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Usain Bolt Pays DJ To Play Vybz Kartel And Stop Playing Alkaline

Usain Bolt is one of the richest Vybz Kartel fans and its also evident that the Jamaican sprint legend does not like dancehall deejay Alkaline.

Bolt was out partying at a popular dancehall session in Kingston last weekend when he got fedup of DJ Boom Boom playing too much Alkaline. He went over to the deejay booth and demanded that a Gaza song be played.

The world fastest man also shelled out a few thousand Jamaican dollars, which is like a couple US dollars (won’t even shake his bank account), to have the DJ play a Vybz Kartel song.

The sound system selector reluctantly complied and the crowd seems like they were loving it.

“A money we say, you get program because you have friends don’t,” Bolt told the disc jockey.


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  3. Apparently URBAN ISLANDZ didnt do a good enough research cause later that night Usian Bolt Could be seen dancing to a some music from Alkaline….. Take it from someone Who was actually there, Your blowing it out of proportion there is even a video online with Selector BomBom and Dj sunshine explaining what happend that night…. Do some more research and and then a follow up to this video

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