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Vybz Kartel On Chronixx Diss “Just Another Artist Calling My Name For Publicity”

Chronixx raised a lot of eyebrows in dancehall last week when he called Vybz Kartel a cannibal.

The reggae singer was speaking during an interview with Vice’s Noisey Jamaica when he made the scathing statement about the incarcerated dancehall hitmaker.

A rep for Vybz Kartel told Urban Islandz that the deejay simply brushed it off when he heard the news, referring to Chronixx as just another local artist using his name for publicity.

“Chronixx had no reason to make such statement about Vybz Kartel because they never met, never spoke to each other, and have never worked together,” Kartel’s reps told us this morning. “Clearly he is just another badmind artist using the artist name to get some sort of hype and publicity.”

During his Noisey interview, the “Here Comes Trouble” singer did point out that Vybz Kartel did a lot of good but still lost his way and became what he calls a “cannibal.”

“Vybz Kartel himself has done a lot of good things in life, I must say,” Chronixx said. “Gangsterism, cannibalism… because Vybz Kartel overtime became a cannibal. When you listen to his music it is very cannibalistic.”

Watch a snippet of the interview below.

Chronixx was perhaps speaking about Vybz Kartel murder conviction in 2014 where evidence points to the deejay and his three co-accused chopping up their victim, Clive “Lizard” Williams into pieces before disposing of his remains at sea.

“It became so pleasant to the human that there is a thing within us that crazes chopping up people and beheading people and cut out a man inside,” Chronixx added.

Chronixx didn’t stopped there and even used Vybz Kartel’s hit single “Kill Dem All And Done” to drive home his point.

“When you see how youth react to a song that says go and kill everybody, kill dem all and done and everybody excited,” the “Who Knows” singer said.

Don’t expect a collaboration from Vybz Kartel and Chronixx anytime soon.


  1. Maxwel cakesoap jackson

    All these artist mad coz kartel run jamaica behind bars leave my artist alone focus on your career

  2. Chronixx better watch out he don’t end up on Kartel’s dinner table.

  3. Vybz kartel is the star ,remember you tell them say you unstoppable ,them can’t stop you.Alkaline ,chronixx and them others just badmine .You a the star me boss for Jamaica music .This is dwayne wayne dancehall next star download my latest singles party time,nah go let you go,money and gall ,baby baby ,clean like a whistle,mi bad and many more thank you .

  4. So to expose the sin of lewd music, vulgar language, belittling women, glorifying hooliganism is looking a hpye, then again the illiterate, reprobate, and violent society of jamaica explain why kartel can have hit there and they defend him. Jamaica has fallen in to derogatory society and the reap the result of such a society. Hope the righteous voices keep speaking and they turn from there wicked ways.

  5. Publicity stunt: Him try it wid Obama (Calling him a waste man) and it never work and him fail again wid the same thing

  6. Jonathan ELtham

    LOLLLLa joke dis!!! Just another local artiste??? ok then. he’s bigger than Kartel and he’s free.

    • Maxwel cakesoap jackson

      Biggest foolish comment pwah pwah chronixx bigger than kartel yu must have taken coke or smthing YU MADD!!!!!

  7. Utter rubbish–Rasta nuh deal with hype. Kartel and Chronixx don’t appeal to the same audience. Here, calling up Kartel’s name does nothing for Chronixx.

    • Maxwel cakesoap jackson

      Why choose kartel he might as well talked of tonmy lee here is the answer he knows anytime yu call kartels name people will react damn Addy has legion of fans worldwide #representing from iceland

  8. whatever point chronixx was trying to make was worded poorly, him mouth miss. i dnt think he really have ill-will towards addi but he shouldve chose better words or just low it all-together.

    & kill dem all and done was merely a beef song when he was warring the alliance, nothing more. it wasn’t instruction to anybody to go and massacre ppl, it was a metaphorical expression of the alliance’s impending slaughteration at the time. (big up alliance)

  9. If kartel smart one more time.


    • Kartel songs are good at least most of them. Kartel is the one that is no good learn to separate the 2. Yes he is very talented but no he isn’t someone you would want at your dinner table. He can be ruthless. Yes a hype them a look off the man name too.

    • Maxwel cakesoap jackson

      Who cares kartel makes money though

  11. Does this ‘rep’ understand what an opinion is?

  12. All these artists calling Vybz Kartel name for a hype. I agree with you World Boss hype Chronixx a look. Leave mi artist name out your mouth.