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DaBaby Meet With 9 HIV-Awareness Org And Properly Apologize For Offensive Comments

DaBaby is seemingly making amends for his comments at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in July that nearly got him canceled.

The rapper’s misinformed comments about the disease offended many who tried to school him. In spite of that, DaBaby had only offered a wishy-washy apology and doubled down on his stance as he trolled those who felt offended.

However, on Tuesday, the rapper met with nine HIV/ AIDS organizations and apologized for his comments.

The organizations had previously publicly called on the rapper to meet to be enlightened on the disease and how it affects people and clear up the facts that HIV/AIDS was not a disease that affected mainly gay people and was not contagious.

According to TMZ, the rapper met with the groups at a meet up organized by the U.S. HIV awareness organization where discussions were held on the virus and persons living with the disease also shared stories of living with the virus.

DaBaby, previously in his performance comments, noted that people who weren’t going to die in a matter of weeks because they have HIV or AIDS should put their lighter up.

The rapper received flack, and major damage to his brand as almost a dozen music festivals dropped him from their line-ups.

While others dragged DaBaby, others from the HIV/AIDS community called on the rapper to meet so they can help to educate him about the disease. In earlier August, the organization wrote to DaBaby “to call him in instead of calling him out” over his comments at the Rolling Loud festival.

Meanwhile, a statement released by the groups after meeting the rapper said that he was not what they expected and was “genuinely engaged” in the discussions.

DaBaby also apologized, calling his statements inaccurate and hurtful comments, and acknowledged that his comments were damaging to persons living with HIV and on black and LGBTQ+ communities.

Marnina Miller of the Southern AIDS Coalition said the rapper’s willingness to attend the meeting was a good opportunity to learn and grow from his mistakes. His attendance could set a positive example for others who may have the same misconceptions.

The other organizations represented at the meeting were the Black AIDS Institute, GLAAD, Positive Women’s Network, and Transinclusive Group.

Meanwhile, DaBaby has been slowly recovering from the Rolling Loud incident and has been appearing at events including Hot 97’s Summer Jam which initially dropped him, and Boosie Bash, along with an appearance at Kanye West’s latest “Donda” listening party in Chicago.