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Vybz Kartel Murder Trial Voice Notes Leaked Online [VIDEO]

The voice notes evidence was perhaps the most incriminating piece of data the prosecution used to convicted Vybz Kartel and put him behind bars for life.

The controversial voice notes were leaked and has surfaced on social media sites and on YouTube.

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Police say hey extracted over 24 voice notes from a Blackberry smartphone they seized from the dancehall star. Some of these voice notes were obtained by Nationwide News in Jamaica.

In several of the voice notes Vybz Kartel could be heard telling someone name Problem Child that he want back his two shoe, another name for guns, or else someone is going to die.

Listen to the voice notes in the below video.

Vybz Kartel, born name Adidja Palmer, is current serving a life sentencing in a Jamaican prison for the August 16, 2011 murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. He will be eligible for parole in 35 years.

Shawn “Storm” Campbell, André St John, and Kahira Jones were also given life sentences for the murder. Campbell and Jones will be eligible for parole in 25 years and Williams in 30 years.


  1. Why would they make 24 voicenotes specifically for Kartel tho, really??? He was first caught with weed an then when they seized his phones that’s when all of this came together.. No one can put video msg’s, text msg’s, and Bbm msg’s on his phone of August 16/17 2011 cause they arrested them in Novermber?!?!? Kartel thought that talkin on vn they couldn’t track it or tap it..sometimes when ppl kill they keep trophies of that the headless man in da same room as da video in Kartel house!! He Neva thought he would get caught that’s why.. They can pull up ur emails, texts msg’s, Bbm msg’s thru rim on bb that makes a copy of everything if u erase dem uzimi

  2. Vybz give up everything over 2 guns, he was willing to kill the 2 men and their mother over 2 guns. He value guns over people life thats the kind of mentality thats destroying many communities.

  3. I wouldna say this was some recording from my music. Why was getting his guns back so important?? and who recorded this?

  4. Majority Jamaican artists a pu–y , dem a rejoice inna dem heart but dem support him inna public, dem mek him feel like god now it backfire pon dem.

  5. Right now all I can do is pray for Kartel, none of us has the right to judge…But don’t forget about the Great Buju Banton…we need to fight for him PEOPLE, wake up…

    Have you all READ this letter from the healer?

    .Mark Anthony Myrie (86700004) ( Buju Banton) To the family and friends of the late Chokwe Lumumba: My heart goes out to you all. I share in your grief immensely.

    Having been one of the many lives Atty Lumumba has touched, it’s with a deep sense of privation that I mourn the passing of my friend and another great black freedom fighter. Atty Chokwe Lumumba, a warrior just like the great leader Patrice Lumumba who fought for the liberation of the Congo in Africa.

    Atty Lumumba fought for many who could not stand up against a profaned system that is filled with injustice. A well-disciplined and principled man.

    We first met while I was going through the litigation process stemming from the 1st Circuit Court of Appeal’s decision to reinstate a gun charge. A charge that was previously dismissed by the district court judge.

    This tall, dignified black man walked into the visiting room at the FCI Miami, introduced himself and got right down to business. Atty Lumumba had already done his homework concerning my case and clearly saw that something was amiss. He never tried to sugar-coat his thoughts.

    Atty Lumumba believed it was imperative and made it very clear that I should do the same.

    Throughout those protracted months I spent at the Pinellas County Jail in Tampa, Florida, Atty Lumumba called at least twice weekly to discuss my case and ascertain all was well with me.

    He travelled all the way from Mississippi to Florida for attorney client visits. All these actions of genuine interest in my situation gave me confidence in Atty Lumumba. We developed mutual respect for each other.

    His appraisal of my chances as it regards justice were always realistic, hence his proactive approach as opposed to being reactive.

    This brought about a favourable outcome, with the gun charge being dismissed.

    At the end of the evidentiary hearings in 2013, Atty Lumumba looked me in the eyes and said: “What did you do to these people. This is not justice at all. From the gate, you have been screwed”.

    Atty Lumumba also advised me that having been elected Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, he was unable to continue his career as adefence attorney.

    However, he went on to recommend a few attorneys whom he believed would effectively assist me. Atty Lumumba also reached out to my current attorney, Professor Charles Ogletree.

