Spice Explodes On Akbar V For Mocking Jamaican Accent: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Spice Love and Hip Hop

Spice exploded and attacked her Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta co-star Akbar V for mocking her Jamaican accent.

Last season we saw the dancehall diva getting into it with other co-stars like Tokyo Vanity and this season, there is more drama. On episode 9 of this season, Spice and Akbar V got into it forcing security to separate the two women. Unlike last season when she received some backlash for fat shaming Tokyo Vanity, Spice is getting a lot of support from her fans for putting the paws on Akbar V for mocking her Jamaican accent and calling her a “b**ch.”

“Don’t you dare try to downplay my culture a wha she hear bout?!” Spice tweeted. She also shared the video clip on Instagram where she wrote, “Rule #1 Don’t ever try to mock my Jamaican accent, and Don’t call me b***h. #petpeeve. Respect my country Period.”

Spice is getting a lot of support from dancehall fans and Jamaicans who thinks that Akbar V was out of line for mocking her accent. Some folks also suggested that Spice shouldn’t taint her brand for someone who is considered a lower tier celebrity.

“Spice me like how you defend we thing, the blood*** gyal bright and out of order but she is not even worth tainting your brand for them waste gyal deh,” one fan wrote. Another fan added, “She want it to get slap for real.Her a*s was being so disrespectful with no life. Instead of attacking people like that should be getting her life together and take care of her kids but no she’s mimicking Spice who comes from Jamaica and doing wayyyy better than her. F*** her.”