Rihanna Told Chris Brown “I Enjoyed Your BET Awards Performance”

Rihanna was loving every bit of Chris Brown performance at last weekend’s BET Awards in Los Angeles.

Not only was she singing along to his lyrics in the audience, but she also told him in person that she enjoyed his performance.

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There is no doubt that Chris Brown is having one of the best year’s of his career and last weekend’s BET Awards highlighted that.

“She (Rihanna) spoke with him briefly backstage while he was doing his final rehearsal for his performance,” sources close to the Bajan pop star told Urban Islandz.

“She spoke with him after the show and congratulated him on a great performance and told him that she enjoyed it,” our source added.

Our source also told us that Chris Brown want to hook up with Rihanna again but she is having none of that and insist that they remain friends.

“If you watched the BET Awards then you would have seen how stunning she looked so you can’t blame the guy from wanting his old girl back. She is beautiful, talented and very rich. But at least for now she wants to just maintain a friendship with him,” sources told us.

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While Chris Brown has been having a big year for his career, his personal life has taken a hit when his on-again off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran dumped him in February after learning that he cheated on her and got a baby in the process.

The “Ayo” singer has not taken breakup very well and has constantly get shut down by Karrueche. The two also had a huge fight outside of Playhouse nightclub in May before a heated back-and-forth on Instagram.

It appears that Chris Brown is now trying to get back together with Rihanna but French soccer star Karim Benzema could be standing in his way.

The “FourFiveSeconds” singer insist that Benzema is just a good friend while didn’t completely rule out a reunion with Brown.


  1. SMH @ the writers of these articles with a below average reading and writing proficiency. No quality checks at Urban Islandz. Editor sleeping on the job, I guess. Geesh. So annoying when you have to figure out subject/verb agreement every other sentence.

  2. Chris Brown and rihanna need to get back together and stop playing around

  3. RI take your man back and let the haters have a stroke. It is no one business, it is their lives not yours.

  4. Rihanna looked amazing at the BET Awards show. Wow if I was Chris I would be trying to win her back too, he just need to stay on the right track. Keep moving forward in a positive way while maintaining a steady friendship and build on it. Take it one step at a time no rush and get it right.

  5. They took three different stories from other blogs and made this one up… Lol I can’t with these dumb blogs ????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. You guys need to get someone else to write your articles…

  7. These two belong together why yall just dont get back together and get it over and done with because we all know already that it is going to happen. Let’s hope he don’t kill Rihanna next time.

  8. Sherry L. Howard

    Chris needs to leave Rihanna alone they fight when they are together and may drink and abuse drugs that is not good for him when he is trying to get visitation rights with his daughter. The police being called and negative headlines are not good for Chris he has been doing well maybe he needs to stay single for a while!