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Vybz Kartel “Dancehall Dark Star” Documentary [VIDEO]

Vybz Kartel is currently serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison in Jamaica.

The dancehall deejay was convicted on March 13, 2014 for the 2011 murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. His protege Shawn Storm and two friends Kahira Jones and Andre St John are also serving life sentence.

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But who was Vybz Kartel before he was sent to prison?

Anthony Miller of ER recently aired a documentary on the dancehall kingpin titled Vybz Kartel: Dancehall Dark Star.

The documentary chronicles Vybz Kartel career from his rise in the early 2000 to his fall in 2014. In the video, you can see footage from some of Vybz Kartel’s most controversial moments, from his fight at Sting with Ninjaman in 2003 to his fallout with Bounty Killer and subsequent feud with Mavado.

Watch Kartel: Dancehall Dark Star below.


  1. People take this music sh8 too seriously.

    • Why do he constantly refer to himself in the third person?! He comes across as arrogant. Why am I still listening to his music?! lol

  2. Lord finally. I gave up with some fools. Kartel could have raped them an eat their food they would tell him thanks.

  3. Dante I really think you should go read a book and seek knowledge before you come on to voice opinions and show up your stupid self. All over the world cases are tried without a body. What would a fingerprint prove. So many people try talk sense to you but you just stuck on dumb. I can type a long list of cases tried and convicted with less evidence than kartel case. But I guess because no Jamaican cases you wont hear it because nobody there for you to pull down. Please get sense or just allow this case and let the law speak because no matter what you see or hear you just too dumb to comprehend. It is one thing to doubt but even when people try show you another side you still stuck that is no longer debate…that just idiocy. No finger or hand..man I wonder how fools like you survive. You should have gone out like the dinosaurs.

    • Don’t just only read book reading is not the only way of knowledge and yes it’s on opinion not a fact but do u got the fact were u there stupid how my innocent is in prison didn’t the evidence points to them so again shot the f**k up with ur little norrow mind and stop let urself look stupid internatinaly like u don’t know how to think out the box

  4. Kartel inkarceration is definitely due to his activities in the Gaza Empire .
    He proved his versatility when he did a lecture at UWI another step towards his downfall,
    Why ?
    Because we have a brilliant influential orator
    who attractive to women and children respected by me and anyone who knows talent especially since he changed his image from 2009 he was becoming almost God like .
    Government definitely decided it was time to put the brakes on this guy, because he had the heart and minds of the people.
    And the fact that he got 35 years proves that he was a threat to national security and was all that was negative in a positive forward thinking Jamaica.
    I cry for kartel but he underestimated evidence
    and witness and crucially he left voice notes on his blackberry proving criminal activity.
    Listen , when you born as a ghetto youth and mek it in life move on and promote positivity school and career, not sex and girl and gun .
    Instead of Grammy he get prison cell Slammy!

    • Attractive??? You blind as hell lmaoooo. Kartel is God forgive me one ugly creature and that before the bleach. Besides from time you spell incarcerated with a k you already expose your stupid.

  5. Rosemarie Johnson

    @ Andrewrights WELL SAID….These people are soo much in denial about vybz kartel…The way in which they believe in this man…….if their own children had came to them and said this man did something wrong to them… they would not believe , or if they did..they would have left it alone becuz they’re so scared of this guy and his entourage .. i was in jamaica in February. .. and when discussion come up bout him, if they think he’s going to win the case? Every body say it look sticky but dem think him a come a road…but as soon as couple people walk off ..U hear a man sey baby ounuh be careful how ounuh talk cause bush have ears…then somebody whisper and say him fi get 100 years…. A whole heap a tings him do.. I don’t understand y these people are indenial. … People a comprehension read and put y`all thoughts together. .. what have he done ?????????..For his self and his community??????? Put on couple a people pot?????? Tell me….Stop the bull sh* now.. cut it out…. U don’t think if kartel did any thing extravagant his lawyer would have mention it in the court to show the world ..how much of a good man him is…… come on HUMANS THINK…LOOK HOW far their Lawyers went to forgery a letter proclaiming it to be Prosecutor witness Lamar Chow.. When the guy was in already in protective costody…u don’t think the lawyer would have talked about him building 10 schools from water house to Portmore St Catherine. ….OH PLEASE…… they COULD NOT have said he brought the letter to their office ….. they had to lie that it was sent to the Lawyer office but he’s a lawyer , I wasn’t surprised becuz that’s what Lawyers do……that’s their Job….Even about tampering with the phone …BULL …..The phone never call anyone … the phone went on for 5 Seconds ….no conversation … that’s how these androids are …u hold it in ur hand, pocket book it call somebody….the phone went on for 5 SEC PEOPLE READ .. THE LAWYER WANTED A WIN soh dem did glad to know it went on For Seconds

