Vybz Kartel Release Gospel Song “Ordinary Servant”

Embattled dancehall star Vybz Kartel is possible on track to become a born again christian.

The incarcerated deejay just released a new gospel song “Ordinary Servant,” produced by TJ Records.

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In the song, Vybz Kartel sings about his need to be more than just an ordinary servant and providing for his family.

Jah a guide mi, mi provider
Yeh you make mi, a survivor
Mi no hungry, mi no naked
Poverty a Goliath, mi a David
The kids alright, mi mother nah beg
Mi put a nice roof over fi her head
Mi haffi give thanks
Mi haffi love Jah
Listen da prayer yah

Sources close to the former Portmore Empire head told Urban Islandz that the single was previously recorded by the deejay prior to his incarceration.

Vybz Kartel can only record music in prison if the Department of Correctional serves give him the green light.

Will Vybz Kartel become a born again christian in prison?

Sound off in comments below.

Vybz Kartel satanic tattoo photos

Vybz Kartel satanic tattoo


  1. Fi real!

  2. Kartel is nothing.that he made people think he is not anything.he.portrays to be he is.a.actor.playing many roles he got lost in his character he is not a bad man but got caught up in his character the way him talk an dj real badman wouldnt be a fraid of him caah yuh can know seh.badness a nuh kartel line or thing be honest if u come frm jamaican ghetto u know wah mi.a talk bout but he will set u up.

  3. Vibes sell him soul to the devil to get fortune and fame. He cover his body with satanic signs. He sex off his friend them woman. Look how many Freemasons mechanics lodge men are in ja and controlling the destiny of the country. Now one of there followers is in prison. What are they doing for him. Look now he say he is Christian. He is only fooling himself. But god is merciful and will forgive him. If he pray

    • the wages of sin is death.

      Kartel get him fame and fortune for him self him sing him own song’ and bleach him own face the devil never do it.and DAT give him fame.him sell what him sell and DAT give him fortune.

      • Kartel is nothing if he think something will get recogniction he will do it for money and fame he is lost and derranged his ego was carrying him he put his talent.behind.him amd got lost but ego is a false character and can lead u to hell may god hav mercy on his soul.

  4. Well…..thats the only thing left for him now is to turn to god his back is agains the wall and that’s a way to bring bad ppl to god

  5. I think this angle will work for his appeal. He’ll play into the finding religion thing. I think a lot of religious folks will buy into it.

  6. two wrongs don’t make one right stop judging people God is my judge God is Kartel judge God is everybodys judge…..one day one day everybody will be judge in the judgment.

  7. The writer of this article sounds stupid…the man do one so called gospel song and you a talk bout the man could be on track to be a Christian. ..unno forget say vybz kartel said”i am an entertainer I get paid to entertain” and that is exactly what he is doing…so stop acting like a fool

  8. All the haters please shut up….kartel bin singing about jah and bible long now.

  9. All I can say is appeal something just not adding up in this sentence they got

    • what does not add up? You murder people you get life in prison! What is so hard where that do not add up for you?

      • All the evidence is crap if we can’t find your friend sentence you for life this wouldn’t hold up in no other country only corrupted Jamaica and I wasn’t talking to you .

      • Text messages talking about the crime and ways to escape, Video of men talking about slicing and cutting Lizard throat! and even an Eye Witness testimony is more then enough evidence in Jamaica and in the United States lock up Adijah Palmer for life!

        Lay off the Weed Pipe for a day and you will realize that Adijah Palmer is a evil man and Jamaica is better off without him!

      • It funny how people can stay from far and talk like it an episode of Young and the Restless. They don’t seem to see that it is real people. I bet anything that the free addi bandwagon don’t have one person on it that live in the areas affected and not involved in the gang life. I wonder if when they in foreign and had to have gun fights outside their house if they would be chanting the same tune. I wonder if they know the places they hailing as so great the people had to fight for what Jamaica now trying to achieve. Harlem and LA riots….do they know about them? Brixton do they know??? Wake up

      • The problem is people have a diminished sense of morality…. Murder has become acceptable in the minds of many… Just because the accussed make hit songs….No matter how great one is in his or her craft…. They are not above the rule of law.

      • Actually it would hold up in plenty places. I know cases where they convicted with less and they didn’t have motive. Get facts before you comment. The sentence was because it was premeditated AND the extent they went to destroy evidence and dispose of the body and that they deny it.

  10. #postanythingforhype

    But he been bible talked n worship god in other songs nothing new…just hype smh

  11. This is positive.

  12. If u a real kartel fan then u would know he has said in interviews as well as producers have said kartel recorded up to 3 songs a day. Thats a whole lotta songs to be released

    • But the producers who have these songs to be released should know the ones they should release are not because a song like this makes addi look so paradox and allowing people to have more hate for him than they do now

  13. I really have to wonder what makes men believe their destiny is in the hands of some fictitious omniscient, omnipotent invisible deity who can’t, or won’t stop men from butchering other men??!
    If god was held to the same standards of a father, he would be sued for child support, as well as negligence. Isn’t that what civilized people governed by the rule of law do with absentee fathers??

    • The earth was flat the sky was a dome every thing mankind needed came from above the clouds and sometimes more than they needed (drought and flooding) so there is somebody up there.
      Now the eartris round and the dome well by the time we figured this out too much money and control was coming from religion to stop the train so they just keep it running.

    • Please don’t post anymore thanks.

    • I get you.lol The one thing people hate more than race is when you talk about religion.

  14. Daddy Devil strikes again

  15. Everybody knows he be releasing songs from behind those prison walls….stop playing y’all

  16. Some man only know god when them back is against the wall. For year Kartel speak of worshipping the devil and not believing in god and now that your in prison is when you know god. SMH

    • The song pre recorded yute years now…is like unu find e least thing fi complain bout just admit unu hate di man an done before unu type unu comment. Kartel know him bible more than nuff socall christian an dem a weh u call wolf inna sheep clothing.

      • Gloria Thompson


      • No we hate him because him Wicked and Evil! Bout him ahh go kill man over missing gun!? Dem fi hang him Bloodclaut!

      • the wages of sin is death.

        Like you was the prosecutor. Be careful yuh nuh get bumbuhclaat hang.hate come from the devil so you is the evil one yuh Satan.

      • Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong. How can you support Murder. Vybez Kartel mother can at least visit him in prison. What about Lizard’s Mother. She do not even have a body to bury. Adijah Palmer is true devil…. who chops up people fine fine!!!! Wicked !!!!!

      • How can you support Murder! Where is your soul!?

    • Gloria Thompson

      Never too Late. God is Love…

    • paulette wright

      you should know that God use the devil to bring bad guys and certain people to him. The only problem with this i wshed they came on ther own.

    • U must be a real fool my yute look how much song Kartel sing talkin about god n bible, know your musical facts b4 u chat.

    • the wages of sin is death.

      Yuh chat too much kartel a sing gospel long time.