Vybz Kartel & Spice Delivers Raunchy Video “Back Way”

Spice and Vybz Kartel pic

Vybz Kartel and Spice drops off a raunchy video for their latest collaboration “Back Way.”

The longtime collaborators always make some gems whenever they come together on the same track. “Back Way” is a sexually explicit new single that has been making the rounds on dancehall airwaves. Kartel’s protege Sikka Rhymes who look a lot like the deejay fill in for him in the music video.

“Up inna yuh all night long, f**k inna dark, light gone / Mi nuh fraid annuh yesterday mi born come slam dunk it like LeBron / Bad from mi born inna bed, mek yuh bawl, ‘Addi please mek mi gwaan,'” Kartel and Spice spits.

Vybz Kartel and Spice previously collaborated on the Billboard hit “Romping Shop” released in 2009. The pair again collaborated on “Conjugal Visit” which was a massive hit. “Back Way” is their latest collaboration and it once again proves that the two dancehall stars are two of the best to take up the mic.

Spice often credits Vybz Kartel for the success of her career which ballooned after the released “Romping Shop.”

“A lot of people always question me ‘why so loyal to Vybz Kartel?’” Spice said in a previous interview. “Even now when he is incarcerated a lot of people did expect me to stay saying big up the Worl’Boss and a Gaza me say. I remember being at home and Vybz Kartel call me and said ‘Mumma me find the song.’ So for me I treasured that, he could’ve chose any other female artist, but he was the one who called me, he was the one who wrote that song, put the idea together, choose the riddim and do everything. He kind of gave me that big giant jump in dancehall music to put me on a certain level internationally.”