  6. Kartel is up to no good. He’s deceptive, ungrateful, evil filled, and self absorbed. I hope the judicial system in Jamaica, bans artiste Don Andre’, and keep him under close scrutiny. He and other upcoming/existing Kartels, possibly has picked up from where Kartel left off from. They have taken the baton from him, and can impose even more evil than Kartel has inflicted on Jamaica. I feel awful to know that young girls and woman at large, continues to defend Kartel. My prayer is that he and his co-accused rot in prison. They are no good representation for Jamaica. Just nasty/sick stomach ppl they are. They have robbed our use to be nice little Jamaican entertainment. Our music is no more. Sad No mercy mi seh, fi Kartel and co-accused, who killed many people for fun.

    • I totally agree. Murderers like them should rot in prison. They used the money they make from Jamaicans to kill Jamaicans.

  7. The video is proof that ppl do change. In the beginning one might dare to say kartel seemed humble, as it prolonged u could see a change in every aspect. I honestly get the feeling that we won’t be seeing kartel “do road” anytime soon and if he does cause everyone deserves a second chance, even tho many dont get one, I’m interested to see what he does with it.

    • The problem is Kartel has had multiple chances….ppl seem to forget that little fact conveniently though

  8. Any ting no good inna cell

  9. Daddy Devil strikes again

  10. dem fi give him a million years!!!!!!!! people are not replaceable. well only in this case. there will be a better ,wiser,blacker,more gifted vybz carte!
    you no big like buju,beenie,bounty,ninja,shabba,sean paul,shaggy,cobra
    dem artist den is known for one thing. music + catalog

    you know for releasing pictures of chicks sucking off ya buddy,having people beat up your friends. firebombing ya friends homes. penetrating womens anus
    vybz rum,condom,bleaching,fighting ninja on stage instead of using songs
    like super cat did (who by the way is a real badman) how many of ya friends and selectors you beat? how much people life you ruined?
    dem boo lisa hype till she fool. deva brat get arrest for rape as his friend you first go do song bout raper boy and have you friends dem rush di yute. he was later found no guilty. thats what you are known for. cause to be honest wid you your songs were not greater than movado “i’m so special ” or jehoviah guide me or any other big song. even erupt “click me finger” was just as big if not bigger than clarks so what you saying??? i used to be the biggest vybz cartel supporter till mi tek a pencil,get piece of paper,breathe and do the maths and realize she this yute think people are disposable him is a selfish yute!!! all him care bout a money nothing else!! another thing………. his answer is always : “vybz cartel is nobody parents and if you depend on vybz cartel to raise your kids you have already failed as a parent.” so let me see if i get this straight. you have nobody problem leading a man who was born blind into incoming traffic? in other words, the yute dem no have no mother and father and dem look to you so who cares lead dem a stray! cool!

    • Go ask yuh frass madda di whole hip a question deh. Weh unnu a see ongle di negative side à tings dem, what if he didn’t do all those things. Unnu really have to tek nuff things ya right and stop being so badminded. Even if him is a bad man, why unnu cyaan think of the good thing him did Fi JA an nuff ghetto youths dem. Mi rate him, and if yuh nuh like it, guh badup yuh madda

      • True word lol

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        Can’t you monkeys speak English

      • Go to hell

      • gaza is not in portmore

        That’s were so called gaza fans are going if you don’t repent and cloud9 has never been to the middle east you black ape

      • Im italian u dumb fu*. White as a mother fu*n snowflake. I hate racist people like you. Go kill yourself. I dont know how u would think u not going to hell when u hate a bunch of people cuz of their skin color. Fu* outta here

      • Im italian dumbass! White as a mother f**kin snowflake. And dont think ur not going to hell being a racist u idiot 

      • Gloria Thompson


      • cant you long nosed jews go back to the concentration camps?

