Rihanna Laughing At Chris Brown Ebola Tweet

Chris Brown is taking some heat on Twitter for tweeting that “Ebola is a form of population control.”

Now his ex-girlfriend Rihanna is laughing her pants off. Sources close to the Bajan pop beauty told Urban Islandz that Rihanna rolled over laughing after seeing some of the response Breezy got on Twitter.

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“RiRi was laughing so hard that we were laughing at her, she basically thinks that he is an idiot,” the source said.

“Of course Rihanna takes the Ebola epidemic very serious and is looking for ways she can help,” the source added.

“That was an ignorant statement from someone who has so much followers on Twitter,” the source continues.

Chris Brown sent out the tweet last night and has been getting some backlash ever since.

Chris Brown twitter

“I don’t know … But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. Sh– is getting crazy bruh,” Chris Brown wrote on Twitter.

Apart from laughing at Chris Brown ignorance, Rihanna has been busy in the studio working on her 8th studio album, due in November 25.

The Pour It Up” singer is also planning to grace her fans with some new music this month.


  1. The African traditions are targeted by severe complication.
    Africans are really strong to be triumph.

    This is really a good tweet!

    • I’m dying to see the documentary Ebola the Conspiracy Theory by: Chris Brown. I wonder if his bipolar behind will be able to get this project off the ground.

      I wonder if Chris Brown will now distance himself from white people. I like how black people,well African Americans make generalizations about white people yet complain about being generalized.

      • I don’t think Chris brown will distance himself away from the white. people will always think high above themselves in-terms of skin contrast. There is always room for improvement for the black race and room improvement for white race. Every nation was built to work together to make one strong unification. Racism is not the answer for unification. by extension to this tweet, These questions come to mind, if Ebola isn’t a conspiracy?? If it’s not a airborne virus?? then, what the hell it is?? nearly 5000 people died from Ebola in west Africa, 4 people contracted the virus in america, 3 people contracted the virus also in Spain. The victim who died from the virus that is from west Africa, travel to america claim, he didn’t know he was diagnose with the virus. then, what are you doing in america??

      • The Ebola virus is in America because the Liberian man brought it here. He helped a woman afflicted with the disease in his country and was traveling on a work visa, apparently he had family in TX. When he traveled to America he probably didn’t exhibit any symptoms and neglected to mention anything because he didn’t think he was at risk. Or he wanted to be in America in case his health took a turn for the worse.

        They are now saying the women at the hospital got the virus because they didn’t follow the safety protocol. The Ebola virus is in Spain because once again they were contact with someone afflicted with the disease who traveled to Africa to provide relief. Did they follow any safety measure? Who the hell knows. Is it effective? Who the hell knows.

        The Liberian man family wants to sue the hospital because they felt like he was treated as a criminal. He had a deadly disease. They’re citing the fact that he was Black or African or his inability to pay as the reason for lack of treatment or all of the above.

        Now for the Americans who traveled to Africa to provide relief who knows if they followed proper safety protocol.They probably had limited resources or maybe it’s ineffective?The white American who was treated offered his blood but it was incompatible. They couldn’t give him the drug that was used to treat him because they ran out of it. He was given another drug that was still in its trial stage.

      • Only in the mind of a demented mental patient (ie: democrat voter) is the Ebola outbreak due to a lack of funding!

        The CDC budget request for 2014 includes under Environmental Health $8M for “Climate Change” and under Injury Prevention and Control $10M for “Gun
        Violence” (better known as let’s declare the 2nd amendment a disease). That’s $18M that should have been redirected for Ebola research. As for all government bureaucracies, budgets never shrink or plateau but grow to accommodate politically directed whims.

      • Source: CDC
        When an infection does occur in humans, the virus can be spread in several ways to others. Ebola is spread through direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes in, for example, the eyes, nose, or mouth) with
        blood or body fluids (including but not limited to urine, saliva, sweat, feces, vomit, breast milk, and semen) of a person who is sick with Ebola
        objects (like needles and syringes) that have been contaminated with the virus
        infected animals
        Ebola is not spread through the air or by water, or in general, by food. However, in Africa, Ebola may be spread as a result of handling bushmeat (wild animals hunted for food) and contact with infected bats. There is no evidence that mosquitos or other insects can transmit Ebola virus. Only mammals (for example, humans, bats, monkeys, and apes) have shown the ability to become infected with and spread Ebola virus.

      • Don’t believe everything the CDC said.

        listening to CDC: is like listening to someone telling a person He/She can fly…

        They’re known for bringing out inaccurate news and lies!

        listen to the World Health Organization instead,

        With all regards, i strongly believe the CDC DIRECTOR should resign, he is a big joke to the health industry.

        The nurse care for an infected victim, the victim transmitted virus to her, and the nurse went on a plane before the 21 day, she knew the study of Ebola. The federal government should consider to charge her for negligence and incompetent of risking public health. all of these following protocol statements are lies!

