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Vybz Kartel Reading Bible & Preaching Forgiveness In Prison

Prison life doesn’t always have to be a horror story take that from Vybz Kartel.

The embattled dancehall star is taking his downfall in strides.

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A close source to the “Dancehall Hero” deejay, who recently visited him in prison, told Urban Islandz that the deejay is reading his bible and preaching forgiveness and positivity to his fellow inmates.

“Addi [Vybz Kartel] is well respected in prison and look up to by other inmates so naturally he is using his influence to preach positivity, forgiveness and kindness,” the source told us.

“He use to read his bible even before prison so that has not changed,” the source added.

The source also told us that Vybz Kartel is holding up well and looking forward to winning his appeal but he expect a lot more fight from authorities.

“It takes someone with a good heart to get this injustice from the system and then turn around a hold their head up and keep their sanity… So Addi is hanging in their and we are hoping the appeal court will see the injustice,” the source added.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, and his three co-convicts, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, and Andre St John are currently serving life in a maximum security prison.

The men will have to serve two and a half to three and a half decades before being eligible for parole.

Police has yet to find the victim, Clive “Lizard” Williams, body.

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  17. What is really wrong with some people, the bible is a resourcesful book that educated us about life.

    The greatest weapon in life is always being one step a head. A smart person always read and gather information that can be useful along ones journey.
    Reading the bible and preaching about being kind to one another is a wonderful thing.

    Weather Vybe Kartel spiritual or religious it makes no difference.

    He is doing something great and that’s what matters.
    Love u kartel stay positive and fight the fight

  18. to late to pray fi god

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      • All I see is u worrying bout a man dat live betta dan u he give you is address do something bout it internet thug

      • Gloria Thompson


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      • A nuh so u spell Picknee fool u is a jamerican

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      • Badman nuh get off pon dead woman a dat u a do boy a 8 kids me have by 4 woman mi get p:::y anytime everytime all di time a nuh mi u a talk a u & u battyman bradda

      • How you know a ni**a…they be the black people using the word to try put down another black. Please any boy can have kids…gay men have babies too. How much you raise. ..how much call u daddy…how much respect you????? Any sperm producer can get a woman pregnant. ..I would been impressed if you said you had 1 child with your woman of 8 years. In a society like this where lil girls be sleeping around gettin pu$$y is no great achievement. Talking on your kids when if they lucky a next man is who they calling daddy. Please wise up. Chatting like a fool. Your di@k may not be pushing poo but your mouth sure is.

      • But not u u is a Camel i know about me not about u I kill batting like u

      • Stop talking 514 garden st apt 4 hartford ct see who Is bad

      • No mamma boy find ur own place no ur madda want mi 2 tell dat cause she love 2 walk around on her knee

      • Gloria Thompson

        So True. BLESSINGS

      • Gloria Thompson

        Never Too Late for NO ONE…We r all SINNERS

      • I never say I wasn’t a sinner I said newborn kids is not sinner so read wat I say

      • I never say I wasn’t a sinner all I said was di newborn kids nuh kids is a sinner so a f::: re all of ya’ll talking about my hand clean my heart pure so I don’t give a f::k

      • You should go back an read cause you either lie or stupid. Then read your bible and see what it say. But since you talk for God you should already know.No man is good…that in the bible too. Bout heart pure an a chat pure hate…wudnt like to see dutty heart.

