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Cassidy Talks Vybz Kartel Snitching For Less Prison Time [VIDEO]

Snitch, also known as informer in Jamaica, is major issue in hip-hop and dancehall. So when Vybz Kartel was accused of becoming a police informant/snitch for a lesser prison time, it became a huge story.

Rapper Cassidy is the first rapper to weigh in on the allegations.

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Speaking with VLADTV, Cassidy says if the allegations are true he is not approve of it.

“I don’t approve of nobody running the streets and doing dirt and then telling on people,” Cassidy said.

“Your not suppose to put someone else in a bad situation just because your in one, so I don’t respect snitching I stick to the old code of the streets because its not around like it use to be and there are not as many old Gs on the street to hold it up no more,” Cassidy added.

Cassidy says he would rather do a life sentence than snitch on someone.

Earlier this month news broke that Vybz Kartel went to the Jamaican police high command and gave them information on wanted men in Portmore and also information that lead to the recovery of 17 illegal firearms.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, was sentence to life imprisonment in a maximum security prison for the 2011 murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. He will be eligible for parole in 35 years.

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  1. jackie stephenson

    make cassidy move him blowwow him no kno say a di police dat a spread rumours fi make sure say Vybz have enemy ontop of enemy man go sit down ya wid you big sour self

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  3. Khani Spanglah Jones

    When since rappers ina dancehall business, dem bwoy ya fi hold dem lane hear dat. Babylon tell dem information and look how quick dem believe and ah mek talk , yet dem say dem ah gangsta. Can’t believe babylon till mi see prove fi mi self, so no proof say Kartel a chattabox, 35yrs fi chat, only if man a run from death in cases and tek deal him get life and big number, and worl Boss never ah face death penalty.

  4. Nostradamus M Bison Lion

    It seems to me, that true facts are irrelevant. Rumors are more presidential,than the actual truth. In this case until there is proof of him doing so? This argument is null and void.

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  10. If he’d snitch he wouldn’t get so much time dog

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  12. Jr Dust Dustynightmare Bacchus

    they say kartel is telling he plead not guilty and get life if he had plead guilty he would of get 10 years now they say he telling for what reason hey yow burn that whole american talk

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    • With that name your not on the fence n clearly a hater, your maud cuh kartel beat out yuh mudda jus some internet banger who posts on every kartel story. Your obsessed with the worl boss!! Cass done a year for manslaughter lol n ar ab done 3 years for same shootin. Kartel got 35 means he dint talk. Bet if the observer told you that police dont kill outta cold blood you’d run with that. Kartel wont speak till the appeal cuh his legal team will seh to. But watch all this come out as lies. Trus me kartel r di realist artist awoh

  17. Man they really do try bring the man image down day by day

    • Everyone in jamaica knows snitchin is guna destroy a reputation or get man killed so they put the rumour out there.

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    • Ur right! Like he said he didnt even follow the case. Kartel far from an informer. Hes never got a lesser sentence so therefor the informer business was a rumor

  21. If kartel ah snitch n giv up guns ina deal why him get 35? Why dint the crown use this. Free worl boss

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