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Rumor Control: Shawn Storm Did Not Beat Up Vybz Kartel In Prison

Rumors of a fight in prison between Shawn Storm and Vybz Kartel are spreading like wildfire.

Earlier this week news surfaced online claiming that Shawn Storm assaulted Vybz Kartel in prison after hearing the voice notes between his mentor and a man identified as Problem Child.

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The voice notes were leaked from a Blackberry smartphone belonging to Vybz Kartel. Kartel and his friend Problem could be heard blaming Shawn Storm for the missing guns and warns if they are not found there will be serious consequence.

The news claims that Shawn Storm felt betrayed by his mentor and friend and attacked him in prison.

Vybz Kartel Shawn Storm and friends

Reps for both Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm told Urban Islandz that the rumors are false and both men are still friends.

“It’s police spreading these false rumors and leaking these pictures to prejudice the appeal,” the rep told us. “The Gaza is still united and Shawn and Addi remain strong in the face of this injustice. There was no fight or fallout. All we are focusing on is the appeal.”

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Andre St John, and Kahira Jones are all serving life sentences in a maximum security prison. Another man, Shane Williams, was acquitted of the murder.

The four men were convicted on March 13 for the 2011 murder of their friend Clive “Lizard” Williams over two missing guns.

Clive Williams’ body has not been found.

Listen to the voice notes on the next page.

Shawn Storm and Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel leak photo 32


  1. Rude Worl Boss Thug

    Free Di Addi mi s3h dat

  2. jackie stephenson

    I dont understand why some prisons dont have co ed prisons it would be nice if they could put Gaza Slim inside Vybz Kartels Cell let him continue with what he started after she is convicted in the fall

  3. jackie stephenson

    Gaza Slim a run down Jesus now she never know him before when she did a wine and dress funky and chat pure fart and sing pure obscene song but now she know him lets see what happens in August dog nam her supper

  4. Free the Gaza don an siva

    • jackie stephenson

      The only person they can free is Shawn Storm make Kartel stay right way him dey even though he got a unfair trial he had it all and blow it over 2 gun foo fool like

  5. I was wondering are these guys separated from the rest of the general population?I would like to know their day to day activities. Is Shawn and Kartel sharing a cell? What is the prison their at like?

  6. Lizard was a rapist and a murder so wtf he get merked .thats who we want to die to protect our sons and daughter .wake him up and kill him again kartel thrn go back in ure cage

  7. I strongly. Believe that these. Corrupted cops in Jamaica setting. Up kartel .. because if kartel get a new trial .I believe. He could. Prove that he was set up.

  8. Anyone with a brain can see that Vybz Kartel and his co accused were set up. The only people who will comment on everything and say that Vybz Kartel and his co accused are guilty are the same people who set them up for murder and they are still trying to ruin their chances for appeal with these stories that come out EVERY DAY. Anyone with a brain can see that.

    • gaza is not in portmore

      Were your evidence dickhead

    • I will ask you the same thing how was he set up?

      • You want to know how I know he was set up? The evidence they are using is how I know. The evidence proves nothing besides the fact that hes been set up. If he wasnt being set up, such incredibly weak evidence would never be used to put anyone behind bars especially not for life sentences. If you cant see that then your mind is clouded or ur one of the people behind it. Simple as that. I dont care what the police commisioner is claiming. He is saying Vybz Kartel is responsible for well over 100 murders. Well where is your proof then? It seems to me he wants the man behind bars and is trying to tarnish his name and get away with it without proof.

      • I’m on the fence not leaning one way or the other. If you eliminate the text messages (K). Then elimate the voice messages then the video. All you have left is the witness testimony. Can these dudes account for where they were that night?

      • jackie stephenson

        Dont worry 3 years in a lockup me sure say Kartel a lean over

      • jackie stephenson

        The only thing Kartel guilty of is being foo fool an breeding woman all around the universe I too believe a fraud business cause if Lizard so scared why him a text him woman fa fi call police call the boxside police youself. The whole story sound stinker than the rotten fish dem a maypen market or rocky point Lizard if you so scared why you follow Shawn Storm in a taxi? God help you soul if you alive and di police dem a pay you off cause everyone knows them high bent on putting Kartel away. I hope Shawn Storm win his appeal me sorry fi him bad cause him sing better than Kartel and he was a up and coming artist a dat di a bun Kartel.