      • and plus you Israelites don’t own gaza, the Paletines do dumbass. Go back on your Jewish website and talk about bar mitzvah. You don’t belong here you dirty scumbag. I’ll put you in the gas chamber

      • gaza is not in portmore

        I’m not Jewish you daft black bastard just like your not from gaza strip

      • And i’ll say it again. The Palestinians own Gaza

      • So you tell. What good did he do? I keep hearing he did so much good yet I can never hear what that was. People there is a saying give a man a fish he eats for a day teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime. If Kartel fed 5 people from his earnings that does not eradicate the harm his actions or music creates. He had an opportunity to lead by example and he squandered it. It is a waste of time trying to show some people sense. I know…tell me bout me mudda lol that a all stupid does. .cuss

      • This question is for guest your talking about all these other artists and the music they did and how super cat a real badman. Do you know any of them in person are the things they do when they’re not doing music. People like u sentance kartel long before him was even tried, and the reason for that is because of the song that he did, and u all feel like he is responsible for the thing your kids do, but blame that on yourself, because if your kids get the right home training there’s no way kartel could have lead them the wrong way.

      • First off if you bothered to read you would realise that you addressing the question to the wrong person. Secondly people like me nothing. I do not judge a person on any basis but their actions. I do not support any form of badmanism and music or actions that are derogatory profane or crude. This is not an issue of personal parenting but community parenting. How many families break their backs providing for their children making sure they are educated so they can grow to be decent citizens only for them to be slaughtered by ignorant violent thugs. People like Kartel and those who support him. It is all well and good to say raise your own kids but when so many unfortunate kids are born to broken homes convicts and uneducated fools who breed like rabbits the type of people that follow behind Kartel…the decent people in society are vastly outnumbered.

      • Again u prove me right because u r say people broke them back to grow the kids right and ignorant fool kill them but if u check the levels it’s not only ignorant people alone kill, are else ur call the police force ignorant the same police force that kill a lot of innocent youth and put gun on them and say them a gunman. And ur say u dont judge but talk for facts if ur talking from facts and intelligent which u does sound like a intelligent person what would u call what ur doing when u wasn’t there and the evident was tampered with

      • I don’t get how I prove you right when in the first place your question should not have been addressed to me. You are attributing somebody else’s comments to me. So I am failing to see your point. I will ask again in what way was the evidence tampered with. I don’t like Kartel but I have said before the phone should never been used. I don’t go on propaganda nor conspiracy theories and whether you agree ot not the evidence submitted in the court and used by the judge in his summations is considered facts. If like his fans his defence had evidence to show and disprove the facts presented by the prosecution then his legal team failed to present it hence his conviction. So huff and puff as you like I can call the evidence factual. Also because Jack do what John do does not make it ok. Crime comes in all forms by intelligent people as well as simpletons but that does not mean we should accept it or ignore it. Anyone that contributes to the moral decline of society from politician to pastor should be eradicated.

      • The main evidence that send him to prison is the phone that’s what start the case and that’s was the strangest point hold against him so and it was tampered with and urself say it should never been used so why they allow it to be used because the system want to get him by any means necessary they say he’s responsible for over a hundred murder do u believe that they’re just trying to portray him as a bad preson and a lot of high society people buy in to it without even getting to know him the person

      • So you know him personally then? Kartel has a baby mother who filed a police report several years before all this. In it she accuses him of saying she should know what he is capable of because she around him long time which she translated to mean he would kill her. Those were her words not mines. On the issue of the hundred murders again..HE IS HEAD OF A GANG RESPONSIBLE FOR OVER 100 MURDERS. That is what was said. Correct me if I am wrong but he was made a Don of a certain gang was he not? Finally the phone. There is no debate that the phone should not have been used. But the judge used his discretion and determined that the use of the phone did not impede the evidence of the prosecution. So even though the phone was used none of the data used against Kartel was shown to be tampered with. I am going to add here another theory for those of us inclined to use independent thought…I have said before and I will say again could it not be that the officer who used the phone was trying to get it thrown out of court? That is the only logical explanation. None of the evidence recovered was entered outside the timeline. So yes the phone was used but what was the point of doing so if not to discredit the police. Kartel has not disputed the recordings or denied they existed previously. Only his fans doing that

      • And if I get you right what you actually saying is every man responsible for his own actions…except Kartel.

