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Rumor Control: Vybz Kartel Did Not Commit Suicide In Prison [Exclusive]

Vybz Kartel is very much alive and well despite some new rumors claiming that the self-proclaim Worl’Boss committed suicide in prison.

Earlier this week several publications within the dancehall blogosphere reported that Vybz Kartel committed suicide behind bars.

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Several of the “Dancehall Hero” fans have been asking Urban Islandz on social media if Vybz Kartel committed suicide.

A close source to the incarcerated dancehall star exclusively told Urban Islandz that the reports are bogus.

“Addi [Vybz Kartel] is alive and in good health and good spirit,” the source told us. “I visit him regularly and he is aware of these rumors some people spreading just to get traffic on their sites. But we are focus on the appeal and will not be deterred by these low life.”

The source, who visits Vybz Kartel regularly behind bars, told us that he is now awaiting on a hearing for his appeal.

“The appeal docs are now with the court of appeal who will then set a hearing, so we expect the first hearing sometime by the end of the year or early next year,” the source told us.

Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, is currently serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison after being convicted for the 2011 murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. His protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell and close friends Kahira Jones and Andre St John were also convicted and given life sentences.

Vybz Kartel will be eligible for parole in 35 years, while Shawn Storm and Jones will have to serve 25 years, and St John 30, before they become eligible for parole.

All four men are appealing the conviction, citing multiple problems with the case including police tampering with evidence.


  1. not a kartel fan but suicide never the answer, so keep u head high altho u put urself in dat place

  2. Glito are you still alive? 🙁

  3. Come on, people! Don’t stop now. Only 9 more comments to push “Rumor Control: Vybz Kartel Did Not Commit Suicide In Prison” over that incredible 590 mark post we reached in the, “Vybz Kartel Says He Is Not Changing Name To Addi Innocent” article.
    I know you can do it. You have the power!

  4. jackie stephenson

    the cop said tupac opened his mouth and forced the words phuck you out of them yap that sounds like tupac alright

  5. jackie stephenson

    Four words ( George Zimmerman) Trayvon Martin. Nuff said. Four more words. My heart is grieving

    • Jackie I live in the South. I keep telling people about these gun tooting retards. Guns are everywhere.There’s a ‘stand your ground’ law people need to learn how/when to walk away.

      • jackie stephenson

        amen and stay away from bad company they come in all kinds look at that stinking justin bieber a give black people bad name and look how usher find the punk and big him up turn him into a multimillionaire but its all good God na sleep. There are many many talented black artist around and people make money off of them then when they finish send them a prison or put them in a battyhole

  6. jackie stephenson

    vybz kartel you are a very powerful and influential man dem gone from fighting bout you to a whole new foo fool topic lawd have mercy on us

  7. jackie stephenson

    Ladies and Gentlemen we cannot fight for a “convicted murderer” all you can do is pray they overturn his appeal and not uphold it. Let it be a lesson learned crime does not pay just walk away and when you all see trouble run fast dont stay behind and act like you are bad men and bad women. Think about your loved ones and the people who love you they are the ones who will suffer the repercussions. If you have a bad friend and company then just drop them like its hot, thats what happened to Shawn Storm he get caught up and leave a daughter behind a ask for him everyday. Prison is not a nice place for a child to visit a parent

    • So true, I am so sorry kartel got caught up, but can’t understand why with his talent he was involved like he was. And if he was really involved in killing people well the outcome is what it is. Cursing and insulting one another isn’t gonna change his outcome. Personally I believe the JA Govt is gonna keep him right where he is…

      • jackie stephenson

        Gloria he was given an unfair trial and I was convinced that he would win his appeal but after I watched Manchester Fiesta 2010 I am not so sure. What I am however sure of is that they are going to do whatever it takes to nail him and if he is found guilty again in August dog nam him supper

      • Jackie, I don’t know what a lot of these people gonna do if that happen. Don’t seem like they gonna handle it well at all, from what I am seeing.

      • jackie stephenson

        Gloria just make sure you are nowhere near them cause dem will murder fi dem worlboss

      • For real girl. Lol listen want you to read on JA observer about that JA young man who got his PHD from UWI AT 25 yrs old. There’s an article about him and one about his mother. So amazing make proud. It’s on JA observer online.

      • jackie stephenson

        yes done and done i read it a few days ago thank u

      • You saw his mother story?

      • jackie stephenson


      • It’s there now, very strong woman raised him alone…

      • jackie stephenson

        all hail the leujah halleujah. Am too busy and into kartels criminal trying to see how much evidence they have against him and setting him up

      • Wooo u ain’t easy…lol

      • jackie stephenson

        i wanna know what his chances are when comes august

      • You and ziggy gonna get buss asses right here on UI

      • jackie stephenson


      • jackie stephenson

        ziggy a me daddy hahahhaa free ziggy

      • LOL! It’s about time you untie me. All this rope is cutting off the circulation to my arms and legs.

      • jackie stephenson

        free worl boss aka ( ziggy) me daddy free him even though he has been convicted lmao free ziggs free up free up

      • Why do you say that?! If Kartel ever sees the light of day, it will only confirm what he’s been saying all along…that the Jamaican judicial system is a corrupt institution. You, and I both know the only way he gets out is if he pays a hefty tithe to the big boys running the system.
        Only time will tell…

      • I ain’t talking Kartel, talking his die hard fans. Read posts below.

      • You see how these people going crazy, they don’t care if he’s guilty. All they want is Free Worl Boss….ZEEN

      • Ziggy, personally I believe his fate is sealed. And I know if he lose his other cases he will die in prison for sure…

      • jackie stephenson

        ya thats the issue right there his other cases if he dont beat them then his appeal stands no chance in hell they will uphold his conviction and lennox will be screwing his wife in bed to vybz tune pum pum wine

      • jackie stephenson

        never say never ziggy zag ya just never know there are lots of killers walking the streets well actually I dont know of any convicted killers walking the streets but one and two.

      • jackie stephenson

        Have you heard the latest OJ Simpson news? Some guy who is a serial killer is claiming to have killed ojs wife and her man

      • Didn’t hear about that with OJ, doesn’t matter the relatives still gonna think he did it.

      • jackie stephenson

        ya its online about it

      • jackie stephenson

        last i saw oj him look old and tough like i wonder if him a tex buddy in a jail

      • jackie stephenson

        another moron in prison

    • I man couldn’t agree more, wish more people woulda think this way.

      • jackie stephenson

        I still think he was set up me no care way nobody want to say. Did you hear the latest OJ Simpson and news some serial killer is admitting to killing oj wife and her man

      • Really??! Mi haffi search dat right now…

    • How could you say that when 1 in 4 Jamaicans are victims of crime, Jamaica has long since held the top spot as the Island with the highest murder rate in the Caribbean, youth unemployment is at a staggering 39%, and 6 out of 10 urban school children carry some sort of weapon to school.
      It seems to me that JA has a culture of violence and crime that has long been fed by the high number of uneducated people coming out of their school system. I think it’s about time J’cans, young and old, rich and poor, Black and half-caste re-think their contribution to the social fabric of the island.
      For a start, men like 25-year old PhD graduate Peter Nelson and his academic accomplishments should get more news coverage than a 38-year old washed-up entertainer who doubles as a convicted murderer.

      • jackie stephenson

        how coud i say what refresh my memory cause i shoot a lot of crap

      • …Let it be a lesson learned crime does not pay.

        If it didn’t pay so well, why are so many involved in it?

      • jackie stephenson

        thats the 10 million dollar questions ziggs holla

      • I liken it to the lesson learned from that old story about the tortoise and the hare…easy money burns quicker than the hard-earned variety. In the end, those who lived an honest life, worked hard for what they got, get to retire in comfort. Those who relied on crime to support their lifestyle usually end up living in an 8×12 cell in their twilight years.

        Look at Dudus doing 23 years in an American prison. He will be past the retirement age when he gets out…if he gets out. What kind of life do you think he’ll be living when he returns to JA? Know this…a man like Coke could have been a CEO of a large company. He could have been a giant if he lived within the law. Too many potentially great men resort to crime when making an honest living could have benefited them, and those around them a lot more.

      • jackie stephenson

        righht it grieve me and him father too jim brown old idiot them

      • So true, I read his story and his mother’s and my heart sang. I was so happy for him he felt like my own. But they ain’t gonna big him up because he ain’t a bad man artist. Such a dam shame. Remember a lot of them ain’t big on education…

      • That’s too bad for them! Peter Nelson has his education, and a bright future lays ahead of him. I wish him nothing but the best in this life.

      • For real, my wishes for him too. Reach for the stars DR. Nelson…

      • It was fed by the government fagfag. Dem fi come together and fix what di government has done. And it sad but true, dats how di media work, its all about sensationalism, dats why wi get so much coverage on tings weh doh really help or enlighten wi. Mi ah try hol a reason wid unnu, doh f*** it up.

      • LOL! You wish to reason with me by first calling me a derogatory name?! Ok! For this post, and this post only, I will overlook your folly.

        We all know how the media works, and now that we have the internet, it’s become increasingly difficult for the media to fool us. A case in point is the article in UI where Usain Bolt is said to be holding the authentic World Cup trophy. Fact-checking, you will find that he is actually holding a replica of the trophy.
        Two questions: why does UI think its readers are stupid? …and why did they think they could get away with printing BS about Bolt? Could the answer be that UI thinks we’re all sheeple to be led around by our f#ckin’ noses??

        The last time I checked, the government consisted of people, not machines, not aliens, not rocks, twigs, or trees, but people. Once you understand that, you’ll see it’s not the government to blame, it’s the people you should be blaming.
        It was people who brought down the apartheid system in SA. It was people who rose up and created the Arab Spring. It was people who got rid of the Duvalier family in Haiti. It is up to the people of Jamaica to make a similar change.

      • Well Said, Ziggy…

  8. jackie stephenson

    kartel bread butter dont get worked up over him he had it he blew it. NEXT

  9. Vybz kartel is not a suicidal person stop wish death pon di man duty people

    • jackie stephenson

      i dont understand how he survived 3 years in prison and now life lawd poor him

      • Inna prison u a fi do di time u can’t mek di time do u a so u survive it nuh easy but a so life go kartel a fi just keep di faith & be strong

      • jackie stephenson

        either way you do it or it do you its still rough and with him he get hard labour n e ways. Whether you serve time or time serve you he is incacerated its not a lavish life anymore and him a man love pum pum you cant get pum pum in a prison

    • For real, strongly agree…

    • What are duty people? People who have a duty?!

      Anyways…of course Kartel is not suicidal…not yet at least! Give him some more time. Let his appeal fall into the gutter. Wait until his money runs low. Then come talk your chit about Kartel not being suicidal.

      • jackie stephenson

        hello newsflash he has no money thats why they are putting his songs out every week to help pay off his debt. Lets see he is or was worth 5.5 million us right and in jamaica everything expensive and what he has been in prison for 3 years I am sure those lawyers have sucked him and milked him enough plus he has charge to answer to in August plus his appeals process he has to pay plus the victims family zig zag kartel money isnt honey

      • WOW! Nothing but good news coming off your keyboard!

        I love it!

      • jackie stephenson

        maybe u can give him a loan

      • I got a lake, some rope, and a 50lb stone I can lend him!

      • You always come with the same idiot talk a nuh every body suicidal doing time don’t make nuh u suicidal only the weak & duty people a people like u SHEMAN obeah worka

      • Obeah is a bunch of superstitious malarkey! A mix of Christian and African rituals used to instill fear in people and make the practitioners appear powerful, and with the advent of the internet, it is now making them rich.
        It’s hocus pocus voodoo BS believed by the most ignorant of the most ignorant idiots like you! Sorry, outlaw, I don’t believe in witchcraft, God, Satan, Zeus, Odin, or Shiva.

        How much of your hard-earned money have you given to the obi woman to make you rich?

      • That’s u all the way.u r a devil so who u think make the earth & every living thing f##king fool.god is the creator of life go
        K!ll ur self fagbag

      • I’m not rich, you dumb ignorant fool! I know it’s impossibly difficult for you to make sense most of the time, but c’mon, man…at least TRY!

      • U got 2 try now u mad at the world & god because u was born a SHEMAN be mad at ur mother & father batty boy
        I know u not rich I see where u from & its f##k up lol

      • Mad at God?! Don’t make me laugh! I can no more be mad at God than I can be mad at the Terminator, Jason Bourne, or Tony Montana…they’re all figments of other people’s imagination. The only thing they share other than their fictional beginnings with your God is that they’re all accomplished killers. I gotta give props to your God, tho…his total body count is somewhere up in the stratosphere.