    In parting, Atty Lumumba again said: “Mark, it’s going to be an uphill struggle. I saw what they did to you and, unfortunately, you didn’t see it coming. Once they have you, it’s hell to break free from their chains son. I wish you all the best. You can call me anytime for anything at all. However, I can render assistance, trust me I will”.

    We spoke several times after he was no longer my official representative, even through third parties, even as recent as two days before his passing. So I was not only shocked but also in a state of denial.

    Atty Lumumba was vigorous and energetic. Even when he spoke in a subtle manner. How could this happen without warning? This is really sad. I just have to pay my respects in whatever way I can.

    Thank you for the time you dedicated to my cause. It will be with me forever and the countless others whom you have touched with your passion for justice.

    I know you are in a much better place. If what they say is true, then you are still fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.

    Farewell, my friend. You shall be greatly missed. Friends for life and even after.

    Mark Myrie aka Buju Banton


      See the Jamaican Government is not going to do anything because, they were bought out. I will not even say sell out because, them get trapped. So they are going to leave him to discretion of the US. Aint that some sh–?

      A time to rally around Buju because we must ensure he gets a fair trial.

  6. A lot of people do crimes and get away like the police dem (Adams) and kartel is really guilty j. It have nothing to do with his bleach out face and a praise the devil the boy guiltily

    • Kartel is just a fish in a pool of sharks, and politics is a MF.

      They are going to find his replacement because, they made him…the GOVERNMENT. They are the ones who regulate the music which is played on the radio, they created the situation he was born into where he basically, became someone who would do anything for the fame. He started speaking on that bullsh– and it all came to a reality. You can chose to be a builder or a destroyer in life, and I always encourage the artists that I work with to try to “always be conscious of the words you speak” because what you say out your mouth can bite you in your as+..real talk. Mih granny used to say be careful what you wish for…It’s a culture where ignorance is glorified, so many yutes sell them soul for the money without even realizing still…I think he has learned a lot even over the past couple of years, because I know he did not planning on going through this. All I can do is just pray for him….

      Enough said.

  7. No a you a the biggest dunce society nt going to get better it’s only going to get worse becuz the systeam is getting worse everyday no talking abt killing everybody kill include dj like kartel police like Adams and Bigga ford the police kill a lot of innocent yute you have doctors judge ect who pay man to go and do there dirty works for them suh a rubbish you talking . Bullsh:t happen all over the world and it nt going to change until Jesus come lol

    • See…that is the first sign of ignorance. How can you address someone with “dunce” in the opening statement. Never talk down to someone, when you wouldn’t like it. We are all dunces for that matter because, no one know everything which means we are all dunces to something huh? Now you talking about it will not change until Jesus come back…You have been tricked brother man…Jesus is not coming…from where? Heaven an Hell is right here, who cares what happens when we leave this earth. Why don’t you worry about what you can do while you are alive. Thats why the WORLD IS SO FU—D UP…Everybody standing in place watching THINGS HAPPEN, is always quick to talk but won’t do sh– to help. Talking bout Jesus coming. We are judged every day on this earth, so please STOP waiting for this one day. Ever heard of this girl named KARMA? That is why we suffer so much because we are blind to the things which are in our face…the obvious. Have you ever taken the time to think that if the SUN in the sky was disappear right now, so will all of us or even if the trees should all die, so will we.

      As far as the killing…it will always be. It is natural and really we are all bad people…I will talk about it another day…am going to write a book…

  8. It sounds fake and just goes to show you that the jamaican police force are unable to do anything right how could they let that leak out with time we will see this case unfold

  9. Why people talking america should step in hes not the only one that is in prison for murder & your all killing yourselves over him why dont you talk about all the others thats in prison & america should step stop fooling yourselves about america stepping in they have their own murders to convict .had it being your family you would all be singing a different tune when people cause there own downfall they look for someone to blame

  10. I just caan believe jamaica nah use a reasonable mind and c the fukry a develop. I think becaa JA so fukd up and we want to c change, we want to believe in the gov`t thts why ppl so quick to join against kartel. When he was hot every1 wit him now he fall, u c his true supporters, in any case it was no hard evidence to prove his hands had blood. And the police could of set up the firebombing at their gate, n at kartel house.Look how these guys are confident, even smiling, that they will b vindicated. Then u dntt must think they know they r righteous.

