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Reneto Adams Calls For 50 Year Sentence For Vybz Kartel

Notorious ex-police officer Reneto Adams is calling for a hefty sentence for convicted dancehall star Vybz Kartel.

Vybz Kartel and three of his four co-accused are facing 25 years to life imprisonment for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

DETAILS: Vybz Kartel Sister Speaks, Says Family Is Devastated

The accused men was found guilty by a 10:1 jury last week Thursday in the Home Circuit court in Kingston.

Speaking with the Observer, Reneto Adams expressed his delight in the conviction and called for a 50-year sentence to be handed down on the self proclaim Worl’Boss.

“I have been one of the voices crying out in the wilderness for criminals to be found guilty and locked up for no less than 50 years for heinous crimes,” Adams said.

“The Jamaican people have suffered for far too long,” Adams added.

Reneto Adams also blast some members of the police force for the way they handle some of the evidence against the accused men.

Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, André St John, and Kahira Jones were all found guilty of Lizard’s murder. Shane Williams was acquitted for same murder charge.

The four convicted men will be sentenced in court next week Tuesday.


  1. Adams Guh su– yuh mumma wether Gaza Don guilty or not we as jamaicans dont need your opinion, yuh worse dan Kartel a who yuh man

  2. U sound stupid aswel cause Adams rinse him gun pon innocent ppl not criminals.

  3. It’s over. Move on people. The jury has spoken. Go worship some other celebrated criminal until their reign also comes to an end. Perfect example.

  4. You must be 5.0

  5. P—-HOLE BATTY BWOY Adams a cold blooded Murderer!!!!! suh how him still free and them a talk bout kartel…..Adam did kill Over seven Unarmed (Young)Men In The early 2000s. FREE UP ADDIJA VYBZ KARTEL WORL BOSS PALMER!!!!!!!!!! OH!

  6. I really don’t understand it’s like this isn’t about the death of Lizard if he is really dead , This is about the crime the government started years ago and they want it to stop that they can make more money for there pockets and they want to blame Vybez Kartel as an example that there doing something about crime smfh.

  7. Gloria thumbs up on that I’m happy I left there corrupt system too there day to face judgment gonna come soon .

  8. I agree with Mr. Adams. There should be harder punishment for criminals in Jamaica. I don’t care who the guy. On the Kartel subject, they sent themselves to prison. Let’s see. The control burning inside the house where the witness said he say lizard on the floor; the demolition of the back of the house where they suspect lizard was chopped up; the overpowering use of disinfectant; the text messages, the witness and the statements of the accused themselves. Prison neva did agu miss dem. So all a oonu weh a talk bout free Kartel should be ashamed of yourselves for condoning criminality and indecency in our country.

  9. carelessboutpeople

    thank you, i appreciate

    • U welcome bt a wah kinda name that hyia? Lol it sound crazy my name is to provoke the gaza fans dem still bt a nothing serious becuz mi rate kartel wen him did black emergency song dat a one a mi favorite kartel song . Bt from him diss the general bounty killer war lord the man who make him famous and start provoke the people dem with him devil song and devil style mi haffi burn dat and money turn him into a fool too much yes man around him frist thing you nuh kill nobody Ina yr house and a lot more fu:kry him do him put him self Ina jail .who dem seh start well kartel lock dwn the chart well , bt him make bobylon finish him too soon

  10. Mr Adams how many people have u killed as a former PO. And never did time. Jamaican police dept the most violent in the WORLD. So happy I left JA years.ago.

  11. Burn Gaza u say the exact words that’s what his fans don’t realize . I have 5 brothers what the hell was he thinking .

  12. carelessboutpeople

    Reneto Adams killed 9 teenager in a house over St. Catherine no weapons and drugs were found on the scene. Why isn’t he doing life in prison? those kids didn’t have families? does their family deserve justice? A lady head was remove by her ex-lover’ before the incident she went to the police enormous times, and they refuse to help. why is it that those police officers aren’t held liable for what happen to the lady? what is justice? if vybz kartel is guilty he didn’t get a fair trial, and if lizard is dead they have yet to prove it. which mean he didn’t get any justice either!!! The only thing i agree with is that vybz kartel inspired lizard murder from the phone messages; which is a 10-15 years sentence. they should offer him a lower sentence to tell where lizard body is that the family can get closure. R.I.P lizard because either you or kartel get any justice from the system.