        BTW…get one thing straight, outlaw. I deal in and with reality. AFIAK, you’re the only one to post your address. I am the only one to go and rip an image of your humble dwelling off Google maps and post it. I can honestly say that you’re not living better than anyone that I know, much less me.

      • Fool I own i don’t live there & yea I did post my address & u still don’t do sh-t all the sh-t u talk u is a soft fruit b!t#h clown wanna be

      • Sad but that’s so true, strongly agree with him. When I walk late at night its my own race that I fear…

      • yea but nuh every black man what about white & Puerto Rican r Mexican

      • Outlaw, I know a black or spanish will rob me quicker than a white. White’s go after big money robberies more than blacks. They will do petty robberies like robbing women on the street. That’s something I know and see all the time also read about.

      • jackie stephenson

        Um Gloria where in the world do you live junkies and druggies rape and rob for little or next to nothing and they come in all colours.

      • jackie stephenson

        well differently she needs to relocate to detroit, flatbush, atlanta, chicago, nigeria, china, syria, iran, iraq, saudi arabia, dubai, vancouver, sierre leonne, south korea or north korea, and many more then she will change her train of thoughts, big up mama jamaica and all my fellow country mates woot woot, down in jamaica we got lots of pretty women

      • I used to live in Flatbush. I wasn’t scared. There’s alot of Caribbean people there. It was fine apparently, the first day we moved in someone got shot at a coffee shop in the daytime. I didn’t know that happened though. I liked it there.

      • jackie stephenson

        baby girl my point was you shouldnt have to live in fear anywhere, but these places do have crime not just jamaica we have a beautiful island with yes some ignorant people and some well educated people and yes people relocate there and give it a bad name.

      • I know but isn’t that life? Death is just around the corner.

      • jackie stephenson

        no darling thats not life, life is precious life is beautiful, life is you live it out until you die of an illness or old age not die by a bullet or knife honey bunny. Do not expect untimely death like that take no for an answer stand up and live your life. Death is not just around the corner for me I am young and healthy I dont know about you. God gave me life amma live it I refuse to be frighten by any thug

      • I stand by my opinion, I live somewhere in USA. I don’t beat you down even when you going back and forth on your opinion about Kartel. Or do I, so do the same.

      • It’s cool Gloria. I don’t think what you said was that serious. I think it would’ve been worse if it wasn’t based on experience. Imagine if the world was just one way. We all think the same. Damn that would be crazy.

      • I am ok, some people think they know everything and they are always right. And quite a few people on this site does that. And I know them all. But I am cool girl. 🙂 think very soon I am gonna give this site a rest thou…so when you don’t see me remember that.

      • All my life I been a leader, never a follower. I have my own way of thinking, and form my own opinion. I know wrong from right. I was born in JA came to US a teenager. I know my likes and dislikes about my country JA. So nobody can’t stop me from chat…I had a good childhood in JA a only child, certainly didn’t want to leave at the time I had to leave…Jamaica no own by one Jamaican, we all own JA…

      • Girl I feel you on giving it a rest. People too ready to fly down your throat.:)

      • For real, plus ain’t nothing new the same BS everyday on UI…

      • jackie stephenson

        i dont go back and forth on no opinion with kartel read properly and try to understand just because i say he got an unfair trial doesnt mean i condone any actions he do, its the truth he wasnt treated well. When you study law and ethics then you will understand. He is a demon, he is evil, he is someones child but at the end of the day the justice system was biased towards him. There was reasonable doubt but all they saw was put him away cause we no like him and they went through all great strengths to do it. Everyone know say the police dem wicked too and kill more people than dem claim say kartel kill.

      • jackie stephenson

        fyi I am an advocate for Shawn Storm he got caught up in wrong doings and bad company liccky lickky nammi nammi people get themselves in trouble. But what you say is farfetched its very troubling about your comments.

      • jackie stephenson

        Although I find your comments very disturbing I still like you cause I am able to separate the two I detached you away from those comments and you make me laugh on here and I love that

      • Yea but white man is same as any other man

      • You are right, we are all humans and equal…just stating facts

      • No dis to white people cause I love dem just as I love black people 2 of my baby mother is white.all mi did a s is they just like us no better remember a dem slave we we never slave dem

      • Yes I understand, but black on black crime is real outlaw. And it’s wicked beating and stealing from old ladies, raping and killing them. Raping and killing children, no wickedness that. I know you know of these crimes, you live in US like me. Those bi-racial kids of yours must be beautiful…One Luv. And u r right we are all humans, whites is not better than blacks to me either. I just state facts as I see it.

      • They r beautiful thank you

      • One luv outlaw

      • Yea I know black on black crime not good cause now dem nah k!ll we a we a k!ll of eachother but who do we blame for that.i was watching gang land & Mexican & white them is the worst of the worst the things they do it way more extreme & over rated to man kind the only thing with blacks they sell dem own kind out they blind to see that it a divide and conquer tactic them use pon
        We.there is a liquor store on every block in the black community just like guns and we never build guns but got the most guns why dem want we fi k!ll ourselves dem love fi see dat cause dem can’t do it no more. One love

      • Yes, that’s true. And it’s sad we r making them happy, by fighting against each other.

      • u see it real talk

      • jackie stephenson

        And amazingly here in Toronto most of the people who are raping women are of other creeds. Its a fact me no business way nobody wanna say statistics here not very many black women get raped buy that creed its always that one creed and kind dem a look fa

      • Statistics will bear this out, not many Black women get raped by other races throughout the entire World. Black women get raped by Black men, nine times out of ten. If you’re a Black woman, you have to keep your guard up against those most likely to rape you…the Black man.

      • jackie stephenson

        lmfao which one di one dem way love breed up breed up

      • jackie stephenson

        Gloria needs to know live in a predominantly white neighbourhood in detroit or flint then she will know who robs who and who rapes who quicker. Such an unfair statement she makes like we are good for nothing. No wonder the youths of today turn to crime. You have to love them and embrace them not punish and make them pay twice to be black.

      • Ever hear about the one called De’Marquise Elkins? What was his excuse for snuffing the life out of an innocent 13-month old child?! He wasn’t loved? Life treated him unfair? He was forced into a life of crime? Seriously, jackie give your head a shake!

      • Stop putting me in your posts. I have nothing else to post u about. I see what u are about, u can’t make me think how u want me to think. I stand by what I said to upset u so much. And frankly I don’t give a D-MN…Oh by the way make up your mind who u really support.

      • jackie stephenson

        woman i dont live on here and post you all the time, you dont know me and i dont know you yahoo, yes youu are entitled to your opinion but who cares buh bye now

      • It seems u cared, to be so upset, going on like you did. Anything I say I stand by it period, I state facts…CIAO

      • Don’t respond…

      • It ain’t the whites, PR’s, or the Mexicans killing Black folk…it’s Black folks killing Black folks.

      • Now I know u is really a fool yea black people k!ll each other but Mexican & white k!ll more blacks dan blacks k!lling each other u ever watch gang land

      • Careful cowboy. Before you make such damning statements you should check the facts.

        UCR Crime Reports
        Race and Sex of Victim by Race and Sex of Offender, 2011
        3172 whites murdered…by 2630 whites, and 448 Blacks…
        2695 Blacks murdered…by 2447 Blacks and 193 whites…

        I gathered two very obvious things from those numbers; Blacks kill more whites than whites kill Blacks, and the crime of homicide in the United States is mostly intra-racial.

      • Who off the kids in side the schools & kidnap little girls for years decade’s white man no black man don’t gun down little kids in r out of school dum idiot

      • No bother hot your head up. You can’t win. Leave it alone.

      • Win wah mi nuh toy soldier r mumma lashy

      • I answer that question somewhere below 🙂

      • Nuh body can’t mek mi head get hot r cold a di truth mi a talk ya’ll fear man mi nuh fraid a man a god the almighty so mi always win
        I was born a winner

      • Me nah worship any man. lol I just telling you no matter what you tell him. He ain’t gon get it. He gon always feel like he’s right. Just because I may not believe in the bible, It doesn’t mean I gon tell people a blasted thing about how dumb they’re for believing in it. It’s not for me to decide.

        When something cannot be explained by science what else is there to turn to?

      • mi mean in general.ziggy is not a man him r she confused nuh watch nuh face zeen

      • It ain’t even that serious. I don’t understand how anyone can talk about a place they haven’t lived in. That’s the equivalent to me telling some African about what’ s wrong with there country. Never been to Africa but I feel the need to point out what I think is wrong.Or we could really get specific a Nigerian about Nigerian issues.

        Who the hell am I to tell some African person anything?! Being that I live in America, I can talk all day long and give a first person account about American issues.

      • Roflmao I know I’m about to become seafood in a few hours watch. lol

      • Seafood?! No way! If anyone wants to make a meal out of you, they would have to go through me first.

      • I was implying you! lol Did you get my Tilikum reference?

      • I knew you were talking ziggy. LOL

      • Cool out, girl! I’m not going to bite your head off, I will not disrespect you. I will continue to treat you with the utmost respect and courtesy…even if you think I’m some sort of killer whale.

      • yea u right but mi never did a talk about Africa mi did a talk bout black on black crime

      • I know what you meant. I’m talking about everything in general. Like when I hear people talk about places they never lived in. I was kind of venting I guess.

      • Anyone one talking about any country they’ve never been to really need to go live over there for at least a year. Then come back and talk to me about what’s really going on. I gon lol gd nite 🙂

      • fi real good nite 2 u 2 sweet dreams

      • Well, I’ve never been to Nigeria, but I know a little about Nigeria’s Boko Haram Islamic extremists who kidnapped hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls this year. Just yesterday they blew up a shopping mall killing 21 and wounding 17 people.
        Not everyone who supports the #BringBack Our Girls social media campaign have been to Nigeria, it doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the issues, or express concern for their plight.

      • What people don’t understand, if u love to read and keep up with current affairs u know what’s going on around the world. You don’t have to be in the country to know, but you know what’s breaking news around the world…

      • I believe salena thinks a person has to live in the country in order to understand the terror people of said country experience on a daily basis. I agree somewhat with what she said. I just don’t see myself going to Nigeria, a war-torn country, and experiencing it firsthand.

      • You don’t have to live in a country to know what’s going on, especially the terror of its citizens. If u keep up with what’s going on worldwide, the bad always come out in the news. And I don’t mean tabloid which I don’t read.

      • I love to know what’s going on around me. When I would tell my son something in the news that get to me, he would say that’s why I don’t read the news. I just think that makes no sense…

      • It’s not that I think you need to live in a country to know what’s really going on. I don’t think I explained myself clearly. I think it’s good to stay up to date on worldwide events. What I meant ok let’s take a country like India child brides , arranged marriages, caste system etc. I’m not Indian so although I feel compasion.I have no solutions.

        I hanged out with an Indian once. Indian from Indian well, his parents were. Now at the end of the day I knew it would never work. The thing is I know it would’ve been hard for him to deviate from his tradition but how hard? That’s all I’m saying when I meant you need to live somewhere to know what is going on. Sometimes there aren’t any solutions to the events that plaque the world. Dang I sound so pessimistic.

        I know it would probably be easy for me to say hey K leave your family behind but at the end of the day I’m not him so I wouldn’t know.

        *shrug shoulders*

        How do you change tradition?

      • I have no problem with someone expressing concern. Now the problem arise when you start to act like you know what’s really going on. It’s one thing to read something it’s another to live it! Half the things probably will never be reported.

      • What’s not to understand about schoolgirls being kidnapped and divvied up as wives for Islamic extremists?! Girls were in school. Armed men took them by force. They are being held captive. Their families are stricken with grief! Are you telling me you feel nothing for these girls?

        I can’t imagine you being a Nazi extremist. We don’t have to offer, or provide solutions to these problems. We merely have to admit they exist and talk about it.

      • Of course I feel for these girls what kind of question is that? How can you not? I know that with each tragedy comes another even more bigger tragedy. I’m not walking around with my head up my arse but what can I do? All I can do is be concerned about it.I don’t have any solutions to resolve it. We don’t have the ability to change these religious extremist it’s instilled in them.

        The U.S. can provide some intel but like I said I don’t know. If you feel like providing me a solution then I’m all ears.The Nigerian government to me ain’t really moving too swiftly a lot of these women don’t have any rights.Like I said I’m not only concerned with issues that only affect the islands.

        I ask one of my friends about the Korean ferry incident I asked him why didn’t some of the kids leave? He said S if you were on that ferry and an adult told you to stay put you would’ve done the same thing. I was like are you sure? Then it got me thinking it’s probably part of their culture to hold adults in a high regard.

      • Ahhh, salena! I like your spirit, but it’s not your ears that I want.

        I hope you don’t mind if I change the subject, but I would like to ask you a hypothetical question.