  9. Beat him yes he deserve it ..like kartel seh mi nuh business wid peaple business

  10. See how they all look…Check out what they’re all wearing…Kinda like Rags….Jamaican superstars…KMT.

  11. leave Kartel alone in peace, he will do his thing, in jail or not, lets do our thing!

  12. I wish they would just leave the Gaza alone and stop spreading rumors and leaking crap to dig a hole deeper for them. I know Kartel sang about the media, babylon, society and now it is coming to pass. I love and respect him even more for knowing these things before hand. It’s all a conspiracy by the system and the system is the police, judge, jury and the media. How come all these leaks and stories now, you gave the man life in prison, thats not enough ent! As Kartel said, the ball goes on both sides of the court like tennis, life is a cycle so they better watch out!

    • I could be wrong but usually when there’s a murder evidence usually comes out whether it’s pictures,messages etc. I think that is the result when you go to trial.

  13. Shawn storm could have saw the same fate as lizzard and the other victim who “Problem child” mentioned on the voice notes! So it appears that 2 men were killed.
    And for those claiming lizzard was a killer,I doubt that seeing as how he made many failed attempts at “Killing”and the e-mails to his GF further proves he was no killer as he begged her to call the police,what wanted man would ask to get the police? He also was working,how many killers have 9-5 jobs??
    I swear some misguided Kartel fans would still think he is innocent even if he did a live broadcast admitting that HE indeed killed lizzard.

    • Robert Santiko Sylvester

      IMO there was no indication that shawn would have suffered the same fate as the lizard…the voicenotes did say shawn was responsible but kartel also said shawn fi buy dem back if him cya get dem…kartel neva said anything about killing shawn…he made threats to kill the guy who stole it and his mother and lizard and wee if they couldnt get it back since the shoes were under their care. As for lizard being a killer or not..what is ur source about his failed attempt at killing? And him texting his gf to call police is no proof of him not being a killer…when someone sees their death coming is a lot different

      • jackie stephenson

        Lizard saw his death coming but still go? please dont make me laugh its a fraud business. But problem child was talking about Shawn to Kartel in the voice notes at one point him come out plain blank and ask Kartel bout Shawn and a tell him fi dash way a man one of them being Shawn the whole story is just so bizarre is like no one knew right from wrong and lots of mix up set up and badmind evil and more evil

      • Jackie pease check back u statement…if lizarf never see him death a come why would he be texting for help???? Shawn storm is the don fir rat town…he governs the weapons…so it is common place that if weapons go missing u MUST ask about who was responsible fi dem…problem child clearly said “dash weh one a di new man dem and dash weh a man wa dung deh from long time” obviously the new man was browns and the old man was lizard…u affi understand gangster city biznizz..a man no jus dash weh him top lieutenant (shawn storm) jus so..member for VK to give him authority over all the guns he must be higly rated

      • jackie stephenson

        Hmm I dont business with Lizard he kill people all am saying is if him feel him a go dead why why all the text message and why go in a taxi with storm call police you damn self and get it right problem child never liked shawn storm cause he was up and coming i have watched about 25 videos with irish and chin interviewing shawn and problem a linger its a set up is all me have to say

      • Why u say problem no like shawn storm…who is this problem child apparently you seem to be the only person who knows him….send a link of his pic or the interview u make mention of because I cannot find it

      • jackie stephenson

        And Robin problem child called Vybz first unless Vybz text him fi call him he called with his emotional self and a chat pure fart a give Vybzs instructions that does not look good on his part. Your a friend and you a instruct your friend about crime instead of telling him to walk away come on? The whole thing is pathetic and should never have happened in the first place there is no excuse and especially when you know the police is hot on your tails

      • jackie stephenson

        I catch your drift I was born in Clarendon and now in Canada grew up in Jane and Finch ghetto village. Alls am saying if you fraid a you life pull you last straw and call police and cut and go through nothing try nothing done Kartel wasnt bad he was a punk where is he now time catch up pan him and gaza mash up. Even dutty Vanessa gaza slim change her name everybody pull out him want a beating from bigga ford

