Jamaica Police Head: Vybz Kartel Responsible For Over 100 Murders

Jamaican police commissioner Owen Ellington recently made some scathing statements about embattled dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel.

Vybz Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, is currently serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison after being convicted for the 2011 murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

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Throughout the high profile murder trial, fans of the incarcerated deejay have accused the police force and the Crown of an unfair trial to bring down Kartel.

But during a recent interview on All Angles, Ellington says that Vybz Kartel was the mastermind behind a gang that murdered over 100 people.

“Vybz Kartel lead a gang that was responsible for well over a hundred murders,” Owen Ellington said. “We have been telling the country this for a very long time. And everytime we move against this gang we were criticized, we were contemned and we were accused of being malicious.”

Owen Ellington also weighed in on the controversy over police tampering with the evidence in the highly publicised trial that convicted Vybz Kartel and three of his friends on March 13, 2014.

Vybz Kartel will be eligible for parole in 35 years.

Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Andre St. John, and Kahira Jones are also serving life sentences for the murder. Campbell and Jones will be eligible for parole in 25 years, while St John will have to wait 30 years for parole.

The four man have already file an appeal for a new trial.


  1. Ross Margarette

    The jamaican police force and urban islandz are one and they are full of sh-t

  2. Every time Jamaica Police Force opens its mouth it reveals how incompetent it is and demonstrates a concerted effort to ensure the conviction of a man whom it alleges is responsible for over 100 murders. Why was Kartel tried on a circumstantial evidence case with questionable police misconduct when police have evidence he is responsible for 100 murders?

    This reminds me so much of OJ Simpson case….we will get you one way another.

    • I knew somebody was going to go there because you dont expect sheep to moo now do you. OJ was a guilty man found innocent because he and his money faught hard to convince the jury there was REASONABLE DOUBT. “If the glove don’t fit you must acquit”.Kartel nor his lawyers bothered to mount a defence in court and what little they did say did not convince the jury. OJ went on to write a book about the crime he was acquitted of proving his guilt. OJ was convicted in a civil court of the crime and lost a fortune. OJ is currently in prison for burglary and that was his own actions. SO apart from having 2 men in the public eye accused of murder I fail to see your comparisons. The police said he was the leader of a gang responsible for those murders not he himself committed them. Stop listening to foolish music and watch so much CSI…if you want to be led with sense Bob sang EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY.

      • Jamaica Justice System is a Big Joke. Police Officers have always been WICKED even in the sixties when I left JA as a teen

      • And where on this earth is that different?You cercertainly can’t mean uk or usa because even they have issues up to present. People have to fight for their rights. Stop being ignorant. Jamaica bad as many other places. Jamaicans problem is that they tolerate people like kartel and instead of rooting out corruption on all levels as a people they only look out for self. When Jamaicans learn what dignity and unity and we the people mean then change for the better is possible. You still have a slave mentality. Light skin vs dark skin…house slave and field slave. Wake up Jamaica and climb out the gutter.

  3. Every time Jamaica Police Force opens its mouth it reveals how incompetent it is and demonstrates a concerted effort to ensure the conviction of a man whom it alleges is responsible for over 100 murders. Why was Karte tried on a circumstantial evidence case with questionable police misconduct when police have evidence he is responsible for 100 murders?

    This reminds me so much of OJ Simpson case….we will get you one way another.


  5. This is a very interesting and novel case because of the videos, voice notes and bbm msgs; its ironic because kartel was constantly telling the pickaxe man via bbm to not talk on his phone, yet at the sametime they were orchestrating murders via bbm and VN… they couldn’t fathom how technology could retrieve deleted messages. Another thing, by now ppl should know that lizard was not an innocent man, he was apart of the gang and actually killed for kartel but he was more loyal to sean storm.
    As Robert said, kartel was responsible for ordering many shootings and killings in watetford, gregory park and in the period of the gaza gully feud where a myriad of young men were killed! These deaths may well amount to over 100. I believe the police’s figures! They need to “reep his soul” as roderick put it

  6. gaza is not in portmore

    So called Gaza fans are quiet now when those same pricks never been to the gaza strip and have the cheek to compare themselves to the struggle of those who live in gaza strip when they don’t bleach their skin and involved in devil worshipping vybz kartel was being used by lucifer to bring jamaica in the new world order and those clowns who are his fans fall for it

    • Are you the same dude that made ignorant and derogatory comments? If you are you seem very invested(emotionally)in this case. If you’re someone different I apologize.