        If you’re walking alone in broad daylight and a van comes to a screeching halt, opens its doors and two gunmen say, “get in, or I’ll shoot you…” what would you do?

      • You really ain’t playing lol .. I’m still thinking. Is that fair?

      • So take the sure thing which is a bullet to the head? Or the unknown? I like you you’re a gambling kind of man. lol let me see…..
        *paces back and forth* still pondering

      • This is not a trick question. Hurry up and get on with it. Homeboy’s trigger finger is twitching.

      • Roflmao I think you would have to kill me. That’s the sure thing who knows what’s going to happen if I get in the car. I may still end up dead. *shrug shoulders* Wait unless I think I could use my feminine wiles to escape. *shrug shoulders again*

      • Based on that answer, you and I could hang out together. If you chose that you would get into that van, you would be dead any which way. Good choice girl!
        Next question!

      • You know some women have the ability to charm their captors. I can’t name one of the top of my head.

      • “When something cannot be explained by science what else is there to turn to?”

        Exactly! What else is there to turn to? I think it’s pure folly on the religious types to replace one unknown with another unknown. Science can’t explain how life took hold on this planet. Saying that “God did it” is merely replacing one unknown, with another…it doesn’t work.

      • He might score some points if he would simply brings facts into the discussion instead of his unschooled opinion.
        It’s near impossible to lose any argument once you have the facts.

      • Dude, read up on Marcus Delon Weston, Tanya Thomas, Wayne Williams, Anthony Sowell, Aaron Alexis, and Moses Sithole.
        Realize that it wasn’t the white man who killed Hadiya Pendleton, neither did April Jace die at the hands of a white man.

        Our hands are not as clean as you make them out to be.
        …just sayin’

      • yo I never say our hands r clean all I was saying is white man do more brutal murda than us & them people u talking about that what they say u wasn’t there don’t believe in everything u read

      • I understand what you’re talking about. All I’m saying is that it’s our own people killing us, not the white man. Look…not too long ago you wanted to take my life over some petty internet argument we were having. It seems to me that we are quick to murder each other over stupidity. It is my hope that I can leave this life without murdering a soul. I just wish more of us would stop treating each other’s lives like some old worn-out pair of shoes ready to be discarded like yesterday’s garbage.

      • I never say in none of my comments that I wanna take ur life it was u saying that 2 me.I feel di same way about how we as black people treat each other that way it’s f##k up

      • Oh if only we Blacks would come together in harmony, with all our differences what a world that would be. It would sure make our adversaries take steps back. But my oh my I won’t hold my breath…

      • no lie fi real

      • It is f#cked up how we treat each other. In spite of what I’ve written to, and about you, I’m trying my best to change that irl. When I see a Black man I see a brother, not an enemy.

      • Outlaw, I know we can communicate, white’s are more likely to be serial killers. And they do heinous crimes. Also it’s not that white’s don’t commit crimes. The argument is about Black on Black crime and most of the time it’s petty crime that leads to murder.

      • True always something petty war start over trust mi I know

      • ZEEN, ok. Gonna watch sundown towns later.

      • di white man & Mexican k!!! More black people than black people k!!!ing each other dummy & that’s a fact

      • A mad u mad u got it the other way around white k!!! More black u dum as hell f##king idiot

      • Sorry dude, Not according to crime statistics compiled by the FBI. I’m not sure what you’re so confused about!? 193 white offenders murdered Blacks. 448 Black offenders murdered whites. That alone should stop any argument about whether whites kill more Blacks…you would think!

        You can always prove me wrong by citing some evidence to the contrary.
        Have at it, cowboy!

      • oh look what the cat dragged in roflmao.:) Looks like I’m staying up

      • Yup! In my hurry to get out of here tonight I left my ‘puter on. Ya’ll been real busy, I see!
        I don’t think I drank enough tonight…I can still read. I can read without seeing double!

      • You know Zig sometimes I just don’t get you. lol

      • That’s ok, salena! You’re not the first, and you probably won’t be the last to feel that way about me. I’m a big boy. I can deal with it.

      • Lol and how do you think I feel about you?!

      • You ‘feel” I’m a bad man, a lesser man, just because I have no faith in a God.

      • Lol I can’t say that I believe in God so why would I care? It’s not that it’s when you tell people that they’re are idiots and that what they believe in no more than sugar pills.

      • Please, if you will, can you remind me who it was that I labeled an idiot for believing in God. I know I called outlaw an ignorant idiot for believing in obeah, I just can’t remember calling anyone else an idiot for their belief in a God. Please enlighten me.

        To each their own. I’m not religious by any stretch, but I am spiritual. I don’t subscribe to any religious dogma, yet I have this uncanny ability to discern right from wrong. I can’t tell you how many times that has saved me from a World of hurt.

      • Zig it’s when you talk about religion like Christianity and how ‘God’ and Satan are fictitious beings. You even told a few of these dudes that were practically idiots for believing in Obeah.
        Who’s to say that Obeah is just all curses, hexes and negative magick maybe it’s more than that. People believe in religion because they know when chit hits the fan they’re hopeful that it’ll get better it’s that hope that keeps them sane. I think it’s also the reason why a cleansing ritual is performed when someone dies.(funeral) People are hopeful that they’re helping their loved ones transition into the next life easier. No one knows what happens when you die until you die.

        It’s something you have to experience for yourself. Anyone thinking they do need to come back and bring me
        some Am I making sense? So is it safe to assume that you’re not going to go out with a big production?(funeral) I would like to know what you have in mind.

        Who’s to say that these bible thumpers don’t have some of it right?

      • Nice avatar…Queen of Air! Are you a cartomancer, or are you just a fan of Manara’s work?

        I can’t really say that I believe in any sort of magick above and beyond that which the human mind is capable of producing. Obeah, religion, the supernatural, and such didn’t build this world. Such a feat was accomplished through the discovery, exploration and application of the laws governing our physical world. We don’t get to enjoy the fruits of the 21st century by way of supernatural means, it was, like every man-made thing you see in your world, an idea! It was ideas that brought us our cars, phones, GPS, computers, iPods… Imagine almost every consumer good you can think of first started out as an idea in someone’s mind. That’s the only real magick I know!

        Funerals are for the living in order to honor their dead. The dead do not care if they’re buried, burnt, or chopped into minced meat. We came from nothingness, and to that nothingness we shall return.
        I know of only one man who promised to bring back proof of the oxymoronic belief of life after death. Well, the World has been waiting 88 years for Harry Houdini to make his greatest escape of all time to tell the world what’s it’s really like on the other side. So far, no response from Houdini.

        I can’t say that I’ve put much thought into how I will exit from this life. Right now I’m focused on getting my education, getting on with my career, finding a wife, settling down, raising kids, and being a family man. IOW’s I’m not thinking about my death quite yet.

        “Who’s to say that these bible thumpers don’t have some of it right?”
        *wry smirk*
        Would you get on a plane if the pilots only got some of it right, some of the time?

      • Roflmao How do you know of Manara? I think that question may prove to be a bit too personal for your liking am I right? No I won’t board the

      • I was introduced to his comics a couple years back by a Parisian exchange student I went to school with. She wasn’t really into his cards, although she had a wall-hanging made from one of his cards…Strength, I believe.
        Funny thing, I only noticed what it was when I had too much to drink one night. Before that I thought the girl in the picture was hugging a damn tree.

        Don’t laugh! It ain’t funny!

      • You’re so crazy.:) I think that image is quite fitting for ‘strength’. I can’t believe you didn’t notice the bulging veins etc. Yes it appears that she was hanging on for dear life begging him not to leave. roflmao

      • I can’t believe you laughed after I asked you not to! LOL!

        Yup! The hotter the girl, the less likely I am to notice things around me. You should have been there to see my jaw drop when she told me she was born in Harare. I didn’t know that country could produce such stunners. I really miss her.

      • aww You could always try to find her on facebook etc.Can’t u?

      • Yeah, we’re friends on FB, but you can’t compare those social network sites with what happens under the sheets at certain hours of the morning…if you know what I mean?

      • u not the only one that can read & not every thing u read is true u seh u black so how come u r a shame of Bing black

      • I really gon to bed now.

      • Too much of what?

      • Nuh u seh him concerned about black people so mi seh too much

      • Oh lol You know I feel like drinking now roflmao.

      • don’t get 2 drunk

      • Ya I gon see ya lol 🙂

      • Yea I wish lol

      • All is good, see you opening up how you feel to zig. Lol

      • Ziggy’s not the only one that seems to know it all, from what I see with him he is well informed, and reads a lot. Also I think he’s a very smart and intelligent man. And I admire that about him. Some of these commenters on this is very rude and all when them wrong them right…me done wid dat…also remember sometimes those that have them college, and grad school degrees still act dumb. Done for real now.

      • I know he is but sometimes I just don’t get him. *sighs* I wonder what he looks like.I know he likes being a bit of a legend.

      • I imagine him to be at least 6 feet tall, medium to dark skin, handsome and a man that’s good in his own skin. Very smart and intelligent. Oh My, wish I wasn’t taken would be in Alberta CA already. Would a get a private eye going on that. Girl friend or no girl friend…get it salena…LMFAOOOOO

      • Roflmao I imagine him to be quite different. I imagine that he’s tan skin, athletic etc turn off the lights and he’s still talking. I’m imagining having to cover his mouth with my hands lol, a bit too domineering for me .lol It’s fine Zig drink this it’ll make me feel better. 😉 I’m fine with doing all the work myself. roflmao

      • I forgot to put very fit body, actually that for sure. Don’t think he would be still talking with the light off, bet he’s too busy getting down to business. Also think he’s very romantic, hate a wam bam thank you man…gimme the romance before the showdown…LOL

      • Wow! Do you girls have me under surveillance, or what? How do you know so much about me? This goes far beyond guessing.
        Wot tha f#ck!?!

      • I imagine I’d be keeping those lights on with you…plus you would have to use something else, some other body part to cover my mouth with because both your hands will be too busy tapping-out!

      • Wow! You got everything right except for the Alberta part. I now reside in Montreal. I have at least one more year at University before I can even think about going back to Alberta.

        Question Juney; where would you have me take you on our first date?

      • I am not a legend. I am just a man who thinks you could be one.
        Are you a legend, salena?

      • I can’t figure out if you’re being a sarcastic jerk or something else. whatever

      • I am neither, salena. I’m just trying hard to keep up my facade of being unable to get, figured out, pigeonholed, categorized, and or labeled.

        I’m sorry if I offended you. That wasn’t my objective.

        *ziggy gently places his neck on the block and calmly waits for salena to hack at it with her machete*

      • I think I would rather engage in hand to hand combat.:) I don’t think legend was the word I was looking for I just meant that you valued your anonymity. I know that I said a bunch of ignorant chit towards you. I’m a bit perplex as to why you didn’t come out with guns a blazin? I don’t think that I’m above you wielding that sword that you conveniently seems to have in your hand at all times. Hopefully, I didn’t just give you a reason to. 🙂

      • You are way too harsh on yourself, salena. You are intelligent, strong, opinionated, and direct. Those are qualities I look for in a woman. It wouldn’t be in my character to cut you down because of that which I admire most about you.

        Keep speaking your mind, girl. I love it! Those that don’t love it are weak, insecure, and childish who should be left alone to stew in their own soiled diapers.

      • Never once in my life have I felt ashamed of being Black. I love the skin I’m in, it feels good, and looks even better on me. WTF are you talking about, cowboy?

        I’m not the one spending a small fortune to turn my skin a lighter shade. Talk to your boy kartel and ask him that question.

      • F##k u & the fbi of course they gonna say that u got 2 look up sh-t on the internet u ever hear about a place call sun down town that place a lone more hundred black man get k!!! There but u never read about it r see it on the news why cause they hide it from the people dem just like how them hide black people history dum ass

      • Sundown towns?! WTF!? Don’t make me laugh! You got whole areas in the American urban landscape where whites are afraid to walk. There may not be a sign saying, “Whitey, don’t let the sun set on your A S S in this town,” but areas of N’awlins, Miami, New York, Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, Dallas, and LA, it is implied.

        They don’t hide Black history, cowboy…they obliterate it. Ever hear about the Rosewood massacre? Holla back when you catch a clue!

      • I think it depends on which neighborhood you live in NYC. Are all Canadians and Americans concerned about racial tensions?

      • Race is a big deal in America. That is a well-known documented fact that the entire World is privy to. Not all Canadians, and all Americans concern themselves with racial issues. A great many Canadians are more concerned with linguistic issues, particularly those involving Quebec and the rest of Canada, than they are with race.

