Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Quietly Talking About Reconciliation

Chris Brown and his on-again off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran are back on speaking terms but they are keeping it on the down low.

Since pulling the plug on their relationship earlier this month, Karrueche has not spoken to Chris Brown, at least not until a few days ago.

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Sources connected to the couple told Urban Islandz that a mutual friend convinced Karrueche Tran to speak to Chris Brown following their split over his 9-month-old love child.

“Karrueche Tran was determined to not speak to him ever again and he was clearly torn up about it,” sources told us. “He is very depressed and torn up and it was just sad to see him like that so one of their mutual friends reached out to Karrueche and that was how they started talking again.”

Chris Brown baby and Karrueche Tran

“They are keeping things on the low because so much has been out there in the media already and Karrueche know that she will get some backlash if she goes back to him especially after that Oprah reality show,” our source said. “At the end of the day it’s her choice to make if she wants to get back together with Chris.”

Last week Chris Brown spent some quality time with his daughter Royalty during a tour stop in Houston.

The “New Flame” singer had one of his bodyguards picked up his daughter, as well as, his baby mother in a limo and brought them to his tour bus where he bonded with the adorable toddler.

“He was very happy to see her and spent some quality time with her, you can just tell that this baby brings out a different side of Chris,” sources told us.

His baby mother Nia Guzman’s sister also accompanied the pair to meet Chris Brown.

An insider told Hollywoodlife that Chris Brown told Karrueche Tran that she would have to accept his daughter Royalty because she is not going anywhere.

“Chris wants it to work out with Karrueche,” the insider said. “But he’s really focused on being a father and raising his daughter. Karrueche needs to understand that if she ever takes him back, which he wants, she’s going to have to accept his daughter. She’s not going anywhere. She will very much be a part of his life and so will Nia.”


  1. This girl karrueche will never leave him and he knows that ,if chris wa a reg guy she would never think twice to leave him so I hVe to question this she knows what she getin out of the relationship attention look even nia has more followers than her now in 2 weeks 30 k which proves to me that it’s who ever is the it girl gets the attention nia is back wit her man I don’t think chris likes that his baby is wit tht man it plays him up what does he expect her to b single while he’s running after karruche so it’s a hard one for him to make that choice he cnt give her this answer coz he knows it’s something he can’t commit to im finally happy to see now he’s not fooling her she’s fooling herself by askin that a she knows the truth she hates been out of the lime light and she wants to prove she can get him b4 someone snaches him up lol this is the hold he has over her like a puppet on a string she looks pathetic and she try’s to save face wit the public Shea only foolin herself she’s tryin to convince the world when he makes her a fool public so now this is her path don’t cry wolf girl as u kno the deal in chris browns voice wake up

  2. Funny , he has been shooting blanks at karruechi and rihanna for years. Now he goes out and get some random thirsty chick pregnant. Wow, this sounds like entrapment. I bet she was the one that put on the condom for him.

  3. Nia should let chris raise baby and disapear nia a disgrace

  4. I hope Karrueche does not go back—she really shouldn’t. He needs to be focused on his daughter. She has done a lot of struggling with him and I think the fact that he could not come out and tell her sooner about the situation was just bad. Karrueche really needs to think about that and what it would mean for her to go back—especially now. I anticipate a whole lot of drama with the two bit he got the baby with. He deserves to feel the experience all by himself. As shallow, needed, washed up, trashy and other names used to describe Karrueche, I don’t think she deserves to deal with all that “drama” to come—it’s not hers to own. Chris ain’t man enough right now, but maybe the ordeal to unfold will make him one and he might turn out to be fit for a relationship down the road. He simply not cutting the mustard now.

  5. I love hearing about my boo tho with his fine ass ????????

    • wha u seh, him can cum get you preggers anyday don’t. beat out your front and seed it up

      • Lmao I ain’t gonna lie yes I would mess around with him any day but not if he got a girl tho I will respect that or least try too she just lucky that’s all

  6. We SEE Chris Brown go to jail attack women etc. He is not a great guy just RICH AND FAMOUS

  7. Why do we always go After the females having on night stands Chris Brown is a ho too then. Every rapper musician is. I am sick of hearing about his stupid asz.

