from sending these threats because it is not helping his appeal.

But there are still several unanswered questions stemming from the article. The police source told the observer that Shawn Storm may have been a victim of loyalty to Vybz Kartel.

Shawn Storm and Vybz Kartel

This is what the cop said:

“We have information that he was under the impression that the men would be beaten for their carelessness in the disappearance of the two guns. When he arrived, we heard he was surprised to see so many strange men, who we believe to be members of the Klansman gang, and that is why him tek weh himself.”

“We know that it is only after the voice notes were revealed that he became aware that he, too, could have been harmed over the guns. Maybe he would have acted differently if he had heard some of the things that came out in court.”

In the voice notes that were extracted from a Blackberry belonging to Vybz Kartel and played in court, an angry Kartel could be heard blaming Shawn Storm for the missing shoes [guns].

“Dawg him a di first man mi page inno hombre cuz mi a ask him bredren how yo have [expletives] a run off place and yo tho even know nutten. Dawg di man a tell mi say a today him hear inno and bandit a tell mi say di thing dem missing from saturday morning inno badman. Is a lickle bird page mi and tell mi and dem a tell mi say a it dem a go bout inno so mi say dawg unnu betta find man thing fast inno dawg.”

Vybz Kartel also placed the task of getting back the guns on Shawn Storm’s shoulder based on what he said in voice note number 9 that was aired in court.

“No but a same so mi a deal wid it mi affi laugh dawg cuz coming like yo a mind reader bredren. Mi naan kill out miself dawg cuz mi all call Shawn up to this morning and tell him say hombre go bout mi things dem and mek mi get mi money fi buy back di thing dem and unnu do wa unnu a do wid whoever, mi just waan get back my thing dem and a you response fi it so mi mek sure tell him dat this morning. So mi de yah a wait pon di priest dem fi link mi back and tell mi wa dem a do cuz if dem no send on back di thing dem it coming like a dem ago dead inno dawg. Yo hear dat Problem Child if dem cut weh dem ago cut go a dat a di question hombre. Dem dede man dem cyan cut go nowhere dawg. Cuz if dem cut a Shawn Storm affi go buy dem back.”

Listen to the rest of the voice notes here.

Shawn Storm was the one who picked up Clive “Lizard” Williams and Llamar Chow on August 16, 2011 in a taxi driven by a man called Need for Speed and took them to the house in Havendale where the murder took place.

The lingering question is whether or not Vybz Kartel was planning to harm his protege Shawn Storm over the missing guns.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, Shawn Storm, born Shawn Campbell, Andre St John and Kahira Jones were all convicted in the Home Circuit court for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The four men are currently serving life sentences in a maximum security block at the New Horizon Adult Remand Centre.

Vybz Kartel will be eligible for parole in 35 years, Shawn Storm and Kahira Jones will be eligible for parole in 25 years, while Andre St John will have to serve 30 years before being eligible for parole.

Vybz Kartel is appealing the conviction.


  1. its a lose lose situation fi shawn …its unfortunate .

  2. african jamaican

    i must say this….are you people fkn’ serious? I love his music. he is a great talent. but he is lost. how can someone with so much working potential make the choices for himself and his followers that he did?left to their own devices, they would’ve killed again. All you kartel supporters, would you trust him with your son or brother? Jamaica is over flowing with powerful african minds known and unknown. but the genius is endlessly destroyed by the negative CHOICES they make for themselves. Where are the bob marly’s? what happen jamaica? its funny how every artist a bad man and will die for the white mans dollar, but refuse to die for the african advancement. think jamaica. think.

  3. what is a voicenote? a note to oneself made on a electronic recording device. who are they fooling? maybe you but not me.

  4. Free him up fi wha. .no baby girl ..di man deh far far far from innocent. .a wha do u.hes talented yes but he decided to risk his career over being a “don dada” so him haffi pay the consequences ..sad but he chose that path. Being a don only ends two ways dead or jail.

  5. NO. Sivva (Shawn Storm) was ABSOLUTELY NOT on the so-called ‘Death List’. He may have implied it or alluded to it – and if so, it was only to uphold and maintain his appearance and stature within and outside of the gang and it’s affiliates’…and not appear weak, nor appear to show favoritism to Shawn.

  6. You can all rest assure, he will never win the appeal. he has two choice of exiting prison: suicide or death by unknown circumstances before he reaches 73………

    • jackie stephenson

      Thats what you think I am a law student in Canada my two majors are family law and criminal law, this story is far from over far from over as there is a lot of reasonable doubts in it. I guarantee you 2/4 of then will have their conviction or appeal overturned some of them are just guilty of plain follow fashion and stupidness along with bad choices. Its the defense lawyers who are useless I myself could have beat this rap for them. There are so many question marks as far as Lizard is concerned but because its Jamaica and the police hates Vybzs or anyone affiliated with his name this is the temporary outcome, but if it was here in Canada or America this circus would have ended in not guilty enough said

      • Who asked you anything, with all the D’s and F’s you’re getting, I’m sure you can beat anything. This is not Canadian Law, but justice for the victim. Thank You

      • jackie stephenson

        And who ask you anything you punk keep out a mi business and wash you dirty briefs or panties waiting on you and I dont pay good money for ds or fs you crotchpot

      • Student loans hope you can pay it back you wonker!