      • It could just be me lol. When I was growing up in the islands. I never really look at things thinking damn I’m black. I mean it was never any problem being black. The Islands is a mixture of different cultures Indians , Spanish, etc. It’s not segregated like other parts of the world.
        I’ve never had a problem being black living in NYC. I think it’s probably a lot harder being a black dude than it’s to be a black chick. I just don’t think about it.

      • Black on Black crimes. But when I said it someone here going off. Black on Black crime is real and a disgrace. There it is I said it again…

      • And I stated facts, I am not responsible for young people going bad. I am responsible for raising my kids and making sure they become good decent human beings. I am not going to act like it’s all good when it’s not. Where I live it’s a mixed race community and it’s ok. I love to read and know what’s going on. I stated facts and I stand by it.

      • LOL! Black on Black crime is a real sickness afflicting so many Black communities around the World. To ignore this phenomenon, would be to put yourself at risk of becoming just another victim.
        You! Keep yourself, and your family safe.

      • The terrorists in Nigeria killing villagers, and kidnapping girls and raping and impregnating them, are also WHITE RIGHT…give me a D-MN break…me na defend wickedness, I am not that type…sorry ziggy had to go back to JA a little bit. When I was defending my point I also meant worldwide not just JA where I lived until a teenager, also US where I live since then.

      • I had a coworker that’s Nigerian who told me he want to retire in his country but he’s scared. He said too much wickedness going on there. I actually feel the same way about JA to tell you the truth, so if I am still on earth at that time I will stay right here.

      • Let me see your outcome, they want to hang me for stating facts about black and black crime, and what I think is bad about JA…

      • jackie stephenson


      • …as you should! You are a rational thinking human being who knows that crime is intra-racial, and not interracial like how bigoted whites think it is. Generally, Blacks kill Blacks, whites kill whites, Asians kill Asians…and so on.

      • Well thanks, I been getting beat down by that post.

      • LOL! Let them stay there waiting for the white man to rob, kill, or rape them.

      • jackie stephenson

        you are absolutely right including the ones that come on here and talk crap and put down their own culture. When I walk down the street I dont fear nothing but fear itself.

      • Illuminating the facts about one’s culture is not the same as putting it down, as you claim. Are we to bury our heads in the sands and not believe crime happens in the Black community?
        Well over a thousand people will be murdered in Jamaica this year, and for the most part it ain’t whitey doing the killing.

      • Ziggy, you are so D-MN wrong whites do the killing in JA and all over the world. Jamaica don’t have crime everything IRIE…ROFLMFAO

      • I know what you’re saying…they’re looking for this ‘white man’ for a murder he committed in Toronto.

      • Well I hope they find his white A$$, what’s taking them so long. LOL

      • Damn ZIg a so you put this dude out there?! roflmao

      • U do believe in god 2 be talking about god u mad cause something happened 2 & u call 2 god but u get no answer that’s why u mad a god for well god help those who help them self dum idiot mi love god & nuh man r woman can’t tell mi that god nuh real go s##k out yuh mumma

      • Wow! Is that what your religion teaches you, outlaw? I must go and practice incest with my own mother?! Well that must explain why I want nothing to do with any God, the Bible, and or any make-believe chit you have to offer! It’s no wonder more and more of us see your God for what he truly is…your god is nothing but a f#ckin’ delusion!

      • Who the f##k give a f##k about Jason Bourne tony montana terminator a classic movie’s dem but this is real life n#gga no tv sucka

      • At least those guys I can see. Where is your God…what TV channel is he on??!

      • Where is your proof that an invisible supernatural being is responsible for all that you see? First lie from the Bible, and you’ve already proven it to be a lie…ain’t no God created all this in no six days. By your own admission you said the Earth is over 4.5 billion years old.

        …and none of you have every definitively answered the question of who created your God?

        Second lie; I read your Bible, it said God formed man from the dust of the Earth, yet man is comprised of 50-60% water! LMFAO!

        STFU, and GTFOH with your God created life BS.

      • So who build the earth then.not every thing in the bible is true every body knows that is
        The reader got 2 make sense of it man write the bible so of course they gonna lie but I know god is real god make man of him own image.& yea god make the earth in 6 day cause he’s god & only god can do that no human can’t god can be in many places at once.& fool I bin answer that question about how old the earth was u forget dum n#gga

      • *chuckles*

        No one “built” the Earth, the Earth was formed out of the accretion disc surrounding a young star over 4.5 billion years ago…that which was left over from the birth of the Sun formed into the eight planets which now make up our solar system.
        Again…you draw your facts from an out-dated book, I draw my facts from a modern science book. You lose once again!

        …”not every thing in the bible is true…”
        *chuckles louder*
        You don’t say? Not everything pertaining to the infallible word of God is true?! I’m shocked that you would even admit that! It’s a good thing you’re not a Muslim…they kill you for less than that!

      • N#gga u dum u the loser not me I never say everything in the bible is true nobody ain’t big bad & brave to kill me.god is real god is great f##k u & ur believes & ur waste life

      • Really!? The Bible is true? Please post proof that ancient Egyptians had Hebrew slaves. One thing though…you can’t use the Bible as proof.

      • Ok Zig let’s say if you have stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The doctors tell you that they can’t do anything more for you. Who do you turn to when science can’t help you?! Are you going spend the next 3-6 months volunteering for clinical trials? I would like to see you answer my question without biting my head off.:)

      • After reading a few of your comments it got me to wondering what had caused me to get on your bad side all of a sudden. It’s not easy being Black and atheist. (god knows) LOL!

        So, I’ve got stage IV pancreatic cancer and any hopes of beating it through medical treatment is futile? Nice spot you put me in, salena.
        Who would I turn to?! The answer would be nobody! There is nobody, or nothing to turn to once all medical avenues have been exhausted.
        I could delude myself and pray to a figment of an ancient peoples’ imagination, but that wouldn’t be who I am. I’m not afraid to live, and since death is very much a part of life, I don’t fear death either.

      • lol I’m cool dude I mean it isn’t that serious.I think I will have to see that to believe it. I know it’s a lot easier to say when it’s not a part of your reality.

      • That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

      • So let me get this straight you will have the stillness of a Buddhist monk who self immolate?! I will have to see it to believe it.

      • WTF!? LOL!
        No, salena! I have the capacity to accept things that are beyond my control. I do not leap over building in a single bound, I’m not faster than a speeding train, and bullets will not bounce off my chest.

        my head hurt from laughing, tho…I must stop laughing.

      • You can say whatever you want. I know if someone tied you to a concrete block tossed you over board watch how hard you struggle to free yourself.

      • Of course! That goes without saying. I’ll be doing everything I can to get loose. The one thing I won’t be doing is praying.
        Good night, salena. My bed is calling me right about now.

      • I know come morning you gon really have a lot to say about my indirect comments. roflmao The suspense is already killing me. I’m looking forward to my spanking in the next few hours. *sighs*

      • If you want me to spank you, you’re going to have to at least buy me one drink. I don’t work for free, you know!

        Seriously, girl…if I step out of line, or disrespect you in any way…you have my permission to chop off my f#ckin’ head. I can’t wait to read the rest of your posts. This should be very interesting…

      • Keep the love and respect going guys…ONE LOVE TO BOTH OF YOU

      • There’s nothing you could do but wait to die…read my post to salena on that.

      • You spend quality time with friends and family, and get your affairs in order. That’s what my dear and close friend did. She did believe in GOD I assume she made good with him. I miss her dearly, she died pass December three years of stage 4 pancreatic cancer…she wasn’t really a friend more like a loving sister.

      • Wow! So sad.
        That really puts things into the proper perspective. I’m sorry for your loss.

      • Thanks dear, I miss and think of her everyday, never had a friend like that again. She was JCAN too, very decent and hard working…met her here at work.

      • Outlaw means dutty (dirty) not duty. Like u fagclaat fagfag figgifagfag, nerdman your neighborhood superhero nerd. Chuck yuhself inna lake wid cinder block pon yuh ankle…

      • jackie stephenson

        Ziggy Zag already knows that he was just playing smart

      • Yeah, I know Sean Paul didn’t release an album called Duty Rock, and I know dutty wine ain’t no alcoholic beverage, This Santana guy is about as bright as the sweat soaking through Makka Diamond’s panties on a Saturday night.

      • Shut yuh bloodclaat fagfag, mi tiyad a yuh. And u is bout as bright as a rasclaat robot wid unnu mechanical thinkin. F***in idiot, why yuh deyah inna Caribbean site fah? Shouldn’t u go a Canadian site and annoy your own EH?

      • jackie stephenson

        jesus christ me cant boda ya

      • Still biting my lyrics, I see…like you got none of your own to drop, eh boy!

        Please tell me you’re not dumb enough to think urbanislandz, the Jamaican Gleaner, or the Jamaica Observer are being hosted in Jamaica, by Jamaicans??! All three of those websites originate in the United States of America. You would know this if your weren’t just an ignorant country bumpkin.


        I know you’re tired, boy. Just a few more rounds of this rope-a-dope made famous by Ali, and I’ll be ready to deliver the knockout punch. Don’t worry, it won’t be too much longer now that I’ve got you reading every single f#ckin’ word I’ve ever typed.

      • That shouldn’t surprise no Jamaican, JA owns nothing they sold every dam thing. Such a dam shame.:-(

      • I’m sure they’re Jamaican Americans then.

      • jackie stephenson

        jamaican american jew jamaican rabbi jamaican canadian jamaican a jamaican is a jamaican. When you move to another country and take up citizenship its only a crappy piece of paper that says you are landed or a citizen I am proud of my country me no business what no jackass wanna say. Evil is in every country some hide and some come out and some cover up.

      • So Jackie you really think Caribbean people born and raised
        in the U.S. have everything in common with the ones native to the Islands? I’m not talking about relocating to another country for better opportunities. I’m talking Mamea and Daddy both Caribbean and raising me in let’s say Flatbush as cliche as that is.

        I’m telling you we won’t share the same experience. Like the first time I ever heard Spanglish was when I lived in NYC. All the time living among Spanish people in the islands I’ve never heard it.

      • jackie stephenson

        No read what i say and try to understand we have to treat people as an individual not as a culture I have said so before. And I dont know what you talking about bout Caribbean people born and raised in US obviously if you born and raise in US then you are American even if your parents are of caribbean background. Not all Americans are wicked not all jamaicans are bad not all canadians collect welfare and yaddi yaddi not all muslims are terrorist

      • Oh I see. I’m telling you anyone born in the islands know exactly how hard it really is. I think maybe that’s why I’m not all about myself. If I see a blind person that needs help getting somewhere I lead them.

      • jackie stephenson

        me too no matter what color or creed, but we have a lot of superstars coming from the islands some make use of it and others they dont they are troubled. Some and most are born poor then make it big in life till dem tun fool cant handle the money and pressure and suddenly new bag a friends. I had a hard life back home mama leave me when i was 9 months to come Canada to bring us up after 8 yrs. We would walk from parish to parish to go my sister church, we had to bath in wash basin 8 of us sleep on one bed. Sometimes we had to share one plate of food, but most time if we want to eat we pick fruit off a tree and it satisfy we.

      • I know and that $300 light bill. Bacon $10 1/2 milk $5 sometimes no food there. We sometimes leave our country to seek proper medical attention.You know Mamea raising those twins by herself because some retard wants to stick and move. No matter what I still love my country and my Caribbean people.I tell people you ain’t see it yet. You can’t see it if you haven’t lived it.

        If you don’t want kids use protection. Don’t leave it up to some girl when you know she’s not actively taking those pills. You know what don’t leave it up to her in the first place.Don’t hold your breath on your ability to withdraw either. roflol

      • jackie stephenson

        so true but sometimes it sweet both of dem too much selena dem no businessif baby come

      • jackie stephenson

        no listen to nobody put jamaica down selena or blacks big up jamaica and big up uself danger comes in all styles. You have 5 man. 1 a white and he is a pedopile 1 a black and he is a drug dealer and a thief 1 a Indian and he is an extremist and a unibomber 1 a chiny and he is a hit man and a con artist 1 a italian and he is a mobster and a mafia. Which one a dem you a go trust Selena which one a dem you a go take a chance and walk late at night knowing they are out there. None a dem be careful who you friends are

      • I heard Japan own quite a bit and China trying to take what’s left…don’t know about these news media’s thou.

      • jackie stephenson

        please dont be dissing JA

      • jackie stephenson

        And as a matter a fact its an individuality thing not a Jamaican thing. Its always the bad people call out of the closet never the good. Besides as I notice Jamaica has all kinds of creeds and nations now. Foo fool people from all over the world pick up demselve gone a Jamaica to live and a give us bad name. Same crap in Canada, they dont bring out the other rebels. Bottom line every country have evil doers.

