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White House Removed Vybz Kartel Fans Petition

The Obama White House just poured cold water on a petition launched by Vybz Kartel fans.

A day after the shocking guilty verdict in Vybz Kartel’s high profile murder trial, fans of the deeja launched a petition on asking President Obama to intervene in what they called an unfair trial.

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But the White House has since removed the petition calling it a violation of their Terms of Participation.

The petition launched by ‘We the People’ called attention to aspects of trial they called unfair.

“Jamaican Dancehall Artiste Vybz Kartel did not get the fair trial he deserved. Evidence has been tampered with in his case by the law enforcement of Jamaica. He was found guilty before his trial started. Everyone deserves a fair trial whether they reside in the US or not. United States needs to investigate the corruption in this case.”

The petition only received 480 of the 100,000 signatures needed for it to get the President’s attention.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, André St John, and Kahira Jones will be sentence on Thursday in the Home Circuit court after being found guilty of the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The men are facing a life sentence for the murder.

Clive Williams’ body has yet to be found.


  1. pliiiz free worl boss nd the haters we don need them …….if u feel lyk a bad man keep it to urself ..///.////bonty u r a sily ant boombocliat

  2. The whole thing is he is black and so many ppl follow him and worship him you think the white man like that no! The white man don’t want this so it’s time to take him down they say the man body has not been found neither remains so if he was here in the united states he would go free its only logic for all we know the boi could have ran off to another state country anything if he was here so that’s why they write the white house because these ppl have no physical evidence to hold him is this why they pushed back the sentencing date.

  3. Vybez Kartel fans are even madder than Justin Beiber’s little girl fans

  4. Long live Alkaline

  5. everyone has a gay person in their fam,,even in jamaica, but they continue to hide because of what vybz say about them and what will happen to them…lock him away so people can live as they want….he would have gotton more support if he let people live and protest for all not just the few….so i hope he burn in hell and a fag is ruling over him…for all i know,,,some his boyz gay…pink cloths pants down…all signs of gay

  6. That kind of disgusting petition on an American Government website just proved to the rest of the world the level of illiteracy in Jamaica… Are you kidding me? These idiots want the US to come to the aide of some dirty dancehall artiste that they wouldn’t even grant a visa to ever enter into the US?

  7. A suh di queen old!!??…500 yrs old… and sill counting?

  8. Ur turns next burn Gaza, u speak like u have no common sense or intelligence.

  9. Who ever asked the US to intervene dumb stupid move . Nonsense . Kartel fans need to write a letter to the judge in JA that’s what they need to do and beg him for leniency .

  10. am very sad cuz danchall is going jail, world boss jail not gud for him

  11. Prison ah di new ramping shop for Adijah… and him batty gwaan get ramped!!!!!

  12. am very cuz danchall is going to jail

  13. What does the United States have to do with Kartel chopping up people in Jamaica!!? Why should Obama pressure Jamaica? I swear some Jamaicans are more ignorant that the poorest of the poor here in the U.S

  14. You talking like you knw daddy devil talking abt if u dnt have nothing good to say abt a person then dnt say nothing at all lol shut the hell up kartel his a public figure suh everybody can say abt him bad or good , if u nuh like wat I’m saying go put a hood in yr stinking mouth I dnt care if u are a lesbian or nt you nt my child I see why yr parents never like and people called you ugly that why u turn lesbian . Guh ask god if him have a problem with u nuh ask me

    • carelessboutpeople

      LOL a who teach you english, i can bet it is a cow.. please before you pass judgement take a good look in the mirror… because i did not understand what you wrote…# i am from kingston 8.

      • U dnt understand becuz u dunce mi nuh care were you from dog sh– mi nuh fa—t suh if a cow teach mi English a nuh nothing lock up kartel him guilty mi nuh care if the evidence tamper with and the jury never care kartel his guilty

  15. Addi aka di teacher made his bed so him haffi lay on it..Jail not nice and would not like to see him suffer that way so we have to leave this one to the creator and wish him the best cause the jamaican system done hand out a steep verdict.

  16. Yes it wrong and if you did careless about people why ask if the lesbian thing is wrong and you know say it wrong…Your gal lover caah breed yuh so think about it.smh

    • carelessboutpeople

      LOL!!! it see if people like you would pass judgement. I don’t care what you believe is wrong..I guest you didn’t heard the news; we can get married now in church. “heart attack” for you that does like us’ A BAYYY, MEK A WE NEVER LIKE YOU FIRST!!

      • Not even heart attack caah save you when the fire,lightning and brimstone dash out pon you fi the nastiness you indulge inna.Real warriors have no fear and ah me dat.All if you can get married inna ah burning house me nuh biznesssssssssssss.Lava.