      • Gloria Thompson

        You are a troubled SOUL u need help BADLY…Please go back to your MEDS!!! I feel sorry for u. Will keep u in my PRAYERS

      • Gloria Thompson

        Outlaw. Will read no more post by u. U r a waste of TIME… A poor excuse for a human being. Garbage

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    • Gloria Thompson

      Never Too Late…

  20. Karter seh, true how him bloodclaat bad, him nuh mus know God. Di man back pedal too much. Bounty a di bosssss.

  21. 88.5 99.9 eathquake

  22. Very soon half of jañaica gonna go under water turn from your evil ways

    • Not be 4 america.raper child molester baby killer & man a marrid man wat di f—.say wat u want 2 say about jamaican but we got respect 4 Elder woman kids & our mother u american kill ya’ll mother & brother we got principle ya’ll don’t pu–yes

      • That’s a f0ckin’ lie! Jamaicans kill anything that moves at an alarming rate. Y’all rank as the sixth most murderous and violent nation on the planet. With a population of 2.7 million, you people manage to murder around 1500 souls a year. A statistic like that tells outsiders like me that you Jamaicans have no respect for life whatsoever. I live in a nation of over 35 million, and it would be a bad year if we reach 550 murders.

        Keep talking your yak. By the end of this day, four more Jamaicans would have been murdered.

      • Yea but not kids & woman u sound like u hate us so why care wat we do di whole world is like dat people kill cause dem can’t tek di suffering poverty hungry poor people get sick of it so dat wat they turn 2 gun so u can’t blame jamaican is not only us.from di beginning people was killing di world was built from war & kiling dat wat keep di earth balance when one die other is born

      • If they can afford bullets muchless gun can’t be so poor. I agree wid the ziggy person you people do kill anything and everything. And don’t act like you don’t. You people rape and kill babies so how any Jamaican can try see distinction in violence there to anywhere else yet defend the people that helping kill their nation beyond logic. Culturally you glorify and encourage it. For a small island corruption on a level that boggles belief.

      • Ask ur madda she knowz

      • Ur madda s*ck me & di whole jamaica di whole America cum on fact of flys don’t u should be looking 4 some sh:t 2 fly around

      • I know ya’ll American f::k ya’ll madda dat nasty Jamaican nuh do dat noooooooooooooooooooooo

      • Who American you fool. You Mr know everything from a single online comment.

      • Nuh sh:t nuh da ya so a weh fly cum from oh u a jamerican

      • Fool ur madda nuh da ya so.she tell me she a di fool fi having u

      • I bet your mom regret she never did spit you out. You a walking ad for abortion. If any man want their gal to blow they just need show her you. You are a warning of the dangers of unprotected sex…reading replies from a dunce like you wud mek me happy to give my hubby a jaw lock or back door pass if for a second i thought my child would be like you…but that nar happen…no way it possible to defy natural selection again…if you were the sp*rm that made it you farda need castration

      • No sh:t fly member ur madda sh:t u out mi cum out a p:::y u cum out a batty u can’t get kids how a Sheman fi have kids cum on flysh:t u need 2 learn 2 write I can’t understand sh:t that wat u r sh:t right

      • So which island you from?

      • (SMFH)

        I’ve got to tell you this, and I hope you don’t take it the wrong way, but I know 10-year-olds who have a greater command of the English language than you do. The manner in which you have butchered the English language has me wishing and hoping that you are not a babyfather of any sort. I would hate to know that the next generation is being raised by someone as ignorant, vile and illiterate as you appear to be.

        Now that I got that out of the way, I can deal with that whelp of ignorance permeating your reply.

        It’s true that 90% of Jamaica’s murder victims are men between the ages of 14-44. That’s not to say a woman like Karen Rainford of St. Andrew, and little 4 year-old Natasha Brown of Trelawny, as well as 8-year-old Tamera Laing of Spanish Town are immune from Jamaica’s world renown culture of violence. The latter two were gruesomely beheaded, and the body of Tamera was found in a chithole in a man’s yard.

        I don’t hate people, never did. I hate the things people do. An example would be your Eurocentric idea that hunger and poverty are the causes of crime. (white people talk) If that were so, then the rich wouldn’t be so heavily involved in crime. What could their excuse be??!

        I’m guessing you don’t know, but Jamaica belongs to a string of islands in the Caribbean where poverty and hunger run rampant, but no other island comes close to the murder rate of Jamaica. Why is that??!