      • mi know every one a di artist dem. and bigger than dem to!
        mi know people weh 12 and 13x platinum. mi know ex presidents! mi know legends (international) what does that have to do wid facts? which normal person have dem kinda foolishness inna dem phone? you can’t explain the voice note!!!! explain dat fuss before you defend a man weh hang himself basically! explain the voice note! all cartel mumma know say a him dat! if you deh pon tape a talk bout dashing away peoples mothers etc you fi go weh you a evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        scummmmmm of the earth!!!

        supercat a real don you know why? him no trouble people and him have manners fi di yute dem and dem rate him and him will defend himself against anybody!!
        cat spit pon a police that was abusing him in public
        that to me is a real man! a man that can defend himself by himself .thats how you get ratings! but when you beat up some yess man…. jeffery hype get beating,poppy,deva,gaza kim,lisa hype,sean storm. cartel replace people cause him no value nobody. as mi say before mi know people wid souls inna dem pocket!!!!! and even dem a say dis yute no get no ratings cause a some fool fool killings him deh pon. mi no business when man wid gun a shoot man wid gun! but when 15 man a beat up a bredda that is 135 pounds something wrong deh so! this yute lizard can’t defend himself (if dem cut problem weh dem a go cut go) a who say dat? the world ass!! who’s voice on the tape a talk bout why you never tek a knife and stab him inna him neck a slow him down! cartel fi dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets bring back hanging!!!!!!!!!!!

        you can’t explain you voice pon the tape and pon the voice note!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lady u sound very foolish u can’t a hold a debate saying kartel fi dead fi what him do but saying super cat a real don and badman I don’t believe in don nor badman and u r trying to sound like lizzard r whatever him name is innocent it doesn’t matter if a 15 r 1 man a beat u if u involve in badness and lizzard must involve in badness fi have gun fi man next thing if kartel kill lizzard him fi dey a prison so im not defending kartel im just say the system didn’t deal with the case right and I vividly believe in ture and honest justice for every man innocent till proving guilty and they tampered with the phone which was the key evidence against him so what else they could have tampered with and for the record bounty killa a my deejay and when him beat the woman me burn him out because she wasn’t involve in nothing to deserve a beating but lizzard on the other and is also a gunman so if kartel kill him him fi dead and kartel fi go prison and that’s 2 less gunman in a Jamaica

      • which woman you know name andrew?? or andre ?
        bout lady! watch how you no have no sense

        number one. mi reference super cat as a man that will defend himself if him need to. people like that get ratings!
        if you need to defend you self you defend you self!
        you fling bottle pon him on stage? weh him do? fling it back! cat no hype like some boy! you ever see him and 40 man a roll? facts! if i were you i would leave the super cat part of the discussion out of it. cause mi know history.

        now to lizard. listen the tape between cartel and the next eeediat name problem child. SHAWN STORM RESPONSE FI THE TING DEM!!
        NOT LIZARD!! DEM A SAY A LIZARD FREN TEEF DI TING DEM! so to make an example dem kill the yute. (big time fkry) listen how him stalk bout shawn storm bout come inn like a dem a go get it next! lizard par wid kartel like pop caaan who is saying that lizard is a christian? what i am saying is. find me a tape or video with lizard a do things or a talk like how cartel a talk and you may have a point. there is only what 3 pictures of lizard? explain the dead dog and headless body weh inna marina by the way! all we the public see and hear is cartel and him frren dem discussing the murder of how to kill him.

        mi a go change you name from dante to pante!