        The Republican is going to continue deny their funding and laugh at Obama decision because they see truth behind the wall.

        How are you going to stop a virus that is coming from another country without a travel ban or restrictions?

        with all those revenue and expenditure, there must be a possible solution to invest into researching Ebola and a strategic plan to stop the virus.

      • I think they should put a robot in charge. Humans being are always screwing things up. They apparently cleared her for travel. I don’t think she would have had a choice on being quarantined. Americans are too comfortable they knew about the havoc it was causing in Africa. Now that the outbreak is on American soil they want to panic, it probably comes with the territory of being in America for generations. Those poor veterans don’t get the recognition they deserve.

        I’m sure ISIS is very saddened that they’re now pushed to the back burner. I know they enjoyed the attention they received from the media. The American media especially is culpable for giving them center stage. I feel bad for the non crazy people in the Middle East.

        In order to get the U.S. from these African countries you have to travel via Europe. So they’re checking people and some European countries have suspended flights traveling to the hardest hit countries. America is also checking passengers connecting.

        I’m sure a lot of the people from Europe, America, etc providing aid to Africans will decrease because they can’t be guaranteed reentry in their home country. Those poor Africans.

      • Robot? that is going make the outbreak even worse! cleared her travel is such a doltish idea! is the quarantined suppose to be a sensitive solution? Without any shadow of doubt the veterans cause it on themselves.

        ISIS needed the media to BRAINWASH the young minds to convert to Islam, there are attaining this by recruiting people in their brutal activity. I am truly sorry for the Kurdish and the Assad regime. If only the nations can come together to help them.

        The best way to stop, Ebola is to stop where it’s expand!

    • Dude why are you playing games? I know Solola is you. You can’t possess MLK’s image and be afraid to stand at the podium.

      • Don’t follow the victim who lower himself to loathe another man creativity and craft. i respect you, i will not unknowingly attack any of your opinion and bring you down salena.

        in relation to what have mention, The white race will always be blame to be the unknown criminals. people fail to understand that the white is self-fishily known as the superior to society. whilst, the black is ascendancy two opposite description try to accept it into a amalgamation and get over it. its really nothing hard!

      • I can’t blame my best friend because he has white privilege and I don’t. And at the end of the day I see more people who aren’t white emulating white people than anything else.

      • Your best friend is your worse enemy, if you have a friend that silently kill himself to loathe another man heights and greatness, i think he would target yours as well.

    • It’s such a shame that a person like you would have the audacity to posses MLK’s image while encouraging the liberation of someone bringing down the fabric of society, not to mention reinforcing self hate by bleaching their skin. People like you are what’s wrong with society. You have no clue which side of the fence you’re on.

      You have some nerve toying with the thought of exposing me as someone suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and internalized racism. dwl Wheel out a come again but this time use your own account. My Afro Caribbean ass ain’t scared of sh#t! I say these things and more while in the presence of Americans! (A.A. W.A)

      • I am not going to broaden any type of vilification in your argument. in essence, you are good at expression. i am going to start by saying i am a conceit black man, I will always believe in black nation to rise above racism. We will always be under a confrontation to fight for whats right to oppress the spectrum of racism. racism, was always been a challenge since the days of slavery. whilst, the black race undergo complication we will constantly be approve in history of a great men and woman we were. now, if you keep living in the political views and aspect You already lost to reality.

        Don’t panic, I am not a person who creates differ account to slander a persons opinion. If i find you as a void, i will address you to cognizance!

        I will stand by with what i understand: Ebola is a conspiracy. These scientist and doctors need to be eliminated, sitting around scientific substances to assemble a disease to be tested on animal to achieve as a virus to the human body is primarily a conspiracy. The whole idea is to maintain a treatment product to the health industrial market, the final stages would eventually return into a monetary demand to essentially force money into the private sector pocket. Bleaching product was assembled by scientist; They are the one who is responsible! They are the one who is making values of what is made, and supply it to market that is why, i cant agree with these scientist who is care about their financial status and not the human body.

      • Ebola a conspiracy? Where’s the evidence? Eg: if you are ever called for jury duty they tell based on the evidence do you think so and so is guilty? You don’t go I think he’s innocent and I’m sure of it I just cannot produce the evidence.

        Scientists responsible for me bleaching my skin? (I don’t bleach) Lets say I go out a shoot someone should I blame the person who invented guns,the manufacturer that made the gun, the gun etc.

      • Ebola is a virus that suppose to be question into the public eyes, every answer should return truth to obtain evidence and facts. Lets say for example: The people of the public is the jury and society is the lawyer. now, society will not convince the public that the scientist is guilty. The people’s job is to examine by using common sense that society is lying.

        ML K Told me;
        “When we look at modern man, we have to face the fact that modern man suffers from a kind of poverty of the spirit, which stands in glaring contrast to scientific an technological abundance”….

        What does that statement tells you?

