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Rihanna Wants Chris Brown Probation To End

Rihanna is not too thrilled that Chris Brown probation is still lingering around and is now affecting his career.

Earlier this month a Los Angeles judge revoked the “Autumn Leaves” singer’s probation in his Rihanna beating case.

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The new development came after Chris Brown has two close calls inside two different nightclubs where shots were fired injuring people.

Sources connected to the Bajan pop star told Urban Islandz that she just want the whole situation to go away.

“RiRi is not too thrilled that this issue is still lingering around five years later, so just like Chris, she want it to go away,” the source exclusively told us.

“RiRi has moved on from that unfortunate moment in her life and so should the community and everyone else. I really don’t believe that she want to see Chris being punish anymore for what he did as a young guy,”the source added.

On the day his probation was revoked, Chris Brown retweeted a tweet from Mike G explaining the reason why the judge revoked his probation.

“Probation was revoked so CB could finish community service and his tour. The DA and probation asked for jail and Judge denied it,” the tweet reads.

Yesterday, Chris Brown announced that he has postponed his Between the Sheets tour that was schedule to get underway on January 27.

He announced via Instagram that the tour was delayed after a judge did not sign off on a request to travel due to 100 hours in outstanding community service.

Chris Brown next probation hearing is set for March 20.

Chris Brown is rumored to be planning to marry his current girlfriend Karrueche Tran this year.

“She is a ride or die chick and stick with him through all the BS he has going on around him,” sources exclusively told Urban Islandz. “Chris finally is opening up his eyes and see things that he was blind to in the beginning like how great of a girl Karrueche is. She is one of a kind and he has hurt her a lot.”


  1. I love Chris Brown if he ever stopped singing and dancing I would die

  2. You have the worst leeches around you. Pity they have had an adverse influence on you, incl a messy midget. Those elevators have been breaking down. But head up..

    • why do you think karreuche is so good for chris brown. some peoples do not believe this. you do remember chris talking about her that they were trying to fool the peoples but it were not working. chris told us what karreuche were about and he never changed what he said.

  3. Chris truly is, one of the most talented in the world, and chris is a great person people just judge in to much like leave him alone

  4. Chris brown the best in world

  5. Leave Chris Brown alone God blessing him in he gone be alright in pull through quick love you Chris Brown stay keeping your head up……

  6. Life does not work that way ri ri cant charge a man for battery that was black and blue all over your face and then turn around and want to change.

  7. What career? Dancing and singing like a coon? He needs to go back to school and find a meaningful career…one that will help him learn how to respect himself and others; especially women!

    • Shut your broke ass up, Going to college to find a meaningful career? Most college graduates will not ever make as much as he does.

      • I think it’s something very wrong in a society when entertainers make an abundance more than those who have gained an education ever will, particularly important careers like dr’s and the long suffering teachers in this country’s education system. But at least we’ll be entertained. Sick and the kids stupid as hell but definitely entertained ????

    • Shame on you, coon is an outdated racial slur. Sounds like you still need a proper education. Chris Brown is a multifaceted individual with tremendous God given talents. He’s a lyricist, producer, fashion designer, choreographer, graphic designer, graffiti artist, singer, business man, community activist, humanitarian, actor, Christian man, a loving son, and loyal boyfriend. He didn’t attend college and yet he still managed to use his intelligence and talents to make a career for himself. The only reason why the public complains about him so much because the (white people’s media) mainstream media tarnished his reputation. It’s unfortunate that Young Hollywood is infested with sexual exploited and drug addicted individuals. Chris Brown is not the only person struggling with mental health issues and sobriety. He’s just the young black man that the mainstream media chooses to focus on. Notice how the mainstream media doesn’t give Justin Bieber a hard time? He has broken the law all over the world, no consequences for the white boy. Can you believe the mainstream media labeled him the Prince of Pop. He’s NOT on Michael Jackson’s level, not even close to Chris Brown’s level. God bless Chris Brown! # FREETHEREALPRINCEOFPOP

      • I totally agree with you that Chris Brown is wildly talented, and he has been in a better place recently. But I disagree with you that the media tarnished his reputation. I believe he did that all by himself back in 2009 and with some subsequent behavior. But I do think he has been much better lately, and I’m excited to see what he does in the future.

      • I agree this is the best laid out comment that I’ve read thus far!

      • Wow star you need to take him off the pedestal. Chris has done nasty things behind the scenes. Many girls will keep silent and won’t open their mouths. This guy is an anti-testimony. Stop idolizing him, he is definitely not christian. You can’t be a christian and yet flirt with sin all the time. The only thing that keeps him from doing worse stuff is his fear of going back to jail. He has not changed. There is no remorse, no nothing. Stop trying to make him a holier than thou person. He isn’t. JB is the same douchebag, only that he is white. He put himself in this predicament. No one else did. He would still be smoking pot, doing threesomes, etc. He is degenerate in a degenerate generation. You are a blind trying to guide other blind only to fall into a pit.

      • Loyal boyfriend? ????????????

    • I think someone is mad that he makes more than ya whole family ever has.

    • Your comment doesn’t make sense. How is he a coon? What is your suggestion for an alternative career one that will help him have respect for himself as well as others? A Military career?Are you aware of the fact that he has a bipolar disorder?

    • Coon though may be a bit much.