Love & Hip Hop ATL: Spice Addresses Fight With Akbar V

Spice dancehall artiste

Spice has stepped forward to address her recent fight with Akbar V on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

The “Back Way” deejay recently crossed the 2 million followers mark on Instagram, making her the first dancehall artist to reached that level. Being a regular cast on Love and Hip Hop has helped her elevate her brand, which was her original intentions despite some fans questioning why did she sign on to the reality show.

Some fans were concerned that her fights on the show could damage her brand, but it seems to be working for Spice who recently had a running with Akbar V. “I think, like most women, she probably thinks I’m coming in Atlanta, in her space, to probably take over,” the deejay said.

Spice continues, “So she feels threatened by probably me and Tokyo Vanity being in Atlanta. I flew there to widen my fan base, so if something is gonna come in my way, I’m gonna feel offended but what I felt most offended about was when she tried to mock my Jamaican accent.”

Spice said that issues like that ended up being good marketing for her when blogs repost the videos on Instagram and their websites. It is helping to get her name out there to a broader audience. At least Spice learned from early that as a celebrity, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Speaking about publicity, Spice is currently promoting her new wig venture. Perhaps you’re a fan of her blue wigs, or maybe you want to try on one of them. You’re in luck; her wig business is now open for business with price starting at US$250, which is around JM$ 33,000.

The dancehall diva admitted that some of her fans might be priced out of the market, but wigs are well worth the price.