  11. You know wah funny you guys dont c how the system been trying to lockdown kartel. Look pon 2009 wen them lock him,then the 2 murder charge like they hellbent on gettin him gone 4 life. They got what they wanted, I dnt disagree kartel tie up into sum fukry, but the evidence didnt amount to such a lengthy conviction. They just wanted to silence a voice of truth, and prove certain points about the jamaican justice system. I think the U.S should have stepped in, and send a lawyer, or review the case, or at least an independent inquiry to prove the facts outlined in the case. Maybe in the future something like this can happen.

  12. Why are we so bias .we talk about crime getting out if hand & here we are backing criminals if it was your family you would want justice .not saying lizard was innocent but that doesnt make what they did right are we that gullible that when the truth stares us in the face ee deny it .move on dont you have children to take care of you all need a life

  13. Corrupted system

    Them a do anything to bring down anyone who is going against; what the system a stand for. The man don’t deserve life, where is the body and why didn’t all of the evidence add up. How do you get off for one murder and get life for the second? The first case was the same, no evidence so they through it out so why or how does this second case differs from the first?

    • You going to tell how long a criminal should stay in prison.

    • Ross Margarette

      My man you are on point don’t listen to any of these haters they didn’t like kartel to begin with they are happy he is gone these a-s holes back up goat head women beaters this case is far from over trust me it will unfold

  14. Corrupted system

    These voice messages are full of sh–.

  15. It honestly doesn’t sound like him in the beginning notes it’s very strange…. All u haters are wicked how do u rejoice in his short comings ??? Make me sick

    • Let someone do that ti your family and and you will feel how it feel. Stop typing rubbish about wicked

  16. Ratit. Mi a big kartel fan but dat ah him Fi sure. Nah doubt Fi funny business.. but third wurlboss coulda be talking bout suma him Clarke Fi sure.. shoe ting anadat gun ting. Anyhows what Fi do. I’m incarcerated already. FREE WURLBOSS !

  17. Dem Fi do dem rass time u do Di crime now do Di time

    • No mo vybz in this world, a boring world. If people who murder numbers of the innocent, jamaican police, stay outside jail without causing a stir then we can expect any desparate moves from the same thugs in ridding from their evil society people who express freedom of speech. If they cannot find the body and they only rely on the feeble evidence of some vague recording then they can simply nab anyblack man from the street and throw him injail presenting stupid evidence just to keep more black artists in jail. Its easy to make such silly insinuations about someone like vybz because his expressions and views are not familiar to an imprisoned society that falsely thinks its free.


        I love intelligence…What the dunces don’t see is that it’s not about KARTEL, it’s about how the government want, can and will do anything that they want with us. Still we or should i say they are blinded to this fact.

      • Tyrone MeccaMusik

        they juss making an example outta kartel…
        look wat happened to buju….juss bc ur a star in dancehall nuh mean u can kill and get away…..u do de crime u gotta do de time…
        kartel knew wat was coming to him….
        the devil will make him the #jailboss now


        You are so worried and caught up in Kartel’s life… I could care zero if he wants to murder and get whatever is coming to him. All i am concerned about is the double standard in society and how they can manipulate the masses causing them to hate on each other blindly!

        All i am saying is a lot of politicians and area don’s that r funded by these politicians should be held accountable also. They should make examples out of them also and then we can all safely say the justice system works for all.

      • He already find guilty and we all know he is going to remain there. He won’t even get an appeal. Just watch. By the way he dedeserves to be there.

      • Ross Margarette

        Exactly they don’t care about the justice system or how many people they killed but yet they care about lizard what about all the people the police killed or put in jail for nothing those dead people had families

      • Ross Margarette

        These people don’t want to see the facts these people act like they were there they support evil cause we all know that the jamaican police force are murders

      • Teacha ,bawl till u bust worlboss gone , the minute u mek society tiad a u , your days are numbered. Its the same way if your name is getting called on a lot of murders , the police going to kill u and say it was a shootout. Don’t put fear in the people and don’t make the security feel threatened and u good . Kartel mek ego get the beta a him , and i bet his name was calling on a lot more murder but them just couldn’t connect them . We just have to pray for him and move along.

