Bounty Killer: “Kartel Let Him Soul Get Caught In Hell” [VIDEO]

Bounty Killer is among a handful of dancehall stars sounding off on the recent conviction of Vybz Kartel.

Bounty Killer was performing at the recent Mountain View Jamboree stage show when he paused to address the Vybz Kartel issue.

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According to the dancehall legend, Vybz Kartel’s conviction is the most tragic thing going on in dancehall currently.

“You help destroy your own sometimes,” Bounty Killer told the crowd. “One of the worst things reaching dancehall today is the verdict that passed downtown. One of the most promising rising champion today in dancehall Adidja Palmer, aka Vybz Kartel, is in prison convicted for murder. This is the most tragic thing going on in dancehall. A me did find Kartel as a little youth and say come my youth.”

Bounty Killer sais Kartel seek the devil when he should have been seeking god and that is the reason for his predicament.

“The part where you play of helping destroy him is the moment he said “daddy devil, a me a Baphomet big son” and you guys happy and laugh with him,” Bounty Killer said. “The devil does not do anything beautiful… Kartel make him soul get caught in hell… I wish Kartel all the best and I hope you put in all the prayers you can.”

Bounty Killer then dedicated his classic single “The Lord is my Light and Salvation” to Vybz Kartel.

Watch the video below.


  1. Vybz want to sell his soul to baphomet. That’s the biggest mistake he could make. The devil only love himself. He help you to destroy the souls of your own people. You bring him as many lost souls as you can, in return he promise to make you rich beyond your belief. He even promise you that you will live forever, and be like God himself. You sing about slackness and murder next thing you know everybody is thinking in the same Manner. It leads to destruction of your soul and others. Vybz know there’s one God, still he denounce him for satan. His punishment is only beginning… It gets much worst.

  2. Playmaker Sound

    Bounty need fi tek some responsibility a him bring Addy

  3. People hated kartel before this case why because he diss their favorite dancehall artist or because he bleached his skin no one cares about lizard they say they do but really don’t all they care about is getting kartel out of the way even if it means supporting a crooked system but yet you support a women beater like bounty how many women has hurt so if you are going to support what’s right or wrong support it all the way

  4. My friend manages a big reggae artist he knows lots of the reggae artist . I am going to ask him to let Shabba and Ninja say hi to me .

  5. Y shoud we hard working jamaican pay tax to keep vybz cartoon an his cartoon characters in prison, they shoud b hanged we have more important things to pay for with our tax money

  6. I feel bad for him.guidance u r still our brother


  8. Relax ok, burn gaza run things

  9. You shut up, you bum and go get a job. Internet gangster.

  10. NYC u nah say nothing u dnt knw nothing abt dancehall music you jus a get mad for nothing bt mi kinda like yr name that’s why mi nuh tell u abt yr Rass lol I dnt have to go to any stage show or concert and stp talking abt trust me becuz mi burn trust . You dig ? Nuff artise is greater than kartel like movado and he his richer than d bleacher . Utica ave and Brooklyn a mi place we should link up suh mi can school

  11. Go easy mi say peace with you from yr dunce head dj kartel get him guilty veridic becuz mi knw a kartel a yr dj nothing nuh wrong with dat jus dnt behave like a lie mi a tell

    • Burn Gaza dunce head u serious listen you dick head Burn Gaza this is not Ross Margaret u will get curse out if yuh diss reggae princess on here . Nuh bwoy on here can tell me nothing bout music from the 90s . I was on top of my class when I went to school in JA . I was also head girl in class whole yuh corner .