      • Put it this way then…if me give u some guns and a ends fi run off tht means say u a di top man fi dat ends…u distribute the guns how u see fit…now if two of the guns tht I as the bigger boss give u fi run di place goes missing..it is YOUR responsibility to get them back no matter what…and tht is what problem was saying…is shawn suppose to see about getting back the guns and dealing with the discipline of those who messed up…apparently shawn was a bit soft and never dealt with it proper…and according to the voice notes him never even did kno till long after. From my experience it seems like Problem was merely implying to let shawn deal with it and stop kill out fi himself (VK) ova it (

      • jackie stephenson

        No Robin I hear you but no make dem fool you problem child is jealous and evil maybe thats why him nick name problem child for real. Yes we all agree Shawn in charge a di gun dem supposedly but thats beside the point. When you ramp wid guns you intend to kill and problem his voice gets so emotionally talking to Vybz bout dash wey a man me rass an a no fi him gun dem imagine that. It goes above and beyond the guns Robin he hated Storm. He had a song burning the charts called my life big tune dat. Anyways who is that maga brown rat a tail storm after court is that Andre ( mad suss) he is another jack ass.

      • jackie stephenson

        You missing the whole point follow the story and the voice notes problem child was asking Kartel about Shawn Storm in codes he was more or less trying to instigate Kartel fi get Shawn Killed also. Yap

    • jackie stephenson

      Osama I think you did dead? Anyways you should do some research before you talk cause I beg to differ. Lizard was no saint and if him did so scared why him a waste time a text him woman fi call police if you life is in imminent danger would you not call police yourself? Lizard was already known to the police so what is a phone call to save you life and why are you jumping in a taxi to your presumed death dat make sense to you? This whole story stink like rocky point dead fish dem Kartel is a clown but problem child is a big instigator how him a tell Kartel fi dash way a man what kind of a friend does that? You keep your friends close and your enemies closer and sometimes your friends are your worst enemies cause of illmind and badmind. Kartel never get a fair trial but me na swear fi him cause him too foo fool a make man tell him fi do nonsense. Free Shawn Storm cause problem child did a try set up Kartel fi kill him listen to the voice notes people.

      • Osama BEAN Laden

        Everyone thinks I am dead little do they know that I have thousands of doubles!
        Now as for Lizard maybe while he was in the taxi he realized something was going to happen during any talking that took place(someone is gonna die if the shoes are not returned)as for calling the police himself,well again maybe something was said in that taxi that made him aware that his life was in danger,so calling the police would be a better solution but how would he have done so surrounded by hostiles?
        as for Kartel,I doubt he was directly responsible for the killing but I believe he has knowledge,and all the photo evidence on his phone if real makes him a dummy.As for problem child,I am wondering why he was never put on the stand,he seems to know a lot about who was killed and how.
        the case is fishy but if kartel did listen to problem child and gave the order to kill lizard he should rot in prison.

      • jackie stephenson

        No Osama nothin no go so Lizard knew long ahead of time Vybz dem and problem child did a look fi him it was just at the last minute the shoes were missing they were missing a good while. They were given time and still couldnt find them then Vybz get mad cause problem child instigate it and said dem have till 8 o clock that night. Vybz only guilty of being a damn fool. As far as Shawn he knew also the guns were missing but he didnt know problem child a plot Vybz fi get him kill remember say Shawn is and up and coming artist. You have to be careful of the people in your inner circle these days and that foolish Gaza Slim aka Vanessa Bling she is another dunce and no good why she never tell these guys to smarten up di money sweet her

      • Osama BEAN Laden

        Well I am sure if guns that were given to lizard went missing and Kartel was the person who gave him the guns he knew there would be consequences,but I doubt he really thought it would mean his life,as for shawn he may have been an up and coming artist but from the voicenotes he seemed to be in charge of “Governing” certain aspects of “business” for kartel and he was allegedly the one who got lizard involved with kartel and promised to make him famous.

  14. gaza is in israel

    Gaza is the name Kartel gave the locality he comes from in Waterford, part of the bedroom community of Portmore, on the outskirts of Kingston. Inspired by the fierceness of the inhabitants of the original Gaza Strip in Palestine, Kartel adopted the name of this embattled settlement in the Middle East

  15. gaza is in israel

    Keep up the good work I love this two apes fighting each other continue to be not United as a race we White’s are the world boss and rule this planet

  16. Bun out all Di dotty Gaza dem. Kartel get a kart to hell fi real

  17. Every body wants to blame Vybe Kartel, no body knows the real story as to what happened. Look how much times police kill innocent people and nothing comes out of it.
    Lizard had a rape sheet long from a so to jarico. Sentencing Vybe Kartel in perison for 35 don’t slove the problem.
    I don’t see why he got 35 years, all they had is a fake made up voice note from digicel, and and a made up tape with man walking around.

