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Wayne Marshall On Vybz Kartel “Prison Is No Place For His Talent”

Wayne Marshall joins the long list of local celebrities calling for Vybz Kartel to be released from prison.

The dancehall singjay paid tribute to the incarcerated deejay on IG with an old photo of the two while they were coming up under Bounty Killer wings in The Alliance.

“From them times i knew Vybz Kartel would be an enigma,” Marshall said. “Could not predict this movie though. We had a special link as young talents on the rise. As faith would have it we grew apart. I always rate him as one of the brightest minds i know to this day. Truth is, prison is no place for the talent he has to offer the world.”

Wayne Marshall is not the only celebrity calling for Kartel’s release. Usain Bolt, who is a huge fan of the aced dancehall star, also regularly voiced his discontent with the artists incarceration.

Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is serving a life sentenced in prison for his 2014 murder conviction.


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