Vybz Kartel And Problem Child Full Voice Notes About Killing [VIDEO]

Last week we showed you the leaked voice notes that were taken from Vybz Kartel’s Blackberry smartphone and played in court.

Everyone have been asking where are the rest of the voice notes from the person who Vybz Kartel was in conversation with. But now we got our hands on the full voice notes which includes the ones from a man identified as Problem Child.

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In the chilling voice notes, Problem Child could be heard telling Vybz Kartel that he needs to kill someone over the missing shoe, a code name for guns.

“From the thing them get missing up don’t bother hesitate not even for a second or a minute… You give them 8 o’clock and anytime after 8 and your thing no come in yo just don’t bother say nothing else blood, yo just dash [kill] a man dog,” Problem Child said.

Problem Child could also be heard asking Vybz Kartel about Siva, more popularly known as Shawn Storm, role in the missing guns.

“My don hear wa mi a say… wa the program with Siva… because them things de no suppose to under Siva government… because Siva suppose to a check pon them things de at all times and make sure them in a him eye sight,” Problem Child told Kartel.

These voice notes played an integral part in the Crown’s case in securing a conviction against Vybz Kartel, his protege Shawn Storm, and close friends, Andre St John and Kahira Jones on March 13, 2014.

Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, and his three accomplices are currently serving life imprisonment in a maximum security prison for the murder.

The self proclaim Worl’Boss will have to serve 35 years before being eligible for parole.

The men have filed an appeal for a new trial.

Vybz Kartel rare photo


  1. Problem child work for tha polce

  2. Im not sayin that im saying he set the guy up it looks like then silenced him

  3. Everybody kno di right thing to do informer

  4. Kartel inform pan Roddrick

  5. Why weren’t the guys cross examined like all the witnesses and the various experts? Why didn’t Kartel lawyer perform a live demonstration on how videos and voices can be supossedly manipulated? I didn’t get the point of them making statements on their background etc. I think it was meant to obtain sympathy but what was the point if it couldn’t be challenge.

    • I keep telling you their defence was nonexistent. Can’t even say it weak lol. Far as I see they just assumed they could fix the trial. A corrupt popo use the phone they could get it thrown out anf boom case beat. But that never happen. The lawyers admit they already started working on the appeal before the verdict even reach. They couldn’t cross examine them because they did not testify. They just entered statements. People going on about corruption yes there are obviously corrupt police in the force. That is painfully obvious. Somebody got paid to use that phone so the case would fall through like the other one before.

      • Hey again LOL. I get that but I still say if I was Kartel lawyer I would’ve done a live demonstration. So what about the text from lizard to his gf lemme guess we can’t trust those either.

      • I totally agree with you. The defense was banking on perverting the course of justice by paying of people. I have been saying this for a long time; Jamaican criminals favor certain lawyers in Jamaica, not necessarily for their law skills, but because they know how to use other ‘ways’ of winning a case. They tried everything they could to fuel their defensive tactics of discrediting the JCF. They knew that they could not win, but hey, they had clients who could pay and pay big. It was part of the reason they all decided not to let their clients take the stand.

  6. Problem child need fi change him name 2 pu*y child a him a kartel down fall. Kartel music is still number one in jamaica ni**az

  7. Exactly ca if Shawn did buy dem back an the. Deal wid him fren dem on his own dis wouldn’t have happened doh..but Shawn probably nuh have da money like dat suh he brought lizard & Wee to Kartel to ansa for what happened to di guns!!! Shawn beat up Kartel in jail ca this whole time Kartel told Shawn they tamper wid da voicenotes an Rae Rae but his family told him what was really said on da unedited on w/ problem child an found out he could’ve been dealt with like lizard an Neva knew it, plus he style dem up bout “Mi jus a wait an pree fi see wa di PRIEST dem ago duh”..”Dem cya cut, If dem ago cut, weh dem ago cut guh??”..”An if dem cut, Shawn haffi guh buy dem back, coz a him alone response fi dem”..drama

  8. One thing it seems like most ppl wasn’t following the case one thing i wanna kno is were does voice note came from wit p child cause wen the voice notes was played in the court no reporters report hearin the p child voice notes respondin to kartel two why the judge didn’t wanna tell the juror time and date of text message and all of a sudden kartel is responsible over 100 killing and wen did the commissioner try to inform the public about these kallin can some ask him please an let me kno the answer there a lot more but just leave it dear.

