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Rihanna And Chris Brown Not Completely Over, Benzema In Friend Zone

Rihanna and Chris Brown are not completely over and soccer stud Karim Benzema is still in the friend zone.

The Bajan pop superstar has been spotted on a few dates with the French soccer striker, but sources are telling us that they are just friends having a good time.

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“When you’re a celebrity it is very hard to hang out with other celebs without the media putting a label on your relationship with that person,” Urban Islandz ever so reliable source close to the “Rude Boy” singer told us.

“No one know if a intimate relationship will developed between RiRi and Karim but at the moment they are just two good friends hanging out, they both like each other and are both fans of each other, RiRi is a huge soccer fan and he is a big fan of her music,” our source added.

Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Benzema ended up partying at the same nightclub Henry’s in West Hollywood last weekend.

Our sources told us that it was mere coincidence but also admitted that RiRi and Breezy still regularly talk to each other.

“Them ended up in the same club was just a coincidence, despite what a lot of people are thinking, RiRi and Chris have remained friends after their split, there is no animosity or bad blood between them,” Urban Islandz source revealed.

Chris Brown RIhanna Benzema

It’s hard to believe that Rihanna and Chris Brown still talk to each other given their bitter split in 2013.

But these two have broken up and get back together on several occasions and now that Breezy is single again perhaps he has his eyes set on getting back together with the Roc Nation singer. Maybe this is Benzema’s queue to step his game up.

Do you think Rihanna and Chris Brown will get back together?


  1. I hope they get back together. It’s really nobody’s business and rihanna could give two flying tosses about what the world thinks. That’s what I love about her. She doesn’t let anyone direct her life or manipulate her.

  2. Let me tell u people something. Every body keep talking about Rihanna if she talk to any man she is sleeping with them. We as westindians don’t run that way we will always have a lot of male friends but trust me only one is getting to knock the boots, our moms taught us it is better yo have males as friends than tow woman a woman pretends to like you as “friends” but they want to get what u havehave. The woman in this country is so ratchet,backstabbing, and downright sneaky.. And yes we have the gift of forgiveness that is what a lot of people can’t do and won’t. She will not give it up to Chris because all he is looking for is someone to baby sit his daughter let him chance after krunchy she ran didn’t she?

  3. Chris Brown just needs to date other women. He can have any thot.

  4. I wish they would and give you haters a stroke.It is their PERSONAL business get a life HATERS.

  5. Rihanna is jumping from guy to guy and back to Chris Brown. Story sound fishy but anything is possible where Rihanna and Chris Brown are concern. I lost respect for her when she went back to him when he brutalized her. They both deserve each other.

    • RI and Chris do not need anyone permission to live their life. Haters just mind your own business. RI do not care what you think.

      • Totally agree! If Chris and Rihanna decide to get back together which many of their fans are hoping, that’s their biz. If they decide to remain as they are that’s their biz also. As you say, it’s their live to live!

  6. ?????????