Chris Brown News: Judge Revoked Probation After Nightclub Shooting

Chris Brown found himself in a sticky situation after a Los Angeles judge revoked his probation following a recent shooting at a nightclub where he was being performed.

The incident took place on Sunday morning at the Fiesta venue in San Jose, CA, while Chris Brown was on stage performing his hit single “Loyal.”

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Gunshots rang out at minutes after 1 AM sending everyone including Breezy in a panic. Five people were hospitalized after the melee.

On Thursday, Chris Brown showed up in court for a progress report. According to TMZ, the judge express numerous problems in the report including the shooting on Sunday, as well as, another shooting in August at 1OAK nightclub where Suge Knight was shot.

Additionally, Chris Brown violated his probation when he left the country to go to San Jose to perform without the court’s permission.

Several other things were mention including his arrest in Washington DC and his arrest for throwing a rock at his mom car.

The judge set another court date for March 20 where he will determine if Chris Brown willfully violate his probation. He could face some prison time if he is found guilty.

Chris Brown is still on probation for assaulting Rihanna in 2009.