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New Couple: Rihanna And Actor Leonardo DiCaprio Dating

Rihanna is moving on from Chris Brown and Drake and now she is rumored to be dating actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Bajan pop star and the “Wolf of Wall Street” star were spotted in St. Barths last month on vacation where they also ring in the New Year together.

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“Leonardo and Rihanna are getting very close, and she just adores him,” sources told Dish Nation. “So much so that word among her friends is that she has her sights set on him becoming her boyfriend.”

Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio were also spotted partying together last weekend at designer Nikki Erwin birthday party at the Playboy mansion.


Sources say the mew couple were all over each other at the party and later left together.

“They looked like two people in love, there were a lot of kissing and affection between them and everyone noticed,” the source said.

If these rumors are true then Chris Brown and Drake’s chances of getting back Rihanna just got slimmer.

Neither Rihanna nor Leonardo DiCaprio have confirmed that they are dating.


  1. I agree she shouldn’t date any more rappers or men from the music industry. It was the same old pattern. Leo is a breath of fresh air, and he is probably what she needed. Nothing to do with chris and drake. If this is true, I’m so glad she’s moved on. She deserved better.

  2. Whaaaat?

  3. Nothing odd about it she have a porkie and him and have a hood.

  4. Odd couple this guy has been through so many women in Holly wood hope it’s not true .

    • it wouldn’t be odd couple, but Rihanna deserves better thing tbh.
      Rihanna is a barbie/doll.

    • I dont like it, its gonna end up like one of his movies…sink like Titanic. Come back Jack !Jack! Jack come back jack!! Lol…could be just another publicity stunt.Why cant these ppl date normal everyday ppl it always has to be celebrities..smh , is it ever a wonder why they never will find actual love….hmmm