      • gaza is not in portmore

        Oh shut up jungle bunny and go and pick some cotton

      • You obviously have some undiagnosed psychological disorder. I don’t engage in online arguments with insane people. Why are you so concerned about ‘Kartel’? I think you should join the vnn forum with the rest of the crazies.

      • Yes my girl. This guy wanna call out other human being for their actions but wanna call out racial slurs, evil comes in many forms and he showed his

      • gaza is not in portmore

        Who ratted your cage maybe you haven’t had your bananas yet you stupid git

      • gaza is not in portmore

        Obviously your mother has undiagnosed psychological disorder it’s runs in your family and it’s a major problem with jamaicans you can’t prove that they is such a place in portmore called Gaza kartel himself took the name from the middle east and you have no evidence that vybz kartel is innocent I think you stop being in denial stop having anal sex and go back to the jungle

      • What are we in preschool. You have to include my mother. You are proving once again that you have psychological issues. Here’s the thing if I was as ignorant as you I wouldn’t even concern myself with people who I deem are beneath me. You obviously have nothing better to do with your time. I will ask you again why do you give care about ‘Kartel’. Anal sex with you being on the receiving end. Absolutely :)

      • gaza is not in portmore

        You and your mother have psychological issues and it a major problem in jamaica that’s why your people are not United as a people that why vybz kartel has been linked to a 100 or more murders and love having anal sex that’s why most of your songs sings about gays so that’s also a problem in jamaica too that’s why you are a key member of j-flag

      • You are a very sick ANIMAL…crawl in the jungle and stay there

      • Again as ignorant as you are you seem to be very informed with the Kartel case. You obviously do care to some degree. Whenever someone makes a generalization of a place they have never been to I really can’t take them seriously. I. think you should visit a place. You should stay maybe a month immerse yourself in the culture.(job etc) I’m pretty sure you’d gain a different perspective.

      • You probably won’t answer my question but what is your nationality and ethnicity?

      • When you talk about gays are you including lesbians? I think a lot of people have a strong distaste for gays rather than lesbians. The music directed towards gays/lesbians or both may or may not indicate that issue in Jamaica. It could be just that artist speaking about his/her stance on the subject. Anal sex is frequently associated with gays.(two males or more LOL)
        I think even in heterosexual relationship the knowledge is that no respectable female would engage in such behavior. I think it stems from religion and being closed-minded. They also feel that gays/lesbians or both threatened the foundation of society. (family, religion, etc)

  7. Ppl, read the bbm messages between kartel & renard ‘roderick’ Harrison aka ‘the pickaxe man’. . Within a period of about a month kartel had ordered no less than 3 murders! Evident in the messages: Jomo was murdered, lizard and another man. They planned to murder ‘danger’ & ‘ corey’. The latter of which kartel “was willing to go to jail for”. Note renard Harrison was a clansman lt n the top killer for kartel. He was killed by police in feb 2012. If u watch the “church confessions” video he was the one doing most of the talking n confessed that he killed men in church. If u saw the pics taken from kartel phone; he was the one who did all the dismemberment of victims heads. Now, this is just one of kartel many killers. Now my point is, for being even remotely involved with such a savage man kartel deserves to hang.

    • Robert Santiko Sylvester

      Well said

    • I was thinking that too about the pickaxe man he’s also in other photos along with Kartel.