    • I was wondering if these were voicemail messages too or recorded conversations. I didn’t hear the computer voice along with time and date. I think if they did include the ones with Problem Child I think they would need him to be there.

    • The voice notes were retrieved from kartel phone. A judge has the discretion to exclude anything they dont deem relevant. Just like when the juror went to the prosecution. Problem Child was not a defendant so there was no need to include his notes as they would have prejudiced kartel. Nobody who heard both sides would have even taken 2 hours to convict. The message the police sent is really of no relevance as it did not affect the earlier messages. Yes it is wrong but the judge chose to allow it. The appeal will address that. If there were any doubts about the recovered notes the prosecution failed to show they were fabricated or manipulated . Kartel did not offer any defence and that is what people failing to see. The defence should have done a better job but they failed. There is little doubt about kartel involvement but what you can prove in court is another matter. Did the prosecution prove it yes but not beyond a reasonable doubt for many…but the defence cudnt disprove anything

  9. I’m just gonna keep my piece this is a bunch of crap nobody send they kill Lizard in this .

  10. I’m still wondering why they didn’t go after Problem Child too.

  11. The last convo says it all. Problem called Kartel to say he heard that Lizard is dead. Kartel didnt act surprised, in fact he was just relaxing and getting another tattoo done. Problem says “Yuh nuh easy” which means “I know its you that took care of business”. At this point Kartel is in full stealth mode. He says “I dont know whats going on but tell me nuh”. He wants to know the flow of info and if his name is involved. Gangster never confess over the phone, not even to another gangster. Its the code and if you sense that your friend is drawing you out you know hes a farma

    • The voice mail cuts off at the best part.
      P: “Me hear some bwoy a sey Lizard and Brown ge dash way”
      Problem Child also stated that he hadn’t heard from Kartel.
      K:” A who was the first one to tell you and who him hear it from”?
      “Just a while a go that happen”?
      It cuts off but to me even if he didn’t sound surprise. It doesnt mean anything. He did want to know who he heard it from.This sounds like a telephone conversation? Or are they really playing voice mail tag? Who’s this Brown dude was he the one who STOL the guns?

      • The reason I’m wondering if these are voicemail messages is because I don’t hear the computer voice along with the date and time. I don’t have a Blackberry so I don’t know how it works. I hope these messages weren’t edited if anything we should hear it in its entirety.

      • They are not voicemail but voice notes. A recorded message like a text. Second that last convo you refer to when i heard it i have to agree with endarken. It was more like Kartel you know? Who tell you and ask dem how dem know. Who fuss dem hear it from ..that convo sounded like he realised there was an informer. Remember the party line has always been Lizard ran away and in hiding because he wanted. So if you recall that is how Gaza Slim got involved. She was providing an eye witness testimony to him being alive. Like i told you before without a body murder can be charged on circumstantial evidence but if there were people saying they saw him after the alleged date of his demise it would be reasonable doubt.

      • Oh I see now thnx

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  13. If d bwoy did let dat slide d bwoy would of been out n happy, n d bwoy problem child really live up to him name yuh knw dawg cah bay problem him put d Gaza inna dawg!

  14. Could someone explain why Lizard was killed? I know it was about the guns and some other things. Did he stole the guns or did he lose them? (Someone else stole them)

    • In all honesty only who kill him know why they did it…but the allegations are that he (lizard) could not produce the guns along with the main prosecution witness when they were requested. Some claims that he also run foul of Kartel because he failed to successfully complete an ordered hit. Either way the case was built on the premise that the guns whatever happened to them did not materialise upon demand.
      Put plain and simple…bad man tings. If a man say me go kill you if you don’t. ..and you don’t you go dead. So regardless of whether dem tief or sell he never cud hand dem back so he dead.