  18. No problem.

  19. Vybz kartel is just a dumb wannabe 33 degree so called Freemason who thought that he was clever but the queer wasn’t smart I thank the Jamaica court system for locking up this murdering scum and to all you shirt lifting fans who call themselves Gaza you never been to the real Gaza strip you dumb ass clowns so shut your stinking mouth you twats

  20. what happened to my previous comment?

  21. if lizard wuz yuh bredda r father,wat u wanted z verdict 2 b? a set of dunce head none ambition ppl unnu carry pcs a rope go gi dat wid likkle oil

  22. Well minus 3 murderus from the streets. crime doesnt pay and i wonder why a successful musician lyk Kartel wants to achieve from criminal activities. His talent and career alone is worth billions but i guess peer pressure and too much ganstar movies failed him.

  23. Would he have said all of this things over the phone instead of having a meeting in person it sounds like he is talking to him self . Would this man feel so a sure of him self to discus all of this bad business over the phn!

    • well kartel is an idiot gangster. how do u make such incriminating notes on the phone in this technologically advanced world? he committed suicide by doin dat so he must reap de rewards

    • Ross Margarette

      You are a smart man who is he talking to cause all we hear is kartel but to these people its in possible that it could be a set up

  24. Real dunce head teacher kartel put him self into jail UNO dunce head gaza fans is talking rubbish talking abt the systeam put a inncoent man in jail lol which innocent man UNO a talk bout ,could never kartel . I love to see the video hope it get leaked aswell . The bleacher leave too much evidence and have too much yes man around him . A good thing him get the guilty verdic

    • I didn’t hear anything in the voice note saying Kartel did it. I think
      when Lizard went to recover the stolen guns the thieves killed him. Sending Kartel to jail only makes him more famous, they need to find
      the real killers.

  25. Stephen Higgins

    A lot of Gaza supporters have said that Lizard is a Killer so its ALRIGHT for their World Boss to Kill him in their words its not like he was a Lawyer or Doctor – You people are a embarrassment to proud Jamaican People – Please crawl back into whatever pit you all crawled out of – Gaza Fans now that kartel is off to prison leave DANCEHALL MUSIC THIS TYPE OF MUSIC HIS FOR AMBITIOUS, PROUD & MORALLY UPLIFTING PEOPLE NOT FOR CHINKS – THANKS

  26. That no sound like the him

  27. MXD. Game is not over yet. You see him, now you don’t. Cant provide evidence without witness.

  28. Yute mi naah seh yu fi go prison,but all I can do is fi pray fi yuh,so that you can give your life over to god

  29. People don’t care about justice, it’s all about a hype. Why would kartel have gaza slim lie about lizard robbing her. Why kartel lawyer never used that in court, there is conspiracy but it coming from kartel side. He spend money trying to mess up the case, it just didn’t work. Some of the same licky licky police them him use, but in dew time every thing will leak. The love of money is the root of all evil. Sad but Kartel is definitely the murderer in this. He didn’t even put out any effort to prove why he said he is not guilty. He have to stay there with the other, if not they might give up and come out with the truth. They should be torture.

    • The people in JA put him in jail.not the court system,society is afraid of him and gave them an opportunity,and won.

      • It seems to me you saying every one has the right to kill some one. He was misleading too much people with his devil worshipping…ect.

      • I’m a Gaza fan. What hear and see,I believe he is innocent. Can’t provide evidence with out witness.

      • Go ahead and do some investigation your self, we all need to show his fans that is so naive that he is a real murderer.

      • if we are going to go by this no body no conviction , I’m going to stop eat fish , a lot of us is going to end up at sea.

    • Reading all of this I can see clearly that most of u hated this artist. U all r acting like he’s the first person that has ever killed someone.


        Beenie batty Man, his brother and triston palmer kill BOGLE…He is free bcuz nuff politician a fck him, Patrick Roberts being the main one. BIG up yuhself UNRULY

      • If a suh a suh . U jus mad becuz yr dunce head DJ deh a jail jah take back his blessing from kartel becuz him bleach his face . Justic for lizard

  30. Who pretend he don’t know Kartel sell him soul to the devil? Kartel himself said so and many cheered him, are people really so blinded by celebrity?