        Lastly, outlaw! Balance comes from the rule of law. Disputes are settled in a court of law, not down at the OK Corral at high noon. Balance comes from education, and the will to leave your country in a better condition than which you found it in.

        This may come as a revelation to you, but Jamaica will only get better when you and your kind no longer exist.

      • Dem not kids a teenager u talking about American kill infants 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 year oldwe ddon’t do dat am not gonna keep comment back & fort bout something u r me can’t control & for u & every body dat truth 2 diss me I post my address so if ya’ll bad as u sound don’t post sh:t come do something pu::hole am not posting nuh ting else like I said do something

      • You have unwittingly just validated everything I’ve said about your culture of violence. The learned among us will go back and forth until a consensus is reached, or a stalemate is established. It is only the terminally ignorant who wishes to solve a dispute/argument with violence.

        You could post your address till your locks fall off, you will never see me at your gate. What I am doing and will continue to do regardless of whether you post another one of your ignorant witticisms, is to beat you down hard using nothing but these tiny black letters.

      • Cause if I see u anywhere I will off u dats word on ur madda

      • You and I will never meet. We don’t live in the same country. We don’t run in the same circles. We would never know of one another if it wasn’t for this comment section.

        In the real world, I would have passed you by on the street without dropping a coin in your tin can.

      • Come like u the one got a tin can the man not even reply back u love writing comments bout man dum zigzag fool get a life

      • Nope! I got one debit card, and a Visa credit card. I make my money the old fashioned way…I earn it. The only tin can I got, and it’s not really a tin can, it’s actually a beer stein I bought in Dresden back in 2009; and I pity the moron who puts anything in it but beer.

        You say I should get a life??! I got one, thanks! It revolves around school, work, my family and friends. No kids yet. I’m not ready for them at this point in my life. Maybe in a few years time.

        So I take it you didn’t like how I treated your brethren, outlaw? That’s too bad, frassman. People have got to know that proper etiquette, and respect for other people’s opinions is of the utmost importance in these comment sections. One is to proceed with caution in cyberspace, or else one could end up on the wrong side of a SWAT team booming down your door in the middle of the night.

        Ya feel me?

      • Backup BACKUP. ..lol this guy need help defend even if he have to pretend. Lmaoooo it is outlaw pretending he somebody else…lmao he been doin it a while…bout 8 different ppl so far

      • I dont even know him I live in new York the man live in Connecticut

      • Really!?? That’s how this boy rolls? I can’t tell if he’s using sockpuppets, neither do I care. I never did have much concern for the truly pathetic. I just flame them!

      • Do something a nuh talking do something

      • I’m going to do what I’m going to do. No psychotic f*cktard like you is going to make me do what I don’t want to do.

        If I could trust that addy you posted as being yours, I could probably spoof my phone number and call the Hartford Police and have them come knocking at your door looking for weapons and explosives in the middle of the night…that’s what I really want to do; but I can’t trust a craven coward like you to post your real address. Instead I think I’m just going to have to keep beating you down with these tiny Black letters.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Love it,lol

      • Ditty gal a them boy u a pick u for outlaw weh seh

      • Now u talking crazy don’t mix me up with your friend explosives I never say nothing like that now u gone too far don’t mix me up with yourself

      • Nope! It’s the real deal, outlaw. I don’t shoot people. I don’t murder…I’m not violent in any sense of the word. What I am is a man who can tear your tiny world apart using nothing by a computer and a cellyphone.

        Maybe you’ve never learned that lesson way back in the day. You know which one I’m talking about? No, not that one, silly! The one where you watch what you say to people who you don’t know. Simply because you have no idea what they are capable of. Treat people with respect and courtesy, and you’ll get that back in return. It’s a simple enough concept. I think your ‘good book’ says something very similar along those same lines.