      • How u mus be reggae princess and nuh body nuh knw you ? Mi luv the HEAD girls dem still suh jus guh easy

  12. Lol mi friend why u getting mad for ? Jus by how u sound I can tell you are a Yankee female am I right ?

    • We friends know . Oh right ????????????tun????????????. Shizzle

    • Live it down your point strong is why. A true man. to hell with Gaza we dont need division amongst ourselves. This dont look good to the world to see us a kill off each other.bless

  13. #freeworlboss

  14. Its amazing how much Bounty has matured and mellowed in dancehall,,,,,,,definetely an icon and one of my favorite, he is never afraid to speak the truth or be himself regardless of the opinion polls or what the public may think of him ……….

  15. Even my big brother a London he is older than me a gwaan like him know music . Mi tell him any day him ready let we keep a clash me a bring a artist fe done the place pon him . Big up Barrington Levy and Coco T .

    • If I want to call you stupid I will you jump on people who disagree you and act you know everything show me I said kartel was around in the 90s you need to mind your business

      • There was vybz kartel in the 90s. He start doing his thing from12 years old. His name was Addi Bonton, his song was fat woman. He change his name to Vibe Cartel in 1996. When he became famous that is when him start hanging with Bounty killer that when he start spelling his name VYBZ KARTEL.

    • Like kartel cares if you rate him or not

  16. Bounty is a general you a talk garbage .

  17. Burn Gaza stop the cursing on here . It’s disrespect we all talking about music on here . Music is people passion . You can’t come on here disrespecting people and gwaan like u bad . Listen yuh nuh bad star .

  18. No dutty gyal if u dnt like it u can bite it

  19. Five starrrrr general!!!

  20. A dee teacha was named in e four tingz affectin jamaican society..so takin a soul or not e government wants him a prisoner 4 life..I

  21. Tommy Lee knows nothing bout music him a new comer . He is very young him fe. Respect Killer .

  22. Burn Gaza not true I see Bounty performed in MIA in the early 90s and he rock the crowd I was there that time he had a Afro . I have seen him many times in FLorida . I spend 13 years in Fortlauderdale. Nuh stage show nuh miss me . I was also back stage have connection . Any body on here can back this talk to me . I was at these shows in MIA . I remember the First stage show Lady Saw and Sizzla did in MIAMI a Show with Coco T . I know my music . Straight .

  23. Stop talk sh– my yute


  25. If a bounty kartel still jerking chicken on the plaza…every one Tommy have no lyric so killa don’t have pay Tommy lee no mind….anything could have happen at sting if kartel did accept the challenge…because even the wisest man get out smart

  26. Tired of hearing this Devil talk…Satan satan…smh, since u born u hearing the talk about this bad guy fallen angel…do thy diligent research, try to validate and prove what you’ve been hearing…the scriptures or “old testament” clearly shows The Almighty been the one who does evil and also good..who will u believe man or The Almighty…Satan is just an angel who the Most High uses to do His bidding and has to obey…Satan cannot do nothing without the Most High giving him the go ahead just like a Don has a hitman…everything in your life comes from The Most High good and evil to make you better or well worst it’s up to you…in the end it will all bring glory and honor to the Most High…scripture proves all i’ve said.. example Isaiah 45:7 ” I create light and darkness, I make peace and evil,I the Lord doeth all these things”….Amos “Can calamity be found in a city and the Lord not do it”…So much more scriptures which give prove..we’ve been lied to..Religion..smh Need to own up to our own disobedience and stop blaming some devil…these concepts are solely man made

  27. Please list these songs that Kartel wrote for all the alliance: I will make it even easier list Ten (10).

    The world Jack Ass could only get 480 signature out off the 100,000 required I wonder why?

  28. Why bounty care now b4 the trail start every interview with bounty him still a diss kartel so why him care now bouyty faker than the red bottom shoes him buy up town…….and killer did nothing for dancehall but hold the youth den back if write song if him and as soon as den men a move fi Del self him start flip like gyal bout him do this and him do that and den nuh loyal killer fi f— off him a the biggest hater in a dancehall

  29. For real! The same God they talking about gave us free will and you choose to do with it what you want. If a man stupid enough to go shoot someone cuz some music talk about a gun then he already had a bad mind. Take that negative energy and raise you kids right.