      • jackie stephenson

        and fyi we feed a lot of people in various country they cant get enough of the jamaican cuisine here in Canada and the import and export of foods. Please be positive and if you are really a jamaican gloria i dont know what you are then speak good things about jamaica dont help to bring it down and be negative. Alls you are doing is giving other negative people and advantage and helping to turn against one another. This is why Kartel get mad and do the crazy s$it he did

      • I didn’t say anything bad, I am a Jamaican. And what I said is true. Most of what JA have that’s important is either sold or leased. Also JA have a lot of good going on, but what comes out most is the bad. PERIOD

      • Your comment don’t make sense to what I said. I was talking about the sale of JA right now China is trying to buy or lease wetlands in Port Royal for a ship port also another sell out. What u said about Kartel don’t make sense that I won’t even address…

      • jackie stephenson

        same like where u live now most what comes out is bad and undercover bad. All I am saying is dont bring down you country any lower than what it so called is

      • What do I care who bill di site? It’s fi wi, not u. Do yuh go a European or Asian or Australian site and bodda dem? Why dont yuh go a Antarctic site and die slow. Keep search up yuh google facts, soon yah go be di king fi google now.

      • (SMFH)

        You still don’t get it, do you? This is cyberspace. There are no borders, no countries, no immigration officers wanting to stamp your passport. You don’t think I got over 4200 posts to my credit by staying within the borders of Canada, do ya?!


      • jackie stephenson

        kartel batty butter

      • No less than five times did you use the word fag, and two times for the word nerd. Your fixation on these two words could get you into trouble one day. You might call the wrong man a fag, and eventually find yourself with your pants down around your ankles getting hit hard from the rear; or you could call the right man a fag, and find your head separated from your body. Either which way, be careful that your online persona doesn’t leak out into the real world. It could be deadly, or in your case, extremely pleasurable! Whichever cums first, I guess.
        Again…there’s nothing more pathetic than to up-vote your own comment.

      • Weh yah talk bout upvote fool? And ah yuh ah di one weh keep describe how man get jook, yuh have too much p***yclaat knowledge bout it, ah so mi know weh yuh inna. Mi nuh inna no buggery like yuh renk self.

      • Dude! Open your eyes! There’s a whole wide world out here waiting to be discovered. Don’t just sit in your hovel, day after day, thinking that it doesn’t exist…it does!
        There’s no such thing as having too much knowledge. We’re born we live we grow we learn. Kartel learned. He was into buggery! Why do you bend your knees, bow your head and worship at his alter if you’re not interested in buggery?! Why do you obsessively talk about the most gayasschit more so than anyone else, if you weren’t heavily involved in gayasschit?

        I won’t sit here and pass judgement on you because of it. What you do in the privacy of your own cave with your man is your business.

      • Yeh yah go end up inna crazy house. Ah yuh try come up in yah so and convert everybody inna buggery. P****hole…

      • Dude make an account already:)

      • jackie stephenson

        he made an account to God

      • jackie stephenson

        Its been days now and you and ziggy zag stil at it me rass over rude boy kartel. Pick another topic now as entertaining as it may see kartel gone already the horse done gone through the gate what sweet nammi belly run him belly.

      • That is a lie! people will do whatever the f#ck they want to do regardless of what you and I say.

      • Lmfaooooooooo ziggy wack zag alwayz feeling like hes right about everything

      • clod9, one thing I know for an absolute surety, you are a mental midget!

      • Come on Zig take these dudes off of life support. There’s been no brain activity for weeks. As entertaining as it may be. I still would like to know more about how average Jamaicans and below average Jamaicans move.(act)
        If you don’t feel like posting on this page because of the big firestorm it will create. You can always post on that other page. 🙂

      • Let’s see…the average Jamaican that I know, as I have yet to meet all of the island’s 2.8 million inhabitants, or all of the over 200,000 Jamaicans who call Canada their home… so I’m only talking about the one’s I’ve met. I find them to be fiercely nationalistic, proud of their heritage, stay true to their roots and culture, work hard, but play harder. On the average, their hospitality is second to none. Jamaicans are well educated, articulate, and outspoken God-fearing people.
        My high school sweetheart, the one I was talking to you about, was none of that. All she liked to do was smoke hash, listen to classic rock n’ roll music and f#ck…all f#ckin’ day long! I hear she now has 3 kids with two different men, and is working on her third man, and fourth child. I really dodged a bullet when I let that one go.

        Sorry for taking so long getting back to you…once a shark like me smells blood in the water, the feeding frenzy takes over.

      • U belly no full now??LMFAO did u see the post on other site I send u???

      • I think I read the message about 333. Is that the one you’re talking about?
        …and no! I have a ravenous appetite. I got room for another 3 or 4 meals.

      • Ok, yes that’s it. Do you remember before the change

      • Absolutely! What did you do to the creature to make it change her name?

      • All I can say is these people are insane, I don’t know what’s gonna happen if kartel loses his appeal. And if he is convicted in his other cases.Wow look out…

      • jackie stephenson

        well there is nothing stopping anyone from joining kartel behind bars

      • Fi do wa tek hood?

      • jackie stephenson

        hard labour

      • Ok, I see lol

      • What happens if he don’t feel like it today? Is their someone making sure he isn’t doing it half ass?

      • jackie stephenson

        yes there is no if and buts about his time he was sentenced to served and thats why prisoners get beaten 1. for being mouthy and 2 for not listening.

      • And this rasclaat idiot keep chat bout him life…. Bombohole stick to di subject, dats why wi nuh like yuh roun yah so. Yeh yah shark, nyam dutty bloody period pum pum fi dinna. Fish….

      • Lmaooooooooooo

      • Don1, I must say that’s one of the nastiest comment I have read so far, OG this is really way out…WOW

      • Sorry, dude! Even I have my limits. I draw the line at a menstruating vag. I will not touch such a vag with anything, no fingers, cocky, lips or tongue. I’ll wait it out, thank you very much!

        I’m not sure which part of…“the subject goes wherever the f#ck I want to take it,” don’t you get?! Let me know when you catch a clue!

      • For someone who seems to feel that they are right about everything you obviously dont choose ur ladies right!

      • jackie stephenson

        why wha kinda lady does he have?

      • He was describing his ex girlfriend in a previous post just above

      • You guys still gon go at it cloud 🙂

      • jackie stephenson

        fi do wa mek u jealous lmfao

      • The man thinks he’s right about everything and feels strongly about what hes saying to people so I pointed out that he needs better judgment in an area of his personal life that he decided to put on this website in the midst of telling people about them selves

      • Don’t mistake confidence for ego. They’re not the same thing.

      • LOL! Well, you had me completely fooled.

      • jackie stephenson

        dont make kartel turn we into fools this was all about kartel in a di first place and we all took it to a higher level life is beautiful lets enjoy it we all dont even know each other and I know we are all nice people.

      • Of course girl, I agree with u but just cuz I like an artist, SomeonE decided to make it personal by offended me as by calling me an idiot for enjoying his music and liking him as an artist.

      • jackie stephenson

        oh this is ladies night so the ladies right

      • I was young, and horny…thinking with my little head instead of the big one. Now that I’m older, I’m still horny, but now I have little or no tolerance for F U C K R Y of any kind!

      • Well thats good! All the best to you

      • …but wait…I thought we were sworn enemies?! I guess I was wrong about you. I guess I ain’t perfect, and know everything about everything. I sure as f#ck didn’t see that coming.

        Errrr?! Thanks!

      • you do not like kartel clearly and feel that the people who do are idiots which is wrong. Other than that I dont know you and will never know you so no enemies here

      • Yeah, I suppose you’re right…you will never know me. I must say, those who would defend a convicted murderer, and are not lawyers hired by said murderer, deserve to be labeled idiots.

      • Seeeeee there u go again. I am not a lawyer and I am not an Idiot. Kartel is miles away from me. Whether he did or not I will never know, whether he ordered it or not, I will never know. Does this have anything to do with my life lmao. Nope!

      • Doh! (facepalm)

        Please check the timestamp on that post. It was sent before I issued my apology.

        Don’t make me get down on my knees again!

      • Alright, I’ll check the time from now on for u lol

      • Thanks! I’m going to stay true to my word.

      • LMAO..LUV IT

      • Both of u don’t say NEVER you NEVER know GUYS…;-() WOW

      • jackie stephenson

        and what are you? I happened to be a Jamaican born in clarendon why the interest?

      • Lol here’s the thing I’m not Jamaican. I’m Crucian with that being said If I’m sitting somewhere and let’s say I hear someone making derogatory remarks about let’s say Haitians(Caribbean people for that matter) watch me wild the heck out. I asked Zig this question because he said his Jamaican girlfriend was not your average Jamaican. So I really wanted to know what he meant by that.

      • jackie stephenson


      • Yeah!? Was that the deal? Ask me about Haitians…I dare ya!

      • I would only ask if you spent a year in Haiti or if you’re Haitian. Because then you’d be talking from experience. What better place to start than to visit Haitians in their native country.I keep telling people it’s easier to pass judgment when it’s not your reality.

        It’s the same as when I hear people who didn’t live through the 9/11,Holocaust, Hiroshima, Jonestown, Caste system, Bikini Attol, Agent Orange etc. I really like when someone is able to provide a first person account of what they saw, felt, heard etc.

        So you can provide me with evidence about what’s taking place in a country. Throw a person in the mix who can attest to those atrocities by providing a survivor account then we have something.

      • Hopefully, the Bajan blood flowing through my veins by way of my Barbadian mother will allow me entrance into your exclusive Caribbean club. I know you don’t want to hear about my Scotian roots on my father’s side, so here goes…

        When the white man sees me, you, and that idiot boy, Santana1Don walking down a street, he doesn’t see a Crucian. a Jamaican, or a Canadian…he sees three ni99az. In itself, that is the biggest problem facing us Blacks today. We focus too much on our differences and what sets us apart from one another instead of that which unites us. White people don’t have that problem, at least when it comes to those “Us, or Them” scenarios.
        Here you are reluctant to talk about Caribbean issues with a non-Caribbean, yet I’m able to talk about for hours about reggae to a person born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany. Am I to believe that you do not talk about your culture with your white boyfriend?!

        Me thinks the bigotry, hatred and exclusivity which permeates these comment sections is beginning to rub off on you. Don’t let these ignorant people change you. We’re all bigger than the patch of Earth we were raised up on. We are international world citizens.

      • I know you waiting for my reply. lol

      • I’ve already seen the way you handle any person or persons that doesn’t agree with you. So the question is do I really feel like being Tilikum chew toy?!

      • jackie stephenson

        so speak up and let your voice be heard

      • I gon probably refrain from speaking my mind. I already know with Zig my differing opinion is the equivalent to waving a flag in front of a bull.

      • You can speak your mind without fear of any repercussions from me. We all can’t agree with one another, or we wouldn’t be human.

      • Don’t seem to be the way some of these humans think on this site…

      • LOL! That’s funny. I don’t know what you’re so worried about. I got nothing but respect for you, salena.

      • I’m more afraid of your lion like agility. 🙂

      • C’mon, salena. Put that theory to the test. If I am what you claim, then I should pounce on your next reply and rip it to shreds…and share whatever is left over with the rest of the pride.

      • Nope they won’t be anything left. lol Well actually I think I would be the one doing the hunting not you. 🙂

      • Seriously true! hahahaha!

        *ziggy sits back down and watches as salena stalks her prey*

      • Can I stalk you instead you seem like you’d make a hefty meal. I mean you really expect me to just sit there and comb your mane while hunting for food while popping out Simba at the same time. 🙂

        What is a Ziggy? lol I know it’s the name of a lion. 🙂

      • Yeah, I suppose you could stalk me. Aren’t you afraid that you might be biting off more than you can chew?

      • What are you implying?

      • Those who tap-out in seven minutes or less would be wise not to stalk me.

      • Errrr!?! You do know that editing out your comment after you posted doesn’t change what’s in my inbox, right? I will respect your wishes, and not deal with what you originally posted.

      • Lol thanx for telling me that. I really didn’t know that. roflmao Because I don’t feel like going back and forth. I just know when to leave things alone. If something isn’t worth my energy I walk the hell away, no explanations needed.

      • I really think you enjoy being George Clooney in a movie about George Clooney.
        Screenplay by George Clooney
        Directed by George Clooney
        Produced by George Clooney
        Starring George Clooney
        Everybody else in the scene are extras, background fillers just needed to set the scene and I think you enjoy reminding them that.

        Everything’s funny when you’re not on the receiving end. Some of these people needed to be lambasted but some did not. I’m over it!

      • What does all that mean?! Have you been drinking?

      • Whatever! I’m just talking about your domineering aura.

      • OK! Whatever it is.

      • What does that mean?

      • Theme from Jaws in text format.