  31. Lol at no point did kartel say he killed or ordered a killing. At the end he, and I say he very loosely, is in the dark about whatever has happened and because he is vybz kartel, he wants to and will find out. I fully believe kartel has criminal ties and knows the truth, but I don’t believe he had anything to do with whatever happened directly, from an evidence standpoint. His missing guns may have been the reason, but even he says if they’re missing a certain individual would have to pay and then the person can go seek his own retribution for his deducted funds. Some of u here that take great joy in his downfall should check urselves, kartel is no worst than the corrupt politicians who FIRST brought guns into the island. I would respect some of u more if u admitted u simply hate kartel than believe everything that the CONTROLLED media feeds to u.


      I like ur honesty….U r a real man DARK ACE. You speak without bias.

      THe same artist and politicians that went out their way to bring this dark cloud upon kartel were the same one backing DUDUS, ZEEKS and nuff other murderers that not only kill people, they also extort the business men and residents of the country. They made them out as were Heroes….”Big up d president fi di resident” (Bounty killa voice). All artists glorify, transport and wash money for these GANSTERS including the government. But nobody including some of these haters didn’t have nothing to say about DUDUS. Nobody!! BOUNTY neva seh lock up DUDUS. HIM neva seh DUDUS need fi seek God and low DEVIL works.
      They all wanted Kartel out the picture bucuz they can’t out do him. He is more talented. The government couldn’t controll him the way they wanted to.

      MUTABARUKA and all the other media outlets never said anything bout DUDUS….what, were they just SCARED STRAIGHT or is it just a double standard thing!! Who knows (i’m sarcastically speaking). A just suh it guh still

      • Nobody nah go say lock dudus becuz dem man deh a high ranks, dudus never in the public eye talking devil tis and devil that unlike kartel . Most people never see dudus be4 jus hear him name. Don a don u can’t say anything bad abt the don dem unless u a real killa . Kartel only big a Jamaica and GP, kartel dnt do anything for music and a him put his self in jail kartel dis every dj even the great shabba ranks , u expect the dj dem fi support kartel after him diss everybody ? The difference with dudus and kartel more people love dudus than how people love kartel , kartel provoke the people dem with him devil style .


        Dunce head move up!!
        I guess don a don and we should allow dons only to commit anus crimes because they are not public figure. That is a double standard. How will the society be better with thinking and standards like this.

        The last time me check whether people kill or give orders to kill is devil works. That is evil whether u sing about it or hide behind close doors and do it or get it done. WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER. Please stop making silly a– excuses and just sound like someone with a brain at least. Don’t interject personal feelings which will hinder ur judgement. Your statement is filled with discrepancies.

        Stop being a kartel hater for once. Forget about him. We are addressing the bullsh– that goes on in jamaica at the present moment which is bigger than Kartel or any one person. We don’t want the system to abuse who they chose to but instead take action against anybody who breaches the law. SIMPLE as that!!

  32. Wow kartel minions dem a grasp at straws now talking bout set up and splice, I’m an original kartel fan from 1999 from the up to the time mixtape, with songs like guns like mine and girls like mine (no longer a fan since him dis killer). So I know that’s his voice. Plus i grew up in portmore and portmore man them talk a certain way Certain subtle nuances can be heard that can’t be duplicated, so now that you guys are hearing what the jury heard, now it’s not where is the body? Now it’s now scrutinizing the recording….well it’s too late he is simply a victim of his own ego. Now accept it and move on with your lives and you will get a new celebrity to follow blindly soon enough.

    • what a sober comment. I dont think kartel would kill someone over 2 pairs of shoes. the question is will his fanatics ever use their brains at least once?

      • Even the last recording he seemed more concerned with who the person heard the info from rather than saying that he can’t believe what was being said and he wasn’t saying he doesn’t believe it and Lizard might still be alive which was his entire defense in court.

      • amen, it sound like he was more interested to find out who leak the thing , maybe that person is missing right now

  33. this sound like every island man

  34. Maybe Kartel is talkin bout shoes for real lol

    • Teacha still run DANCE HALL

      Di mN LUV HIM clarks DEM dawg…Dem a try twist di twing round yuh zweet yuh zweet!!

