Chris Brown Attends Rihanna Monster Tour, Gets Cold Shoulder

This is just more proof that Chris Brown wants his old girlfriend Rihanna back.

The “Loyal” singer sneaked into day two of Rihanna and Eminem’s Monster Tour at the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, California on Friday night. But fans noticed him and word spread online.

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Chris Brown was spotted backstage the concert and even came in close proximity to Rihanna. But sources close to the Bajan pop star told Urban Islandz that they didn’t exchange any words.

“Chris came backstage and he was very loud because he obviously wanted to be noticed, but Rihanna didn’t even looked at him, she was just about her business performing with Eminem for their fans and taking photos with fans,” the source told us.

The source also told us that Chris Brown spent most of his time with a few other celebrities at the event including rapper Tyga.

A fan uploaded the below photo on Twitter showing Chris Brown getting very close to someone claiming to be Rihanna at the concert.


Chris Brown also posted a painting he did of The Monster Tour on his Instagram page.

But Breezy later removed the image from his Instagram page.


Chris Brown has been begging to get back Rihanna since his release from jail and has turn up his efforts since dumping his on-again off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

“He has been texting her nonstop and blowing up her phone begging to meet with her but surprising this time she is holding her ground and told him no,” a source told Urban Islandz.


  1. Chris Brown is acting very thirsty for Rihanna, dude she DONE WITH YOU, now go back with K Tran, she will take u.

  2. Do not get it twisted RI have to stand her ground but she love him just as much as he do her .They would be together again and shut the haters up and the MILLIONS who loves her would still be there so stop the lies about cold shoulder Chris knows what he have to get his true love back. let mama Joyce in the mix she and RI is cool.

  3. Just leave the women alone Chris and give what fans really want, your music. You better not change the album date one more time or the excitement for “X” is gone.

  4. It Honestly discuss me the games people play there lives are consumed in fake relationships that they can’t see people or them selves of what they become now there lost.

  5. no fan of either one

    I dont believe it. I think he’s callin her monster also the reason he painted them on his house, and that pic tatted on him to remind him she’s a monster. Jus my opinion cause even tho its old af, i never believed that dv story. Not sayin he didn do it jus the
    truth behind it. He beat her over sumn more than that bogus story. Soon after she really blew up.

    • mesmerizineyez .

      I agree with u. One of Rih’s closest friends said that Rih hit him in the face with his own phone, Then she refused to get out his car after being told several times so Chris snapped. I believe Chris only took her back after they incident just to make her look stupid (karma) he dumped her when she thought everything was cool. I think she asked him to come to the concert & then linked info that she didn’t want to have anything to do with him just to get back at him. Rih is a b*tch always have been always will be

      • The things you want to believe…its obvious he wants her back. She dumped him btw, because he was cheating. “You think”..stop doing that. It’s not made for you.

      • Well if he was cheating it sounds like he dumped her not the other way around. Rihanna was obsessive over Chris, needy & clingy. He’s moved on & so has she so case closed

    • It’s called the monster tour and they both love these kind of things. If he loves her, he loves her. You won’t put a tat on you, just to remind you of something. Its your body…he is already short in money and the label will drop him if this album flops. Doubt he would pay vip if he did not want to see her. They are not good for each other back then and now, but they love each other.

  6. that is jcole!!!

  7. These 2 lovers are very clever at banning cameras & phones when they wish; & now smarter re misleading the public; good on them; #aintnobodysbidness

  8. Obviously Rihanna is over Chris Brown and doesn’t appear to have any interest in him anymore. Can’t say I blame her a bit. She knows what she wants and doesn’t want as well,. Some people grow and grow up as well. Maybe Chris needs to do some soul searching and think about going ahead instead of backwards. .. Let the past be just that. Rihanna has.

  9. If this is true Rihanna shows strength and Maturity.