        The manufacturer is promoted by government defending the legal federal agent. Remember back in the day police wasn’t capable of having possession of a fire-arm. afterwards, the political decision thought it is legal for police to bring heavily ammunition it all winds down to police is issuing out firearms to the innocent, turning young black male into criminal and gang and violent became a disease because of the corrupt society. etc, etc… who is to be blame?

  2. As i said RI would never laugh at Chris this is all made up lies

  3. Anything for a story this is a bunch of made up lies. Chris and RI is laughing at you.

  4. I agree with Chris cause there is and out break in africa and the caribbean with two type of virus…..

  5. lol i would laugh to

  6. This is all lies made up by you instigators. RI would never laugh at Chris and he knows it so try something else .Chris and RI is laughing at you with all your lies.

  7. By the year 2042 whites will be a minority in America. How’s that for population control, Chris?

    • These black people in America mainly African Americans who descended from the enslaved blacks blame the white man for everything. African Americans kill each other in Chicago somehow the white man is indirectly or directly responsible. He practically squeezed the trigger. African American miss and shoot a toddler the white man is also responsible.

      The white man concocted the Ebola virus to rid himself of Africans. Which white man? If anything it would make more sense to use it in America a developed country! My immigrant ass would be hitching a ride on a dolphin. African Americans make everything about race!

      White Americans always leave their haven in America for developing countries to provide relief and sometimes die doing it.

      They have my black immigrant ass sounding like a damn white supremacist.dwl

      • Im proud of where I come from, my blood line and my Lineage, I come from the most powerful race on the planet, and sellouts like you is the reason we were sold into slavery in the first place. But im a living breathing big d*ck slanging, athletic, intelligent, slick game talking, swagged out mutha f*cka from the streets and I am book smart. I dont give a f*ck what anybody say, I wouldnt have it anyway else. All of thee above is sh*t they can never take away from me or make me feel ashamed of. Fool Im proud to be An American, along with Whitey, I dont know what the hell you’re talking about? Them white people get all their game, swagger and lingo from us, they steal and imitate our culture. A bunch of squares, either they hate us or they just trying to look like they’re down for the cause. But im proud to African American, and proud of where the f*ck I come from!

      • My stereotypical gender role would’ve had me cowering behind the walls of Jericho as I await to be rescued by a knight. Where did you get your groundless assumption that I was a. sellout and b. not proud of where I came from? I bet you’ll tell me that I am only allowed to date black men. Am I right?

        A. I never knew that I was indebted to every black person let alone an African American. I have more of an inclination for my fellow immigrants especially the people who hail from my region!

        B. I just told you that I loved my country and the region where I came into existence! Which country are you talking about? America? Africa? What the heck would you know about Africa besides the information you were fed?

        You only care about issues that solely affect the black community? What about Latinos? You think you’re the only oppressed minority group in America? Let me guess you’ll groom your children to date within their race. What kind of ignorant b.s. is that? That’s the main reason why there’s ignorance on both sides. (A.A. W.A)

        I find that even more ignorant than me walking this American world where everything revolves around race and identity and me being numb to it all.

        African American women aren’t complaining about having to live up to the 80% white Barbie doll beauty standards. They’re complaining about a white Aussie woman with a southern accent! I don’t see white Americans complaining when A.A are imitating their main oppressors…them! Talking about Beyonce needs to comb Blue Ivy’s hair,meanwhile they find it more acceptable that she’s rocking bleached blonde hair some poor Indian woman had to sell for not enough rupees to feed her family.

  8. I was thinking that could be possible too, that kind of conversation is for deep thinkers, not twitter. Only intellectual brothas and stoners would understand what he meant, of course an RnB birdbrain who doesnt even write her own songs like rihanna would laugh and think it’s hilarious, im sure the whole ne**o twitter navy laughed right along with the bi**h because they’re ignorant. I suppose that plane that went missing was all a conspiracy therory too?

    The sh** wasnt even that funny. She just found it hilarious because he’s her ex, his album was decent, he took alot of jabs at her in the content and she needed a way to jab back at him by trying to make it look like he embarrassed himself, but when you really think about, he may be right.

    That demonic pop princess hoe need to laugh at herself and go learn how to hold an actual note like a real RnB artist

    • You African American ne**os are still carrying the burden of slavery. You expect all us non African American ne**os from countries not plagued with racial tension to join you on your crusade against white people? You African American ne**os have lost all your marbles!

      Then you complain when the white people do the same.

      What does Rihanna not writing her own songs have to do with her not understanding your issues? ne**o navy? Rihanna fans are mostly white people. dwl

      Chris Brown is always riding Rihanna’s coattails. How are you able to explain away the actions of another person? Is Rihanna RnB or Pop?

      Not a single person has provided anything concrete all I hear is pure speculation. Too bad we are not able to throw people in prison based on theories that can’t be challenged. The prison system would be overcrowded,not to mention flawed.