      • Huh!? I’m domineering because I’m a man. That’s what men do..we dominate. At least with me there’s no need for that guessing game about who is in control. You women may be in charge, but when it comes down to the real deal, it’s the man who’s in control.

        Plus, you make it seem like it’s such a bad thing. It is my understanding that the weak and indecisive males are regulated to the bottom of the barrel when it comes to females, while the dominant ones tend to get the cream of the crop. I’m still young, maybe that will change over time, for now…I’m going with what works for me.

      • Nope I’m not drunk.I’m just over it!

      • I have no problems with you talking about Canada.

      • No prob, salena.

      • So this black American girl born and raised in the South.

        G: “Haitians have nappy hair”………

        Me thinking I know this dumb relax bone straight hair girl didn’t just say that.
        S: ” Let’s say if you were a refugee.
        You’ve been displaced and it’s not clear what country this devastation took place.
        ” The news camera zooms in on you.”

        “Which part of the world would people think you’re from?”
        G: *mum*

      • Lol then I guess we have mental in common cuz u dont seem sane. And im probably taller than you

      • clod9, we have nothing in common.

      • jackie stephenson

        Yes but you have to agree that zig zag enlightens this topic as well as you although at times you both take it to another level. Please do not let Kartel have such strong influence over your mind. The man had his chances and blew it, he should have surrounded himself with positive influences instead of corrupt people who just wanted to bring him down.Jealous ones still envy, Wah sweet nanny goat a go run im belly, what Kartel should have done was to get rid of the bad company and bad man friend and bad woman friend dem and I dont mean literally like to kill them.

  10. Why people act like Kartel ah di ongle yute weh talk bout badmanship? How many artist inna dancehall chat di same f***ry? Ah so it go people, is a urban music dis. Mi cyaan tink bout one Dancehall artists weh no sing bout guns and badmanship at one point inna dem career. Kartel duss tek it to a next level and decide fi become di best at it. Yuh nuh memba when him and Vado a fight it out to be di baddest? Ah so it go, if unnu nuh like it doh listen, its like a movie. Furthamore, Kartel nuh only deejay bout dem ting deh, him ah deejay bout society, concious tunes, gal, love, any rasclaat ting weh yuh can think of.

    Kartel at one point seh him nah go mek no more badman tune inna early 2011. Him seh mi have 3 tunes weh ah go drop, and I’m done with di badman tunes, and ah so it go. Clap It Up, Big bad and brave, and Duppy Know Who fi frighten. Him seh it nuh worth his time, theres better tings to sing bout.

    Did he kill lizard or have lizard kill? I do think so. Same way me tink him did have nunu puss killed inna 2007 or 2008. Mi do find it odd that inna 2010 when him decide to not do sting, tings start to stir up. and him come pon all kinda interview and seh him fear fi him life. Cause I remember afta him refuse fi perform ah sting, dem start shut dung him shows and club. Laing is an ex-cop, and Bigga Ford is still in the force. And dem 2 man deh a run sting, if yuh neva know. Matter of fact, Bigga Ford was deh yah inna di witness stand, di man weh lost him notebook. So I do believe him did have lizard killed, and I believe it was a big conspiracy, dem man deh a pree him from him refuse to perform at sting, and seh nooooo sah, yuh done. And ketch him at di right time. Cause come on bredda, how yuh get lock up fi weed charge, and get slap weh wid 2 murda? Ah di murda ting dem shoulda lock him up fah. But dem needed fi get dem hands pon di phones and search up everyting him bbc own.

    Ongle ting weh can save Kartel is if di bwoy lizard turn up, and dat is very unlikely.

    • yes yes your right i have been saying this for awhile . Look how yutes bigga ford and laing killed . Bigga ford and laing got everybody in JA scared of them .Kartel was starting to stand up against them and them want to bash him . but i have a feelings them mans are also involved in this lizard thing too with that problem child guy

      • Dat a possibility too, dem mek up di whole ting and set him up. Jah know star…. Dats why mi nuh judge, mi duss have a thought. Him coulda innocent enuh.

      • jackie stephenson

        bigga ford want a piece a cow cod lick and problem child a set up

      • jackie stephenson

        I dont know of lizard he seem like a next episode wha make him no call police himself and him woman look like she did a give vybz a jook.

      • lol true

    • Santana, thanks for sharing.

      • Yes my queen.

      • One Love, was watching Third World movie about them and remember how much I love their music. So sorry Bunny Rugs died. I knew a cousin of his and in my teens he wanted to date me. That’s life I guess.

  11. i dont tink kartel can last in jail .

  12. addi probably a go mad by nw

    • Probably doing some reflecting on how he could have done things differently. I truly believe he’s doing that everyday…he is so talented and it’s surely wasted.

      • jackie stephenson

        Right like get some money to kill off who send him go prison

      • Jackie, u so crazy girl.

      • jackie stephenson

        Its true Gloria he is a demon and thats all he is thinking about I told you to go watch Manchester 2010 fiesta vybz kartel and then you will know.

      • Any man chat anyting pon stage when dem sing bout badmanship. Yuh nuh see weh Vado a seh inna sting 2008 gainst Kartel? Him seh mi shoot police when kartel seh yuh trim people. In front of thousands of patrons. Ah so it go Jackie. Yuh focus pon di wrong ting.

      • jackie stephenson

        me not me a dem in a battyhole they practice and preach all movado too in a battyhole

      • Wow Jackie

  13. Appeal coming soon wait on it

    • jackie stephenson

      it dont look good Bryan it dont look good I can see it clear as crystal now. I know he got an unfair trial and at first I said he can win his appeal but if you go watch some videos and interviews he has given this man sealed his own fate. Watch Manchester Fiesta 2010 close to the end Addi says bout he is willing to go to jail for 30 yrs why would you hope and pray and wish that in 2010? Its so bizarre

  14. jackie stephenson

    that man that was sucking macka diamond titty should a bite it off she too out a order

  15. jackie stephenson

    ninjaman should get slap wid breeding up 28 pum pum charges

  16. bombo hole batty man ziggy gawn talk u soon get sautout.

    • jackie stephenson

      easy super cat would you believe say Vybz was mad enough to kill him own a friend shawn storm its the threats he made why they got him just saying

      • Clap clap, ziggy u will rise

      • Yeh, yuh will rise from all di yeast weh inna yuh pum pum fagfag. BBC!! LMAO!!!!

      • If you had the ability to see life at the microbial level, you would never kiss a girl on the mouth…you would zero in, and lock on to the cleanest part of her body, the pum pum.
        You’re probably puzzled, perplexed and confounded with what you just read. I completely understand why. You draw from that well-spring of wisdom which is the Bible…it is your primary source of knowledge. I rely on the scientific method to define my World.

        i.e.You say yeast!
        I ask, every woman 100% of the time?
        You say, yes!
        I say, show me the proof.

        …and you say..?!

      • Nerdiness tun up tun up tun up!!

      • That’s just absolutely brilliant! Did you think that up all by yourself, or did you steal that from a page in your Bible?

      • WTF, I am dying

      • All by myself fagfag, ah so it mad yuh lol

      • *slow golf clap*

        You have the wit of a trapped dying rodent. It is like a millstone tied around your neck dragging you down through the depths of that ocean of ignorance you aptly call your life. You will never see the light of reason again. I bid thee farewell.

      • LMAO! “I bid thee farewell”, yoooooooow lmao

      • Lmfaoooooo santana1don u make me laugh. Thank u…. ziggy about to walk up in a mall and open fire on innocent people. He doesn’t sound right in his head.

      • Mi tell yuh man, di bredda more liable fi dress up inna harry potter costume and wave stick and try wuk obeah pon people inna mall. Him nuh mad duss lonely and seek attention. Mi duss cyaan stand di man come diss up Caribbean people inna Caribbean site. Him probably get box dung by some Jamaicans up inna Canada, ah so him mad.

      • Well if hes here in toronto id love to know who he is

      • Im a female! Lol I hope hes not here in toronto, no more weirdos needed here

      • Sorry my queen, didn’t realize.

      • Oh! You poor dear! The T-dot is Canada’s aaaahole! Don’t you worry none, I’ll be in Montreal until the end of 2105 2015, then it’s back to Alberta for me.

      • I’m going to say this again for the last time. I don’t know any Jamaican hooligans. Every single Jamaican I met in Canada…each and every one including my own dentist, a Jamaican mother of two…have more class and dignity in their little finger than you have in your whole entire body.
        I’m here to defecate on Adidja Palmer’s misfortunes…and anyone else who would defend such a vile and dangerous criminal thug! If you don’t like it…stay the f#ck outta my way, before you get run the f#ck over.

      • Mi nuh care weh yuh haffi seh bout Kartel dunce. Duss gweh from yah so man. Inna all a di f***ry weh mix up inna yuh head, yuh must figet dat mi start reply to yuh f***ry when yuh diss Queen Ifrica, and defend yuh battyman bredda dem. Mi dignity nuh measure by u, yuh words are just words. Yah lonely nerd bwoy weh all yuh a do is search up google and uberfacts and post dem up inna di site. Yuh hide behind dat keyboard, cause dat a di ongle way yuh can be brave, and it excite yuh fi come and diss up Caribbean people. Someone must have done something to you, to be so mad at us. If yuh doh like wi culture and wi f***ry, duss gweh man.

      • Wow! For someone who used to complain about me posting essays, you’ve really come a long way. I’m impressed!

        Take a good look at yourself. You’re a stinking rotten useless excuse for a man, but if I were to see your rights being infringed upon, I would defend you with the same vigor which I defend gays. It wasn’t too long ago that we as Black people had no rights whatsoever to speak of. That being said, it would be highly hypocritical of me to deny the rights of others, the very same rights which so many Blacks fought and died for so you and I can live life as free men.

        You run your mouth about me dissing Caribbean culture?! Hey, boy, Caribbean culture ain’t about criminals, drug dealers, thieves and the crimes they commit. It ain’t about how many guns you got, or how much drugs you import from America. Get a grip, fool!

        Yeah, and BTW…get off my D I CK.

      • I do it all the time…I walk with a loaded wallet through the mall, and by the time I’m done, it’s empty, and my arms are full of goods. Cash is King, and I’m a loyal subject of the realm.

        I’ll tell you this much, by the time you finish reading this, a dozen or so more illegal guns would have arrived on Jamaican soil from America. Imported by Jamaican hooligans to kill Jamaican citizens!

        Deal with that fact and leave me the f#ck out of your fantasy world!

      • Lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo awwwww poor baby

  17. Clown probably crying himself to sleep every night.

    • jackie stephenson

      me feel it fi him but who cant hear must feel do you think he turn battyman now

      • I doubt, corrupted jail will give him conjugal visits with his wife. Like I said before only light he should be seeing is from a flashlight and fresh air from a rat hole.

  18. jackie stephenson

    If dem no like kartel why dem no leave him a so dem hate him man why dem a tell lie

    • False rumors come out of JA all the time, that’s evil they must stop it. Don’t look good for JA…I am glad it’s not true, don’t wish that for Kartel.

      • jackie stephenson

        oh gloria ninjaman trial put off til november 10, 2014

      • i wonder why ninjaman dont get so much hate as kartel do for killin someone ?

      • jackie stephenson

        That is the million dollar question, and the latest ninjaman interview him say if Kartel come out he will be the richest man in Jamaica. You should google this idiot gal name Amanda she a one of Kartel many.

      • that what i think the system fear aswell if kartel won huge payout

      • jackie stephenson

        not by suing the government its by concerts thats what ninjaman was saying and its true u have some people who r die hard kartel fanny wagons

      • Wait until his trial start and I bet you will see the hate…especially when the witnesses give their stories…hell broke loose pon Ninja.

      • jackie stephenson

        In Kartels mind he was king of Kings and Lord of all lords he used his money and power as an influence even with the police, but in time it all falls down. He intimidated a lot of people so everyone hush hush. Kartel felt he was ruling the world so he adopt the name worl boss wth. Nuff ship him a run where as Ninja with his 29 kids only a spread sperm Kartel a spread everything else

      • i hear what your saying but ninja man murder someone wit one his youths nuff ppl seen him and are coming forward still why ninjia man get bad views lik kartel got ?

      • jackie stephenson

        what r u asking why or why not? Anyone who kills is a demon in my book but kartel is a true demon go watch manchester fiesta 2010

      • me and my dad were talking about tupac and how the role he played in juice got him all caught up in that lifestyle began to live to the character out in the real world .Same as kartel he was to caught up in this worl’boss thing that it was taking control of himself .Now poppy who callin himself unrly boss , hes going to have to prove to everyone how him unrly lol

  19. bigup worl’boss .

