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Drake Drops 7-Minute Diss Track ‘Family Matters’ For Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd & More

Drake performing in Los Angeles 2023 / OVO

Drake drops off a seven-and-a-half-minute diss track, “Family Matters,” taking aim at Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Future, A$AP Rocky, Rick Ross, Metro Boomin, and more. The Toronto rapper was rumored to be dropping a fiery response to Kendrick’s “Euphoria” on Friday, and he delivered.

Hip Hop fans continue to draw battle lines as fans on both sides root for their respective camp. Tonight, Drake fans are sounding the victory alarm, while Kendrick Lamar fans are saying he has the upper hand. The question now is, did Drizzy pack enough punches in the seven minutes he took to deliver what he had to say?

In some of the bars, Drake took aim at Kendrick Lamar and his wife and alleged that the Compton rapper physically abused her and had to hire a crisis management team to make the story go away. “You did her dirty all her life you tryna make peace / I heard that one of them lil kids might be Dave Free’s / They hired a crisis management team to clean up the fact that you beat up your queen / The picture you painted ain’t what it seems, Ya dead,” Drake raps.

“Why did you move to New York? Is it cause your living that bachelor life?/ Proposed in 2015, but don’t wanna make her your actual wife/ I’m guessing this wedding ain’t happening right?/ Cause we know the girls that you actually like,” Drizzy raps while suggesting that Kendrick proposed to his baby mother Whitney in 2015 and still hasn’t officially married her.

Speculations started circling on Thursday that Drake would drop a diss song at midnight, but DJ Akademiks shot that down saying the song wasn’t coming. Instead, Kendrick ceased on the opportunity and drop a diss song on Friday called “6:16 In LA.” Perhaps Drake got a bit nervous then and decided not to let Friday ran out before dropping his response.

Some folks are questioning why Drake is also turning his attention to his other opps, mainly Rick Ross, The Weeknd, and Future, on the same song that he is dissing Kendrick on. But that may be a strategic move by the Canadian rapper to make it that 20 artists are going up against him alone. The other artists have been silent about the ongoing beef so far since making their statements on Future and Metro Boomin’s album We Don’t Trust You.

Kanye West also earned himself a response from Drizzy after he famously said in an interview that everybody was happy about the elimination of Drake when he went to the studio with Metro Boomin and Future.

“Two seperate albums dissing I just did a Kim to it nigga skim through it/ Me and Savage had the hoes dripping wet at the shows almost had to swim to it,” Drizzy raps.