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Vybz Kartel: “I Will Not Be Recording Music In Prison”

The debate over whether or not Vybz Kartel will be recording new music in prison is over.

Lawyers representing the dancehall star says he has no intentions of recording behind bars after carefully evaluating the proposals.

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“He has no intention of recording while in custody,” Kartel’s lead attorney Tom Tavares-Finson said after the deejay was sentenced to life imprisonment last Thursday.

Tavares-Finson came to the conclusion after receiving a letter from the judge inquiring about whether or not Kartel should be allowed to make music in prison.

“That is the most ridiculous proposition I have ever heard that he [Kartel] should be given authority to record while in custody,” Tavares-Finson added. “The person was not convicted to do music, he was convicted to do hard labour.”

A rep for the former Portmore Empire head also told Urban Islandz that Kartel says he will not be recording new music in prison given the harsh treatment from the system.

“After the system finish tearing you down then they want to use you, so no Addi [Vybz Kartel] will not be recording new music to make more money for the system to tear down ghetto youths,” the rep told us.

Vybz Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Andre St John, and Kahira Jones were all given life sentences by a High Court judge on April 3, 2014.

Vybz Kartel will be eligible for parole in 35 years when he is 73 years old.

The four men were convicted of the August 16, 2011 murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams, who cops say was killed over two missing guns belonging to Vybz Kartel.

Williams body has yet to be found.


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  10. ??? Should he support a man that is not died? Remember the family said they didn’t like how the case was HANDLED… Plus they never ask for proceeds it was the judge doing… That’s what a Civil Suit are for not Criminal… It would be up the family to ask for proceeds not a judge in a criminal case…We will see it won’t be long before the truth come out.

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  12. Dancehall artists make the majority of their money from shows, but maybe given the circumstances a kartel itunes album or dubplates would be a good idea. He has mouths to feed and pikney fi sen gah college.

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  28. The evidence against Vybz et all is extremely convincing. I thought without a body they shouldn’t be convicted. The truth is there’s so much other evidence such as blood in Vybz house that this situation with the facts cannot be random. This is very serious. I’m not saying anyone is guilty…I’m just saying the evidence is extremely overwhelming.

    • Karen you are so right. I love dancehall & the music especially the dis tracks because I don’t take dem seriously but admire the way dem drop dem pon each other so quick, but truth is we can’t say him don’t do it because we wasn’t there. Again I say I just listened to the voicetapes on the link above & it’s convincing plus dem say in court him never even say is not mi voice u hear

  29. Smart move waiting for the appeal

    • Let me make one ting clear. Kartel, Gaza, Moved, Gully & all the rest are artist. Music is art but don’t make your fantasies rule your life cos the young get caught up in your hype. Kartel case is circumstantial without Lizard body but after I hear dem recording deh is Kartel give police the evidence to convict himself so to all die hard kartel fans… Listen the tape & talk di truth

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  33. He’s a fool. In a bid to satisfy his not too straying far from their narrow viewpoint fans, (because too many of them, not all seem to be the only people who believe that he is not a narcissist , but a Ghetto Soul Rebel in the same vein as Bob Marley and Malcolm X), Vybz kartel/Adijah Palmer knows that in order to not look guilty (to those same fans) he will mash up himself to seem “authentic”. However, being the type who embodies “misery loves company”, he will do his very best to make sure that his co convicted sheg themselves, too. Shawn Storm is an idiot, par excellence. He had the chance to get off (with time already served), but he really did believe Kartel when he most likely said that the tactics that were used to collapse the case would work….and as a result, Storm wouldn’t have to take any plea. Well luk deh now! Him have a big twenty five years bid fi duh before him can even think of parole. One of the conditions being that confession and acceptance of culpability has to occur for it to happen.
    Still it has been interesting to see this this Gaza Empire seems to attract fans of the kind that look for justification of self serving narrow view points, the low self esteemed looking for a father figure outside of their own family, down low gay men (like Kartel), females whose only use is to fu–, freak and tief and tek beating and latent criminals. The Kartel fans with sense, love his music, whilst acknowledging that he has most definitely committed a crime. Obviously they have critical faculties that they are able to put to use. God bless them for their humility. Especially the ones who until evidence made its way, piece by piece into the media, were very “die hard”. They humbled themselves (with heartbreak) and stated that whilst they still like a kartel music, them “loose offa di boss”.

  34. alright now, seet deh. spirit still strong

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