    • Bigup worl’boss 4real


      • Wow! Both of you disgust me. Giving your praises to a convicted murderer really exposes your moral turpitude. Adidja Palmer is no boss, worldly, or otherwise. It’s strange how some dancehall fans will forgive a man for taking another’s life. yet, if that same man was to turn battyman, all of you would be calling for his immediate death.

        Absolutely fascinating! Totally hypocritical!

      • Yes bun figgyfagfag!!!

      • So, murder is forgivable, but homosexuality is punishable by death, correct?

        …f#ckin’ hypocrite!

      • Who seh murda forgivable? Ah yuh nerdiness not forgivable. Idiot.

      • The more I read you, the more idiotic you appear! Murderers are sent to prison. Nerds built the device(s) you’re using right now to read this BS. Marvel at its complexity. An amalgamation of plastic, silicon, and metals all combining to translate binary code into something useful that even a sh!t-eating moron like you, who hasn’t got the good sense to stop spooning sh!t into his own mouth can deal with.

        Nerds don’t want your forgiveness, they only want you to spend time with their creations.

      • Lmao tun up tun up tun up! Nerdman lol

  20. Rasheed Raheem Terry Dj-Bimmaz

    Them Need Fih Free Addi Cause without Addi Dancehall music ah Noh nice…….

    • What is more important…a life taken? Or to keep Dancehall music alive? If it was your brother that lost his life..would you think the same? Not judging anyone. ..but let’s just allow the judicial system to do bits job. Only God knows the truth.

      • The English judicial system is a joke so imagine Jamaica u stupid people
        who believe the law is right god help u when the devil actually does wake whoever dead deserves death simple I hate vybz but he ain’t no devil far far fat from a devil jus a like idiot boy nothing more

      • Amen. ..impressed with the way you intelligently articulated that one. .excellent reply

  21. Them people will do anything to break him, but he’s the worl boss and Jamaica continue to embarrass it self with false stories…do you have no shame?

  22. Them people de fi stop spread false rumors pon World Boss. Urban Islandz is the only credible dancehall site out there.

    Free up the boss

    • I will never stop spreading these rumors for as long as Kartel is breathing the same air as me. Plus, I love sending Kartel’s groupies into a tizz…it’s F#ckin’ hilarious how they all drop to the ground in unison and bawl out his name over, and over, again!

      • At ziggyzagzag…. You really don’t have a life you need to go look for one!!!!!!

      • Dam hes taking another minute to comment on this article toooooooo. Yikes. He got problems!

      • clown9, how ya doin’? So what role are you playing this time, male, or female?
        How do you like the show? Suicides are so much fun. Especially when degenerate lowlife bleached-out criminals find God in prison, and God tells them to COME HOME!.
        It’s too bad Kartel survived his first attempt.
        Here’s hoping that he doesn’t survive the next one!


      • jackie stephenson

        damnnn zig a wey kartel do u so

      • I dunno!?! What has the untold number of ghetto youths who has suffered and died under his banner of GAZA THUG ever done to him?

        In a nutshell, Kartel has never done anything to me, but Kartel can do something for me…he can stop acting and crying like some chickenfart baby the next time he has that razor blade in his hand. I would like him to slice three very deep vertical cuts from the beginning of the wrist all the way up to his mid-forearm on both his arms and bleed out.
        Yeah… he could do that for me.

      • jackie stephenson

        jesus christ thats suicide i think a person suffering is better when i watched some more videos today he basically sealed his own fate, he predicted and gave his own verdict indirectly how ironic go watch vybz kartel manchester 2010 fiesta

      • I’ll check it out!

      • I watched as much as I could of that show in Manchester 2010. He sang about murder, gunshot, bad men, sex, more sex, Clark footwear, terrorizing a community, struggling ghetto youth, badness, idolatry, the system, his ego, and money.

        Don’t ask me to watch another Kartel show again. I had to take a shower when it was done to wash all that f#ckin’ dirt off of me.

      • I must confess I tried to watch it and couldn’t finish too. It’s not my type of music…

      • Could you imagine people pay all kinds of money to see a show like that?! What a waste!

        Could I ask what type of music do you like?

      • I like the older JA artists. Love Bob Marley. Whitney, Mariah, Alisha Keys most black singers. Also white singers. Love all good music with good messages. Two of my kids sing real good so we go to kaerokie all the time.

      • I like Sean Paul, Shaggy and Shabba as JA rappers.

      • Dem man deh sing bout badman tings inna dem early careers too Gloria, people change.

      • You r right, just wish Kartel had change too. So sorry to see him where he is now. I wouldn’t wish that on my enemy. And that’s coming from my heart. Guess u been busy.

      • jackie stephenson

        tap fret bout kartel now him bread butter and slice with nuff spice. big up worl boss big up kartel addi a me daddy lmfao kartel boxside him slip him slide

      • That’s sweet. I like that old school conscious reggae myself. Burning Spear, Black Uhuru, The Heptones, Barrington Levy, Dennis Brown, Beres Hammond. Gregory Issacs, Garnett Silk, Leroy Sibbles, Tosh, Marley, Sanchez, Capelton, and Luciano…
        Wicked people like Kartel has helped to destroy one of the World’s most beautiful musical genres.

      • For real, love me some Dennis Brown and Delroy Wilson and some that you mention too.

      • jackie stephenson

        hes a demon if i wasnt convinced before i am now

      • Him ah no demon, duss portray a character. Much like Marilyn Manson inna Merica. Or 50 Cent portray badman. Memba dat, art. Him duss tek it too far….. Well almost every rasclaat ting him sing bout had truth so maybe him real. Still deyah inna prison.

      • Maybe he’s physic since he rap about doing 30 yrs, maybe he saw that coming…

      • jackie stephenson

        lmfao but there is something wrong wid him doh him on another level of despair

      • How do you know if in fact Marilyn Manson, 50 cent ,and Kartel are actors playing a role? 50 cent had a lot more hunger when he first came out. I think his near death experience triggered his best work to date. He should’ve named his new album ‘Got Rich So Why Even Bother’. 🙂

      • Lol true, him fuss album was di only interesting one.

      • Errrrrrrr….. Nah man, Capleton a bun your kind. Mi doh tink yuh like Capleton, di fyah king dat weh bun fyah pon battyman buggery. Erase dat man.

      • Santana, wow u messing with ziggy again. LOL

      • Again…. Capleton seh “Slew Dem!”

      • Capelton says jump…you jump! He says lie down, you lie down. He says open your mouth, you open up real wide! Capelton steps back, laughs and says…”not that hole, the other one where your teeth are!”

      • Weh yuh mad fah fagfag Mi irk yuh nerves? Doh mention Capleton inna yuh f***ry all I’m saying. It a mek yuh look like hypocrite lol

      • jackie stephenson

        no i wasnt trying to punish you with the music its a freestyle part in it he did in 2010 where he said that he was ready to go jail for 30 yrs its so ironic

      • Sameway people pay fi see Merican rappers say di same rasclaat ting inna proper english, p****hole.

      • I guess it works the same way then…I don’t have to waste
        my money on them either! Although, back in 2011 when Jay-Z
        and Kanye came to town, that was money well-spent!
        You’ll be happy to know that I’m giving you five marks for
        not bringing up, or mentioning any gaychit.

      • Respect…

      • jackie stephenson

        I just want you to watch the part where he says he would go jail for 30 yrs how ironic and this was in 2010 he sealed his fate

      • That is ironic, they say you must watch what you put out in the atmosphere, it might come right back to you.

      • jackie stephenson

        lmfao i love you, you are epic and platinum i especially wanted you to catch the part where he was freestyling say he would go jail for 30 yrs for what at the time I have no clue

      • Same ting every dancehall artist sing bout. Your point? You shoulda go ah gay site. You woulda find more tings yuh like in deh so.

      • I’m sure a closet homosexual like you can tell me all the in’s and out’s of the gay websites you frequently visit. Sorry, dude, I’m not in the least bit interested in your sexual proclivities.

      • Ah you a di homo and everybody inna dis site know fagfag.

      • Seriously, do you think I really care what you, and any of my detractors think of me? All I know about you besides your inbred stupidity, is you have a penchant for talking about a whole heap of gaychit. So much so, that I’m really beginning to wonder if you pitch, or do you catch whenever you have sex with your man?! I’m betting that you catch!

      • Lol a yuh ketch it, yuh have a Likkle ting fi balls. Dats why yuh have a big baxketball wid teeth as you pikcha

      • jackie stephenson

        if you could put a woman in kartels cell with him who would you put

      • hahahaha! That’s easy…Aileen Wuornos.

      • jackie stephenson

        aileen is dead

      • Are you sure? Do you think kartel would care?

      • jackie stephenson

        aileen is dead just like lizard she died 2002

      • Ok, ok! Stop breaking my balls.
        The one on the left.

      • He would sure have a lot of pum pum with that one. Ha ha, pum pum for a life time

      • Honestly! That girl would toss Kartel around like a rag doll. Her backside would crush his skull if she ever sat on Kartel’s face. He wouldn’t last 5 mins…when I say wouldn’t last, I’m talking about death by suffocation.

      • Erotic asphyxiation sounds like my kind of way to go. roflmao

      • Death is so final, salena…no cumming back from that. I’m more interested in something called “la petite mort” that you women seem to enjoy much better than us guys.
        One caveat, though…it has been my experience that one must be prepared to go above and beyond the seven minute standard set by those bad men. Average time ranges from 45 mins, to an hour and a half per round. If you’re physically fit, smoking hot, and have an insatiable appetite, expect to go at least three rounds.
        Brunch will be served at 11:AM.

      • Roflmao I’m 5’9 and 120 pounds after those 7 mins. I’m tapping the hell out. roflamo
        7 mins 1 sec
        I think I can. I think I can.
        7 mins 2 sec
        I know I can.I know I can.
        7 mins 3
        I feel I can. I feel I can.
        7 mins 4 sec
        the safe word is *yes* and I’m using it. lol

      • LMAO!
        My girl is ~5’2″ 105lbs and she likes to see me break a sweat. I can’t even break a sweat in seven minutes or less, I need more time, salena. Plus, if I were to bust in seven mins, I would have one really upset girl on my hands, and I don’t want that.

        You’re killing me with that seven minute thing you got going on, tho…

      • Aha! that’s where my handy dandy ‘Hitachi Magic Wand’ comes in my friend. lol I’m talking about with a rough neck dude. lol I’ve dated one black dude and he was ‘Emo'(Black American from NYC). So he wasn’t even rough with it.lmao

      • So, these roughneck dudes you speak of, can only go balls deep, pedal to the metal for seven minutes…420 seconds?! Is that the extent of their sexual repertoire?! It sounds like it could be very painful. LOL!

        I’ve been getting better results by starting slow, and allowing things to get stretched out, allow things to get wet and slippery, and eager to romp. When the legs start to quiver and shake, that’s when the roughneck cums into play!

      • Bredda dis a bc post bout kartel, weh yah talk bout yuh sex life fah?

      • LOL! Because I got one, and can talk about whateva tha f#ck I want to talk about in here! Why do you always talk about gaychit if this is all about Kartel, hmmmm?? Answer that question!

      • Because you is a gay nerd, and we want you out…

      • Let’s follow that line of logic you got going on there…so if I were an alcoholic, you would talk about alcohol and drinking to chase me away? If I were a smoker, you would talk about cigarettes and lighters to chase me away? If I were a gunman, you would talk about bullets guns to chase me away?

        Are you for f#ckin’ real? I’ve never read anything so jaw-droppingly stupid in my life!

        I’m camping out right here. The tent is up, fire is crackling, I just need to take this stick and ram it down Kartel’s throat so it comes out the other end, then I can place him over the fire and spit-roast him like the pig he is. The Jamaican Constabulary have got to eat too, you know!

      • Visit Sodom much? Capleton seh “Slew Dem!”

      • If you could, would you please point out Sodom’s location on
        the map? I live in Canada, and except for incest, bestiality, and kiddie porn, everything else here is a go!

        Still talking that gaychit, I see!


      • U so crazy. Lol

      • Hey! It took me many years of hard work to get this way, and I’m still not complete. I like to think of it as a work in progress.

      • Fagfag, is a gay parade yuh a dress up fah inna da pic deh?

      • Santana, u r one sick man,LOL

      • Dude, you got battyman-on-the-brain syndrome! Everything you touch, smell, taste, hear, and see is gay. I think if you were to take that cocky out of your backside you just might see the World in a different light. You can keep the one in your mouth, tho! A man’s gotta eat, and who am I to take food out of a man’s mouth?

      • No ah yuh a di gay battyman, you bring it roun yah so.

      • Keep dreaming, sicko. U should worry bout all em tricks piss-“n on ur mothers grave, u aids bag. Die slow, but before that, get ready to live up to ur threats.