  30. That’s funny….I believed kartel has had more #1 hits in the last 3 years incarcerated than all the alliance does in there whole career. Hey Burngaza how does it feel to know that vybz wrote half of bounty and the alliances music as a ghost writer. Bounty is a bit– like kartel sing pass mi gun

  31. I don’t know how people can be so sure about this case how can we know that he killed lizard? How can we be so sure he didn’t ? We can’t believe that system and can’t believe kartel so we don’t know anything for sure with that said I will judge kartel or the system that God’s job guilty or not guilty

    • They can’t be sure ross they just hate him so much that they don’t care

    • Your thinking is like a 3 yrs old child. Evidence lead them to their judgement. It don’t matter how much you believe it was fabricated. You don’t know nothing about Jamaica. You don’t know street life.

      • If you knew anything about street life you wouldn’t be talking that way I been in the streets but I changed my llife people from the streets don’t believe in the system what do know about the streets cause I really would like to know how many people do the cops kill and set up in the streets and you are tell me that you know street life the streets don’t trust the system I never said that anything was fabricated I don’t trust anything the system says and I don’t trust anything kartel says of course he ain’t gonna say he did it this is a shady case do I believe he got a fair trial no but it is what it is so go play that sh-t that you are from the streets with someone else

    • Rian Kartel send a text saying that he did and Lizard is chop up . Rian yuh very intelligent . Kartel give way him self .

  32. All this god and devil bull—- come on DMX made songs about the devil kartel did the same thing and he also made songs about jah only in jamaica they have a problem with it people talking sh– like bounty ninja mavado and so many more talk about gun shots how many people listen to 50cent the game biggie 2pac lil wayne they talk sh– its fu – –in music you don’t like it turn it off

  33. I’m going to keep talking if I want to stop writing stupid sh– and then I’ll stop

  34. Bounty a talk di truth but dancehall loose bcuz the greatest of all time di teacha lockup tings will nevea be di same

    • Him can’t be the greatest of all time becuz him never rock a crowd inna America him only great inna jam and GP jail .jail boss dnt drop d soap

      • Did his visa not got revoked for America? ? If so what does that tell you hmmm

      • Criminal every body knw daddy devil is a criminal

      • I stay true to my roots I only deal with positive genuine people . Nuh arms house ting yah suh .

      • Burn Gaza him a one of the greatest trust me . I have met him and he was ???? that’s how he is .

      • Mi nuh care if u meet him yeah him his one of the greatest one ofNinja man , Shabba ranks,super cat, buju banton , Bennie man, bounty killer, sizzla, capelton. All of those dj his greater than kartel . Movado his even greater than kartel. Every artise jus have their time it is unfortunate that kartel never finish his time becuz him go sell his soul.

      • When it comes to the music business no body can’t tell me nothing from me a baby mi and listen to music . My big sister told me I use to write all the artist name down . My mom use to beat us when we sneak and go to dance when I was 11 . Authentic reggae fan right here . I know food , travel , reggae sports and music .

      • an your point is? as burn gaza said! everybody got there time..that was his moment

      • Listen to me Burn Gaza he did in MIA and Fortlauderdale in the early 90s . I am not sure when his Visa was taken away . Movado and Kartel was not around that time as say I was at these shows . Elephant was around that time he was with scare dem crew .

      • It was Beenie man and Bounty Killer I have pics in my album to back up what am saying know u see why I love the veteran artist .

      • Mi nuh care weh him did deh Ina 90s Miami are where ever nobody knw him until 2005 that’s wen him get famous who make people knw him? Bounty killer. No a mistake wen him did kick dwn ninja man 2003 anywhere form 03 to 05 people knw him nobody never knw him Ina d 90s . Movado aka gully god is greater than daddy devil bounty killer make a mistake wen him let kartel tur d gate . Kartel use to write songs for a lot of big artise like Bennie man, bounty killer elephant man , ect bt a bounty Keller buss him and him turn round and diss the man who build him . A gud fi him jail boss that now hope him nuh drop d cake soap dwn there

      • shut the f— up

      • What you think about the new artist them . I like Bramma Di Gorilla ????????????