      • As soon as you said “African American ne**o” and crusade against white people, I tuned out and stop reading. Ever heard the story of the light skinned creoles in the Haitian Revolution? They thought they were excused, they thought their race was superior and that they didnt count as black. The french didnt give a f***, nor did the Americans when it came to slavery in Louisiana. I dont care if you african american, just African, afro Caribbean, or Cuban, or Dominican. You’re still a shade too dark to be considered apart of the dominant race. We are all second class citizens to them. What crusade?

      • Ok I will try this again and I will edit:

        You have a problem with me using the word “ne**o”? But you used the same word when you reference Rihanna’s “ne**o twitter.” I also referred to myself as a “ne**o”. I have more of problem when I hear people saying “this n#gga” or “that n#gga” or “what’s up my n#gga”. Then the uproar that ensues when a white person says “n#ggas in paris. ”

        Second class citizens? America isn’t my home country. My ancestors were taken to a developing county.Not one drop of my ancestors blood was spilled in America. I came to America on my own accord and if the shyt hits the fan…..I have the ability to go back home to my country. I hope you see the big difference.

        I don’t care what anyone thinks be a black person or a white person. You expect me to carry this cumbersome burden by me being black and from a country not plagued with racial tension? gtho

      • Yea you sound stupid and ignorant, And you should just stop talking about race period! When ever anybody is around you, or you’re in a group, If I were you? Yeah, I would just keep my mouth shut.

        I can tell you dont consider your self black, ne**o, or somebody with pigmentation, which is cool, but reality is reality, no matter where you were born, where your ancestors came from or whatever you consider yourself. Nobody said anything about needing you to play the race card or hold up a black flag or carry a cumbersome burden for us, especially a race you’re trying to expel your self from, we’re cool. I guess you think given your so called conditions, being that you didnt come from slave ancestors or not from that bloodline, that you’re excluded? Hilarious. Black is Black, where ever you go, where ever you’re at, you’re black.

        I also think you got me f*cked up with somebody blaming the white man for all my problems in life….whooomp. Some of my best friends are white. Im just saying you sound like an uncle tomming a** coon, who is using her home country as an excuse not to be black. You would probably bleach your skin and do everything in your power to look white just like Rihanna.

        According to lineage we are the most powerful race in the world, thats why we are feared and been suppressed for so long, know your history. I dont care where you was born, black is black, and racism is not as blatant as it was years prior but Its systematic and still alive and ticking. But am I crying about it? Do I think it’s going to hold me back from achieving anything I wanna do, hell no, but I know what signs to look out for, I know who to look out for, especially people like you who then bring racism within our race it self and then break it down some more and divide us up amongst each other, like the divide and conquer method isnt already what they want us to do, but I dont need you rep for us, you cant even claim what you are and rep for your self. You are a straight up coon, a traitor to your race!

        and im going to let you in on a secret…white people dont even respect that, because you are a perpetrator to their race and not proud of who you are. Trying to use where you was born as an excuse. You are still a ne**o, and theres no ne**o more superior than another in the eyes of other races! just accept it! Stop trying to take the raven symone route and understand anywhere you go in the world, you still was born with pigmentation that will be frowned upon because the world is way bigger than where ever the f*ck your happy humbled home is.

      • The thought of bleaching my skin has never even crossed my mind. I’ll leave that for the people still thinking the difference between black people and white people lies on the surface of the skin.I sound like an uncle tom c##n how do you figure? Because I defended these crazy white people with a death wish leaving their sanctuary in America and heading for war-torn countries, disease stricken countries, etc. You want me to pretend like these events didn’t happen? As if their deaths were in vain?

        You’re making it seem like all white people are racist rednecks. I have white friends too and if push comes to shove I will be saving my immigrant friends first!!! You see what I did there? I made no reference about saving an American.(W.A. or A.A.) I blatantly stated what I meant and what is likely to happen.

        I’m using my home country as a cop out? Bull sh#t! I am telling you point blank that the white man was never a problem in my country and regardless of what you think it’s a fact! I’m dividing our race? Me alone? I am one cell in a sea! Where the hell was that race pimp Al Sharpton for the murder of Jan Pawel and Quiana Jenkins Pietrzak? Where was the media then? That story should’ve gained traction.

        You have people in America for generations that don’t know about the laws in their country. You have people complaining about not having a voice yet don’t exercise their right to vote. I will say this again I don’t care what a white person thinks! I like how you assume that I have a problem with being black just because I’m seeing things through my immigrant vision, meanwhile all you see is your tunnel vision!

      • Who the heck said anything about race?Your brain is on maximum overdrive! I never referenced house slaves nor field slaves! My comments are specifically about African Americans and White Americans. AA isn’t a race it’s a nationality/ethnicity for the descendants of the enslaved blacks who were taken to America. Not all black people are African Americans! Not all white people are White Americans!

        Those white Americans came from Europe. Why aren’t they referred to as European American on government documents? Caucasians?!

        Try this social experiment Maxy gather a group of Africans and African Americans now watch as Africans gravitate towards Africans.The same thing will happen with Afro Caribbeans. We don’t share the same customs, we don’t speak the same language etc. Why would I gravitate towards an African American first?