      • I see so why did they let Lizard keep his phone on the way to Havendale knowing that he would be killed? That sounds stupidy.

      • You know, when i first started following the case that was the first question i asked as well. But as I delved into the matter it became apparent. 1 I dont think Siva (Shawn Storm) knew he was using his phone. That is what I gathered from the message he sent to his gf….he messaged her at one point to say he had been caught using the phone…2 from further revelations I don’t think that Shawn knew the plot. That is evident from the police reports that they offered him a deal and they also acknowledged he thought they were just there to be questioned but once he realised the intent he left. Hope I got the facts right if anyone knows better feel free to correct.

      • From Chow testimony he said that there was six dudes in the house including Kartel and Siva. He said upon one of the dudes grabbing Lizard he ran into a room.(Chow) He was followed by Kartel and Siva. They brought him back into the living room where he saw Lizard dead and someone standing over him with a cement block. So the video with the ‘pick axe’ to me it don’t seem related or is it?

      • Robert Santiko Sylvester

        Tht video was before they grabbed him…thts when there were plannin how to do it…in a part of the video a voice said if u gon use the pick axe swing it good an no mek it catch me…so maybe they never bothered wid the axe n jus used a block instead

      • It is all confusing I get that but what you need to remember is that they were found guilty “by common design”. Siva and Kartel were not who actually killed Lizard. They were convicted of the part they played in the resultant death. Siva did leave. That is not debated by the police and they are who said that they don’t believe he knew the intent when he took them to the property. His guilt was determined by his failure to act after the fact or upon realising the consequences that faced the men upon arriving. Kartel was found guilty because he was the mastermind in essence. He owned the guns and the men were under his authority. That is the relevance of the voice notes and the video. So even if he did not play a hand on role he was the key link in the chain.

      • Why didn’t the police protect the crime scene? Why didn’t they gather all the evidence when they had access to the house? Were they waiting for something? (warrant) What happened to his body? Did they hack him up and cremated him? or did they use some acid? If I was Kartel lawyer I would have told him “Don’t bother waste your money”.

      • No forensics ever collected at once. They normally go back several times. They did get blood evidence but were not able to determine source. I don’t know how police in Jamaica secure a crime scene but just like many other places maybe they didn’t post guards. I can’t answer why they didn’t but the property was destroyed before they could get all they wanted. There has been speculation that Kartel had assistance from funeral directors. There is an allegation that one such person’s recent disappearance was as a direct result of this case. Notice I say allegation and speculation. A murder can be prosecuted in most places despite lack of dna or a body if there is a great likelihood the person is dead. Hence the importance of lizard’s messages and his sister’s testimony.

      • Are you Caribbean? LOL I see but none of these dudes could account for where they were that night?

      • Thnx you guys for responding. I know I ask too much questions. @ guest and santiko.

      • They were basing the defence on the fact the phones were used after they were confiscated. Basically if the source of the evidence is tainted all evidence from that source is invalid. That is why they argued no case to answer but the judge determined they did. So had the judge disallowed the phone all messages and videos would have been void and Kartel would have been acquitted. They would not have been able to prove motive. So there is a good chance that he will be released on appeal. That has always been my assessment from the time the judge said they had a case. Now the appeal court will determine how if at all the use of the phone while in custody affects the defendants trial. If he deems the phone invalid it may lead to quashing the verdict.

      • Yes I am. Caribbean British

      • Cool I’m Caribbean from the Virgin Islands

      • You know what your saying I taught I was the only 1 who saw this , something is just not adding up the house ,what the witness said and this judge deliberation on the case including these 10 jury member and this 6 second call the police made phone has to put in 7 number in Jamaica to make a call the police is hideing something.

      • Well couldn’t Kartel lawyer get his own records from the cellphone company? Why was his house burned down? Did the police burn the house down because they know they wouldn’t find any evidence?