      • Bramma hard mi rate him , him should a have more song on d radio still

      • I love Bramma I talk to him all the time ????????????????????

      • Go su– yuh madda tired fi tell u that. Leave the man alone

  35. How many years will he get in prison
    Hope he give is heart to our LORD JESUS
    Reading is bible night and day

  36. True

  37. Claim down 1million Jamaica peoplepeople live
    below poverty. Let’s stop the bad mouthing

  38. If him never bleach him skin
    That shows him have low self esteem and not Happy with himself
    Why him never help someone the children.
    JESUS us daily we have to forgive Kartel

  39. @ Ross Margarette! is ppl like you Kartel felt the need to prove something to and see it deh, you are still here, the same old person that just cant be pleased and he’s in jail! big up all positive artistes who a keep the music clean, clashing another dj nuh prove nothing…freeing your mind from mental slavery and not serving what ppl like you think is worth more than freedom!

    • Sorry but sound like a follower believe what you want you are just trying to sound smart you can’t judge a book by its cover you don’t like his music fine but to send a man to jail because of his looks and music is wrong battling is a big part of dancehall maybe you should listen to country music

  40. Dunce head talking to you is like talking to a brick wall a kartel run from d clash fool fool gyal 2009 the general call fi the clash bt kartel never want it becuz him knw him can’t kick dwn the war lord like how him kick up ninja and kartel dnt do any for music . Suh u are talking rubbish

    • You again you should review that bounty has aways been scared of kartel he seen kartel one time at a party and left because he was scared even mavado testifie vybz kartel had to many lyrics For killa Vybz Kartel was the First one to call him Goat head even the Young Tommy Lee Murder him you Don’t Have to like It but it a fact

      • Ross Margaret u wrong Kartel wasn’t around when Bounty started out trust me . Kartel born 1972 Bounty is older . Bounty is in a different class of his own . He brought lots of artist to the dance hall world .

      • When did I kartel was there when bounty started out if you followed the case like you the post on this wall then know wonder you are so lost

      • Ross Margaret don’t pull this crap with me u talking 2009 . In the early 90s when I was going to shows in FL Kartel was not around get your facts straight I was at those shows in FL it was Elephant Man , Lady Saw , Thriller U , Barrington Levy , Beenie Man , Sizzla and many more . Kartel came in the late 90 to early 2000. I know what am talking about . Burn Gaza told u . You don’t know music . You mixing up murder trial with music .Tommy Lee , Movado , and Kartel were not in music in late 90s they were not running the place they maybe had music it’s was Bounty and Beenie man .

      • Again I never said that he was there lol you people are stupid

      • You never said he was in Miami you talking like Kartel run the show he doesn’t not . He has done and put out some good music but there are other DJs been in the game longer than him . Kartel is only big in JA not in the US . I have never seen Kartel on a Bet stage , Grammy awards or American music award or any award in Europe . He is not a well respected artist . He is talented but he is a idiot .

      • He doesn’t have a visa and you are wrong he is big in the U.S

      • Not kartel biggest fan I understand that his biggest fans are very angry and ignorant at this juncture but he put himself in this predicament I would be devastated if it was bounty so I feel for you guys we are here for you guys we will help you guys through this if it kills us we will help you get over him and unto better artist, songs and role model have you ever heard of sizzla?

      • Ross Margaret who hell is this Star Boy . Listen Burn Gaza body guard introduce yuh self first else mi nah talk to u . You caan expect fe just jump in so .

      • Soon young padawan you’ll know who I am but I can tell you one thing if you’re from ny I am sure you see those blue and white cars driving around keeping the peace I might or might not be driving one….

