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NBA YoungBoy Giving Baby Joe A Leg Tattoo Video Went Viral

NBA YoungBoy has another viral moment this weekend after a video clip surfaced of him giving Baby Joe a tattoo on his leg.

In case rapping fails, which is unlikely for the Baton Rouge rapper, then he can fall back on being a tattoo artist. The below video clip has been making the rounds on social media since this morning. The clip shows a side by side video of NBA YoungBoy laser focus on getting his needle strokes perfect while also vaping. It’s not very often you will see the “In Control” rapper this calm. His close friend Baby Joe seems to be enjoying getting tatted up by Kentrell.

Last weekend, YoungBoy Never Broke Again went viral after a photo of him kissing one of his male friends on the cheek went viral. NBA pretty much ignored his critics and focused on doing him. This week, we saw him having fun at his home with his friends while enjoying some success on the airwaves with his new album, AI YoungBoy 2, debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

NBA YoungBoy has had a decorating history with tattoos. Earlier this year, a legion of females went public after getting tattoos of the rapper’s name and sometimes face on their bodies. This summer, young female rapper Bhad Bhabie also debut her own tattoo of YoungBoy after months after rumors that the two were dating. The Louisiana rapper has never responded to the reports, but Bhad Bhabie has expressed her love for YoungBoy. Perhaps that’s a good thing for him to remain silent, given that she is underage.