      • I cant say police exactly hiding anything but from what i am observing through all this is that corruption is rampant in Jamaica on all levels. It could very well be the person who used the phone knew there was a likelihood of it being disallowed as a consequence hence they could have been dirty and working for someone on Kartel side. As a fact I know such incidents do occur. That legal precedent is quite well known. I also realised the defence never actually even tried to refute the charges the whole case they built was trying to sully the prosecution by saying it was a set up and conspiracy theories. Nothing they said makes me believe for a second they have any doubt in his guilt. I have had all my doubts erased as the facts have been unfolding. If a man is innocent they fight. Kartel never did in my opinion. Not in the court just in the battle of public ignorance.

      • Careful there Salena. Chow did not say he saw lizard lying on the floor dead. He said he saw him lying motionless on the ground with one of the accused standing over him with a cement block. Maybe he was not dead at the time, just knocked unconscious. Knowing the type of person Lizard was, they were not prepared to just beat him and let him go. He would have retaliated. They had to finish him off. Anyway, Lizard was not the only person killed for the missing guns.

      • Where’s the other guy? (dead one)

      • I think I heard somewhere that Mad Suss said he only met Kartel on the dog bite night. I don’t recall what was said. I’m just looking at the pictures and some videos and I’m wondering if he’s in any of them. I thought I saw him but I don’t know.

  15. Problem child is informa, and Kartel realizes it in his last response.
    Police proly killed lizard in cahoots w PC, n sticked it on vK.
    Jamaica is so slow ….

  16. Cause tha observer dont lie, dema post some madness, kartel ah no informa, n no dons ah get knabed from portmore, dem post personal details of every other criminal so why not name these guys, police seh they found a number of bodies while lookin for lizard, n wah, dem forgotten about already cuh they wernt linked to kartel, if police got the fone who leaking the pics n texts, if lizard ah chopped up ita him own fault dawg, dun swim with sharks likkle fishy

  17. Wow don’t believe none a diss ..just because kartel appeal

  18. People wake up from your slumber !!!!!!, some one records a video of murder session going on and the murderers never bother at all? if the murderers consented for the video to be recorded why are the faces hidden all the time? Am not a die hard fan of Kartel but it seems the people are not taking into considerations that dangerous people are never friendly to cameras, and if the police commissioner says Kartel and his gang always destroyed evidence and would kill whoever is likely to sell them out , do you believe they would have spared the cameraman behind this video ,even if he was their own? Watch this space,
    The defense is going to base their arguments along these lines. there is a lot ground work at play, 17 guns recovered as a result of Kartel trying to buy out his freedom, no cases against the owners? Kartel is a leader of a gang responsible for 100 murders ! not more than two cases unclear cases brought against him? Another Police says Kartel is an underground gun trafficker and a drug lord, no cases against him. This is a true Jamaican drama, Who is fooling who?

    • As a yute from di ghetto mi a seh, if it nuh go suh, it nearly guh suh, yu hear dat? Jus lef di ting, it coulda be worse. Jah still a try save dem yute deh.

    • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    • Robert Santiko Sylvester

      A kartel video it..u can hear his voice in the background…an u see wat appears to be his face in the end

  19. Yo bomb*clat mutherfu*in bleachass battybway…his as thinks he can do whatever..dem evidiences show him and his crew being fu–in killin people…using music to coverup his demonic act…fire ar fi burn ur batty as in prison…some stupid clown wit a lot of useless talent thnk he can go against God…and go scott free…i was a fool debing ur guilt…but the truth shall be the end…ur dirty badmind tin in prison and hell forever

  20. I just cant believe the level of dum and stupid

  21. Questions on top of questions without any solidified answers. There is plenty of speculation and alleged facts. I believe Kartel should NOT have gotten 35 yrs to life because there is no concrete proof that he himself dash weh lizard. However he has knowledge as to which persons took part in dashin weh lizard. Kmt him bex over two guns dat could have easily been bought back. A life in exchange for two missing guns is absolutely not worth it. C`mon son…..smh!!!!!

    • Kartel got 35 years for being the root the tree and the stem.

    • According to a the law, there is what is known as common design, look it up, he did not have to physically kill or dash weh the victim to be convicted as a murderer.