      • Pickaxe man is dead from 2012

      • Police went to his place and killed him I think its 4 months after arresting kartel…. Theres even a picture of him dead on the stretcher smh. These release any and every picture they want to of people

      • Yeah I seen it he was nude. I think they released his picture because he was wanted and a terrorist. Didn’t they kill his Gf and her mother? ( not the police) What was his background?

  8. Wah him fe do is talk about how much innocent men, women, and children him police gang including notorious cold blooded murderer adams responsible fa, bloodclot hypocrit. Jamaica people will never trust una.

  9. stop map out People Business

  10. people people people face it the man guilty accept it and move on

  11. Daddy devil

  12. The title of this article is a lie. And it is deliberately misleading.
    Mr. Palmer is NOT responsible for over 100 murders – but the JA authorities certainly want us to believe that. So they will continue to repeat the mantra – and reprint the article – until it has been
    drilled into the mind of as many men, women and children as possible…And we will one day be unable to imagine any other scenario.
    He was ‘elevated’, ‘elected’, ‘raised’ to the position of a ‘Don’ within a particular gang – one of over 300 in JA, that have been killing each other from day one; long before Mr. Palmer came, and long after he has gone it shall go on..The gang had committed most of those alleged crimes long before he came along. I can safely say his hand was actually involved in close to ZERO homicides in the past ten years, since he found success as an artist and his children were born.
    He may have fine some real dirt back in the day when he was coming up though.
    ‘Badman’ JA deejay culture, along with the gangs / donship structure of JA, has only encouraged, promoted and
    provoked and glamourized violence, for over two decades now. 8 out of 10 deejays would chat about ‘bussing copper an lead’ while at the same time chat about ‘murdering’ their competition, lyrically.
    Kartel was not a saint. Neither was his alleged victim – who, apparently, was also responsible for over 100 murders. In fact, what I have heard is that it was Lizard who committed all those crimes they are now attributing to Kartel – and the police now want us to believe it was Kartel who gave Lizard the orders to murder over
    100 people. Yeah, sure.
    Kartel, with all his talent, money and fame – not to mention his wife and three sons – was going around like a serial killer for the last ten years, killing as many people as he possible could! Ridiculous. Absolute BS. Everything, including the Truth, is so damned perverted, that people are actually going to believe this crap the JA police are trying to sell us. They somehow want to believe it, just to make the story / the whole thing that much more scandalous and horrendous…
    Fools. Believe everything the Jamaican Police – who have recently been found to have committed murders themselves, and then blamed the murders on gang members!!! Notice anything strange about that?
    Where do you think the guns went? You fools think Lizard – a gang veteran, who is part of a huge, notorious, murdering
    gang- simply ‘lost’ them- knowing what could happen in such an instance? No. They were, very likely, taken and confiscated by the police. That is why he couldn’t say where they went…
    (To be continued)

    • U obvously know a lot….close to zero is not zero…and whether gang were murdering people or not, he is a murderer and is where he should be….r u not all sick of all the pointless murders in your country? Your Dons care about $….they pay it forward to everyone but thats no reason to condone murder and other terrors just because yall getting helped by these criminals….Vybz is not world boss….hes a joke everywhere but JA….listen to Sizzla and follow some real truth.

    • Robert Santiko Sylvester

      I dont think u should be calling anyone fool…u have also been blinded n refuse to call a spade a spade…did u kno tht there was a long standing gang fued between lynch mob and the then borderline gang in waterford? Did u know that kartel finance that war being the big man on the border? Did u kno many lives were lost over the years of that war? Did u kno that even if he did not take the lives himself..him being the don an giving orders to make “step” makes him responsible for their deaths? Did you kno he ordered driveby shooting in the gully gaza war in cassava piece? Did u think mavado was lying when he gave his statement to the police saying that he saw kartel drove pass him and the car immediately behind started spraying bullets? I could go on and on…and is not lizard alone got killed over the guns…the man who took it died too…jus that there was nothing tying kartel to that…u have a lot to learn…dont be a wagonist..if u dont kno u just dont…

  13. george Zimmerman killed trayvon martin but he is a free man…nobody actually seen kartel take a mans life…free him and free shawn storm..free all aah dem

    • The difference is that FL has a law that enables you to use deadly force when being threatened. If the dude had walked away it would’ve been a different story. I’m sure his parents would’ve been able to file a civil suit.