        Now take a look at those white Americans who are descendants of the slave master whites that came from Europe, I bet you’ll convince yourself that they have a lot in common with a true European from let’s say …Italy. Same experiment but now with people of a different race once again those Europeans will gravitate towards Europeans first not White Americans.

        By the way, this important and very human study took place in America.

    • It’s such a shame with all the intel you purport to have instead of launching a P.S.A. you instead chose to warn a few .The white man is coming to get us at the expense of his own people. You wasted everybody’s time talking about inconsequential b.s. rather than providing us with pertinent life saving information.

      Chris Brown bipolar behind just blew this whole thing wide open. You probably have a stock pile of canned goods in your basement that doubles as a fallout shelter. I hope your paranoid ass is growing your own food. Or you trust that the white man doesn’t have the ability to poison the soil too?.

      What about the water has it been contaminated? What about the food?dwl
      Has the paranoia set in yet? You should be committed for trying to cause hysteria with your overworked imagination.

      • Im pretty sure ebola was probably created or concocted in some chemistry lab somewhere as an atom bomb/chain reaction type of experiment. Im pretty sure it didnt just come out of some dogs ass in the middle of west africa and all of a sudden people just started getting sick. All it is is another Tuskegee project, do your research instead of trying to make it a race thing. Im sure west africa is just a testing grounds for it, im sure it has something to do with biological warfare or germ warfare and anyone that just happen to catch it is a casualty. So like I said, Chris Brown could be right. Is that concrete enough for you? Rihanna wouldnt understand because she’s a bird. Bird brains dont understand, all she know to do is sing music other people write for her, be a hoe, party and smoke.

      • You’re the only one who cared enough to elaborate. I think it probably has to do with your manly slut shaming brain. So the white man engineered the Ebola virus as a biological weapon and is testing its effects on human beings on Africans. How are you so sure that the white man is the culprit? How are you so sure that the animals they eat aren’t directly responsible? How are you so sure that the conditions in these countries aren’t a breathing ground for things like this to happen? I will say this again which white man? African? American?

        The only reason Ebola is being talked about on this wide scale is because it has landed on American soil and it’s communicable disease and has the potential to do some serious damage, especially in major cities.

        I don’t hear any talking about the birth defects, cancers etc that was caused by the use of Agent Orange. Or the radioactive waste being strewn about in the Pacific we are all about to die a prolong drawn out and very cancerous death.

      • I knew about Ebola and Project orange for years, shows how late in the game you are. They been talking about ebola, not cuz it’s just now hitting american soil!

      • Do you know about Bikini Atoll? White man sacrificed his own people along with the natives. Those servicemen we practically specimens.I meant it is even more cause for a panic as it is now your problem in America.Don’t try to act like Ebola virus in Africa was on the top of America’s agenda!

      • Dafuq did I just read??! You believe Ebola is man-made and is purposed to rid the planet of Blacks??!
        Sure! Whatever you say, bruh! If you wouldn’t mind could you post some verifiable evidence to that effect? You’ll have to excuse me for not taking he word of a birdbrain as gospel.

        Facts, man! You got ’em? Post ’em!

  9. Rihanna is a basic bird brain bajan bi**h. She don’t even have a G.E.D.

  10. oh come on Rihanna stop being ignorant. maybe Chris is right

    • Rihanna Afro Caribbean immigrant behind no nothing of your African American issues! African Americans want every black person on the same mental plantation as them. Caribbeans, Africans, Canadians, Europeans,Latin America …etc.

    • Yeah, maybe Chris is right that the Americans would use a virus as a means of population control. 4000 deaths in 7 months on a continent of almost a billion people seems a wee bit ineffective, though.
      …just sayin’

  11. I feel the same way Chris is feeling. Why when the white people get sick they fly dem away from Africa and in a short period of time they get better?

    • Those white people were humanitarian workers from America!And one of them even offered his blood to another Ebola victim. What do you propose they do? Fly all the infected Africans to America?

      I’m still waiting for an African American relief worker to test positive for the Ebola virus.

      Where are those African American relief workers?

      I guarantee that most of the people who provided relief to Haitians were those white devils.

  12. That is a big fat lie RI would never laugh at CHRIS it is all made up by you instigators. Chris and RI is laughing at your lies. HATERS.

  13. If y’all think breezy’s statement is stupid the y’all picture need to be in the dictionary beside ignorant & stupid

    • Sorry I don’t relate to all black people especially a serial killer who knowingly brought a communicable disease to another country. Where’s your proof? You sound paranoid so I can’t even trust your groundless assumption on me being ignorant or stupid or both.

      You made a statement without elaborating any further which makes everything you said null.

      Not to mention, none of the people who up-voted you cared enough to expand on what’s been said. I am now left with the daunting task of looking at things once again through my very immigrant eyes.