    • Robert Santiko Sylvester

      Conspiracy to murder is enuff for a life sentence…especially if there is reason to believe the person conspired against is was clear there was a conspiracy. ..judge chose to award maximum penalty

  22. problem said link back a yaad so im did probably deh foreign.

  23. I need your help with something here , i’m from zimbabwe , africa and i dnt quite understand patois , although i can pick up some of what they are saying . At the end of the voice note , it seems problem child tells kartel tht he heard tht lizard dead . kartel professes surprise at this , it cld be surprise tht people know tht lizard is dead , or he himself is surprised tht lizard is dead , please clarify for me. and also , it seems problem child volunteered to do the job , but kartel had reservations abt the killing and cutting , but seems problem child is some sort of expert at this and pushes kartel to agree to this , to give some sort of go -ahead.

    And also , these guys are just plain stupid , voice notes abt ting like dis , really man .

    Anyway , one day we will know the truth , the day when no man can hide

  24. Kartel batty a get bust up very soon so called world boss’s idiot boy away eith vybz cartoon blind him and av him as a salve in prison forever and ever amen !!!

  25. kartel an problem child a two big gun claffy a phone bad bwoy dem ya

    • Gaza is not in jamaica

      Where are you based because people in gaza strip don’t know who you you stupid chimpanzee

      • Idiot batty man everybody already know where Gaza is. Them convict the man and it’s like ppl still dnt satisfied, wht else ya’ll wnt?

      • gaza is not in jamaica

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      • Been reading comments from you and I dont make a habit of neither commenting on forums nor responding to ignorance but I feel compelled to say something. First I am not Jamaican nor have I ever been. That being said I must ask where are you from? Where ever that place is can not be on this earthly plain. No white man control nothing. Not on this planet any way. Chinese dominate manufacturing point blank. America is flooded with their product and even call centres based in India. The same can be said for GB. Further, what do you own? You seem obsessed with black inferiority. So I can guess your anger must come from someplace. Typical internet troll. Nobody fault women prefer black c*ck to you. Get over it. No matter what vile hatred you spew from the cowardly space cyber bullies occupy, the fact remains once you log off your life will still suck and that thing you so mad about black people will still have. Love yourself and be happy and maybe someone else will too. Peace

  26. Lol…”evidence “…..lmao

  27. Lol with ah name like problem child i do not expect any better and all him fi get lock up bout nuh dash har way on our side all mommy dem ah pree fi drop out, cuss the hands that ever touch mommy.

  28. Lock up tis dunce head teacher burst his own bubbles becuz kartel is a dunce head teacher hope him get rape in his batty hole him and his girl friend Shawn storm

  29. Seriously this gave them life? After listening this multiple times it seems some of the notes were deleted? Also whats the date on these voice notes?

    • Idiot, he got life for the part he played in the murder of Mr. Williams. This was just a piece of the evidence.

  30. Rudebwoynaplaydat

    Sound to me a man just beat vybz to the case and vybz get sink fi it

  31. I say from day one Kartel hang around the wrong people that’s why I am so angry at Kartel what was he thinking . Shawn is Lizard friend and they bring different man around who Kartel never met . Hearing this recording Shawn Storm had a lot to do with what happened . All this could have prevented Kartel mixed up him self with losers and deadbeat mother f—ers . Shawn Storm has to stay true to Kartel people in JA know Shawn Storm was behind this big time . It’s horrible .

  32. Seriously how can anyone say or think otherwise that the 10 jurors were wrong in their guilty verdict when they were surrounded by all this overwhelming evidence.

  33. there is more people behind this sh* from what i see

  34. So dis a my question. Where is problem child or whatever him name? how him no gone a prison because it sound like a him force vybz kartel fi kill Lizard

    • Him force a Wol’ Boss? Can anyone force di boss? Kartel fans won’t cease to amaze no matter what evidence they see.

      • Exactly trust mi a di truth u a talk mi nah lie I thought I was the only one weh see dat enuh.

      • Anyone can influence anyone to do something bad in the heat-moment so stop talk foolishness

      • I guess then he was influenced about 100 times to murder people. And thanks for the cleverness.