  35. It’s brainwashing lol why is the whole release so dramatic with the songs at the end lmao and the kill a lizard line

  36. *convict

  37. He was set up…why did it take that long to link him to sentence him if the evidence was this clear? There are people who talk alike. They just found someone who talks like Vybz

    • Obviously because them delete di swearing FOOL.

    • Most case in JA takes long their system is very slow .

      • U knw wotagwaan, a lot of fans can’t accept the true, fact he didn’t deny it’s was him, fact 2, his house burn down an him don’t even report it were he The suppose to kill the man. Fact3, he ask gaza slim to report dat the rob her that’s was a lie. Fact 4, his own dog bite him when they were Suppose to b kill the man, I don’t feel sorry fi lizard, because if it was someone else lizard woud have help kill them as we’ll, I use to b a big big fan, but y am angry I think the youth was more smarter that dat.. Him let mi down even my little kids them sing him song.

      • Omar I agree with you 150 %, you know why I hate Kartel he is a selfish ass hole . He mixed up with the wrong people . I don’t feel sorry for Lizard either . I am so mad at Shawn Storm to put him self in this mess . Shawn Storm barely have any songs . Kartel will not win an appeal unless he take a plea deal .

      • Shawn Storm was just a victim ok the Kartel system , anyweh him tun macka juk him . that the problem been a yesman.

  38. It sounds weird at parts… They obviously released this to secure their case and erase any doubts to the foreign becuZ everyone just thinks the court system is messed up in Jamaica they have to save face somehow lol and to make him most hated man but it nah work

    • Splice ??? Wtf fu– fool dem cut out di badwords dem if uno nu tink a him dat well we still have dunce head ppl fa sure and politically jamaica has been messed up 4 years but look now dudus, zeeks, tesha miller nobody is bigger than the law

  39. Worldboss Christopher Marshall

    A nuh him dat.dem splice it

  40. It’s someone else’s voice and they made it sound like kartel think of the tupac hologram it can happen … Cuz like why would he record that stuff wouldn’t he just say it over the phone I duno seems fishy still GAZA mi seh oh! They can imitate a voice with today’s technology…. A video would do it for me – otherwise…. Meh ….. Mi nuh care

    • Why you so chupid?

      • Ur right bit–… He sang the songs but he was also speaking at times to the crowd look it up pan youchube

      • Eddiat Boy , u a must idiot , don’t u see that Tupac born behind cow , Kartel never deny voice note but the sheep them seh a nuh him . smfh , Kartel have them pon a string like puppet.

    • It is kartell, even him tell the court he doesn’t Deny it’s him, I knw as a fan it’s hard to accept it just like me, but the true is the true

    • I fully agree, he aint that foolish, all this so called evidence gathered whilst him in lock up and now dem silence the voice for de yute dem. They want him gone and I feel even if he did win his appeal and was released some uncle tom will take him out so either way his days are numbered I feel..i feel he was set up. They are taking out all our prominent black entertainers who arent afraidto speak out and now we are left wiv puppets…

    • How fu—n stupid are u?. Wen kartel or him gang kill one a your lvd ones is when u Gona tap defending fu—ry. Nevertheless, can u show us how thye fakedkartek’s voice?

  41. Kartel I can believe yuh sell out your own self smfhhh

  42. Jail boss implicate himself what a fool. it his Kartel voice dat. him deserve him life sentence. cold blooded murderer.

    • Kirkland Jason Edwards

      Such an a–hole… But Shawn was going to get his self killed too, listen to vn 9 where he says that Shawn better try mek the man get back his shoes dem, or dem ago dead. Now I see that kartel rate no one, but his self. Mi glad the day wen fimmi mumma tek we from the garrison and mek we grow a country, cause you see bad company and don man ship is a fu—d up thing to be apart of.

    • Da pu@@y deh a thief…Him lucky seh a time alone dem kill him. Him shudda dead all 10 time. Thou shalt not steal from d teacha or anybody at all or else you aggo dead. Don’t believe me/ Go to saudi arabia and u will find out or cuba!!