  8. The babymama is nothing but drama some of y’all is all on karrueche but you haven’t seen nothing yet nia amey is a nice of work you’ll see karrueche ain’t got nothing on her just cause he got that baby that’s the key to controlling and having Chris kiss her ass karrueche should just move on

  9. I hope there was a DNA test.

  10. Tran should get pregnant and give royalty a sibling.

  11. Learn how to spell and wtf

  12. She dont wanna loose her meal ticket . She dont really have a career who she foolin but him.

  13. As a real fan All l want is chris s happiness !!!!! If he loves Kea and they want to go back together so be it !!!!!

  14. All I know is that this baby girl is such a little…

  15. You are so rithg Marion

  16. Kae is like crazy glue to Chris every time hi turn arround she is there she dont ardesten her life and party is geting old alredy ? Dammm

  17. Chris not only have to deal with this two hi also have to take care of her teen dauther Chris you will have no time for you music

  18. Woooo of course she dont going to be with out good life she have with Chris no matter what Chris do she just whant easy money and luxury life is not woman in this word go back after hi sleep with another woman and have a child wake up Chris you have enough drama now is nothing will come good with you babie Kae and Nia together one day everithing will exploto use you talent please you cant see she only whant you money and fame

  19. I would have believed what you’re reporting if you hadn’t mentioned Hollywoodlife and if you hadn’t said the young girl accompanying Nia Guzman was his sister….that’s actually her teenage daughter.

  20. If I was Chris I would be done with Tran after speaking with Oprah crew.

  21. His focus needs to be on his child and getting money. It’s a joke now fo karrueche and Chris to break up and get back together. We already know it’s happening.

  22. I think kokoroach should leave Chris and let him be focus on his daughter because being with her is going to bring blots of drama wat he don’t need he just got of probation he should make royalty and his music first priority because every time you look around she will be leaking a story

    • The baby’s mother will bring the drama…she already has with her deception and lies. What grown ass woman at the age of 30 accidentally gets pregnant while married and sleeping with other men. She’s a disgrace. I can understand him being hesitant about forming a relationship with his daughter. That’s a hard pill to swallow. Especially considering that he wanted a child by his girlfriend…not some one-night stand.

      • Well he was just as sleezy for having that one night stand (if that’s all it was) with a married woman while he was with his girlfriend. He brought the drama upon himself just like he always does. Either way it’s not that beautiful baby’s fault, it’s his own. He said in an interview recently that he was ready for a child, and it sounded like it didn’t matter who it was from. In this situation I guess you get what you ask for:)

      • Who’s to know they were together as much as they break up & I’m pretty ure she wouldn’t mention hey I’m married while she was sleeping with him. Karruece would look kinda stupid after the whole interview & public break up. But if that’s what she wants you can’t stop love.

      • Oh please, he was banging that every chance he could get–that’s how he got caught up. He said what he did, because the deed was done. That’s all self-talk. What is he going to say, oh I hate that this has happened to me now? Knowing the path and walking it—two different things. Now he’s going to find out. There is a part of me that feels bad for him, but like you say maybe this game changer was necessary for him. He’s a wonderfully talented human being but there are clearly some things he’s got to work through about being a decent human being especially to people who love him.

    • “focus on his daughter” LOL. chris only cares about himself and having some baby by a deceitful gold digging b*tch ain’t gonna change that

    • It’s gonna be drama anyway it goes and you wrong if you think karrueche is gonna be the one to start it nia amey that’s the one when she can’t get her way or he saying something she don’t wanna hear or just maybe if Chris and tran get back on a real good page it will be drama and Chris is gonna kiss her ass cause he don’t want them to be against each other so I think karrueche should just walk away from this one

    • karruche <—– you mean ?