    • Yes hyia mi agree with you abt the Adam part nuh innocent people him kill and nuh spend nuh jail time becuz him a man of the law lol crazy sh–

  13. If you you at how the whole jamaican system is against kartel it makes you wonder

  14. Mr Adams you were the biggest murderous any body killin Police in Jamaica..chat bout..everybody knew that..and?.. we all knew that before you went on Trial back in 2005..think you should stay out of this one because some are us are still puzzled how you beat that one sir..

  15. Bout him a kill man over missing gun..
    Police need fi tek machete and Chop up him BLOOD CLAUT!!!!!

  16. Reneto go suk una Mudda free up ADDI di teacher and Him di go touch the blood fire road soon enough free up di worl boss!!!!

  17. PPL if adams seh sumting y argue it is his opinion he was a crime fighter and me respect him maybe if a did him still in charge dis would’nt have happen to kartel cause kartel fear him like every other socall DONS so next week we will hear if a 10 20 30 40 50 years him get so what i dont care life goes on

  18. The Real Wolrd Boss

    Kartel got a free pass on the first murder… The self proclaimed ‘World Boss’ could have spent a relatively small amount of money and had a henchman dispose of Lizard. Instead for ‘street cred’ he did the deed himself. Not very bright ‘Boss’. Take the next 50 years and think about it…

  19. SHHHHH…..

  20. Reneto Adams talking about murder is hypercritical to say the least, after everything is said and done Adidja Palmer and Shawn Campbell should be proud of their work. Not many people get them selfs a house out the real ghetto as well as their family and friends. There’s a GAZA in every part of Jamaica he shows hard work pays off. N there’s a lesson with this case. But. The case was a shambles with evidence lost and phones clarified as used whilst seized? Doesn’t look great. People should read or YouTube about Jamaican police more on this one I think

  21. DemSellOutKartel

    Rento Adam Go Chuck Yuh Head Inna Yuh woman Skirt , bout 50 yrs #FreeVybzKartel #FreeShawnStorm

  22. Worl boss falls from grace

  23. Mr Adams he is right Vybz kartel has only got himself to blame as for the clown that call himself freeworldboss needs to learn English you stupid coon you can’t even use your own real name you test you should suck yuh madda whatever that means you prat

  24. Vybz Kartel is not good for Jamaica. I hope the justice system smoke out the others and let them pay for their crimes. He is no world boss! He is simply a piece of trash who decides to serve no purpose in life. Let him die in prison!

    • Honest chick u are so right American police in Jamaica . I no this for a fact no hear sey . Time do u every thing . I told my mom that sooner or later they will catch a lot of gun men in JA. Trust me their crime fighting system will be way better . Kartel is in serious trouble these wanna be thugs better wake up . The appeal alone will take a long time . If he doesn’t get the appeal he will have to do 15 yrs . Let this murderer wash his face more with the cake soap . He will have plenty of time .

  25. Vybz Kartel deserves the death penalty. That piece of sh– neck should be broken before his mother pushed him out! Hood rat! Trash bag!

  26. Nuff youths di boy adams kill but di corrupt system keep him a road still. Him fi dead.

  27. Memba seh a nuh innocent people Adams kill, a him fi go a fu—-g prison.

  28. Look at the kettle calling the pot black lol! Adams, u were a gunman with a police uniform please relax. With that said, Kartel’s ego is what got him here more than anything, the larger than Jamaica corrupt justice system world boss attitude. Also, Kartel being the star he is without a doubt should have never been involved, not even a lil bit. Once u have political ministers of the country against u, loss is almost inevitable.

  29. Rite now god kno seh a mavado n vybz kartel akways mek di nice dats y mavado fly out cuz him c a wah gwan kartel is all bout di ladys it done star jah kno mi feel it real tlk

  30. That is what on his mind, he is not the judge. I just hope other learn. Which I know some won’t

  31. This is what I’ve been saying it’s a set up 50 years come on

  32. life emitates art first buju now cartel…..smh vybz a biggest thing inna dancehall since ninja n will b wen him com out

  33. it funny how some a d most vicious man a yard chat bout crime but they did the most crime while wearing a badge…how much innocent him kill cause him feel dem guilty..how gal him rape n get weh wit….dats y babylon reach america then dem vanish…..mi nah say d man innocent..him get ova confident but certain people fi jus no say nothing wen glass house a protect dem

  34. It’s time that America steps in and fix this upside down country

  35. Adams a nuff innocent Man U kill suh u mus shut yr mouth ,kartel buss him own bubbles ghetto boy get the richest and guh dash it weh over 2 guns a joke thing hyia kartel a gun clown be4 him send man fi guh do the things dem him a record and take picture and all types a fu:kry and all leave winteness fi come testified kartel shoulda jus kill dem all and done becuz d informer boy really a help the bobylon fi put u away

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      • Burn Gaza is a regular on here he blows off steam .