      • You need to realise the difference between tampering and using. The defence did not say the evidence was altered. I hear people claiming the vn were spliced when really they were edited to remove expletives (swearing). What I am trying to get you to understand all now is that Kartel ha not denied making the recordings. He hasnt even claimed it wasnt his voice. The judge made a decision and now the appeal court will look at it. So even if the phone was used to make a call or send a message the time stamp on the other recovered data was not altered. This is not like chain of custody with drugs or blood where an error rules out everything. I am glad people drop the no body nonsense. Now it is time they open their eyes to this too

      • You need to go back and do some research on tampered evidence before u make such comment because if the phone used to make r receive a call send r receive a text when it suppose to be in the evidence room to used for evidence that is call tampered with evidence it is not call just making a phone call r send a one text

      • I will tell you again the phone was used the evidence was not proved to be tampered with. You think very basic so I will break it down for you. If the prosecution was using the phone itself as evidence its use after being confiscated would be clear cut tampering. However the evidence was taken from the phones memory logs so even though the phone was USED the evidence (the memory data) was not shown to be edited or altered hence the judge didn’t consider it tampering. So I hope my attempt to break it down to basic explains the difference.

      • bounty killer build a school and buss movado,cartel,scaredem,angel doolas,
        thats the definition of doing good!! name one dj bounty killer ever have beaten web him used to par wid! go ahead mi will wait!
        none! killa speak him mind when you switch . everybody have dem right speak how dem feel but when you a go beat up ooman and some yute web can’t defend demself you no get no ratings! why him never send smaddy fi go beat flex! or iyara! or eve killa! cartel is a coward! mi know people will souls inna dem pocket! cartel is a fool! one of jamaicas biggest artist! and most creative dancehall artist ever! but web him teach di yute dem say? bleach you face?
        him s try rationalized bleaching! dem a praise devil you can’t talk to man of god bout no devil bizniz! gweh aid dat! and you a tell man go bad up madda mi no bad up woman! mi left dat to spineless professional fish lil you! how bad mind drop inna weh mi say? mi a state facts!!!!!!!!! present something weh mek sense! you a speak of all this good weh kinda good? shaggy donate millions very year to bustamante children hospital how you no talk bout dat you a talk bout some bleacher money and power hungry fish!!! bleaching and anal wrong up! if you gay be gay don’t try be gay and thug cause once the truth surface you look like a idiot for example a pastor weh a brick people shop dat no mek sense it come inn like a hand aid two thumbs. you sound fool like you fail 7 grade 7 time! bout madda mi naan tell u bout you madda mi love and respect woman!! even if mi wahh tell you bout you mother i can’t! you know why? you have two fada! one a dem is a short fish dem call him sweet and low. the next one lava some north carolina river cricket! and you a talk bout bad mind weh cartel have weh mi want
        mi car and jeep no cheep! mi pocket dem way wheelbarrow fi help mi carry dem! you think a joke? bet 6 grand right now you have a thing name benjamins clubs! mi can’t post a video in a second just say feh bat.e boy! everything mi drive a push start. put up some money since you say mi bad mind! lets prove this!!!!!

      • If I have to hear again these fans of his say he wasnt a role model yet he was so amazing I will scream. If he Kartel wasnt setting an example to his fans why he call himself di teacha? Most of his crew were little kids to him. If he didn’t want to be a role model then he should have been a bin man. Everybody in some way sets an example and when you in the public domain even more so. Little kids and big kids were and still are hailing him and aspiring to be like him. Use common sense please and stop with the cop out. Kartel is a poor excuse for a man.

      • If kartel is a poor excuse for a man then every artist is a poor excuse for a man because they all talk about gun and under woman lady every man is responsible for their own action so u can’t blame kartel for what every youth do wrong if u need someone to blame take a look on the government they’re to be blame for the crime rate in the country not kartel

      • Why are you people so narrow minded and near sighted? No one is blaming Kartel for every person actions. I am saying Kartel needs to take accountability. There is a difference. Public figures the media all play a part in moulding public morality. This is the reason that movies and music have advisory guides. More intelligent people than you or me have studied the impact violent lyrics and images have on impressionable minds. Many of you display tell tale signs of being desensitized to violence. We ask why certain people and places so corrupt and evil and at the same time provide the answer. Dancehall is representative of Jamaican culture and that is sad. Not the art but that people just accept it. Garvey would be ashamed. If everybody thinks like you..to each they own…no wonder so much poverty and crime rampant in Ja.

