DaBaby Signals His Comeback After Fans Suggest He Fell Off


DaBaby seems to be agreeing with fans that he fell off and is now getting ready for a big comeback.

The Charlotte rapper has been relatively quiet on the music front and on social media for the past couple of months, prompting some hip hop fans to target him with “fall off” memes on social media. Still, it seems DaBaby is taking the blowback in strides while signaling his return is imminent. In a statement shared on his IG story on Wednesday (September 21), the Kirk rapper appears to take a subtle dig at his critics.

“You better watch those people that bounce back from everything that was meant to destroy them,” he wrote. “Those are God’s people and they’re not to be played with.”

Below that statement, he took a parting shot saying, “b*** as* ni**** [angel and peace out emojis] let’s do it.”

Last month, DaBaby’s concert in New Orleans was canceled reportedly due to very low ticket sales. The rapper downplayed the incident at the time, but sources say ticket sales were so low leading up to the event that promoters pulled that plug.

DaBaby IG

It appears things have been compounding for the rapper, who has been dealing with a lot of controversies over the past year, including angering the LGBTQ community and turning off female fans due to his treatment of the mother of his daughter, DaniLeigh. While DaBaby remains defiant in the wake of these controversies, it seems things have alienated a sizeable portion of his fan base.

That can’t be easy for any artists who saw rapid mainstream success, especially during the pandemic when the entertainment industry grind to a halt. DaBaby’s next move would be to release new music, which would be the ultimate test for his career survival. The performance of his new music would give a clear indication if he was successfully canceled by critics.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for more updates on when DaBaby will drop new music and whether he will be the comeback story he is banking on.