      • U di one dat take it 2 dat all I did was give a comment about lizard now every body wanna say am negative & ignorant but am speaking from my experience living in jamaica dat di way it set things that u see & watch on tv wanted man get kill by another man & di man dat killed di wanted man get award di only reason why kartel get lockup cause him a artist. so a dat I was saying lizard kill people 2 he was a wanted man.think on dat be 4 u diss a person

      • Dem not kids dem teenager American kill infants 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 we nuh do dat am not ignorant u believe in ur believe & I believe in mine if dat is being ignorant den u did ignorant one 2 be posting comments about me ya’ll think ur so prefect but when it rains it fall on every man house top am done posting I post my address if all ya’ll so bad come do something.

      • outlaw! What is it about my posts that has you believing I care one iota about coming to your house to do something to you??!
        I am a man. Chopping you into little tiny pieces and feeding them to the neighborhood dogs will not make any of my arguments more valid. Violence is your culture, not mine!

      • U not kartel u not black stop using people words my culture a nuh violence a love & peace but p##y ni::gaz like u make a man get violence.yo u wat man am not gonna post no more sh:t about u r no one else just when I post my sh:t don’t reply my opinion is mine to make u can’t judge me

      • Your culture is all about violence! Not just the run-of-the-mill variety either…the culture you promote is of the ulta-violent kind. I have to tell you, that is to be expected from your type. The life of a Black man is of little worth to you, so you kill us with impunity. Since your massa’s life is invaluable, you will kill a hundred of us before you kill one of them. I know!

        Tell the truth, now brah! Don’t lie.

      • Mi nuh run di only run is when mi run mi buddy inn a ur madda & sisters & ur slur off a gal white boy u not in no black man lead

      • None of my sisters would want an uneducated buffoon like you to even wash their cars.
        Keep on dreaming. Keep thinking about women which you have never set eyes upon, and probably never will.

      • Computer thug that

      • Am talking 2 u zagzag u is an computer thug

      • Yeah! I got that from your first reply! You ain’t too bright, are ya, love?

      • You’re just as mentally deficient as that outlaw character if you think I’m the thug!
        Get real, love.


      • Internet thug stop talking

      • Soon, dread! Soon!


      • I don’t got nothing 2 lie about am black & I never want 2 be white but ur white & wanna be black u nuh see seh u a donkey

      • Gloria Thompson

        U r Indian, u said it. Lmao

      • Ur madda is calling me am out bout 2 put my d##k inn a her mouth see u sucks

      • You have no argument. That’s why you wish to fantasize about having sex with my mom. That’s Ok! I don’t mind if you fantasize about a woman you know nothing about. Whatever it takes to spill your seed in the palm of your greasy hand, I guess!

      • I never fantasize am a be a man I apologize 4 what I say about your mom I was out a place 4 that but f you same way am apologising to you only 4 what I say about your mom

      • ?!?!?
        apology accepted

      • Den u trying 2 diss my kids only American diss & beat kill kids not jamaican I will never diss no kid r woman so how am ignorant u a fool u is a baby bad man instead of u worrying about wat I say u should got get some pu##y & breed a gal don’t watch people business while ur spoiling

      • I’m not the one dissing your kids. If you as a father don’t set a proper example for them to follow, don’t emphasize education over street life, don’t teach your kids the value of a human life…then it is you who are really dissing your kids. (the next generation)
        I mean, how are they supposed to compete in a world economy with language skills more befitting 18th century pirates?!

      • Gloria Thompson

        U dissed women right here, seems your memory messed up. Please take your MEDS

      • No I didn’t diss women I diss u

      • Gloria Thompson

        U dissed bless, facts of life, and me. To tell u the thruth it doesn’t bother me. I am just amazed that someone can be so IGNORANT

      • A that a trouble u Gloria

      • We always gonna be here if u where smart u would of know 2 positive can give u power its positive & negative give u power so dat wat keep di world balance it got 2 be good and bad if there was no bad man there will be no prisoners no co. No cops no army.when one person die other is born

      • LOL! Are you for real??! You think balance is having criminals commit crime so cops, lawyers, and jailers can draw a salary?! Furthermore, you think it’s up to these criminals to take a life to make room for the new arrivals?!

