Rihanna Shut Down Chris Brown After Karrueche Tran Breakup

Rihanna wants nothing to do with Chris Brown who is now literally begging her to take him back.

Chris Brown recently dumped his on-again off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran after he allegedly caught her texting and sending photos to other guys.

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On the flip side, sources close to Karrueche say she was the one who did the dumping after Chris Brown started to like photos of Rihanna on Instagram.

A close source to the Bajan pop star told Urban Islandz that Chris called up Rihanna begging to see her but she shut him down.

“He has been texting her nonstop and blowing up her phone begging to meet with her but surprising this time she is holding her ground and told him no,” the source told us.

“She basically told him straight up she don’t want him or his basic chick anywhere near her. Robyn [Rihanna] is in a better place now, she is more content and focus on herself and her career,” the source added.

“RiRi will always have love for Chris Brown but she accept that they can’t be together she is way to mature for him,” the source revealed.

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran

Earlier this month news surfaced claiming that Karrueche Tran tried to hook up with Drake as a way to get back at Chris Brown. But Drake didn’t fall for her plot and forwarded the texts to Chris Brown.

Breezy then gave her the marching orders. He told his friends that she is an opportunist who is using his fame for her own gain.

Do you think Rihanna will take back Chris Brown?


  1. Just because you’re grown, it doesn’t mean you’re mature. Maturity doesn’t come w/ age & if you ask me, this whole society is immature

  2. You deserve an award for having a brain & using it correctly

  3. Whatever Rihanna decides she wants or doesn’t want, whatever she decides to do or not, it’s her life, she is the only one who has to live it, not her parents, not the media, not the paps, and not her fans! It’s her life, if Rihanna is a smart girl, she will do whatever she damn well pleases that makes her happy. Life is too short to live your life to please anyone other than yourself, because at the end of the day, it’s Rihanna and only herself who has to live with the decisions she makes in life!

  4. No Ri is not going but Chris. When a woman is fad up its over.

  5. Chris needs of move on from Rihanna she will never take him back after how he treated her in 2012 .

    • Umm, isn’t he dating his long time girlfriend Karrauche or am I seeing things nowadays. Last time I recalled, Drake was dating Rihanna. Rihanna & Chris aren’t even thinking about each other


  7. This is such mean writing! Forget about that stupid rihanna. And kae isn’t basic! Gosh this isn’t journalism- this is just sh** gossip writing

  8. How do any of you even know this stuff is true ? youre sitting here talking about he say she say bullsh** that never came out if any of there mouths … You all are to gullable & too old to be sitting here judging someone you dont personaly know of based off of a blog website who makes sh** up to keep they’re bills paid. Stop it .

  9. He needs to stay away from Rihanna anyway. She is toxic to his life and career.

    • They don’t belong together, they are toxic to each other period…

    • Chris was the one who beat her a#! and he needs to stay AWAY from her…You really know there history!!

      • She was the reason for him beating her @ss and why he went through alot of BS with the media and why he has turned into something different.

      • He’s fu#ken bi polar and he dealt with domestic violence in the past and after he beat @ss her and got away with it he did abunch of crap later on and that didn’t have crap to do with her, by that time he was with K Tran. What about the crap he’s doing now?

      • By the way he was the one cheating and he got caught by riri and that’s how it started and there was NO NEED for that, a slap is a slap but a punch is a punch

      • Some people are curses to you. Even if they leave you, apart of them are with you. If Rihanna was never in his life, his image would have been clean and he wouldn’t have changed the way he did. She obviously wanted to get beat up and she got what she was asking for. She and along with other people wanted his career to be damaged, and beating up a woman is probably the best way to try and ruin a career. Why else would she agree to have her photo taken KNOWING what would happen after the photo’s got out.

      • You didn’t hear it’s a conspiracy to ruin chris brown,that all anyone cares about is taking his career and seeing him fall. You back in the days if a women talk back to her husband she then got slap around and beat up. Well if your saying that rihanna deserved it and wanted it to happen, I guess chris mom deserved it too along with every other women in the world too.
        NO ONE DESERVED TO BE BEATEN, NO ONE.! If chris brown wasn’t famous and he did that to someone u knew maybe u would have a different attitude. By the way, if it wasn’t for riri lifting the restraining order chris wouldn’t have that much of a career anyway and as of right now chris is begging riri to take him back, BEGGING riri and blowing up her phone, constantly texting riri. He even when back stage to try to see her. I guess u didn’t think that there was a reason for the judge to send chris to jail for four months and he still isn’t learning yet. Drinking partying with a 17year old and throwing up gang signs. What else will chris do that u will justify. U will learn that his behavior isn’t justify in the world u live in. I’ll let u keep talking cuz there No changing your mind.