    • Robert Santiko Sylvester

      So digicel makes voicenotes now? Get ur facts straighy and dont spread propoganda

    • gaza is not in portmore

      You don’t know either you wasn’t in court so shut your fat gob

    • Shut the fhuck up lilisa, shut up. O.k. so police killed innocent people so other murders should not be put away, or should kartel not be put away? He is above the law and should be left to do as he pleases, right? Digicel made fake voice notes now.

    • I hate Vybz Kartel. I have heard only one song in full that he has ever done in his whole catalogue and I am proud to say so. Vybz kartel is the personification of all that is wrong with black society universally today. If he is the voice of the ghetto then the ghetto has nothing to say. It is no great surprise that majority of his fans are uneducated. Poor people seems to be another way of saying stupid people. How is it that people always glorify those oppressing them yet when somebody in a position to help them they tear them down. Just like Dudus or whatever he want name. So much hate to politicians and police yet these are the people you vote for despite continued failure to act in your best interests. You just lay down like a dying dog and say oh well but look at the furore when these two men are being jailed for their crimes. These men were profiting from your oppression and you see them as saviour. How? They flood your streets with the cause of it’s demise yet you hail them as God almighty. Kartel and all the vulgar crew kill society. I shed no tears for him and more of his ilk that glorify and encourage vulgarity and violence in the weak minded need to be removed. Memory short but belly long…as long as you people get a little nobody care where it come from. This dumb us and them and Babylon oppress we and light skin dark skin stupidness need to stop.

      • Well said

      • The same could be said about rap music. I need someone to tell me what kind of music do these so called ‘educated’ people listen to? I don’t think the kind of music I listen to is a direct reflection of me. I think people think were alot more gullible than we really are. I listen to all kinds of music with that being said I try not to get too involved with the musicians background etc.

      • The same can be said for rap and it is said and it is true in that case also. Educated people dont listen to gansta rap because like it or not the music and associations we keep in our lives do impact. That is not to say that there are not violent intelectuals. Further you may read where i said weak minded because yes rap music is in majority bought by middle class whites but the blacks that support this form of entertainment are who live it and thus live by the code of it instead of seeking to enlighten them self. Which is the point i make. If i live surrounded by violence why would i want every aspect of my life to be surrounded by it or repeat it. Poor blacks do not seek to move beyond the reality of the streets. That is a fact. And as someone who comes from a poor background who was told i act white because i was an educated child nobody can tell me i am wrong

    • Tell dem again

    • Do not speak in ignorance…do u even know what a voicenote is? Stop speading propoganda if you dont know you just dont know…nothing is wrong with not knowing…dont go slandering digicel name bout they givin fake voice notes

  18. for men this talented, before he uses talents on educating the youths..and uplifting them out of the ghetto he decides to waste it foolishly. Justice is served for lizard and his family.they should added 100 more years to is sentence. You don’t know how many other people was killed by the command of vybz kartel and if there was any justice served for them ….. Justice was served

  19. Man nuh bad without him shoes.

  20. This is down right BS the Jamaican people will start taking the judicial system in JA not serious .

    • What does this have to do with the Jamaican judicial system?

      • Listen It’s too much crap coming out . Kartel is sentence let him do his time .
        I have a right to say what the hell I want . Have u ever seen a trial took so long .

      • The trial is over, so the public can see the evidence. Is something wrong with that? Is there a law that says after a person is convicted they should be left alone and not made mention of? Of course you say whatever the hell you. Who said otherwise?

      • Ross Margarette

        You are still a bit-h

  21. shawn beat up kartel

    unnu too bloodcloth lie ppl u think dem ago admit the facts seh a fight did gwan shawn bex bout the voice note and it look like kartel did a plan fi kill him too and yes they did fight a warder at the prison confirm it

  22. free up di worl boss!! & silva .up to di time!!!

  23. Fed up ah this now..