        If I didn’t know better I would swear I’m replying to someone in need of psychiatric help. Your views on the world at large are antiquated to say the least. Like I said, Jamaica will be a better place when your kind are unceremoniously thrown onto the scrapheap of history.

      • Like I said white devil come do something bout it u not a jamaican u white stay in ur colour range u not black so wat goes on in jamaica shouldn’t concern u slaves master a crackers like u member people kill. Fagbagbag 100% off white people is evil so dat mean none off ya’ll is good

      • One thing about not living on the Victicart Plantation, no one can tell me what to think about what, or when to think about it. My concerns are my concerns and as such, should be of no concern of yours.

        You have the nerve to talk about slave masters?! Judging from your posts, anyone can see that massa has broken you. He’s kept you ignorant, marginalized, and dependent on his handouts. You have lost the ability to stand on your own two feet and fend for yourself. You lack the wherewithal to create a better future for your kids. It is them I feel most sorry for.

      • Gloria Thompson

        HE IS ILLITERATE…I feel sorry for his kids too

      • Gloria Thompson

        He needs help…He is Psychotic

      • need help what u need hair stop using words u dont know the meaning 2 I did finish school I got my diploma so how can I be illiterate & psychotic if am all that why talk about me to other people grow u woman r u a little girl do something better than talk about me

      • If I had my way, I would grab him by the scruff of his unwashed neck and force him to learn how to read, write, add, multiply, subtract and divide. Not for his sake, but for the sake of his kids.
        I really don’t know where I would be right now if my parents lacked the ability to help me with my homework!?!

      • Do you know what illiterate mean feel sorry for yourself my kids is str8 they got everything they need dont speak on my kids that’s low

      • Gloria Thompson

        Not talking about your kids, about u. U r a idiot. Go back to Jamaica

      • Gloria u is a sell out when last u went back home 2 visits mi go every year u can go cause Jamaica nuh want u r its cause u don’t got no money here a hint get off ur lazy as get a job b**h may be just maybe u be rich

      • You opened that can of worms with your vulgar talk about having sex with her mother.

        “Ur madda get ignorant pon mi wood”

        “oh yo ur madda is calling mi she want fi s**k mi off am out am bout 2put a dent inn a her mouth”

        “Tell ur madda seh mi a cum f::k her later zin”

        Now that you’re getting rode like a circus pony, you want to talk about things being low.
        You got a lot of nerve.

      • The dude is evidently unstable. I feel guilty for ever replying. This forum is full of psychotic people. Posting addresses? I would say I am not on the same continent but that person don’t even seem on the same planet. We may not be pulling up to his gate but he better pray some more foolish thugs don’t. To go to the extent of using different names to try validate himself. This one need to be ignored. Unbalanced is an understatement. I thought he said he Indian. ..smh confused much?

      • You hit the nail right on the head…he is unbalanced. You’re going to have to excuse me, but I can’t allow an opportunity like this to pass me by. I’m going to try my best to push this unbalanced piece of garbage over the edge and into the abyss.

        Wish me luck!

      • Gloria Thompson

        I truly wish you luck…He said he dont disrespect femal

      • Gloria Thompson

        Disrespect females. Thats a joke read his posts…

      • Thanks!
        Really, this outlaw hasn’t got a clue. How could this man who has eight kids from four different women even respect himself, much less women?! He obviously has no respect for anyone, or anything except his own particular brand of ignorance.
        I looked-up his address on Goooogle maps and had a good laugh. No one who lives in such a run-down part of town should be on here boasting about it. Someone should tell the outlaw that he lives in first world, and shouldn’t have to live in third world conditions.