    • Robert Santiko Sylvester

      U dont need to see some one kill a person to find them guilty…you just need to infer it convincingly. ..look up circumstancial evidence and common design

  14. free all ah dem

  15. Now I believe the evident was tampered to lock him up what a shame free the man

  16. If kartel commited over 100 murders don’t you think that they would have solid evidence that didn’t need to be spliced and manipulated…this guys an idiot…

    • U soon hear bout these murders an they have evidence and are gathering other evidence found on kartels phones..an the mortician who cremated lizards body & she (the mortician) was missing since January and is also dead because of these guys an what she knew about lizard..There is a pic of a headless man on kartels phone in that same room w/ blood everywhere an the guy with the pick axe shirt was bloody, which seem to be men from the Clans gang. Roach & the producer that was killed in his studio were also linked to Kartel, there just now collecting all the evidence in order to have a strong case. Plus Kartel still has to go to court for gaza slim & pimpin!! It’s just the beginning.:Tr88

      • Where’s the headless picture at? Who’s PimPim? This case is addicting.(reaches for some popcorn)

      • PimPim along with Gaza Slim filled the report about the robbery.

      • Let me start by saying obviosly i am a kartel fan……kartel taught me to dream big and think smarter and harder than the others…that being said I would be a fool to say Kartel couldn’t be a killer….grandmas and priest have killed….that being said anything is possible. But with the general lack of evidence in the trial for 1 murder its a big stretch to say they KNOW he did 100 murders…Bull sh*t……roachs death had Nothing to do wit kartel…..because he worked with roach he’s not a suspect…kartel was in jail when roach died….the first murder trial was so ridiculous….basically gun shots were heard in the same area where kartel had a concert earlier that night…..what this cop say is as valuable as a wet food stamp!!!

      • He said Kartel was head of a gang that was responsible for over 100 murders. If Kartel was so smart he should have known how to distance himself from the actions of his associates. You lie down wid dawg…you know the rest. Jay Z dealt drugs in his youth and you can guarantee he knows many unsavoury characters…but who can prove it? Kartel is an idiot

      • Robert Santiko Sylvester

        Again u r blinded sir…a lot of murders go unsolved because of the obvious lack of evidence and fo the mere fact that ppl are in fear of theeir lives so they wont report what they know. Some ppl will go to the police or even call in and say is john brown n him friend do such an such killing but those ppl wont come forward n testify for obvious reasons. As for where roach is concerned Idk if he had anything to do with it but u should kno that vybz and roach were no longer friends and were bitter enemies.him being in jail does not say one iota…orders are given from jail all the time for ppl to be killed so tht would not even be a challenge. I agree the first case was ridiculous. .but the cops acted on on-the-ground reports that the men who did the killin acted on vybz orders because of a disagreement with him and the victim

      • Stfu white gyal

      • How you know she white? What if she said “stfu black gyal”? You gon really have something to say then.

      • LAace Big words coming from a batty man… go back to J-FLAG pus*y boi…just a poobutt cause ur a broke nobody

      • gaza is not in portmore

        Are you from the middle east monkey

      • Think smarter? If Kartel was smart he would’ve just done his music and count his money. Not associate with known gang members and such. Nobody ever answered my question about these dudes alibis.

      • Robert Santiko Sylvester

        What was ur question about alibis

      • How did these guys spend the night in question. I mean like did Kartel have a gig and was seen by many witnesses etc.

