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Rihanna Thinks Chris Brown & Drake Are Too Immature

Rihanna is rumored to be dating Leonardo DiCaprio and that is bad news for Chris Brown and Drake who are both still in love with the pop superstar.

The Bajan pop star and the “Inception” actor have been dating for a few weeks now according to our sources.

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Sources connected to the “Pour It Up” singer told Urban Islandz that she is fully over Chris Brown and Drake and thinks they are both too immature for her.

“RiRi is in a good place now and Chris and Drake are just not on that level mentally, so she had to cut them both loose, and I don’t think there is any going back,” the source told us.

“They are both just too immature incapable of handling a strong personality like RiRi,” the source told us.

Rihanna Leonardo DiCaprio dating

When asked about her rumored relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, our sources couldn’t confirm the reports.

“I mean she is a grown woman so she is entitle to date whoever she wants to date, but as for now I cannot confirm that they are a couple,” the source added.

Neither Rihanna nor DiCaprio have commented on the dating reports.

Rihanna was spotted taking a stroll in Beverly Hills yesterday wearing all black with black sunshades.

Rihanna is also working on her new albuk R8, due early this year.

Chris Brown contacted Rihanna on New Year’s Day wishing her all the best for 2015.

“He text her Happy New Year’s and wished her all the best in her endeavors for 2015,” a source told us. “It was sweet and kind for him to do that regardless of what’s going on between them.”

“She replied thank you and same to you,” the source reveal.


  1. Greenoceans Omongole

    riri will never get settled…?

  2. Can’t agree more with riri

  3. who ever likes rihanna? shes ugly and her music is rubbish. no one hardly ever talks about her now. the rihanna and chris brown thing was in the past why are people still talking or bringing up what chris did to her. she deserved a punch i wouldve done the same. ugly cow

    • You are just a pathetic stupid, jealous hater!

    • She is not ugly and her music is not rubbish. Quit playing yourself.

      • lool. i agree with aka7. no one hardly does listen to her music. shes lost it now. Laurie and Kimberly wake up the two of you. Go team breezy!!

      • That’s cuz there’s new music at the moment but she deliberately took a break to come back with a bang … The point is she doesn’t want ppl to get tired of her so she schemin… In the cut. She smart. She didn’t lose it I hear old rihanna songs from music of the sun on the radio everyday b

      • why would you back up rihanna for. all im gonna say is her singing was good before now she is an attention seeker. i wish i was chris that moment when he punched her. deserved it.

      • lmfao dkm

    • I wonder why you REALLY made this comment. I bet yo wouldn’t say that about Lady gaga funny looking ugly ass would you?? RiRi is NOT ugly a blind man can see that. FYI I still play her music.

      • Why is everyone arguing about rihanna lol. i have to say she is ugly though the most annoyingest voice when she sings. Chris brown has better songs than rihanna and albums. hes one of the most consistent singers on the planet. do one haters. Go team breezy!!

      • riri is so fake dat brok h**

  4. DiCaprio and Rihanna hmmm, That is gonna sink like Titanic..lmao!