        In an earlier post he wrote about how hunger and poverty causes crime. Since he’s so damn stupid, he forgot to mention that it is in fact ignorance which begets poverty.
        Having eight kids to take care of on American soil is no easy feat. Just the basics alone; food, shelter, and clothing…plus the annual back-to-school gear is enough to make ones head spin economically.
        If he had a modicum of respect for anyone, even himself, there’s no way he would have brought eight kids into this life without the ways and means of supporting them. His complete and total ignorance has doomed all of his offspring to poverty.

        It’s men like him who has the white man laughing at us on the regular.

      • Go read a book why me worry about your life & mi nuh live poor yo dont u got something better 2 do than talking about me

      • *long sigh*

        Back in the day when I was a kid, I would play with this old magnifying glass on hot sunny days. I used it to burn ants and little bugs. It was fascinating watching those tiny insects curl up and die, some even exploded if I remember correctly.

        Much the same is happening here in this comment section, outlaw. You are now the insect which I find so fascinating. I really like watching you curl up and die…being burnt by this magnifying glass we all call the internet.

        So when you ask if I got something better to do, know that you are that certain something.

      • Gloria Thompson

        LMAO, he’s begging for MERCY.

      • I hope he has the good sense to beg his God for mercy. God forgives. I won’t.

      • A u diss me so mi nuh fi seh nothing u know what peace & love be on 2 u

      • I don’t live by the laws of man I live by the laws of god am not saying I don’t respect them am just saying another man shouldn’t be able 2 decide another man future.& yea people got laws cause if it wasn’t for laws & police it would be a war zone a no kids cant flourish in a war zone so I don’t care what people say about me it don’t hurt me

      • You don’t live by the laws of man??! Errrhm! That makes perfect sense.
        No need to take care of your kids…God will.
        No need to get a job and put food on the table…God will. No need to build a future for the next generation…God will.

        You are the poster boy for lame excuses.

        btw…do you still want to murder me? You do know that’s one of “God’s Laws” of which you seem to care nothing about breaking.

      • Gloria Thompson

        You are LYING u CARE…

      • White devil I don’t like ur kind slaves master give back Africa di sliver & gold ur people steel

      • Whoa! Where in the f**k is that coming from?!
        Since you’re losing the argument, there’s no way you could possibly be humiliated by someone with the same skin tone as you??! I’ve got to be the white man, because only he can can pick up the whip and go to work on your backside! Yada yada yada!!!
        I got news for you, outlaw! I don’t live on the Victicrat Plantation. My Daddy wouldn’t allow it. I sort of feel that you think it’s a white man raining down all kinds of licks on your back, your legs, your shoulders, and head top…but trusssss…my skin is darker than yours.

      • Whoa! Where in the faq is that coming from?!

        Since you’re losing the argument, there’s no way you could possibly be humiliated by someone with the same skin tone as you??! I’ve got to be the white man, because only he can can pick up the whip and go to work on your backside! Yada yada yada!!!

        I got news for you, outlaw! I don’t live on the Victicrat Plantation. My Daddy wouldn’t allow it. I sort of feel that you think it’s a white man raining down all kinds of licks on your back, your legs, your shoulders, and head top…but trusssss…my skin is darker than yours.

      • I know u a nasty man u & ur dad should be burn in Fire 4 molesting u I really sorry 4 u dog & I don’t argue wit people its just opinion fool

      • Knowing something as fact, and having an opinion on a subject are two distinct things, outlaw. e.g. I know you’re mentally unbalanced. Yet, I hold the opinion you’re trying hard to hold it together and not flip out, and not run into that mall with your two gats and start killing people indiscriminately. Just ask your doc to up the dosage on your meds. You never know…it just might save a few lives.

      • Gloria Thompson


      • Wat kind off lick u a talk bout fag bag I don’t mix wit gay people u all gonna go 2 hell

      • You fool. The lick has nothing to do with tongues. The lick I’m talking about has more to do with ripping/tearing/peeling pieces of your flesh off your body with leather whip and have them littering the ground around your feet.
        Please keep your homoerotic fantasies to yourself. I love women too much to change now.

