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Alkaline Fans Blast Usain Bolt “Leave The Artist Alone”

Alkaline fans are blasting Usain Bolt on social media over the track star’s beef with the dancehall star.

Earlier this week Bolt popped up at a popular dancehall session in Kingston and paid disc jockey Boom Boom to stop playing too much Alkaline and play Vybz Kartel.

Usain Bolt Pays DJ To Play Vybz Kartel And Stop Playing Alkaline

While Kartel’s fans are praising Bolt for the move, he didn’t fared so well with Alkaline growing fan base.

“Bolt go train for the Olympics and leave dancehall business alone, the more you hate Vendetta is the more him strive,” one Alkaline fan wrote.

“Usain Bolt cheap leave Alka alone and stop follow up the murderer,” another fan quips.

Vybz Kartel fans also chimed in to defend Usain Bolt. “If you diss Usain then you diss the entire Jamaica,” a fan said.

The sprint legend has never been shy about his dislike for Alkaline. Over the summer he was spotted partying at Uptown Mondays where he took time out to called out the “Champion Boy” deejay calling him a Vybz Kartel copycat.


  1. I don’t care if you rate Kartel or Alkaline… Usain bigger than the two a dem combined. Do NOT diss Usain… ever!

  2. Party god at it again