  17. Worldboss Christopher Marshall

    If obama couldn’t get involve in trayvon martin case by the law an him a American.How him a go help Vybz kartel as an outsider

  18. Really ? Petition for this murderer who felt he’s above the law? Yet this ignorant ones will not support petition to demand more of their government with it comes to crime, cost of Living etc

  19. Wapn to some police waa du crime!! Waa kill pregnant woman inna middle street in cold blood up st. Thomas Wapn to dem!!!! Dem just nuh like Addi… Simple!!! Dem treat him guilty before the jury seh soh…. Dem fi leggo Di man!!! Kmft!!!!!

    • Dem fi chop him up! FINE FINE!!!!

    • No. Prison for murderers. Dem if get the police who kill the school girl, and dem if get the one who murder the pregnant woman. Get as many of the murderers that are walking free in Jamaica. Try them, and if uh find them guilty, lock them up.

  20. Addi nuh get lock dung fi lizard!!!! A cause Di ni–a sing explicit songz…. Dem waa get him out a Di music system by placing him behind bars!!!! Dem fi leggo Di msn…. Kmt!!! Is a strategy dem use… Di whole a dem a dem a p****!!!!

    • But you don`t know if him innocent or guilty, adonia sing nuff explicit songs to and how him never get lock up.

  21. I’m a buggar, you think thats wrong?

    • carelessboutpeople

      Lol!! Do you even know the meaning of the word buggar.. This is serious’ bugger otherwise buggar mean pity, bustard and annoying if you want to consider yourself as a buggar.. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Its not my job to pass judgement on you.

  22. So ignorant…..these people really believe Obama is their president.

  23. I just cannot understand why these people would think that the US President would give 2 cents, a petition is meaning-less whether it be to England, USA, Canada, France etc….these individuals that break the law in there own countries of birth should be punished to the full and have protest marches etc… only brings the eye of the world onto which shows the jamaican people in a bad light which in turn affects the whole country

  24. Throw the book at him . I hope he doesn’t get the appeal .

  25. This is really stupid. With so much going on in the world today, why should the president of the United States of America get involved in something like this. The man has much more pressing issues to deal with internationally, and at home. Besides, as Jamaican people, we need to do a much better job of knowing which causes to get behind… this is not one of them.

    • The fact of the matter is that there is not a damn thing he can do. The only person who can help him today is the Judge Campbell….not even the Governor General can help him.

  26. I hope vybz kartel comes to the prison I’m in and when he in the shower I hope he drops his cake soap so I can bum him his one sexy man


  28. The president don’t have time to waste, he got a country to run, kartel must dead in jail for him crime

    • Kartell fi go su– some co– an go away, prison too good fi him, him fi come road make man eat him food

  29. He will survive we were born prisoner under This government it’s just his time all of you who celebrate the falling of a trying ghetto youth to a unfair judicial system will fall pray to it 1 day then you will not be so happy .

  30. If folks can’t speak proper English atleast write it properly…just saying…if black leaders could turn in their grave ,it can’t be for kartel alone, rather for the majority of black statistics that’s immersed in this thing called “hype”,and remember a bad workman always blames his tools….hence Jamaica is blaming kartel for lack of morality,as far as I can see the man is the highlight peak of their immoral practices not the cause, how about the people of Jamaica put corrupted politicians and lawmakers on 5 month trials and make examples of them in front of the world for all the injustice done to people over the years ,rather they pick bones with some entertainer that’s irrelevant and good ole Bruce was made to resign haha…west indies for u….And GOD BLESS AMERICA(due to intelligence)

  31. carelessboutpeople

    If fans are going to appeal they will need to go on the england website.. America cannot assist with this.. Lol!! the queen is the head of state for jamaica.. Fans petition there!!

    • Haha don’t bother come petition in England queen or no queen the same response you’ll get like Obama…not interested

      • carelessboutpeople

        Lol, do you even know what your talking about? America have no ties to jamaica. but the queen does, she is the head of state. If you know what that means’ they have the right to petition on the website..

      • Yes you stupid twit…i live in England been in law for most of my life, know what I’m talking about and just taking the p$$$ because of some of these illliterate people bout taking petition to Obama. Even if they took it to England i would still lol duhhhh

      • Porchia I agree ??????some of these people come on here and talk rubbish and garbage .

      • Yeah the mind boggles sometimes when i read some of the comments

      • Porchia they are trying to fit in that’s why . I grow up in music . I have been going to dance when I was 11 yrs old I can’t forget . My mom line us up one behind the other and spanks us for going . I have also attended several stage shows I know some reggae artist very well .

      • Hahaha reminds me of my dad…very strict and even at 18 had to be in by 11.30…was never allowed to go shabeens/dingy dark basement parties…otherwise woop and never grew up on dancehall music and don’t like. I just cannot get my head around these people that wants a murderer free,,,for all you kartel cronies I hope he never see the light of day again…He’s lucky it’s only one murder he is up for….He has gotten away with enough

      • Porchia I agree he put him self in this mess . What was he thinking . I know 2 people who did time where Kartel is that place is a hell hole . He will get good treatment him a artist trust me no one will bother him there . His woman have to bring food for him every day .