      • No name for blue and white cars .

      • Protect and serve …

      • Mi nuh need nuh body guard

      • Ahh u knw music big up yr self ? Dat dutty gyal Ross jus a chat a lot of fu—ry she need fi guh put a hood in her mouth

      • Ross Margaret you lying bounty born 72 and Kartel born 76 . When I attended the shows in FL Kartel wasn’t around u need to listen else people will think you are lying . You talking garbage . Were u at these shows in FL no . Get your facts straight .

      • Again never said they started at the same time

    • Vybz kartel killed sting 2009 if bounty is as bad as he says he is here should of step to kartel go back and watch sting and tell me kartel didn’t rock the show bounty couldn’t even get a response from the crowd burn gaza you really know nothing about dancehall

    • Agree she really sound dunce…just have to read what she’s saying, how she comes across….she needs to stop chasing kartel and go and do something positive with her life.

  41. Chattabox,bounty.

  42. Go sit down bounty killa

  43. It’s very sad that these young and talented youths take the wrong turn in life because of riches and fame.

  44. 10 stars fi di 5 star general aka Rodney Price is always right….Haters why pree just keep sipping on your haterade and watch uno world boss become a jail boss.

  45. Us Dancehall fans are the greatest we love and a hate with such passion

  46. That was cool but kinda late with the talk…had 2yrs fi say this

  47. OK let’s face it bounty yes everybody know you found kartel but you still have forward that if you the real boss of dancehall you don’t have to keep forwarding that message but is because you know that your student has out class you a million and more times .. Big up worlboss his music with always build a hype in a party whether he in lock down or not.

  48. It doesn’t matter what people think cause vybz kartel is the biggest dancehall artist in the world if it happen to bounty the reaction wouldn’t be as global trust me

    • Rodney Price will not be going to prison that much I am sure about your Mr. Global is headed there on Thursday focus on that. Jamaica people love Bounty Killer that you fi know

      • Bounty killer is a hater and a bit– he was scared to clash kartel face to face and what even worse the was scared to clash Tommy Lee

      • Didn’t they throw bottles at him a few years ago

      • So your not aware that kartel got the same treatment at the same show – youtube it Follow the arrow – when did you become a fan of the bleacher last year

      • Never said I wasn’t aware just saying that not all jamaican love bounty

      • That is why I say GAZA fan are stupid – I never wrote that all of Jamaica love the general – where did you read that in kartel coloring book – ahahahahaha!!!!!!!

      • You said jamaican people love bounty that’s what you said bounty used over 30 songs from kartel coloring lol

      • And not all jamaicans loves kartel, so beg to disagree and stop the stupid bickering over someone that don’t give a sh… about you all

      • You know what with some of these people they’re so in denial, their brains is so swallow. Supporting these guys with their foolishness is only darkening our youths future. Kartel has two illegal guns is that an artist of peace, lending it to lizard for what to kill his own ghetto people. People it time wise up, babylon is here to kill and they will.

      • Just shows what type of persons they are condoning murder all because he is in the spotlight….kartel is where he belongs…He has gotten away with enough and it was only a matter of time before he got lynched…25years minimum…bye werl boss stupid title :-)

      • Did I say that go back to school and learn how to read

      • May not have said but same way you can say not all jamaicans love bounty…The same way i can let you know the same goes to kartel.. not all jamaicans love your werl boss lol ..i love none and Btw i can read and write there would be no contest between you and I

      • Never said all of jamaica loves kartel

      • Done with you get boring now

      • Same here

    • No it wouldn’t have been cause bounty nuh bleach wid cream and tattoo up himself fi get fame. Bounty killa is a dancehall icon and one of the foundation djs period.