      • Poverty and crime is rampant in ja because of the government and u r narrow minded that y u don’t even see in to the context what im saying they’re so many rap artists in america get tried for murder but beat the case because the justice system here is much more honest than the one in jamaica and many of the sing the worst song but the system don’t try to lock them up for the song they sing but that’s what high society class people do to kartel because to them he was guilty before he was tried u tell me one jury that was from low society not one the reason for that is no because of their education it’s because they know someone from low society would know not to judge him from is music but from the evidence which was weak but he still fond guilty were is problem child and if he was a undercover police he should be tried for influencing kartel to commit murder

      • American justice system honest? That is the most crap I read of all the stupidness you type. I give one single case Zimmerman. Please before you spout nonsense do some reading. Cmurda. How many rappers are convicts? Smh you obviously have no idea what you speak on. They dont beat the case for no other reason than money. .P Diddy. I can go on all day. JAMAICA IS WHAT IT IS BECAUSE THE PEOPLE ALLOW IT. You accept things that you should stand up and fight for and then act the fool when you should be silent. If you lot can’t accept the link between acts like Kartel and violence thank God others do. That is why Ja artists constantly get denied visas and chances to perform in many countries. I wish you would quit with all your propaganda like Problem Child is undercover when in fact the man was killed months after Kartels arrest. Smh I am done with you as you obviously just spout from both ends

      • And even after all the audio and pics of the headless body that the GENERAL POPULOUS wasn’t privy to see of you really sit here and say the evidence was weak??? So what would’ve been considered strong evidence to convict in this case? Jamaica I weep for u….

      • It was already established IN COURT that the audio recordings was not tampered with so if they have established that that obviously means there is truth to the killings coming straight from the horses mouth…and FYI I live in Canada and our system is parallel to that in JA due to us being a commonwealth nation so maybe you should use your common sense to advocate for the obvious instead of grasping at straws!

      • I agree I feel like alot of the older folks in Ja take everything so literally. Same for USA- i can name many artist who have been sued by parents for the lyrics and all lawsuits were deemed frivolous. This is a waste of time and life. People only read the parts if the bible they want to, and forget not to judge.

      • Elisa lee as I say kartel is not my dj buti got common sense and 90% of this sh* just don’t add up people hate the youth so much that they refuse to look into the little things of the case the main thing that got my attention is there’s no body ur trying to tell me that not even a finger r a hand can be found. Then come again that the phone was used after they got it in evidence locker if they’re case was for real and strange they would not let that happen because they wouldn’t want to loose that solid part of evidence. R I quess one of the police didn’t got no phone so him have to used kartel own fi a little bit.

      • no dj no slack like lady and yellow man dem! slackness and nasty lyrics don’t make you guilty of murder if this was the case mad cobra would have been in prison for the amount of gun man lyrics him have. cartel is on voice notes and videos talking about plans for murder.he is on tape talking about why you never take a knife and stab him inna him neck and slow him down. tell me another jamaican dj weh den pon tape a talk dem way deh. his legal team did not deny the voice note they knew better than to do so… cause all you need to do if you are the prosecutor is call for a specialist to do vocal comparison and it would have been a open and shut case. cartel cannot explain the voice note! wether or not the phone was used to called grand cayman or africa him voice still den pon it talk bout killing people and other damaging info
        so all the police dem have to do is buy back the man credit and its even.

        you know what this whole thing is like?
        for example. police kick off a door without a warrant see a man raping 2 year old. film him in the act then bring him into custody and all the defense can up with is “your honor the police didn’t have a search warrant” beg you pardon? dem should have shot him on sight!!!!!
        bout warrant! trust me i know how police are and there are few officers mi rate! but that does not excuse ya behavior
        if you are caught doing wrong it doesn’t matter as long as you are in the wrong you are wrong.

      • U r so right about what u say when u wrong u wrong but the law is set to defend both me u the police and everybody so if a man a rape a two-year old and the police enter without a warrant the defendant is going to get the case dismissed and its wrong wether it’s a 2 year old r a big woman but the way the law set he’s going to walk me and u we probably would have kill him but the law not suppose to because the way the law set is to give people there constitutional right because on the other hand a police could kick-off ur door and u never did anything also so it work both ways

      • dante, once there is undeniable and irrefutable evidence that you are guilty i don’t think that you should be protected by the constitution . in other words its unlawful for police to kick off your door yes. but if they do so and find you with a bomb that you are about to attach to a school bus. how dare you try to be protected by the same laws that protect law abiding citizens?

