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Rihanna Laughing At Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown Drama

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown have been bickering on social media since last week and Rihanna is laughing on the sidelines.

Sources told Urban Islandz that things went sour between Brown and Tran last month and the two split.

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“They have been having problems for a while now but things really went sour last month because he thinks she is not being loyal,” the source told us.

But Chris Brown got emotional last week Friday night while performing Friday’s Power 106 Cali Christmas at The Forum. He told his fans that he is a single guy before saying “f*** that b**ch” in reference to his on-again off-again girlfriend.

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown

But what has Rihanna been saying about the melee. Sources close to the Bajan pop star told us that she is just laughing.

“All she can do is just laugh given the history between them… RiRi is in a great place right now, she is happy and focus on her career so all these Chris drama she is just laughing at,” the source said.

Rihanna is currently readying her new album R8, release date pushed back to early next year.


  1. Rihanna crying secretly

  2. Chris you are not alone, spend time with your family and your friends. You are loved. Call RI she is single too.

    • Chris Brown is a nutcase who should be committed.End of story! And you’re sitting here enabling his behavior. His behavior with the Tran girl is understandable and tolerated. As a matter of fact, I bet all the blame lies on the Tran girl. He manhandled Ri and you’re here excusing his behavior while encouraging reconciliation.

  3. I am 50 years old and I check the from time to time to make sure you (cris Brown) is alright. Please move away from all that drama. Spend Christmas with the people that love you ( your family). That Karu is another bad apple. God is trying to tell you something. Do a rewind in life and you will see the signs the good lord is trying to show you. Love you like a son. Your second mother??????????

  4. Cris spend the XMAS holiday with your family. That tran girl is not a good fit for you. Find someone that is not in the lime light all the time. Now I see her with RJ. Sometime God puts things and your face, and hope you can see the light. Get the hell out of LA.

  5. Patricia Williams

    Say what you want about her but what nobody understands IS: 1) His entire immediate family has given their approval of her and WILL NOT allow Chris 2 screw up. 2) They’re @ least seeking therapist in a attempt 2 save not just the relationship BUT the bond they have as well as hopefully finding out whatelse Chris is hiding from his past cause it DEFINITELY affecting his future in every aspect. MOSTLY, Rhianna’s reaction of laughing is all a facade; she’s extremely jealous at HOW everything he said on Deuces has come true, that he spend QUALITY TIME establishing connections 2 open doors throughout the world 4 HIS WOMAN!!!! Something even Jay-Z DIDN’T do 4 Rhianna. NO see Miss Girl has appeared naked MORE than Marilyn Monroe (who had a body worth looking at) and she’s a SINGER!!! OH SHE’S REALLY PISSED cause she got her ass beat down like a man, LIED about circumstances and what role she played to Oprah. Took him back more times than Kae which makes Rhianna much more needier than Karrueche!!!!!!! YOU DO THE MATH AND IF I’M WRONG PLEASE CORRECT ME…….

    • Shut up fool your essay is BS everyone knows she took him back once. RI is a woman of high esteem not stupid as this other woman. You people are stuck on the same old BS. Patricia you are an idiot.

      • I’m sure a woman with high self esteem will run back for another round.

      • Thats called giving people a second chance. Karrueche took him back more often than Rihanna. Also, he has humiliated more. His mother hates Karrueche and everyone knows she is opportunist. There is no bond, he used her as his side chick and for threesome. He tries to save everything, because she can ruin his career, she has too much info. So cut the crap.

      • Giving people a second chance? dwl There’s no bond? dwl You talk about these people as if you know them. dwl He used her for a threesome?
        A threesome in which he was involved in with her and I think it says more about him than her.

        Which hole did Brown use? I mean seeing how you know everything. You cut the crap. dwl

      • Crawl back into your hole stupid, you are an annoyance.

      • Sounds like you are the one projecting.How does one allow themselves to become so emotionally invested in people they don’t know? These people private affairs have no bearing on your life.I don’t recall any of them asking for your unsolicited and rather biased opinion.

      • This comment is stupid!

      • That woman w so much high esteem (1) wouldn’t keep trying 2 get her abuser back. (2) post pictures of herself on her website displaying all that GOD gave her 4 the entire world 2 see. (3) can say NO 2 posing nude even IF society thinks you have a great figure. (4) wouldn’t show up 2 important galas wearing inappropriate attire and thinking her style is FAB. (5) WOULD STAY IN HER LANE; NOT SLAP A MAN BEHIND A TEXT MESSAGE; HAVE ENOUGH COMMON SENSE TO LEAVE CHRIS ALONE BUT “she can’t”!!!!!!

    • Do you know them personally?

  6. Tran needs a life seriously she seems so desperate and needy if not greedy and deceiving.