      • AGREED 100% with you just me….RRF will not settle with CB and he knows this having looks and money should not make HIM AN ASS OR CHEATER KT don’t mind what the F he does as long as she can be his friend with benefit

      • I wouldn’t bother wasting time trying to prove an obvious point to someone that can’t use their common sense.

      • I don’t think he(or she) even have THAT lol

      • You are one dump ass, Bullz. Chris brown stated he would never hit a woman and yet he beat the crap out of Rihanna because she found out he was a liar. Chris brown was the one who made that choice to beat Rihanna. If he had learn not to tell lies and honor his words as a man he would not have his self in this situation. He could have hit or slap Rihanna once and get out the car and walk off but he choose the opposite. Rihanna has a right to call out a man who wanted her to be his girlfriend and they are exclusive at least in her mind and come to find out he is cheating with other women without protection and because of him lieing to her and putting her health in jeopardy she gets beating,bitten, and choke for revealing his lies. Rihanna had every right to take that photo because she was in a domestic violence incident now who ever decides such as the police woman to break the law and get paid by tmz that is not her problem. Chris brown could have taken Rihanna with him when he run on foot after beating, biting.and choking her if he didn’t want anyone to see his evidence.

    • Her career is a shooting star…BOTH STILL IN LOVE WITH THE OTHER He wants her… WHO IS YOU TO SAY STAY AWAY….

  10. pliz tell me,hwz rihanna matured?? i dnt mean it in a bad way,im very big rihanna fan!!!!!!!! this is a chick who basically goes around naked,parties 24/7..hw she difrnt from chris,shez always changin men..chris used to date that ungreatful hole called karuch

  11. Hope Rihanna has enough common sense to not go back to this woman beater. Chris Brown is so immature and clearly not ready to settle down.

  12. Please get your facts straight !!!! All I see is bs !!

  13. At first I wanted Chris Brown and Rihanna back to together. but now l don’t he don’t no what he want and first when he had her he should have never let her go and she don’t want him any and i don’t blame her.

    • CB still is in love/and wants RF but he don’t wants/or know how to put the childish things aside and grow up He thinks because he have millions/and looks he can get any girl…but it will be so sad they will only love his money

  14. Fame is like heroine

    Rihanns’ s career is soaring. She shouldn’t waste time letting Chris beat her down with mind games. I think the other girl will always put up with his games because fame is more important than morals. If she can’t find another man who gives her the notoriety that she gets from Chris she will always accept this behavior.

    • Yes I agree with you that is so right.

    • She has Drake so I don’t see what the problem is

    • Oh, please Rihanna’s career is damn near deader then Elvis Presley.

      • What planet are u living on? I believe Rhiana was the #3 money earner on Forbes list last year, raking in about $100 million. Not bad for a dead career huh?

      • Lmfao!! @ flockow!! Obviously I live on planet earth where people know how to spell correctly unlike you. And I don’t stalk celebrities bank accounts like your broke@ss to even care how much net worth they have ( and please research it dummy before you go throwing out numbers) ! HER CAREER IS STILL DEAD. THE SLUT HASNT HAD A HIT IN CENTURIES!!! DUH!!!

        And exactly how much do you have in the bank!? That’s the real question!

      • You are a vile sick puppy and you need to get therapy to understand why you would sit on the internet making hateful comments about people you know nothing about. What are you really angry about? That you are broke, or ugly, or have no life, or have no man? Why is she a slut? How many men have you had? Or is it that you can not have the man you want? What do you know about my income you chump change b**ch.You are a mindless idiot.

    • Lmfao!

  15. Karr is pretty and all but they all can do a lot better

    • that chick is so blind…cb and his millions got her fool #poorher… LMAO PRETTY DON’T GET YOU NO WHERE IF YOU DON’T HAVE A BRAIN UP IN THAT HEAD

      • Lol! What planet do you live on. This planet called Earth is not only materialistic….But it’s idealistic, fashionistic, and chauvinistic. Everything is based on looks. Men spend millions to impress broke pretty bi**hes. It’s called arm candy. You could be a high school dropout, with fake titts and a cute smile. Visit Wall Street and land a rich husband, divorce him, and walk away with millions. BEING PRETTY WILL GET YOU THE WORLD WETHER YOU CAN TRULY SING OR NOT! BEYONCÉ IS PROOF!!!!!

  16. riri an chris good for each other