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Chris Brown Ready To Marry Karrueche Tran, But Still Love Rihanna

Chris Brown is ready to walk down the isle with his current girlfriend Karrueche Tran. But that doesn’t mean Rihanna is totally out of the equation.

Brown and Tran briefly split over the holidays but reconciled just before Christmas.

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During their split Chris Brown went on a rant during a concert and also on social media accusing his on-again off-again girlfriend of cheating on him with Drake while he was being rot in jail for months. Both Tran and Drizzy denied the allegations.

Breezy later apologize saying he love her and that he was just emotional.

Source connected to the couple also told Urban Islandz that Brown is acknowledging his flaws and want to grow up and to prove that he wants to marry her and start a family.

“He knows his flaws and lately he has been more accepting of them and everyone can see he is trying really hard to work on them, we all know Chris love Karrueche and she is a great girl. But there comes a time when he will have to step up to the plate and he is starting to do that,” the source told us.

“He told his close friends that to prove himself to her and the world he is going to marry her,” the source added.

The couple spend Christmas together with his family and some of her family.

“Today was a really inspiring day and also a Great CHRISTMAS. Being able to bring people together with joy and laughter is something we need,” he wrote on Twitter.

Our source also told us that Chris Brown is still in love with Rihanna but admit that he may have lost her for good.

Rihanna Chris Brown relationship

“Chris will always love Rihanna but he knows deep down that he may have lost any chance he had with her for good. Their last breakup wasn’t really pleasant but it happens and you can’t go back in time and change what happen,” the source says.

“No one really understand the connection between him (Chris Brown) and Rihanna except them. But people have grown up like we all do and grown up decisions will have to be made,” the source revealed.

Since their reconciliation during the holiday, Chris Brown has been spoiling Karrueche Tran with gifts and affection.

He bought her a dog and some diamond ring for Chris Brown and we’re told he is planning an over the top surprise for her for Valentine’s Day.

Do you think Chris Brown should marry Karrueche Tran?


  1. No cause how u gonna love someone and marry another but I love Chris Brown that’s baby right there its his dission to marry someone. Team Brezzy

  2. Hell nnnoooo, Rihanna and Chris Brown is a really really good couple.
    Who do u believe in Rihanna or Karrueche Tran?

  3. You never marry the rebound! Chris thinks hes in love because Karrueche was the only one there for him after the Rihanna incident. Your supposed to date the rebound to get over the one that just broke your heart, instead he kept this girl around. You dont owe her or anyone else anything Chris, move on with ya life…..its obvious you aint happy

  4. They should try to remain a couple for more then a month before they marry. Yes they have a few years together but its off and on. Not consistent at all. He seems to want her when no one wants him.

  5. This relationship is a joke every time they break up he releases it on social calling her names and she always takes him back smh. Rihanna is smart Chris is still a boy and karreuche is the only one that will take his insults and run be hide him like a hungry dog. No he’s not ready for marriage further down in the year they’ll break up again and the cycle will continue.

  6. Nope they should wait a LONG time and work more on themselves and the relationship. No no no marriage for them right now!

  7. joke thing.. chris deevn ready fi one stable relationship much less marriage, a wah do dem? tran come in like you love fi be poppyshow. Wish them the best still, if it is to be, it will be; if not then leggo di joker my girl and stop play cards altogether, move on to domino or mancala to rass

  8. KNOW IM O O

  9. Y’all do know that this story is made up just as well as other blogs… Lol He not gonna be stupid to say he still in love with Rihanna in a chance if loosing Karrueche…Lol They said that to get people to click on the story and get that money!! Stop believing these dumb blogs!!

    Common sense people use it!!!!!


  11. Marry both of them

    • I agree that Chris needs time to think this through before walking down the issle. You can love them both but you van be in love with one person. I think he ever loved Rhanna enough to want to marry her. If that was the case, he would’ve been married her when him and her, so called were planning a wedding, never came about.


  12. I think that karuche and chris are cute and even thiugh i dont know thim i feel like he much better with rihanna they have so much togethe already

  13. Run Chris run you work to hard to give half of your wealth away in divorce court. Think before you make such mistake, she is not the one.