  14. She talkshow about ignorant…. She is one of the most ignorant people ulghhh…

    • I do not believe Rihanna was laughting at what Chris said. I think she have enough feeling for him to make fun of it. I think they are friend. I think peoples just trying to start trouble between the two of them. Chris knows the truth between them..

      • I have nothing to say about their relationship. Chris Brown made a serious and good statement that even could be true. I hope you dont ignore that, like Rihanna did

      • Rihanna is ignorant ? Black people mainly African Americans make everything about race. And they expect that black people from the various parts of the world excluding America to share the same view as them.

        Those white devils in America are protecting their own citizens first (Americans) and black people mainly African Americans want them to give the so called “cure” to what amounts to be a serial killer. You relate to a black serial killer? You relate to a black thief? I could go on and on.

        These people hatred for the white man defies all logic. And some black people are just as racist as some white people.

      • LOL! Well, some Black folks do rally behind convicted murderers! Need proof? Look at kartel’s fans!

      • The difference is we don’t blame the white man for everything and we come from far worse circumstances than African Americans.

      • Why would you??! Are there any Caribbean islands where Blacks are in the minority?

      • These people have been freed for 149 years and will forever blame the white man but will never leave his country! Meanwhile we immigrants come to America from worse circumstances.

        Some even risk their lives to come to America.

      • If I read you right, you want those who have helped to make America the greatest nation on the planet to leave it??! I dunno about that, salena! I think after 149 years, the descendants of African slaves deserve to be called Americans. Don’t you get pe’ed off when they call you African-American even though you are a Crucian? How do you think they feel??

      • ? Their ancestors did all the damn work. dwl
        I’m saying if they’re unhappy in pro white America and really care about their Africans brothers who they no longer relate to…. they should leave America for Africa.

      • There’s a West-African country making the news nowadays establish by former American slaves who named their capital city after an American president. So, it has been done in the past.
        Yeah…and my African brethren consider us in the Western hemisphere to be of inferior stock mostly because we are descendants of slaves, and they’re not!

      • But African Americans would like us to think that they have it hard! When those damn crazy ass white devils will defend their damn country, inadvertently protecting African Americans, while sticking their big white nose in other countries business… dwl

        I don’t see any black people let alone African Americans going to Syria…those white devils practically have a death wish. dwl

      • His country..? …since when…you mean a thieves country..? Right..? …now who sounds like the idiot. .?

      • …what immigrants have come from worst circumstances than Blacks…unless he himself is also of African ancestry or black…excuse my whatever…but you sound like a da# f×*l…!….and a delusional one at that…

      • You ignorant fool when I say immigrant I am talking about people who leave their country and move to another!! I am not talking about Latinos only! I’m including everybody and anybody who emigrates!!!

        Ex: Haitians,Cubans,Mexicans,Hondurans, Refugees etc. the conditions in their country will enable them to see more in America than an African American who has been in America, a developed country for generations!!
        That’s the point I’m trying to make!!

        Along with your ability to only focus solely on BLACK issues!! Latinos are also an oppressed minority along with Gays and Lesbians in America!! I bet you’ll tell me that Latinos and especially homosexuals deserve to be oppressed.You’re so transparent and I won’t hold my breath on you having the balls to respond.dwl

      • Lecture of UWI I know this is you…dwl. Why are you playing games? dwl

      • Not really. All I’m saying is that African Americans expect all black people to be on the same mental plantation as them. Meanwhile my ancestors were taken to a developing country and not plagued with supposed racial tension.

        So my immigrant ass now live in America they assume (AA) that my black ass is an African American even though I have my jungle accent…. then they question my “blackness” when I object to being called an African American and when I’m standing next to a damn white American!

      • Exactly! Why is that distinction foisted upon the descendants of African slaves, and not those of Irish, Polish, Italian and Greek decent??

      • Does it have anything to do with those white devil being perpetrator? I am imagining what the world would’ve been like if slavery never happened. Would I really want to be in Africa….no!

      • Hell yeah! If the trans-atlantic slave trade never happened all that untold wealth stolen from Africa would be in the hands of Africans. The world would be a much different place than it is today.

        The most depressing aspect about visiting England was taking a tour of the Tower and seeing all that African wealth in the hands of the English monarchy!

        Africa is a hellhole because of Europeans, not in spite of them.

      • U r very ignorant, why don’t u educate yourself b4 making a comment, bcuz you sound stupid. u see in the USA, anyone of african descent, non latina is considered Africans in America, aka African American. If your so bothered, why don’t u go live in Canada or England…. there’s Japan, China? Why do u still live in the USA. MOVE!!!! GO LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE.

      • Where did you get the impression that I dislike America? TF My only problem with America is the fact that I have to be generalized with African Americans. And their issues with the white man somehow becomes my issue. As a matter of fact, I’ll screw the white man until my legs quiver as they watch in amazement. Go live somewhere else? I love America too much! I know what the hell I am talking about I’ve never met such racist and entitled black people until I moved to America.