        thats like the double jeopardy law in the us (you can’t be charge for the same crime twice)

        so if you were found to be partially responsible for a homicide and sentenced to the maximum time allowed for example 10 years for your supposedly minimal involvement in the crime. after you do your time if new evidence surface that proves beyond a doubt that you were in fact the person that committed the crime i.e. video evidence of you slitting somebody throat
        the law can’t charge you for you already served 10 years
        thats a law that should be restructured. there is no statue of limitation on murder but the constitution itself protects murders through legal loop holes. thats my issue! criminals are protected by the law {without a warrant) they had no right to take your dan without consent they needed a warrant to enter all this bullcrap! if you have nothing to hide why are you in fear!!! i don’t embrace the idea of the police force btw i find them to be uniformed gang members. not all but most or a lot. so mi rather community policing! community justice! you catch a man a assault a 2yr old. bonfire !!!!

      • That is so true but who create those law not me r u and I do believe it need to be change but it was set to protect the rich and the system so when it back fired on then im going to say good for them what’s good for the goose good for the gander im sorry it sound bad but it’s the truth

      • Nobody is saying slackness or any lyrics make anybody guilty of murder. The point I made completely different. As for the point you made about police and the baby raper…morally I would say bust down the door legally I have to disagree and as someone trained in law I have to emphasize. ..the laws are not just there to convict the guilty but to protect the innocent. The police are not above the law and it is their duty to adhere to the codes of conduct in a society that most of us like to consider free..but convicts normally have more rights than normal citizens. I can also add there are ways around no warrant so if the police had a legitimate reason for entering the property it is not an issue and if they dont yet had time enough to tape the man in the act I must wonder why they were there. The law is the law and it should not favour any man…innocent or guilty it should be equal. Kartel case as I pointed out the judge ruled the evidence admissible so it is up to a court of appeal to review and either uphold or quash.

      • i agree with you 10000 %
        my point of view though is when dealing with touchscreen devices its easy to place a call or access email or a webpage simply by accident. so the fact that there was a 6 second calls has done nothing to the actual evidence. its not a crime scene where if i throw a party in the middle of the crime scene its corrupted this is video and audio recordings of vybz cartel planning and discussing how he wants somebody murdered.
        the information is damaging and the evidence should not be inadmissible because simply because a single number was dialed. the fact of the matter is. he cannot give account for the voice note and the video. trust me on this
        there is more videos to come!

      • and my point about lyrics somebody said bounty and all of them are just as guilty and bad cause dem make badman songs and under woman songs. my response is talking about guns and murders in a song doesn’t mean you are a killer. everything is contextual

        tattoo devil pon you hand?

      • btw mi mother dead! your own alive am sure! god first money second. everybody have the capacity to do evil. all dem need a 3 things. means.motive.opportunity
        mi have two a dem lock so far. so keep typing! money buy everything you hear? since a cow mek you!!!!

      • To thomez I don’t believe u should talk about anyone mother it’s just a debate and everyone is entitled to their own opinion

      • him no have no sense man. some people were raised some were dragged up!!

      • FYI – every bad man throughout history has done good deeds so the question is what exactly is your point?

    • He can only penetrate women’s anus if they allow him too and we know these low life women would do anything for him because it’s kartel. Anything to get a piece of him, so that you cannot hold against him…anything he does to them is becos their consent

      • lol not holding it against him. to be frank, weh people wah do, a fi dem business… it has nothing to do with me, my issue though.. is when you are a public figure and personal areas of your life is made public then the public is within their rights publicly denounce or support and particular behavior . in this case, this is a selfish individual who believed his thought process is far too superior for the seemingly primitive jamaican police force which turned out to be a rather horrible calculation on his part.

    • What about condoms and rum?

    • Emanuel Spartan Vigilante

      Yo. Unu nah like kartel. Yuh fraid ah him. Di wurlboss speak bout some ratit cunty yut like unu. Fulla dem mudda tits and pum pum juice… an ah pree wurlboss demise. We in di gaza got glock long while ah nah lie mi ah tell, sa stop get chatty bout wurlboss if unu nah wah we clap a couple copper tr88 inna yuh head

    • Emanuel Spartan Vigilante

      Andre… still dats all chatty ..Unu haffi spit out yuh mudda tit weh unu talk bout di gaza general….unu . must be some likkle cyber junky wit old blackberry