      • Prison shouldn’t be a bed of roses. As you said he will be ok…if its any consolation to his fans…The prisoners will be kicking his a$$ so kartel will be in heaven 🙂 🙂

      • carelessboutpeople

        LOL!!! right now you are the stupid one; you are Jamaican and you do not know the queen is the head of state; you live in England and a person of law but you cannot define law.. please!!! with the CEO talk on the; because, we all know a lot of you ain’t living life like people back in Jamaica. girl the only thing America do for Jamaica is Aid to support the people. I live in America we have a loving president and if he was the head of state for Jamaica he would have take the petition in consideration. “we the people” united we come!!! ‘again’ law personnel they have the right to petition on the England website if they petition to the prime minister and do not get a response. The next in line is the prime minister boss who is the queen..# everyone who have a job knows there is always more than one bosses!!!

      • Really we have a loving president ? You are living in a fairytale, Obama is a puppet for wall st and nothing else.more people got deported on his watch than bush,still have not lend a hand to Darfur struggles,but is ready to go to war for Zionist Israel.AND did not request a retrial for a black man that was wrong fully accused and executed by red necks in the south even though blacks protest and ask him to intervene thousands had signed the petition even prominent black leaders it was close to elections and he did not want to piss of whites in the south.

      • carelessboutpeople

        how many voting members are in congress 535. how many are colored 43; one man can’t change the world. if you been here a while, and know the history of the presidents; the 44 president have gotten more than what he had margin for because no matter where he turns hes getting a great fight. he’s not awesome but damn right hes ok. no child that been in america from the age 0-11 cannot get deported; call immigrant and ask about deferred action. if one live here for 4 year and been paying taxes and no criminal record can get working papers. that is why half the jobs in NY, NY, Philly is asking on their application if you will need sponsor. hes doing the best he can..

      • If your over 10 and watch CNN and believe everything you are in too deep.
        Democrats and republicans is a show put on for the American people .the feds and the bankers run america and Obama is their puppet playing his part.

      • carelessboutpeople

        I am in very deep because i am doing a major in government history now; albany college!!

      • Ok and I am a construction hvac worker in Florida.lets see how much you know about America history and government.Which was the major country who funded Washington and the rebels to take this land from the British ?

      • Give her time to Google your question lol

      • Yay its ann Coulter. ????

      • No answer ok easier one what’s Andrew Jackson legacy ?

      • The word “coloured” used to describe a particular race could be deemed as racist… don’t be following “burn gaza” and “primo ny” with ignorant comments. .. #peace

      • Did i tell you i was jamaican??? Girl you really sound stupid…you need to stop writing and responding..your thick as two planks. . I am wasting my time and energy on a nobody….I LIVE IN THE UK and I will tell you one more time if the illiterate people apply to the queen to intervene in the kartel, I am telling you now that they would get the same response as Obama gave..goodbye rachet

      • Shut yuh bloodclot mout and go dooche..

      • Seriously “Careless” what you expect from the Queen? SMH…

      • She expects freedom for a murderer

      • carelessboutpeople

        DWL!! not one of my statements our comments. stated that i was expecting anything. i was just giving the petitioners an heads up.

      • Queen wants him dead for massacring the English language

      • Lololol the queen wouldn’t understand a word he say

    • True give them some knowledge because I wonder if their level of education is on daycare level not even primary school a bunch of Dunce

      • carelessboutpeople

        they come online with their CEO talk and don’t know what they’re talking about..LOL!! its more like a sunday school level..Thank you, God bless the few of us that they can’t turn into fools..

    • No S***t…..

    • Yuh too dunce the queen of England dnt care abt kartel the the queen put black people in slavery for 5 hundred years suh a dnt knw wat the hell u talking in abt daddy devil is at home (jail) lock up him bloodclatt him too and gaza slim need some jail
      Time burn dutty gaza no devil in dancehall keep that sh– in hip hop a try freak out the culture fiya burn ! Lava

  32. Lol dwl lock up daddy devil talking abt fair trail and evidence has been tamped with oh well too bad kartel bust his own bubble if any body nah get save a kartel if anybody bobylon a slave a kartel becuz him his a money lover and provoke the people dem with devil style get back black boy kartel make Mr gravey, nanny ect all our black leader a tun in dem grave fyia pon a boy who a sallow bleaching pills

    • carelessboutpeople

      Wow your on some serious sh–.. Our parent use to say, if you can’t state nothing good don’t say nothing at all. Everybody is entitle to their own beliefs. I am a lesbian, you think thats wrong?

  33. Vybz Kartel should get life prison sentence. Why should Obama get involve in this. Its in Jamaica people not the United States. You do the crime then do the time.

  34. Let appeal sort this out, if he gets one.

  35. Lol, the court speak, thats it.