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Another High Profile Dancehall Artist Being Investigated For Murder

Vybz Kartel murder conviction is one of the biggest blows to the dancehall genre in decades. But another big name dancehall act could be slapped with murder charge.

A highly place source inside the police force told Urban Islandz that detectives are investigating another murder that they linked to a big name dancehall act.

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The source declined to name the artist telling us it’s premature to make such announcement.

“We are at an advance stage in our investigation of a murder that took place in an inner city community and our investigation is leading us to a certain big name artist who is notorious is the community,” the source told us.

The source also told us that investigators are leaving no stone unturned and are safe guarding evidence to prevent the embarrassment of what took place in Vybz Kartel trial.

The source said charges could be laid out against the artist soon.

Dancehall icon Ninjaman will also be going on trial in November for a 2009 murder charge. If convicted he too could be handed down a hefty sentence.

Is dancehall under siege from law enforcement authorities?

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  1. Daddy Devil strikes again

  2. dwl!! under siege?!? if the artists are committing, aiding and fostering illegal acts why should they not be investigated by the authorities smh…

  3. A probably Mavado or Bounty Killer. But why the police dem no leave dancehall alone there are so much wanted criminals in Jamaica to go after who are killing people everyday.

    • mavado or bounty killer? did you get dropped as a baby or something?

    • maybe that big name is Lady Saw

    • I know you “Jamaicans” are a little slow…but what kind of fvckin’ question is that?!! Do I really have to dig down deep in the pile and pull out something from 1996 for you to catch a clue??

      “Bow down to somethin greater than yourself trick
      Individuals capable of enormous amounts of chin checks and eye swolls
      They know
      You watchin but you ain’t seein what lies before you, beatch
      Picture if you will seven deadly human beings
      blessed with the gift of speech, the power to reach
      each ni99a on every street…”

      Now that you know. Act accordingly.

      • thanx for quoting TUPAC words without any mention of him…
        “MAKAVELI” foreva king!!