      • How u fi love woman when u was born one

      • If I’m a woman, why are you on your knees in front of me??!

      • Youth stop hitting the pipe a ur madda in front au family ram

      • Try again! In English this time!

      • A u a talk bout homo sh$t no man use di word lick to another man I will never say nothing like that a u say it faggy

      • When you no longer have any argument, you resort to sex talk. That’s a very poor strategy, if I ever saw one.

      • Why u make ur father dizzy zigzag u u little nasty fag u

      • I know you feel a way about me, and all…but don’t mistake my size 12 Timbs for wood.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Wow, Well said…Blessings

      • Yea di 6 most violent but America is ###1 & ya’ll not poor so why there is a lot off murder 4 ya’ll nuh no sense

      • How so??! Jamaica has a population of 2.7 million and a murder rate of 40.9 per 100,000 people equaling 1125 murders. The US has a a population of 317 million and a murder rate of 4.8 per 100,000 people equaling 14,173 murders.
        By all the wisdom bestowed upon you by your God, in which country do you stand more of a chance of being murdered?

      • No American r no body in this world can’t do sh 2 mi especially a punk American

      • Mi nuh care weh u seh p###hole this is my life go 2 he’ll wit ur leave mine a lone

      • You can cry all you want. I am a man without mercy.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Love It…Can’t take the HEAT stay out of the fire. Don’t start WAR…

  23. Y forAfter 10 come is freedom but first u he must plea the cost of the fruit of the womb thats the decease mom before he can be release he have agreat work to do on dryground but he take on the lileness of meñ and becomes defile after 5 he will return to is proper lord there is no glory in hell but despair u cant entertain demoms relse u becomes like them blood of the living soul cry from the ground while u cry for for freedom cry for peace

  24. I and i say be still

  25. Ross Margarette

    Well a source told me that kartel was praying 4 forgiveness for the jamaican police force 4 setting him up and urban islandz for all the lying they been doing

  26. Ross Margarette

    Talking about the Devil don’t forget to mention urban islandz

  27. kartel always believe in god why all these haters can’t accept thar he’s an entertainer smh

  28. kartel always believes n christ y these ppl can’t understand that he’s an entertainer smh

    • Who’s his daddy, tho??!

    • kartel did not believe in god he has said it in interviews before even on onstage he has stated many times that he is spiritual not religious maybe you should get your facts straight

      • You don’t have to be religious to believe in the almighty. Religion divide the ppl. You get your mind right.

      • Gloria Thompson

        So True

      • True !!

      • you can listen from 10 : 20 and then tell me what is your interpretation of what he said then and there are many other instances where he said that he does not indeed believe in god, i never stated that you have to be religious to believe in god just showing that most people dont know much about there idol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whIhQwAXMJw&hd=1

      • God is spiritual not religious I don’t know wat god u praying 2

      • Gloria Thompson

        Wow, Amen

      • Gloria Thompson

        There r many people who r the same way…Look at the evil things some religious people do.

      • Errrrrr!?! By its own definition, all religion is evil. Religion has made slaves out of its worshipers.

      • I don’t believe in God either I believe in the creator the Lord up above the bible is a untold story that was written by man inspired by someone who they said name God no one really knows for sure if his name was God everybody has there own believe the Ras believe in Jah I’m just saying it’s a free World you worship who you want check out what the man said at UWI you can’t sell your soul to no devil and he is right.

      • “I believe in the creator the Lord up above”

        *rolls eyes*

        I believe in science. The science behind biology, anthropology, paleontology, geology, evolution and astronomy that disproves the notion of a creator. Apparently, the world and everything in it, as well as the universe does not need a creator in order to explain its existence. As a matter of fact, relying on a creator to explain the origin of the universe is one of the greatest cop-outs ever known to man. As far as I know, none of you have been able to explain who created this supposed creator.

