Drake Still Trying To Get Back Together With Rihanna

Unlike Chris Brown, Drake has not given up on reuniting with Rihanna.

Sources close to the Toronto rapper told Urban Islandz that he is still in love with Rihanna and could be making another attempt to win her back after those Leonardo DiCaprio dating rumors surfaced.

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“Not even Drake friends really understand the way he feels about Rihanna and they think that she has some spell on him or something,” the source revealed.

“I don’t think he like those new rumors that RiRi is dating DiCaprio so he is trying to reconnect with her but folks in their circle strongly believes that she has moved on and is not looking back,” the source added.

Rihanna and Drake on stage

“But if you love someone the way how Drake love Rihanna then you have to give it a shot and go big just like in the movies, go and cause a scene,” the source told us.

On New Year’s Day both Drake and Chris Brown contacted Rihanna wishing her a happy new year. Her response to both was a simple thank you and same o you.

Drake is currently caught in the Lil Wayne and Cash Money feud. Weezy has expressed his wish to leave the label but he was the one who signed Drake and Nicki Minaj to Young Money which is under the Cash Money Records umbrella.