      • Ok so people who get tattooed must be guilty Michael Jackson and little Richard bleached their skin so what do you have to say about them

      • Big up MJ he bleached because of a sink disorder – little Richard a battyman I do not need to say anything else about that freak – some boy a to try to be like the general and lead themselves down the wrong road – 25 to life wonder if he will be someones wife – hahahaha!!!!!!!!! – focus on that fool

      • You see you don’t know sh– let me guess MJ had a hair and nose disorder to and you should show sone respect to the king of rock’n’roll get your facts right

      • You guys make it seem like kartel is in prison because he bleach is skin or because of the music he sings. Vybz kartel is in prison because he is a murderer. People just add these to show that they disapprove the way he was leading ghetto people who see him as a role model. A lot of people respect kartel as a ghetto youth that grow up with nothing, and then have so much so quickly. And of course he inspiration for people. He has so much talent and waste it.He didn’t even make something to help his ghetto supporters. He is a shame for ghetto people

      • Did you even read his book ?

      • No, the book maybe good, but still can’t hide the fact that he is a murderer. We all could help these young artists to be better men and women and role model, by stop supporting their nasty life style in dancehall. If we continue to support these kind of behavior in Jamaica there will be no future for the generation that coming up. Help our youths not to get mislaid by riches and fame.

      • Let say he killed lizard cause you believe that and I believe he was set up and let’s say kartel was a gangsta and lizard was a gangsta they are both responsible for their actions they would have been playing a dangerous game and sh– happens that comes with being a gangsta if that was the case

      • Yes he did have something to do with lizards’ s murder…regardless of the tampering the txts were enough to convict and just let you know you don’t need a body to convict….and regardless how bad lizard was, so was kartel and doesn’t give anyone right to kill a person…lizard has family also who is suffering but seemed no sympathy for lizard,,, especially knowing how he met his awful death but all about innocent kartel….NOT

      • Go take a walk cause don’t know sh-t

      • Yes and you know a lot you rachet….go get a life and stop dwelling on kartel…kiss him goodbye because will be a long time before he sees light again :P

      • Ya true but you’ll still hearing his new for a long time

      • ??????? Explain don’t understand ur comment

      • Go back and read

      • If you wrote proper grammer I wouldn’t have to ask duhhhh

      • My bad I had my daughter in my arms

      • What!!!???!! You had your daughter in your hands from when you begun to write crap…dont you put her to sleep…no excuse for your poor intellect

      • Hey dumd ass my daughter is 4 years I had stop writing to play with my daughter

      • Think that’s the best thing you can do…play with her, educate her and try not to bombard her with the gaze saga as she is growing up

      • Hey get off your computer and let hook me and you I would really like to educate you

      • Before you come and try to educate me which i don’t need go and educate yourself and Btw i don’t associate myself with skettle

      • You are pus– of course you ain’t scared because you behind a computer

      • Lol you think I’m a skettle lol

      • You should watch what you say when it come to a man and his daughter I know Ross from other sites he has a hard head

      • I don’t care who you know…its a free world and everyone has a right to their opinions…i am not scared of cyber bullies because that’s all they are and you don’t know me so whatever anyone says doesn’t effect me…so run along

      • Ok I’m not going to get into it with you but if you are not scared then meet up with him and handle it

      • Why would i want to meet up with dregs…im in the UK come to me….steamer don’t go to boat….hold on are you his spoke person dumm a $$

      • Nope i just like peace

      • Yo this guy is a fool don’t even talk to him anymore he is a wannabe tuff guy behind a computer

      • You should watch how you talk when it comes to a man and his daughter I know people get mad on here but really everyone should be able to agree to disagree in peace

      • Well you know how we feel the evidence maybe good be we still can’t hide the fact that the jamaican police force lie all the time and that they are known for murder Listen to me take 2 minutes and go on youtube and watch a video about jamaican police it might change way you see jamaica

      • Amen lol

  49. Rodney ratings large nah lie proud of you…positive vybz

  50. God blessed bounty all the time , Real man

  51. Big up the killa still enuh !!

  52. wow what a traitor

  53. Real Tok frm di 5***** General

  54. Bounty killer is a wicked soul ,he knows he is a part of the corrupted politics that help to bring down the artist .when the two of them was in good friendship why was’nt he daddy devil then! Bounty killer is the real daddy devil, any body who don’t like this comment need to go kill themselves.