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      • Disquis don’t pay him any mind some people are passionate about certain things . I know he express himself a certain way just ignore it . Burn Gaza can u please don’t say suck yuh madda . Both of us on this site long time and couple more people . Big up self Disquis. ??????

      • disqus_TJ0A2BBCkN

        You too NYC thank you

      • Disquis u in NYC also ?

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        No, Im in Jamaica

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      • Lol you funny me cool off long time wen yr dj the bleacher get him guilty veridic Ina him bleach out face hope him nuh drop d cake soap dwn a jail. You also are regular on here as well suh mi nuh get yr point

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      • he went from being a fluffer and blowing off random guys to blowing off steam. well at least he is trying to change his
        nemo way of life

      • Andre Burn Gaza is a regular on here he can be nuts some times on here . He is passionate about his music .

      • You are regular as well too NYC you damn right I’m passionate abt my music dancehall mi luv it kartel wah turn it into go go club. It mus nt sound like hip hop music bt Andre wrights a look a man bt mi nuh fc:k man notice a woman mi mess with like talk tash to dem like you and others .

      • Burn Gaza yuh nuh easy . Why u don’t join instragram . Kartel knows what he did . Let him do hard time .
        Can’t wait till Thursday .

      • A mus yr muma you talk bout she blow everybody and guh suck yr muma

      • Yes he is must better know am Burn Gaza friend .

      • Why don’t you join Kartel in the new ramping shop Prison. Maybe Kartel can ramp out ya Batty!!!!

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      • Burn Gaza
        How are you ? When I was growing up Kartel was not around . Buju is my DJ . Big up yuh self burn Gaza u don’t back down from any one . You on Instagram . ??????????

      • U sound like a fake kartel fan

      • Burn Gaza hell no . I have a problem with Kartel for putting him self with this mess . He had everything and he throw it away . That’s why a lot of people don’t feel sorry for him .

      • Anything y say but i hope him get like 10 to 15 years becuz kartel was my mi dj one time wen him did a hang out with the war lord . A kartel put him self Ina jail him leave too many evidence him too fool money change him . Everything him over do it bleaching ect prison never make mi dog mi friend it make fi poor people

  36. 50 years of living better than those on streets, with a hot meal…

  37. Adams ah who need the bloodclattt 50 years him ah act like him hands clean.

  38. Tmon3ydadjmbr ($da original$)

    Wtf nah man dem nah deal the man right.

  39. Breaton 7 × 50 =350…

    • Dunce head boy kartel money a mad some a wi? Weh u have fi say now ? Money caah save you from yr sins god nah sleep dunce head

      • That’s why Jamaica has so much crime. Friends and families wash the criminals blood-up clothes. What about the man that died. He’s somebody’s Pitney too. What if it was their relative that got killed, I wonder what these ppl who Are Supporting Vybz Kartel Would say, damn hypocrites!!!

      • it’s the life they lead can’t feel sorry for nobody..Reports state the Victim was no Angel god rest his soul..he was a feared youth in his area that would pop it out on YOU and shoot..some of us are just mad at the fumbling and rumblings which took place during the trial..by the prosecution and investigators..nd now Jurors names are being leaked..bare slackness all roun..I don’t see where the hypocrisy come in some of us who support Kartel are not necessarily fans of sum of his Vibez that he was keeping up we just would have liked to see some physical evidence not circumstantial..

      • All of yall motherf—ing jamaicans are dunce if kartel is

      • Leave Jamaica’s bizniz to Jamaicans bro

      • No batty man you wrong most Jamaican believe Ina god nt devil unlike kartel aka daddy devil that’s why him deh a jail becuz him too dunce .

      • Let’s talk devil for a minute when Elvis started out they would call him the white devil cause of the way he danced and the type of music he was doing now vybz kartel was playing a role as the bad guy do I think he should pay for that no do I think he is not guilty I don’t know but people like the bad guy it sells just look at scarface people like Tony Montana you also had 50 cent then your have other artist who promote street gangs like the game lil wayne snoop dogg and the gose on so it’s marketing is it wrong or right who know but if that how you get your money I ain’t going to judge you

  40. nobody cares about what you want, envious brute.