      • jackie stephenson

        So dumb you are I am a nurse changing my career I dont need corporate welfare I pay my way how foolish you are I have a pay as I go plan I dont even need to explain nothing to you. Am not arguing with you over Kartel he aint my man.

      • jackie stephenson

        thank you

  7. Real thugs dont squeal ppl .be for u chat sh– think

  8. the wages of sin is death.

    Kartel will for ever be in the media. Mr controversy.

  9. Of course God has brought him down kartel besides being a murderer was leading the youth astray I guess there is still true praying people in Jamaica

    • Yea that’s the problem. To many Bronze Age thinkers (Christians) religion has done nothing but hold it’s people back. Have you ever stop to wonder why the most intelligent and educated people in this world are atheist (non believer) ??? It’s no coincidence I tells ya.

      • Mr Atheist let the truth be told Jamaica was once a true (please note true) praying people not religious like today For your information God ain’t religious he is the truth ,man created religion so u r right in your comments about it . Just good to know that there is still a few left in Zion

        Even Einstein said I thank thee oh God for allowing me to think thy thoughts, referring to his inventions.
        The Truth has brought kartel down.

  10. My Man aint no killer! I WISH HE LEFT AND MOVE BEFORE ALL THIS!!

  11. Free World Boss!!! so fu– up! He innocent J.A is so fuxx up!!

  12. Why my man in jail tho?? There trying to say he was mad over missing guns really? comeon whats the big deal someone steal your guns? it aint that serious!

  13. Kartel is all over now so its best people move on. There is no justification for murder and 10 independent jurors can’t all make the same mistake. You can’t declare someone to be innocent while he is clearly guilty just to please a group of people.

  14. Vybz kartel would not kill shawn storm but bare in mind shawn storm was going to get some rass lick lol

  15. Am tired of kartel inna news now jamaica need fi focus on others things.chu

  16. Hardly a fan or an activist for violence, but in the interest of justice… I’m beginning to think this trial was about evening someone’s playing field. Especially when the media is making all kinds of malicious conjecture. Apparently, a life sentence is not enough for Kartel; someone is trying to silence him for good. Why?

    • What you mean dem ah try silence him????????????

    • He even said it himself before getting arrested bk in 2011, when he speaking about releasing his book. They will try to silence me one way or another. …

    • Because they are afraid of his influence; not only now but his potential influence in the future as a ‘martyr’ for the Jamaican people.
      What he will say from behind bars…he could potentially stir up Jamaica to the point of major diasaster / unrest / civil war…

      He has already released one book, and a bunch of music. He could become a martyr from prison, by pleading his case through word and song and probably eventually re-strengthen, re-build and grow his fan base to include a very many oppressed throughout the world.

  17. If the man nuh snitch weh the dead man deh.how him ago snitch pon them other man deh..unuh nuh see seh a set Dem a set the man life up against him friends and fans Dem…it call instigating…

    • everybody know mi defend cartel till di voice note dem surface because at that point i have proof! di man den pin tape a talk bout dash web man mumma and who tell who bout murder! that boy don’t loyal to nobody!!!!
      none!! look how him a smile up him face aid the man! and a talk behind him back bout a him a go get it if dem no bring back him rings dem! and him rich and have money! buy back two pair! and just demote di man web was in control two kick and 12 tump would have work no man instead you jump up go murder man like a you mek dem! a fry dem fi pu.s.sssycl..aatt fry him inn jail aid kerosine oil and coconut oil!!! you guilty as charge!!1 no normal smaddy nahhh den pin tape a chat dem way deh

      there are people mi wahh do rings web weh dem do
      u nah hear mi den pin no tape a talk bout no killing or plotting
      mi leave dem to time and other things!!!!

      guilty guilty guilty!!! him toooo frigging fooool!!!!!!!!!!!

      • WELL SAID!!

      • Lawd mi agree with you but after mi hear the voice note and see the new chucky bride tattoo it did it fi me and i guess shawn storm and the others must fraid kartel.Him have to much money fi keep up dem idiot vibe dey and it vex me cause him have talent and just dash it way so fi two piece ah steel.

    • Lawd how you in denial so…kartel have something fi do wid it uno stop defend the jail boss even the ghetto people know say him guilty cause dem say so when they interview some ah dem…one say him nuh innocent but 35 years to much….Dwrcl.

  18. Shawn Storm will regret not taking a plea deal . They would have killed him he has no choice .

  19. you see that…..a bad man now turn pu–y to save his own coloring book (skin)

  20. Kirkland Jason Edwards

    Since I hear the voice note, I know he was indeed going tek Shawn life, but if him Shawn think kartel is with him, him bettah rass think again… Kartel was just big bit– and witch that used people.

  21. Vybz Kartel no loyal to no one not even to people who loyalty to him. Shawn Storm should have taken that deal and testify against him maybe he would have walked free.

    • He would of end up dead…it’s not like America ah Jamaica that police or thugs would of killed him in prison or as him do road.

      • Well him could make a deal to get him visa and fu– kartel jus lef di place soon after dem release him