      • Robert Santiko Sylvester

        He sent for them
        He had a meeting so to speak…apparently he felt tht lizard was more responsible for the guns than wee…maybe it was lizard who ntroduced the thief to the guns or lizard told him where they were stashed…they were at a house he owned…it wasnt a plce where he lived..just more like a loose base

      • So they all confirmed that they spent the night with Kartel? Mad Suss claimed Chow came into his yard and Kartel got bit protecting him.

      • Did they specify what kind of meeting it was? I know Kartel is a musician but what is it that the other dudes do?

    • They stupid they don’t have no evidence

    • Robert Santiko Sylvester

      Tivoli garden former strongman is responsible for over two hundred murders from the early 90s till his apprehension…where is a shred of evidence of this? There is none thats y he wasnt charged for murder..but that doesnt mean he never did it…so how were they to charge kartel for any of these murders if they didnt have evidence? I suggest u take the blinders off and see vybz kartel for what he is, a crime boss. He needed to be stopped. Not because he makes “good” music means he is a good person.

    • Kartel gang

    • You a ediat man he never seh kartel is responsible.
      Read the Article
      “Vybz Kartel lead a gang that was responsible for well over a hundred murders,”

      The gang is responsible not Kartel.

      Dont just look at UrbanF—ery titles read the article, the batty man police officer never seh Kartel commited 100 murders.

      Kartel link with Klans thats probably what dem a pree.

  17. Was this the same officer on the stand during the trial at one point??

  18. babylon always wanted to lock up vybz kartel, now they have him they can take all the crap in the world. free worl boss

    • if lizard aka Clive Williams was your brother, nephew, son, or father all f you who are saying free
      up world boss would be saying somethng different. funny when the shoe is on the other foot think about this for a minute. The reason Jamaica has all this crimial cloud over our Island is because of all you individuals who support the bull sh–. We need our Island back and the devil can take them back, we dont want them.

  19. Yeah I believe that the police tamper with the phone to make a six second call so put these four men away for life , base on what your saying it’s just the call you talking about the vedio was edited the first part of the vedio was in the phone not all the vedio the last part of it was added yall made that part why the men in the vedio are not behind bars yall conspired to send this men to prison crime was there long before him.

    • learn proper English before you write

    • How stupid do you people get? Everybody knows Kartel fans are dumb and everytime one of you open up and type you prove it. First it is VIDEO…i wanted to believe you just typed too fast until you type the same rubbish over and over again. Second if Kartel didnt record any of that why did his lawyer not say so. Just as you can edit recorded data equally you can prove it was edited. There is an old saying…no smoke without fire. KARTEL HANDS DUTTY LONG TIME BUT THIS TIME HE GET KETCH. So if the first part was there why would it be there at all if he had NOTHING to do with it? How did that 6 second call impact on the case? I dont agree the phone should have been used but you are saying that 6 second call made a difference to the evidence they submitted..so please do tell. How do you envision they managed to conspire and convict Kartel et al by placing a 6 second call

    • The begining and ending of the video was taken at the same location same lighting etc. I think Kartel lawyer should’ve demonstrated how a video could be manipulated in the court. He should’ve had done all shooting and editing live in court.

      • (The edited version) The begining and ending of the video was shot at the same location same lighting etc. I think Kartel lawyer should’ve demonstrated how a video could be manipulated in court. He should’ve done all shooting and editing live in court.

  20. I believe him Kartel is a piece of scum hope he rot in jail .

    • the guy in the states who raped his almost 2 year old son and killed him should rot in jail. Them the type of scum who should rot in jail

    • I belive as well, he’s too coward to do it him slef

    • Liza steel the man gun any man that steel any man gun no matter where u from u gonna smoke that ni**a he just did it dum by puting it on is phone. Don’t 4 get that

    • this is not good why is it that Jamaican police are always fighting the ghetto youth leave the men alone to focus on their appeal.

    • U better go take care on ur family before u start bad mind kartel.u don’t know what tomorrow going to bring for u so don’t start talk things