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Tommy Lee Sparta, “Vybz Kartel Can’t Intimidate Me”, Talks Scamming

Tommy Lee Sparta is opening up for the first time about that infamous audio recording of a man who sound like him crying about being roughed up by one of Vybz Kartel’s thugs.

The Mobay dancehall deejay received some fallout in dancehall following the leaked audio and also his recent arrest and charge for lottery scam.

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According to Tommy Lee, the voice not is fake and was recorded by someone who is trying to prejudice his court case.

“First thing first, it’s a fake marina voice note,” Tommy Lee told Winford Williams of Onstage. “Second thing, big up Worl’Boss but Worl’Boss can’t send anyone come page me because Worl’Boss know say me evil until satan say I should bill.”

Tommy Lee also send his well wishes for his former mentor who is currently serving a life sentence for murder.

The “Uncle Demon” deejay says he is hurt by the voice note because he think that there is a clear conspiracy against him to prejudice his upcoming trial for lottery scam.

Watch the full interview below.


  1. jackie stephenson

    tommy u look like a floral arrangement

  2. flanker yute cant get beaten…..u all really nuh know a who that….

    • A dat me a say to dog, is amazing to me how some people not even know man levels and a make some comment and dem no know de pre. Mobay say bloodclot gaza and tommy lee sparta forever.

  3. Nammy lee u to lie, a ur voice that

    • Not even twin of twins couldnt do that, a him same one

    • What does it matter his voice or not. Jamaicans makes such a fuss over nothing, mind over matter… the mentality of most jamaicans…simple

      • Al am sayin real my cry, so y him a lie, some of them artist gone like them a too much gangster, when them a big p—y

  4. Save those tears for the case Nammy Lee..

  5. Tommy Lee is a lunatic. Whoever impersonate him voice need to go to hollywood. Plus Vybz Kartel use to beat all of them in the Gaza.