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Vybz Kartel With Friends Discussing Murdering People In Church & Demon [VIDEO]

The aftermath of Vybz Kartel conviction and life sentence is a never ending saga as more data from his Blackberry smartphone continues to leak online.

Urban Islandz obtained the below video footage showing Vybz Kartel and his friends discussing ghost stories and murdering people in church.

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One of the men in the video openly confessed that he has killed people in church before. Vybz Kartel could be heard in the background laughing.

Several videos and photos from a Blackberry smartphone belonging to Vybz Kartel have been leaked. Among the hundreds of photos are images of satanic cults along with Kartel getting a tattoo of baphomet.

Vybz Kartel, Shawn Storm, Kahira Jones, and Andre St John are currently serving a life sentences in a Jamaican prison after being convicted for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. He will have to serve 35 years in a maximum security prison before being eligible for parole.

The dancehall star has filed an appeal to overturn the conviction.


  1. What the fu* does this have to do with vybz been prisoned,all the manz was doing was having a everyday jokes we do every time,and was talking about some guys name ice who run in the church from the law and they still went in there for him,the corrupted cop is what they are talking about

  2. These guys.talking about ghost .and their experiences nothing. About murdering nobody .don’t understand what we suppose to.hear In

  3. No body said they killed people in church. They said the police cant kill anyone in church due to the civil code.

  4. Kartel u r a demon, discussing killing a man like u killing a chicken. U r of your father the devil and u supporters of him ,crying out free kartel uno r demons too or just plain stupid. u rather a man killed and killers let free so u can enjoy music oh no
    U and kartel r of your father the demon, the devil
    Let it sink right to the core of your heart and die if u want

  5. What the fu* did they say

  6. The only thing this video proves is that vybz kartel was set up by people who hate him and those same people who set him up are still trying to destroy his reputation by making false stories about him on the news and then they are commenting on those stories with nothing but negative things to say about him. The idiots who set him up are making it more and more obvious that they set him up. Every “leak” u put out is clearly nothing yet u give it headlines like it proves he is guilty.

  7. we must do better as jamiacans though we must not rejoice at someones demise even if you don’t like a person i’m defending nor offending kartel just speaking in general we must look beyond our emotions and face the facts everybody sayiing freeworldboss right so what about the star witness he’s lying rite, wat about the video that was fabricated rite not telling nobody to agree but just be real about wat u write ok i’m diss-appointed in him if u were to ask me because i had his intelligence way higher

  8. Nothing wrong or incriminating about this video

  9. The caption of this post is very misleading.a group of young men is sitting discussing dippy ,demon stories,speaking about the division between church and state in terms of if a barman will or can kill someone while church is in progress etc.where in there did you hear them discussing to kill etc? I’m sure many of you have exch arranged dippy stories.Kartel went to court,was found guilty,is serving his time etc.why continue to drag his name,his private pics etc through the mud? that’s criminal also.bis famukt should sue ALLthe newspapers.this is bloody ridiculous.the man is serving his time is that not enough?! only in Jamaica.

  10. It amazes me to see people find joy in seeing a man go from the top to the bottom. It’s pathetic. All the negative comments for what?

  11. The man said it as a joke by as dual the media has amplified it by 100 fold bwoy I tell u

  12. Why, if they are innocent of the crime, didn’t they subject themselves to cross examination to produce the evidential material to prove they are indeed not guilty? You people slamdering the justice system via innuendo should consider this instead of alleging conspiracies by the prosecution team.

  13. Away with vybz cartoon lock him up thank u dash away the key !! I hope he get is ass burst up in prison so called world boss!!!

  14. Minuhknowya freehimsedspeed

    Kartel nuh ez annuh. Praise The Lord. Dwl.
    But seriously.. incrimination of self is not a good demonstration when u want fi be the Worl’Boss. Gaza don a get crucified with all these video leaks. Mi want mi Dj fi get free up but whoever a release these videos a try fi finish the job. Only faith n destiny can save kartel n I hope his future deh outta road.

  15. reg carribean ras: put ur business pon street + get ppl fi judge u + use it to build hate. I nuh respect the demon rass but either way di man done get fi he time

  16. It is music me mek a whole lot of gun song n murder songs but mi nuh murder nobody it is only entertainment

    • stry888888888888888 TJ tell them you kno……………..

    • me naah lie still enuh me a listen kartel b4 all a unnu pon yah so even had the opportunity to meet him give him more ratings than most of unnu but if you kill someone what should the law do listen to unnuselves on here yow disgusting naah lie

  17. yall muda fu**er listening to video,aren’t yall listening an hear way the man dem really ah sayuno move that fu**ery heading bout discussing killing an ah bag ah fu**ery jus for some hating comments….

  18. Cant wait for the appeal. I want to hear what his ass says on the stand.

  19. Vybz Kartel has a nice build. I like the shape of his body and his legs. He looks good in this pic. He has nice hands also. He’s a cute enough guy. What a waste!

  20. Did You People Even Listen The Video? More Propaganda!

  21. The price for sin is hell and the price for committing ruthless crimes is hard labour in jail.

    • Here she is again lol u secretly love the man xoxoxox

      • Honestly speaking who really loves Kartel between me and you ?, you even went to the level of using Kartel as your username. Be careful because soon you will be wishing you was also locked up in jail with your so loved mentor Kartel.

  22. MissKnownUnknown

    This guy went overboard with these Satanic things, rituals and thinking he could sacrifice people for fame, fortune & power. He’s getting everything he deserves. Karma.

  23. Kartel still the biggest in dancehall and reggae music…. for 3 + years while incarcerated he still is dropping the biggest tunes monthly….mentioned daily in the news… kartel has surpassed any other artist in dancehall and reggae history… funny people are vexed cause Kartel dagger a bunch of gyal,but if Bob Marley was around mi have to hide me pencil sharpener cause he would be all over DAT like white pon rice….dat man bury his gideon in any mystery hole… alliance and toilet paper bounty best hits all came from vybz kartel as a ghost writer… such as high grade forever, war lord rule, gyal clown.bounty acted like a likkle gyal in 4th form cause vybz went to Beenie wedding .alliance used kartel to get somwhere and hung pon vybz coat tail one he drop alliance and blow up.alliance was nothing wit out vybz… just like Bob Marley was nothing with out Lee scratch perry….big up all di madman in Jamaica

  24. What does this have to do with the case ?

  25. Wot kind of old house that kartel, live in a, all the furnitures look old, wot kind of world boss this.

  26. Seriously, can’t wait to see the 1st clown scream Gaza!!!

  27. Make the self hating bleaching,suck p***y batty boy stay in prison of is life he was nothing but a waste of sperms f***ing fool and all is followers bunn in hell fa–ots!!!

  28. Concerned Jamaican

    Yet the stupid gaza fans them still think this man and his cronies are innocent victims. Mi listen to Kartel music but the man clearly is a narcissistic individual who kill people for the fun of it. SMH

    • Go su* yuh mada

    • so whats so special about the video the guys(kartel and his friends) were just relaxing and having fun discussing various social topics so how does murder come in?listen this is just a conspirancy from the system so that kartel appeal can be nullified It wont work di teacher fi touch di road kill mi dead.

      • Real talk im not being biased but where in the audio did u hear kartel talk about murdering people mi hear him talk bout policemen n badman