  41. Come on know 50 years is Ridiculous .Who is the clown go sit your ass down u are not a judge . I notice every one jumping on the band wagan to blame every thing on Kartel that BS . I am mad at Kartel he was associate with the wrong people .

    • No, wrong, he was the boss, he point finger and ppl run up and down, he was in charge, so you got it wrong, its ppl go mixed up with him, not him got mixed up with ppl.

      • Yute a rubbish you a talk abt boss do u knw dat police man? Guh google him and see why he his nt a police anymore if kartel fi get 50 years him fi get life and the death sentence

      • Burn Gaza,mi think a di wrong person u send this to. I think it was meant for NYC one, but I cud be wrong. …If the Judge say life or 50, life or death, I don’t have a problem, cuz it was premeditated murder, not an accident or an act of passion. So anything am cool with it.

      • No you mi a talk to you called dat dutty police old criminal boss that police man is nt any boss if karet fi get 50 years . That police man fi get the death sentence do you knw how many innocent yute him kill? Kartel mus get like 10to15 years nt 50 that’s over doing the damn thing

      • Burn Gaza, look again you’re misunderstanding me. I was replying to a post by NYC one, the person say “I am mad at Kartel he was associate with the wrong people” and I said “No, wrong, he was the boss, he point finger and ppl run up and down, he was in charge, so you got it wrong, its ppl go mixed up with him, not him got mixed up with ppl”. The “he” am talking is the self proclaim world boss. NYC one is behaving as if a di ppl dem corrupt kartel and no its the other way around, Kartel was in charge, he was their boss and not the other way around. As far as Adams, I cant say I know alot about him, but from the news press, I have seen he is a very volatile. My favorite skit about him is in Twins of Twins and when him murder di youte dem ina di car when him pull dem over, I love that skit.

      • Ok over stand wat you saying . NYC is fake gaza fans lol she was hoping he get away , wen kartel get the guilty veridic to me she look like she switch lol Adams is a criminal nt becuz him his a man of the law him mus kill and get weh a joke thing . Mi burn law if a boy diss the link him mus dead jus nuh leave nuh evidence for example man weh a rape dem mus dead gunshot inna face

      • Burn Gaza not a Kartel fan no band wagon here . I love the veteran artist . Buju is my DJ . When I was growing up Kartel was not around .
        Kartel is a bully and a murderer . God don’t like ugly .

      • Ahh mi friend mi like buju banton too kartel have too much yes man around even do mi nuh like him . A man like him who have nuff money and famous ghetto yute jus guh dash weh the richest like a real clown a joke thing too Rass bt mi hope the judge nuh guh too hard still

      • from the house of EL

        god no like ugly but me love you me feel she you is a sexy hot mamma or a n experience head strong muma so me want fi get to know you however if you is a man go fluck u self me no deal wid gay vibes

      • Ok sir, I got it.

      • from the house of EL

        I agree with you too but him right to be mad at kartel him should a know better wait what am I saying? your right he thought he was the world boss there is only one world boss and dat a d devil himself so teacher curst himself right deh.

      • Donavon not me Burn Gaza talking to u . ??????Turn ????????

      • Lol a you mi a talk to bt if you say kartel a nuh yr dj I can’t say nothing abt dat . Kartel was one of my dj wen him jus came out and wen him did black , from d boy diss d general bounty killer and start provoke the people with dem devil style and a freak out dancehall wah turn it in rap music fyia haffi bun . One time mi think kartel was a porn star becuz every time d man a show the pubic wen gyal a gi him head lol like really which super star nun get head nobody need to see those picture

      • He makes his baby Madda look like a damn fool . His baby Madda mouth is full of fake teeth and he made all that money .

    • This guy was a national disgrace

    • Once you take someone life, I think they should do anything they want with you. It was a cold blooded murder. No pity… give life him imprisonment him and the rest.

      • How you know this guy is dead and the way they say he got killed blood should have been everywhere and they did not find any blood … Thats just how jamaica run we like to suppress our people

      • They found spots of blood on the wall, some parts if the wall were wipe while some parts were not the floor were wipe and it was only in a certain area and disinfect and there is still more forensics evidences

      • And it wasn’t lizards blood

      • Batty man dem couldn’t find lizard body fi match the damn thing

      • You don’t need a body all you need is another family member to match DNA and it didn’t match didn’t you follow the case?