      • You r a confuse little puppy, obsesses with African Americans. Go and take your medication. u sound like a mad sick person. And don’t reply back don’t need to read anymore of your stupidness.

      • You r a confuse little puppy, obsesses with African Americans. Go and take your medication. u sound like a mad sick person. And don’t reply back don’t need to read anymore of your stupidness.

      • Obsessed ? I thought I was now an African American? dwl Go tell LIL BOOSIE when he said “African Americans are the worst race” go tell him along with your people that it isn’t a race it’s a nationality! And tell him he doesn’t get to take the entire black race down his rabbit hole based on him being an A.A along with his observations as it pertains to America.

        The issues you face in America this present day pales in comparison to the issues your ancestors faced.

        I’m sick? Your lame ass couldn’t even challenge the points I made. Couldn’t even talk about Latinos another oppressed minority group or LBGT another oppressed group or Native Americans etc. My black immigrant ass is supposed to only care about your selective issue as it pertains to the white man instead of the racist white man? No way!

      • Your paranoid delusional ass should be committed along with your compadres. Send those Latinos back to Honduras but give the black African man the cure?! TF??!!!! Meanwhile neither of them were Americans.Your comments served no purpose and all you did was reinforced my immigrant vision.

        Trying to challenged that umbrella term and school me on it, meanwhile your people think it’s a race.You’ve lost your damn mind if you think that you’ll ever convince me that all white people are racist and think they’re better than everybody. Got my black ass going hard for the non racist whites.dwl

      • African Americans are the most entitled blacks to come out of slavery.They say the most ignorant sh#t about Africans and Caribbeans. All they care about is issues that affect the black community especially when there might be trace of the white man’s involvement. They perpetuate negative stereotypes then complain about being racially profiled. The reason why black people are generalized is because of African Americans.

        I’d claim African over African American!

      • Move? My immigrant black ass appreciate America more than you’ll ever could..dwl Why don’t you move instead?! I don’t have problems with the white man that’s all you! U move! White man got a lot of you guys thinking that A.A. is a race instead of a nationality/ ethnicity. I tell my A.A. friends I’m not an A.A. and they immediately think I’m implying that I’m not black. dwl That sh#t is an umbrella term and very offensive.

      • You don’t get to say sh#t to me then head for the emergency exit! The white man is killing blacks in large numbers in America and for some strange reason I get the impression that you must be a damn black immigrant. So why the hell did you leave your country? And move to a country where white supremacy is rampant?

      • You are that dense? IDIOT, and whites marry the murderers in jail.

      • LOL! Are you that ignorant?! Ohhh! Boy!

        youtube and watch…,“Inmate has 5 Babies with 4 Female Guards! Black Women Love thugs and more thugs..”

      • 2pac maybe it’s the thug in me…dwl

      • LMAO!!! I guess you are right! Americans are really hung up on that race thing.

      • African American women think they own black men…dwl.

      • Yes! I’ve always wondered why the black girl with the white guy on her arm seemingly looks to me for approval?! As if my opinion of her choice in men make one f#cking difference!

        Sometimes I wonder if Black women realize that it’s ok to date, marry, and f#ck someone outside their race?!

      • You know that ignorant chick you beheaded is back. dwl

      • White male black female is an unlikely coupling. You know talking to you and Tweley I’m now a bit more open minded on my dating prospects. dwl

        I was on a train one time and some dude was like “U need to get your head checked”. dwl

      • Well ziggy, i dont think selena grasp the whole concept of what has been happening for the past 149 years since the slaves were freed…im not an “african american” nor a black american (what they are), im a jamaican, but i have seen and know what has taken place. From the lies told to slaves (40 acres and a mule) to how black communities that were prospering without any outside contributions from whites to cointelpro and the drug war. Black americans just dont blame the white man because they need somebody to blame but rather because the white man have done some really terrible things to black foks and the past and it continues presently. Im very happy that selena have not been subjected to some of the racial and racist whites in this country bu

      • Before I start I’m going to do what I have never done on UI, or any other site that I comment in. I’m going to give your post an upvote!

        With all due respect I think salena knows what’s up! She knows what the deal is. She’s no fool. To say otherwise could mean you have a problem understanding the written word.

        I was raised not to blame the white man for any of my shortcomings. My parents put it to me like this, “If you blame whitey for failing, will you also blame whitey for your success?”

        In all that injustice heaped upon Blacks these last 150 years what usually gets lost in the translation is the reality there’s more Black scientists, judges, doctors, politicians, and academics than at any other time in the history of America. Blacks control more wealth today than we did 50 short years ago. Even in today’s South Africa we see a Black female judge presiding over a case with a famous white athlete as a defendant. The Black middle class in America is exploding as the fastest growing segment of the Black community. Who should shoulder that blame…the white man??!

        If and when you cut through the fog of racist BS which permeates much of the Black community you will see what the rest of us see…the only one holding the Black man down is the Black man. In that regard we have a long way to go before we can stop blaming whitey and begin to focus on the real issues afflicting the Black community.