      • I believe in an almighty being. I don’t believe in the bible because i know the truth of it. I am very spiritual. You can not believe in the devil yet say there is no God. So if Kartel does have devil or whatever tattoed on him then regardless of whether or not he claims to be spiritual he must accept some form of religion because no matter how you look at it the devil is a being of religious mainly Christian beliefs.
        Anyway my question to you who so boldly claim to believe in science alone…which came first? The chicken or the egg? When science can tell me that then I will denounce all my faith in an almighty.

      • Wow! I didn’t think I would be hearing from you so soon. I must have struck a chord during our last exchange.

        I’m not surprised you would believe in something you can’t see, touch, feel, or quantify.

        I love your question about the egg and chicken. It goes to show how much of a rank and file simpleton you really are.
        First, you’re willing to give up your faith in exchange for an answer. Secondly, you pose a nonsensical question expecting science to give you that much needed answer.

        I know I may be asking you to do the impossible, but think for a minute about what you’re asking.
        You can even go so far as to replace *chicken* with *human* and *egg* with *fetus* so it looks like this; “which came first…the human being, or the fetus?”

        I eagerly await your answer.

      • “I believe in an almighty being. I don’t believe in the bible”

        Wot tha ffff?! Am I reading that correctly? Can it be that you and I are in agreement on one thing?? Before I get too excited let’s see…

        The almighty being I believe in is me. Who is your almighty being?

      • “You can not believe in the devil yet say there is no God.”

        You’re absolutely correct about that! Both are fictional characters who exist nowhere outside of religious text.

      • Seriously? Are you able to employ a logical thought process? ? What is the difference between God and the creator the Lord up above??? Do you even know what an untold story is??? The fact the bible is a BOOK kinda make that argument moot. I get you think that every faith has their own name but as for all the rest you either need to be clear when you type or you need to really analyse your own belief system

      • ok damion quit now because your comment already exposed your lack of knowledge im telling you straight you dont know much about the Almighty

      • Stephen Higgins

        I totally agree with you – he believed in evil spirits not righteous ones

    • A real ting dem nuh know

    • He knew Christ yes, but he chose satan !!

    • gaza is not in portmore

      You don’t honestly believe your from the Gaza Strip

    • gaza is not in portmore

      You don’t even believe you live in the middle east so I don’t know why you delusional fans keep going on about Gaza when you live there

  29. Psalm 1, 23, 27

  30. preach on Daddy Devil

  31. Jail house christian…nuttn new. I think time Urban Islandz leave this story alone. Starting to think Kartel the only person anything happening to in Ja. You people making him into a martyr. So nobody else doing anything? Maybe you guys need a watsup wid kartel segment. By the way “hanging in THERE”. Instead of watching the man cell door maybe time you lot took some remedial english classes.

  32. Sojey Dii Real

    this news is fake witch source kmf you all need some real news

  33. please tell me how him a beat his appeal ?? him voice pon video,voice notes . too much

  34. Thought Vybz Kartel was baphomet big son. only when them in trouble them want to find god.

    • DWWWLLL baphomet big son

    • Yo fool fool I can tell u never did time so shut up

    • Di man bin a dj god song b 4 jail a lot of positive song di man do so chill gullypad

    • Gloria Thompson

      Your name alone tell us who u r….plus u r BAD MINDED!!!

      • Mrs gloria and other ah true gullyside ah chat eno…only when some people inna trouble and inna jail they become more godly.

    • and what’s wrong with finding God when in trouble ?problem with some boo dock saints is trying to monopolize and possess God

      • Nothing wrong with finding God when in trouble, you’re suppose to find Him in those times…problem is…. he killed people, he didn’t care about others life, he’s sincerely perverted, and the devil came first for him… now his life is is jeopardy so he goes to the one true thing that can fix him…smh…God bless him same way… only God can fix this hot mess !!