    • I would also like to know why the guy with the pic axe was never arrested either. They have a pic of his face now from all the pictures leaked and hes in the next video saying he killed someone in a church…..and if u listen veryyyyy closely kartel tell says something ending with let me see wah gwan and the guy with the pik axe responds- listen, kill him mi a say.

    • Worldboss Christopher Marshall

      A dat mi say to

    • I don’t know about force but why didn’t they subpoena him? (Problem Child) This whole case was one big mess. I mean when they seized Kartel phone they could’ve check the call log. Unless he had a throw away phone. I’m a bit confused why did Kartel leave the messages and why didn’t the person receiving them delete them? I’m in the middle between guilty or not guilty. I think they shouldn’t have leave any stones unturned.

      • Robert Santiko Sylvester

        Umm jus exactly how did u kno the person who receive the messages didn’t delete them? If u didnt kno all the voicenotes were taken from kartels fone. ..they remain in the fone even after the convo is deleted

      • I’m a bit confused as to why he would leave these voice mail messages in the first place. It kind of seem like he was having a conversation with someone.

      • Robert Santiko Sylvester

        Ok because they dont think it is safe to talkcertain things over the fone they will send in a voicenote so tht it cant be tapped….and another reason may be because he didn’t have any minutes to call…but I rule tht out cuz if him cant buy guns minutes are the least to purchase…
        Tht is the thing about these whats app n bbm voicenotes you have to manually delete them from the devicebecause they can be restored.. appapparently he didnt kno tht

      • Oh I see thnx :) but whose to say the person receiving the message won’t keep them a take them to the police? Or that the message won’t be heard by a third party?

      • Salena ur asking the same question I’m asking what about problem child and if him a undercover police as they trying to say he should still go to prison for boosting up a murder I live in america and if a undercover police do any form of conspiracy to a murder he’s also going to prison not just the one who commit the murder

      • Robert Santiko Sylvester

        There is no guarantee of either of those things not happening….by the sound of it problem child was a trusted advisor to him…so he would think their convos would be safe

      • Cuz him informa,ma

      • Even if u text someone and erase it, there’s always a copy that the police can extract from the telephone company of all ur calls, texts, emails, pics deleted pics etc..all of that will show up Hun no matter if u erase it..He should know about it’s like he keeps proof of things he did an he probably never thought he would get arrested!! Why was he hiding in a hotel room with 3 man & 1 woman?? Why wasn’t he at home, ca he knew they were getting close to catching him..when they charged him at first it was for the weed in da hotel room an or on him..then they seen his phones then the murder came in w/ the info on his phones!! He’s a dummy!!

    • Worldboss Christopher Marshall

      fi real it sound like problem child did a boots up di ting

    • Shut it

    • That is because problem child is the undercover cop that infiltrated the gaza camp, found out about what they were doing and gathered evidence against them. Kartel wasn’t innocent when he beat the two previous murder charges. The Jamaican police force might have some corrupt people, but don’t underestimate it like most criminals. Yu hear dat? The nan dem guilty and the police have many more associates under investigations. Many gang members especially from klans are going to go to prison or get killed. Just you wait and see.

      • Robert Santiko Sylvester

        Problem child is no undercover cop…u have no idea what u are saying man stop spreading propoganda

      • Warhorse u sound like a police, and just for the record I don’t like kartel but I guarantee if it was here in america the cell phone would be dismissed as evidence because it was proven that the phone was tamper with when it was in the police hands. Now my question is if u have such strange evidence why tamper with the phone

      • That’s the same thing mi did a seh too..da man problem child sound like he was giving Kartel a reason to do it an a boost him up yes..that’s what I was wondering how come him nuh deh a jail too or the rest or man dem inna di plotting video?? In da video there was 5 men waiting for Shawn, Wee & Lizard, so 8 men plus da taxi man “need for speed” mek 9 an only 4 plus Kartel mek 5 ppl weh get charge an Shane W got found not guilty but after da trial when him guh home dem charge him wid a next murda to rass!!????

      • That’s poor excuse because as I say if u a police undercover r not u can’t influence anyone to cimmit murder ur also guilty of that crime