        I leave you with this quote;
        ““It’s a dirty little secret in our community. I want black kids [to know] we can be strong, intelligent. We just tell kids if you’re doing good in school, you’re acting white. If you speak intelligently, you’re acting white. That’s bull[expletive]. That’s one of the reasons we as a group, us black people, are struggling. We don’t have great respect for each other.”
        -Charles Barkley

      • I know what is going on in America but being that I wasn’t born and raised here I see things very differently. My problem with A.A. is that they focus solely on issues that affect the black community mainly in America and especially when there might be a trace of the white man’s involvement. They don’t want to acknowledge recognize, and accept that most of the crime in America are intraracial. And it’s much greater than the interracial crimes committed by the white man.

        They are not the only oppressed minority group in America.Latinos and LGBT are also oppressed along with several others. They complain about America is always catering to immigrants and in their eyes Latinos are immigrants but let’s hand to cure over to an African over an American?! Some of them don’t want to acknowledge or recognize people from LGBT another oppressed minority group.

        They can’t see that first priority for the so called cure was given to the health workers who happened to be American over them being white!They can’t see that those white people risk their lives to help people outside their own race in a developing country. When I look at the things people experience in developing countries compare to African Americans in this present day their issues with the white man pales in comparison. And they’ll never see things this way.

      • They can’t see that first priority for the so called cure was given to the health workers who happened to be American over them being white!They can’t see that those white people risk their lives to help people outside their own race in a developing country. When I look at the things people experience in developing countries compare to African Americans in this present day their issues with the white man pales in comparison. But they’ll never see things this way and will say Salena you’re ignorant you’re bla bla bla because I say the things they need to hear!

        I wish another transplant would chime in.

      • You fool! The Zaire strain of Ebola kills 52% of its victims. A whopping 48% recover whether their skin be Black or white. Early treatment, of which the american aid workers got, boosted their chances at survival.

        The leading cause of death for Black males between the age of 15-34 is still homicide. It seems that Black men like Chris Brown are America’s second best population control weapon…second only to the Black abortion rate.

      • You really need to work on your grammar, just based on reading some of your comments. Seems like you’ve forgotten the fundamentals of forming a proper sentence! (Salena too ;) )

      • You want proper grammar ? Then stay off of entertainment sites! You look silly using your red pen….your intellectual ass should be getting your fixings at CNN.

      • How dare you call a moron an intellectual anything??! He is to be flamed without mercy. His village must be burnt to the ground, his women made into slaves and his men sent to work in the mines.

        His destruction must be final and complete.

      • You must be that fool I laid a beating on in the article entitled, “Vybz Kartel, Gaza Slim Conspiracy Case Dropped?.”

        So, you have yourself a new nym? That’s to be expected since I flamed your old one to death.
        You say I must work on my grammar?! Why…is there a test after this? Will you be doling out marks, shiny little gold stars and candied treats?

        Dafuq??! You start your reply with a fragmented sentence, and have the nerve to tell me I need to work on my grammar?!

        You do you! I’m going to do me!

      • I like how that butt hurt invisible being bypass the post that sounded like it was written by a child, bypass the post “y’all”…dwl and zeroed in on us p$$y ass clown fish talking shyt and heading for the emergency exit. dwl
        My balls probably bigger than his/her/it.dwl

      • People like this are unable to engage in rational discourse without resorting to name-calling and other trollish tactics. A troll will ignore the content of the message and key in on some other aspect of your post that has nothing to do with what you wrote.
        Trolls can not hold their own, stand on their own two feet or deal with the subject matter. Instead they do what trolls do best; try to get a rise out of their supposed victim.
        They say do not feed a troll. I am one of the few posters who actually feeds on trolls.

        This new incarnation of his will do no better than the one I previously ground into dust.

        …words I have posted by since day one:
        …Be he live, or be he dead
        I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.

      • This site denied the approval of my breaking of you. Meh, you’re not worth my time. I’d rather battle someone with intelligence and one that doesn’t spend most of their time “feeding off trolls” on the enter. DWL Scum.

      • Oops, Internet* lmao

      • *NEWS FLASH*

        F#cktardo! Each and every poster who uses Disqus has the abilty to edit their own posts. You would know this if you weren’t such an ignorant brainless f#ckwit!

      • Sounds like a grandiose cop-out to me! Actually, it’s a sure sign of your capitulation. I’ve had epic battles replete with profanity-laced tirades on this site with no interference whatsoever from the Mods at UI. So, I’m not buying your lame excuse about being denied approval by UI to slob on my knob.

        Not to worry, though…you are not the first troll to bend to my will. I move you clownish imps around like pawns on a chess board. I am the cause behind you going anon. I’ve turned you into my new bottom b!tch. I have fitted you with collar and chain.
        Assume the position. Know your role.

    • If you believe this, you are equally ignorant and extremely gullible.

    • You are ignorant for letting blogs brainwash you and actually believing this story. I hope you are under 15