    • True! If anything she knows that if they get divorced, at least she will walk away laughing her a$$ all the way up to the bank!!

  14. I like them as a couple. You guys need to GET OVER the fact that him and Rihanna aren’t going to be together. I think if they get some serious help the could eventually be good, but he needs to realize that he can’t always attack her when she breaks up with him and the other way around. And lastly to all the jealous ones out there if you were with someone with money you know you would be a gold digger!! He clearly wants her and not you guys.

    • Wrong. You are deluded and foolish for calling people haters and jealous. He clearly doesn’t love her. Everyone could see that. He is settling for the sidedish cuz he couldn’t get the main one. Rihanna did right by not going back. She finally stood her ground. You can’t let anyone walk all over you like if you had no self-worth and this is what this karrueche girl has allowed him to do, time and again. You are stupid and in denial for not wanting to see the reality how it is. He clearly wants to prove to himself, to rihanna and to the world that he loves this girl but deep down he is lying to himself and it will end up being a fiasco like so many other marriages. They want to prove the world a point yet they themselves know their relationship is fake as hell.

  15. Biggest Mistake that Chris Brown could make!! To many issues between them and they both are CO-DEPENDENT on an unhealthy relationship. Not a good move at all. Jealousy, insecurities, they need to go there own ways. You can’t replace one person for another. Don’t be a fool Chris.

  16. I don’t think Christ should marry to prove Rihana or anyone that he’s over her, because it’s not going last , he’s gonna end up of hurting Karrueche. And you people gonna hate him for hurting her, if Christ is a little confused about getting married, he needs more time to make sure he’s doing the right thing. And you people stop pushing him, that’s his life.

  17. No they shouldn’t get married ever . They just aren’t ready

  18. Shes just after Chris money like hes buying her bt not loving her thats not what a real woman wants bt thats exactly what she wants.

  19. That’s settling. You can’t get the one you really want and you end up settling with someone because you want to prove something to yourself or the world. Immaturity. Marriage would be a huge mistake, if he ever grows up mentally he’ll see it when its already too late.

    • Totally agree with you Millie.

    • Girl seek help you been commenting on everything that has to do with Karrueche for years girl get a new hobby its 201 and maybe some thearpy as well. Smh

      • Absolutely not. However you can seek help for a few things. One is that despite the fact that i said over million times you still fail to get it – i only comment on Leech when Chris is mentioned as well. Second is trying to be smart when you have the intelligence of a fly. In any case don’t talk to me.

  20. He is acting out of desperation and fear. He should be alone and figure out his true feelings. He should live and understand himself before marriage.

    • I agree Lynn he has separation anxiety issues also. But this girl is not a good match for him she is a trainwreck.

      • She is far from a train wreck she’s the most down to earth chick riahnna is the train wreck

      • Are you ignorant… obviously. Rihanna is a star in every aspect in her life and karreuche is a using wannabee. Get a f-ing CLUE!

      • People don’t just din’t get it they swear Rihannais the Angel that girl can ruin Chris life again akk she have to do is the girl who cried wolf meaning if she don’t get her way with Chris God knows what she will be capable of doing.. And Boom there gies Chrus career again.. He need to stay away from that gurl all she do smoke and drink and that’s nit what Chris should be aroubd 24/7…

      • Stupid
        U just runin his life

      • It look like you lick your head with a sledgehammer.

      • The girl already had beef with him along with this other dude so call (model)

  21. Yes,if they get help

  22. Nope, shouldn’t go there – too traumatic for the dogs

  23. If the two of them want a doomed life then they have my blessings, you cannot marry someone when you have conflicting issues and are unsure. Marriage is not a joke business you have to give it your all in all. You cannot be breaking up so often when you are married.

    • Agree. Marriage is definitely NOT a joke. It is way too serious and marrying someone when you still have feelings for another is the worst decision you can ever make. If and when he gets married, he needs to love only one person. If he is not going back to rihanna he needs to get over her for good.

      • He can love as many people as he wants but the bottom line is to keep that snake in one panty only and not all around the place. I am sure he has cheated on Tranny a lot and she the same also

      • Yes don’t like rihanna or tranny I bet rih and tranny cheated

      • He don’t need to go back yo rihanna cause of what happed between the not of them