    • Before you comment make sure you understand what you are commenting about cause you have not got a clue about what you have written about – Mr. Dummy do some research please – Big up Rodney Price every time

    • from the house of EL

      such a dumb ass, a real big dumb ass. da comment just prove how stupid you be and den a try run from d back lash a talk bout who no like it go kill dem self. how u so bloodclart stupid? u cant see where fooly ness and fu—– does get you? gwahn go read a book or seek knowledge on d computer an wise up lickle bwoy. wa Rodney say is right and a people like u a who encourage Addi fi chat fu## even though still Addi shoulda know better. ofcourse dem ting deh would a reach him and him shoulda know that but im does let him ignorance and immature ways get d best of him and now im affi go appeal and dem kind a sttn deh. im shoulda never deh ina dem fool fool position in the first place especially when he know how fugged up the system be. big man wid pickiney no fi behave so.a bare demonds him call down pon himself and look ya now him pikeney affi suffer and cry long eye water fi dem daddy dem ting deh a fu—-y my youth Bigz you full a fu–

    • When kartel was alliance mi never hear him glorify the devil so a sh– you a chat. Post fact on the people dem page and reason properly.

    • I’m sure the person who maid this comment no pass 25.

    • Lol bigness is bitter the jail boss get lock up…Bounty killer aka poor people governor is not a corrupt person he is a descent man who just don`t like foolishness so before you throw stone mek sure your lil board house can stand the big rock amma dash out pon yuh but for now amma just cool it.

    • Him start gwaan a way since him get the s class don’t. U sound like a real pu—hole. Mistrial mi seh. Free pon appeal mi say. Tampered evidence mi say. Kartel a the real boss n Rodney is a goat mi say. #freeworldboss

    • Real talk just not the go kill themselves but bounty is a cock sucker the biggest hater bully in dancehall I know he is happy kartel is gone

  55. Kartel made classic music and he is quite charismatic but if he really claimed to be a baphomet worshipper he lost it.God is nothing to play with.He ought to ask God for forgiveness and repent in time for the real judgement day.

  56. War lord bounty killer real general nuff respect to the real boss from 90s to now! Bounty killer own dancehall

    • Whatever take your head out of your ass killa ain’t no general he never had the balls to clash kartel face to face or Tommy Lee mavado saw him for the b**ch he is but he can bully bennie man who is not a clash artist bounty couldn’t stand 5mins on a sting stage with kartel and he knows it kartel use to be bounty ghost writer and you call him a general like I told you before you don’t know sh– about dancehall

    • You need to review the 90s 4 real bounty was on top with bennie in the late 90s till 2001 after that he has just been there

    • Bounty killer is one of the greatest no doubt

      • Rian he is back in the 90s he done the place in the US . I was at most if these stage show .

      • I can’t lie wasn’t a bounty fan until the late 90s I was a ninja and buju fan in 98 bounty really turn it up

      • Rian Ninja , Shabba and SuperCat was the raining DJ in 90s Buju was around but a Bounty / Beenie was running the place in their category . First you had the King Yellow man . Buju son and daughter talks to me regular bigs up to them . Free Buju ??????????

      • Hell yeah free buju

      • Yeah shabba and cat and ninja those were the days and I remember yellow man sh– you are going way back man I was a teenager lol

      • Rain yuh know u music ??????????????????????????????????????????????

    • You talk like daddy devil you are just mad become you can’t afford cake soap if you’re nice I just send you one

    • Burn Gaza know u a talk he did a lot of shows in FL early 90s real DJ . Fe real ????????????????

  57. real talk me dj