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The LOX’s Styles P Says DaBaby Need Coaching After Rolling Loud LGBT Fallout

The LOX, shared their opinions on DaBaby’s recent homophobic rants questioning, “Who trained DaBaby?”

The Breakfast Club released their latest episode today (August 11), where they featured guests, The LOX, who are fresh off their Verzuz win. They spoke about their Verzuz battle in great detail, noting all that happened, from rehearsal to the actual show. They also spoke on the music industry as a business and touched on mental health and cancel culture issues. Most notably, however, was their insight into DaBaby‘s infamous Rolling Loud performance.

That event has now certainly become one of his darkest days, as he has lost out on numerous checks due to the backlash.

Several major music festivals such as UK’s Parklife Festival, The Governor’s Ball, Lollapalooza, Day N Vegas, Summer Jam, iHeartRadio Music Festival Daytime Stage, Music Midtown, and Austin City Limits have removed him from their artiste lineup. A plethora of celebs has also sounded off on the matter, including Chris Brown. DaBaby’s credits have now also been removed from Dua Lipa’s track “Levitating.” He has lost other deals as well, such as his brand endorsement with BoohooMAN.

The LOX, formed in 1994, has been signed and mentored by Diddy and has become veterans in the music industry, which is why their take on DaBaby is a powerful one. With over 25 years of experience under their belt, they spoke about their lessons on showmanship with Charlamagne Tha God.

They noted that the steps taken by Diddy in order to ensure that they remain professional were not being done with new age rappers. Highlighting the aspects of being good performers, they noted that you have to know how to do more than just stand on stage. Artists need to learn their words and have proper stage presence and a strong entourage.

“Being an artiste comes with being a showman, being a business man, being a gentleman and then being a beast too but being a professional also. I think a lot of kids making so much money they don’t got A& R’s like Bad Boys, Ruff Ryder’s, and Def Jam had,” stated Styles P.

He added, “If you gonna be on cancel culture, you can’t be with mental health culture either. Who trained DaBaby to say alright that you in this industry now this is how its gonna go. Cause I’m pretty sure he’s been around plenty of gay people. He has, he’s in the industry. He’s got styled by them. He’s been dressed by them, he’s done deals. But no one’s speaking up on his behalf saying iight, not to say I’m speaking up, I’m saying he did something wrong. But who developed him?”

P further noted that DaBaby’s mistakes might be due to mental illness, asking who was there to sit him down and provide him with guidance.

“Young man you’re getting multiple millions now. You’re around Corporate now. When you’re around Corporate this is how it goes. Nobody’s teaching him, then you wanna cancel him. Cause when you say something or do something out of line to the world, in front of the world. That’s kind of a mental health issue. Not saying you all the way out there. You might have snapped for a minute. But you just can’t keep canceling everybody and saying you concerned about mental health and not developing them.”

“He was selling drugs probably three years ago in North Carolina, carrying guns. What makes you think he got all of that money and if y’all not there to guide him, execs, older artistes, parents, saying yo bro you can’t do this you can’t do that. Help a brother out,” ended Styles P.

Sheek Louch quickly chimed in, asking, “Why he don’t just apologize?” to which Angela said, “He did, he apologized.”

Styles P quickly countered, “Somebody gotta tell people how to apologize too. Sometimes he probably didn’t mean it but his apology wasn’t homey enough for people who felt the damage. Here’s what’s really f**ked up about it. You cancelling these kids, his baby moms. When it’s kids you gotta think about their mental health situation.”

Although, this experience also addresses how you’d interact with persons that you do not agree with as well. Jadakiss also used this moment to mention himself trending on black Twitter, whereby Charlamagne then mentioned Tyler, The Creator, who complimented Jadakiss during The LOX and Dipset Verzuz battle.

The LOX kept the atmosphere upbeat, mentioning that they did not interpret his antics as disrespectful.

Check out the full interview below.