Chris Brown Unapologetic About Ebola Tweet Backlash

Chris Brown is unapologetic about his controversial Ebola tweet yesterday.

The “New Flames” singer came under harsh criticism on Twitter for tweeting about the Ebola conspiracy theory when he suggested that the Ebola is a “form of population control.”

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Chris Brown received some mean responses from fans and celebrities such as “why do idiots like you got to be famous?”

“Chris Brown get too much of that stupid gene,” and “your not a very smart person and you should keep your stupidity to yourself.”

What was Chris Brown response to all of that.

“Let me shut my black a** up!” Chris Brown wrote on Twitter.

But the backlash kept coming until finally Breezy sent off an angry tweet.

“I say what I want. If u don’t like it…. “SU** MY A**” ( little Asian girl voice),” Brown wrote on Twitter.