      • from the house of EL

        DUMMY wha dat tell you? dat a bare killings did a gwan ina da house so if lizard dead him a no di first victim a bare fu—– d bleacher did a gwan wid because him a di WORLD BOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS mek me hear u say it why pree why pree why pree. worldboss

      • what about text message, video, and eyewitness… all that Jamaica made up as well????

      • Yes

      • I know that he is dead because the murderer said so in his text message. He said that they chopped up and that he is minced meat. Any idiot can understand that.

      • Let just say that primo ny and NYC one are haters but I enjoy butting heads real them they really believe he is guilty and if it wasn’t for them I would have stop posting a long time ago but I enjoy going at it with these f—ers lol nothing but love for the both of them

      • I don’t like you

      • Like I care little boy buzz off

      • I think we should be open minded like I said before this is a really shady case on both sides we don’t know what happened none of us was there can we trust the jamaican police force ? Can we believe kartel? Guilty or not guilty dude is in jail none of us can judge him even if he dose life in prison he and the system will be judged on there death beds

    • from the house of EL

      FINALLY! a sensible person

  42. reneto adams go suck yuh madda world boss fi free

    • World boss fi free, well unfortunately thats impossible. I guess one fine day it will sink in that life goes on.

      • 4 sure it will go on it was here be4 kartel dancehall rules but I will miss that vybz sound

    • disqus_TJ0A2BBCkN

      You know Free you need to respect other persons opinion Mr. Adams has a right to express the way he feels and so do you. When you use that.phrase about “suck……” it sounds way too aggressive and illiterate. Let us all talk about this in an intelligent elevated manner.

      • in any other case sure. but hitler should not be allowed to talk about buju getting life in proison or kratel getting life in prison. in other words, you have committed some of the most atrocious acts of violence against humanity so you mr.adams sir have waived your rights to address mankind. you will be more suitable as worm food. kinda wish you father was gay! or that your mother was a lesbian better yet i wish you were just sperms in a condom!!!! at least the breaton 7 would be alive today!!!!!!!!

      • from the house of EL

        how d fluff u fi ask a donkey fi walk pon 2 foot and ride bicycle? if u no wa me a try say? some people just stupid and cant comprehend mind you, Adams got him faults too but a stupid illiterate people who a talk bout su– madda and a support petty crime and senseless killing a dem who Addams and friends enjoy rinsing them gun pon. dem so stupid Addams don’t see dem as human

      • Adams a murderer weh yuh a teel Free seh even if Kartel guilty or not this is a landmark case in Ja and everybody eeeeeeyeeees wide open now, but we nuh need Adams fi a come seh nothing the whole police force and politicians know Adams rob and kill nuff innocent youth and people… but tru seh him do it for dem to dem mek it pass like nothing was done by Adams and his crew him should a deh inna the cell next to Kartel, a kill man a guh kill adams wen the right thugs dem buck him, and by no means i support violence or any violent activity but Adams need fi guh weh and keep him opinion to him self because nuh sensible jamaican nah pay the murderer nuh mind everybody want him guh prison only the blind nuh see it lol

    • Same mentality as Vybz Kartel, insults after insults is dat all you can say, shame. I bet you can never in a million years have the nerves to confront Adams and say the exact same words in his face.

      • I would love to meet him face to face I would knock him out not because of kartel but because he is a horrible person one of jamaica biggest murders

      • Hahahaha….for your own sake I guess imaginations are far much safer than reality. Somethings are better left as dreams and its good to just live and love your life.

      • I’ve had over 36 full contact fights and even more street fights I think I can handle my self

      • But you are not bulletproof, member thats how Adams do.

      • No I am not bulletproof but I got a hell of a right hand if I gave him one shot he wouldn’t be able to let off a gunshot

      • from the house of EL


      • You just a little man sending me pictures saying I don’t like you like I care yo lunch is over go back to school

      • Nerves? Dwl. All one would need is laso,some tranquilizer and a mobile cage. . Fn brute,id spit in his face n kick his firstborn, point him out smartass.

      • Well I guess you are just a cinema bad man, sorry cinema bad girl if you are female.

      • And what do you call murderer with a badge who decides to bark when noone even asked him to? Suicidal cinema badman?

      • I have the nerve if you can hook it up I’ll gladly bang him in front of the world and I’ll do it for free no f–kin problem

    • Speak English coon