      • What threats are you talking about, you decepticon punk? Die slow!? HAHAHAHA! I f#ckin’ hope so! With any luck it’ll take another fifty, or more years.
        Your bleached Addi is already dead…I’m just waiting for his body to drop!

      • Actually, he isnt, you deluded crackbaby. Die slow , not live long,i said. That free school in ir refugee camp aint help huh, u f_n coon.
        Die slow,like ur mother did, the canadian aids patient, you f_ pedofile. Kill urself, useless altar boy b__ch.take the priest w u.

      • I’m detecting a certain degree of animus in your tone! What was it I said to set you off? Could the reason be that I spoke the truth about Addi, the Bleached Wonder? Look, just because you don’t want to face the facts that The Bleached Wonder has been utterly destroyed, completely mashed down, and unceremoniously thrown into the abyss of obscurity…don’t take out your frustration on me. I didn’t start the fire, but I’m sure as f#ck going use it to roast my marshmallows in it.

      • Listn here u chattya– fag, go take urself to the institution before the intervention and zoo keepers HAVE to- ur sickly depraved pedofile, theres places for creatures like u.
        Its noones fault ur motherless b_stard ….u mad u got fuc–in di a– by ur father figure? Dont be mad at us, and certanly not Addi….
        Kill urself.
        And id wish ur kids slow dearh too but clearly ur impotent bastard so go on, check urself in before someone else has to ,its y u posted ur addres ,rite?

      • Wow! It’s been a long time since I made some fool’s keyboard burst into flames! So, let me get this straight. You think I have kids, and you wish dearh (sic) upon them, all the while being impotent?! You think pedophiles belong in a zoo, and b-a-s-tards are motherless children?! You also believe that my own father would have anal sex with me, and because of that I would be mad at you?! That’s f#ckin’ incredible! You make about as much sense as having your anus poking out the top of your head.

        Address?! No, you ignorant peon, I don’t partake is such foolishness. Ask your brethren, outlaw. He likes to post his address.

      • You sure did, dumb n___, u gave it to me

      • Then you should have no problem posting it, correct? Do so, and prove to whoever is reading this that you’re not so full of chit that it’s beginning to leak out of your ears, nostrils, and mouth.

      • Im doing well thanks… his denegenrate low life bleach out criminal self is wayyyyy wealthier than u have or will ever be, got way more woman than u will ever get and is known around the world… u on the other hand are a nobody who reads articles about him, says u dont hate people, only the persons actions, but ur wishing death on another being.. u are very very confused. No need to respond, its hard to win with a mentally ill person like yourself. *cheers*

      • clod9, your skull is thicker than I first thought. How could
        you put your money on a horse that’s no longer in the race?!

        I may not have Kartel’s money, but I have my freedom. If you care to notice, you’ll find that freedom is whole lot more important than money.
        I don’t hate people. I didn’t hate Jeffrery Dahmer, but I was elated when I found out he’d been stabbed to death by another inmate. People who would murder people to fulfill their necrophilia and cannibalistic fantasies should not be allowed to breathe the same air as the rest of us. The fact that I feel Kartel should suffer the same fate as his victim(s) is not based on hate, it has more to do with justice than anything else.

        What do you know about justice?

      • I guess my thick skull is my italian half…. I just dont feel, hope, or get joy knowing that a murderer gets hurt in anyway other than what God has planned…I dont feel that justice for instance, is a rapist getting raped by every cell mate … justice be served by another crime? Who are we to make such decisions?. .. I do believe that people will pay for everything they do when they leave this world. We are all Gods children and he will deal with us accordingly

      • It’s true, there’s no thicker skull in this world than that of a Roman’s skull. Nonetheless, I can not allow you to use your apparent craniosynostosis and some fictional sky-dwelling deity as an excuse for going against the natural order of things.
        You are to pay for your crimes meted out by our courts while you still have the ability to breathe. If you take a life, you forfeit yours. This is the world that we live in.
        If your kind had their way, we would have murderers, rapists, and thieves walking around free as birds as we wait for their deaths so some figment of your imagination can pass judgement on them.
        That is a fantasy world…a world where no one else but the completely delusion wants to live in.

        BTW…nothing is more pathetic than up-voting your own post.

      • Awwww u sound so angry. Is this a call for help? If I was near you I’d take u to the hospital myself and admit you. In the meantime let me up vote my post ?

      • Anger?! You hear anger in my words?! That could only mean you have a problem with reading and comprehension. I won’t even mention that these tiny Black letters don’t make a sound. Maybe if you were to pull your ear away from your monitor and READ them instead of trying to listen to them, it might help you to understand what is what.

        I can’t stop you from clicking on the up arrow. That is a choice you have to make for yourself. I only tried to warn you that such practices are frowned upon in the World Wide Web.

        If I was near you, I’d take you shopping for more tinfoil. I particularly like the way you have your whole head encased in aluminum foil.

      • Lmaooooooooooooooooo this was maybe one of all ur posts that I have read from u showing that ur clearly running out of things to say. So cute 😉

      • You think?! I really can’t agree with your vapid opinion. It lacks any semblance of truth; it’s juvenile, and poorly thought out. You strike me as a person suffering from an acute form of analphabetism. Although, not fatal. It can be cured through education.

        Many times through our exchanges you have shown yourself to be an inarticulate fatuous dwarfish troll, who by poverty of your own intellect have become nothing but fodder for my jokes. I implore you to rise out of the degradation of your apparent witlessness, and remove yourself from the cross-hairs of my caustic retorts.

      • Yup! As I said clearly running out of things to say 🙂

      • Only a Torontonian could be so wrong about so many things. You Rob Ford supporters all have one thing in common…you believe your own lies!

      • Well ziggy you are 100% wrong on this one. I do not support and never did vote for rob ford!

      • You see? More proof that I’m not perfect.

      • None of us are. You just need to start getting ur point across without insulting people the conversation is supposed to be about kartel, not you and I 🙂

      • You’re right! I apologize for anything insulting I’ve written about you, or to you. Please accept my humble apology. I will change my ways when dealing with you.

        One caveat, though…I will be unrelenting in my insults towards those who would insult me.

      • Lol ur something. I dont take you serious. you put up a good fight, but if you really mean what you say, then all is forgiven 🙂 i bet ur a cool as can be in person, but over the top when expressing yourself

      • I meant what I said, and nothing is going to change my mind. I can be fun in real life, but if I don’t stop reading these posts and get my A S S in gear, I’m going to have one pe’ed-off girl on my hands tonight.


      • jackie stephenson

        I dont think kartel deserves to die its far too easy and sometimes fast

      • I like how the Americans do it. They sentence someone to death in 2014 and by the time they execute them, 10, or 15 years has passed. They really got that cruel and unusual punishment down to a science.

      • jackie stephenson

        NO NO you have cruel and unusual punishment all wrong thats still too easy cause the system is taking care of them for all those years before they are put down like a dog. Cruel and unusual punishment is having cancer in the ass till your body is rottin and it stinks and smells bad everyone smells you cause it is the smell of death, having ulcer in your belly until you turn skin and bones and laying in a hospital bed falling apart, being tied up to a tree and having condense sweet milk poured all around you and then putting some red ants there, sitting in a lake for hours with crocodiles and alligators who decide to eat you piece by piece. Having a black bear chase u for hours and then torture you for days.

      • I like the way you think, jackie. Being devoured by crocs and gators is a nice touch.
        You have to admit that waiting in a cell for 10 or more years for the Grim Reaper to come calling is a tortured existence. Hopefully, Kartel will cheat the Reaper and do the right thing!

        RIP Vybz Kartel – Rapper Commits Suicide After 35 Year Jail Sentence
        “Today we are sad to announce the death of dancehall reggae star Vybz Kartel ( RIP Vybz Kartel ). Vybz Kartel was found hanging from a pair of pants early this morning in his jail cell. Authorities suspect zero foul play and have determined the cause of death…”

      • jackie stephenson

        zig AND zag whats the matter with you, it look like kartel screw you woman and you want him dead bad. Dont worry he will soon be coming out of jail. IN A BODY BAG muahahhahahah.

      • LOL!

        Love the maniacal laugh too!
        I’d like to put in a request, if I may. Can Kartel’s body be chopped up fine fine before being placed in the body bag? It’s only fitting.

      • jackie stephenson

        r u paying for his funeral

      • Hi Jackie, reading some of these comments shows how sick some people are, its so stupid even if you disagree with someone’s posts to bring mothers and kids any family member in your comments. That’s plain dumb. Just saying

      • jackie stephenson

        I wholeheartedly agree some people are desperate thats why I said before some people are so obsessed with kartel they would have their whole family killed

      • Sure! Once the body is cremated I can dispose of the ashes in a way most befitting the life Kartel lived. My toilet bowl has handled bigger pieces of chit than Kartel!

      • Jackie, I will NEVER EVER want to be your enemy…LOL

      • jackie stephenson

        well you dont go around hurting people and ruining people lives

      • jackie stephenson

        whats ur point about Kartel getting way more women than zig zag Kartel was a pig anyways a man that go around and breed up women at one point they said he had hiv but he denied the rumour

      • jackie stephenson

        of course it common yes but am just saying he is what he is a pig preach and sing bout pum pum and beat a different pum pum everyday

      • I’m not sure what you mean by that?! I was born into this life. It’s all I know. Seriously, Sam…where on this planet of over 7 billion people, and nearly 9 million species of plant and animal life forms would you have me look for a life?! Don’t answer that. Nothing intelligent ever comes out of the mouth of an ignorant poster who has no life, who in turn tells someone who they know nothing about…to get a life.

        I must say, tho…life is really good. So good as a matter of fact, that I’m willing to bet my life, that my life is better than Adidja Palmer’s right about now!

      • Animal life forms….. LMAO!!!! Nerdman ting.

      • Four exclamation marks! You’re really on a roll, troll. Nothing but those three words strikes your fancy? Maybe you shouldn’t have dropped out of the third grade, maybe then you would know a thing or two about the world we live in.

      • LMAO!!!!!….. thats 5 and 5 periods.

      • Whew! It’s a good thing you didn’t get pregnant! Seven more periods, and you’ll finally get to wash your one and only sanitary napkin! Jamaicans have a colloquial term for it…what was it again??!

      • pu–y clath lol

      • Yes! Santana1Don’s P # $ S Y clath!

        Why is it so brown?!

      • What’s brown??did u see my message to you on another site?

      • Santana’1Don’s sanitary napkin is what’s brown.
        Yup! I saw what you wrote about that nym-shifting moron 333 aka forcemajuere. I feel sorry for her too. Almost like how I feel when I’m watching a nature show and the lion is about to pounce on a helpless gazelle and rip its throat out. All I ask is that you leave some meat on her bones for me.

      • Lmao yuh pathetic man, bare paragraph yuh a send. How Mi mad yuh so? Is called fagclaat, new name fi fagfag lol

      • Don’t forget to peel it back and wash underneath. Your man is going to want clean pum pum to yam. Don’t disappoint him like the last time. You don’t want him to call his friends and have them run a train on your cavernous hole again, now do ya?

      • I agree man… It’s like there is something sacred about Vybz Kartel and anytime you say something negative about him you commit blasphemy. People are freaking nutso fi dem Kartel!
        And you’re right, he didn’t do anything positive for our people. If we’re honest we would be willing to admit that while we all bounced our heads and danced to his music, there was nothing positive about it. All this man ever sang about was gyal, badman someting, and look pon wah me have.

      • There’s nothing sacred about a man who would exploit his own people’s misery for personal gain. Nothing sacred about a convicted murderer. Nothing sacred about a man who heard the call and subsequently joined ranks with God’s adversary. They have deified kartel for the wrong reasons, and that inequity must surely be rectified.

      • jackie stephenson

        In Vybz mind he is God and the dancehall world and rest a people must obey him or else ya dead. Ya I agree him get bad treatment in a di trial but I dont condone violence and that he was not to mention his clear threats and triple threats. I danced to his music cause its entertaining but at the end of day I never learn one fart from it but to shoot people thief people woman and about his life story a breed different woman all true story btw. As a matter a fact I give Kartel credit for being honest cause he preach about his whole life plus he never denied that it wasnt him in the voice notes even the judge say so.

        But the point is a lot of people especially young boys looked up to him and its sad for anyone to promote this behaviour man get the chance of a lifetime and blow it. Him even said when they were growing up a 6 a dem sleep pan one bed an a true because when I was back home a di same thing we do we sleep like Indians. But to God be him cant threaten anyone anymore a Shawn Storm me really sorry fa. And Tommy Lee is another fool bout him a call himself uncle demon he has a court case coming up also these guys need to learn to keep their mouth shut I dont know what kinda lawyers they have

    • Support dat 100%